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13 November 2014

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School Report 2009

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BBC WM Workshops

During February 2009 BBC WM has been hosting workshops aimed at preparing youngsters from across the region - for the main BBC School report news day in March.

What is School report all about?

The idea of BBC School Report is to interest young people in news of all sorts, and the world around them, by giving them the chance to make their own news. It is also an opportunity for students to inform a real audience, via BBC programmes and web pages, about the stories which are important to them.

For more information about BBC School report click here:

BBC WM workshops

BBC WM workshops

BBC WM Workshops

Every Wednesday morning BBC WM’s Jenny Wilkes, Patricia Hoskins, Arshia Riaz and Jill Ella have been acting as school mentors and delivering workshops to schools from across the region.

The idea was to give youngsters an insight into how the BBC works. So that hopefully they could go away with some up hints and tips which they can share with their fellow pupils.

Student and teacher from Hillcrest school

Student and teacher from Hillcrest school

The morning session was designed to offer a behind the scenes visit to the BBC studios here at The Mailbox. There was also an opportunity for students to come up with ideas and take part in a mock up of the BBC Show ‘Dragon’s Den’.

Members from each school had to come up with a story idea and describe how it would be treated. They then had to present it to the 'dragons den panel'.

Some of the ideas that the students came up with included creating a live debate aboutfacebook, producing a video looking at cyber-bullying and conducting an interview about the stresses and strains of choosing school options.

BBC WM would like to thank all of the schools who took part in the sessions.

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You are in: Birmingham > School Report 2009 > BBC WM Workshops

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