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13 November 2014

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Kid Rad

Kid Rad

"Urban music is on the rise!"

He's worked with Just Jack, Masta Ace and Professor Green; rapper Kid Rad tells us why things are looking up for hip hop. Listen to his brand new single.

The 18 year old performed live on BBC WM Introducing to promote his new single, 'Across These Walls' which he recorded with famed hip hop act Just Jack.

"As mad as it sounds I actually hooked it up through myspace," he said. "I think I just left a picture comment on his myspace. I didn't expect him to get back to me but he did.

"From there I was just a bit cheeky and asked if it was possible to exchange numbers and then it went from there really. It was about a year in the making because we went back and changed the beats and everything."

Just Jack

Just Jack

Click the link at the top of this page to hear a live version of 'Across These Walls'.

Kid Rad's uplifting tunes are backed by soothing vocal harmonies, marking a departure from traditional hip hop

"I've been rapping now for about five years," he explains. "I actually produce as well so have been producing for about three years now. Lots of people inspire me - all the main rappers.

"As mad as it sounds, The Streets are a big influence too. When I first started out, it was very electronic it was all done on a computer and everything. Over time I've brought other people in and developed it musically.

Kid Rad

Kid Rad looks on

"I think hip hop's developing and growing. I think that's for the whole of the UK - urban music is on the rise. Hip hop artists have a problem getting in venues - there's sort of bad things associated with it. We've got a tour later this year which we're doing alongside The Vouch. It's horrible to say it but it helps getting into venues.

"I represent what I'm about and I try to be positive. They are tracks with social commentary but I always try to bring things out on a positive and make people feel uplifted."

For more information on Kid Rad, click the link below:

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You are in: Birmingham > BBC WM Introducing > Local Bands > "Urban music is on the rise!"

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