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13 November 2014

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Kelly Groucutt, 1970s

Kelly Groucutt, 1970s

Kelly Groucutt - 2009 interview

ELO bass player the late Kelly Groucutt spoke to BBC WM three weeks ago. Listen to the interview here and leave your tribute in the box at the bottom of this page.

ELO, 1970s

ELO, 1970s, with Groucutt (bottom left)

Groucutt recorded this special interview with BBC WM's Paul Franks on 27th January 2009.

Click the link below to listen:

Kelly Groucutt passed away on the afternoon of Thursday 19th February 2009 from a heart attack. He was 63.

He had been taken to Worcester Royal Hospital the previous night but didn't regain consciousness.

ELO in '73

ELO in '73

Groucutt was recruited by Birmingham group Electric Light Orchestra in 1974 at the height of their fame and remained a band member for nine years.

He evolved into a key component of ELO, taking over lead vocal duties and performed as part of several spin-off tours in the 90s, most notably with ELO Part 2.

Speaking live on BBC WM's Phil Upton @ Breakfast Show, Kelly's ELO band mate Bev Bevan paid tribute to his friend:

"He was a larger than life character who's made a huge impact on people's lives. He was a nice man. He always took time out to talk to people and would never refuse to give anyone an autograph. It's a great shame.

"We'd drifted apart. ELO Part 2's last gig was back in November 1999 when we played in Atlantic City. I haven't actually seen him since then but we did spend a lot of time together from '74. We made a lot of albums, did a lot of touring until he left. Then again all through the 90s we toured the world with ELO Part 2."

Early ELO - pre-Groucutt

Early ELO - pre-Groucutt

Groucutt was a relative unknown plucked from obsucrity by ELO in 1974.

"He was in a band called 'Sight and Sound'. We plucked him from this little club called Snobs in Birmingham where he playing to a handful of people," said Bevan.

"Next thing he knew he was playing - I think it was in Detroit - to about 18,000 people. He developed so much and by the time of ELO Part 2 in the 90s he became very much the all round entertainer, the frontman. He was brimming with confidence. He was a little man but with a huge personality.

"His real name is actually Michael Groucutt but we had all these Micks in the band so we said to him 'we can't have another Mick, another Mike; do you have any other name?' He said: ' Well, at school I was nick-named Kelly' and that's how he became Kelly Groucutt."

Click the link below to listen to the entire interview with Bev Bevan on BBC WM:

Kelly Groucutt & Parthenon Huxley

Kelly Groucutt & Parthenon Huxley

Mike Sheridan, of famed Birmingham Brumbeat group 'Mike Sherridan and The Nightriders' also paid tribute to Groucutt live on BBC WM.

"I'm absolutely gob smacked," he said. "When I heard the news I just couldn't believe it. He seemed to be such a fit guy.

"He was great talent, great singer. Words are not enough. ELO were such a good band and it's such a great loss to them.

"They are one of the biggest bands to ever come out of Birmingham. I actually don't think they got the credit they deserve for the amount of hits they had."

On Friday 20th February 2009, BBC WM's Paul Franks will be playing one of Kelly Groucutt's last interviews, recorded weeks earlier, by way of a tribute. Tune into BBC WM 95.6FM between 4pm and 6pm.

Update: BBC WM has learnt that the May 2009 UK tour of The Orchestra (the band comprised of former ELO members) will go ahead as planned, as a tribute to Kelly Groucutt.

Leave your tribute below:

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Marcel "Duracel" Homan
R.I.P. Keep on rocking in heaven!

Bradley Dunham Troy, NY , USA
God bless Kelly, I am so sad, Thanks for the best music in history

Matt - Bucks
Very, very sad indeed. A hugely talented guy who was never recognised for his contribution to ELO's fame and fortune, either by the 'bandleader' or the media. God bless you Kelly.

Great sympathy from a big Kelly's fan from Poland. He will stay in my heart.

Tony Clarke
RIP Kelly, still devastated.

Andy, Lewes, East Sussex
Absolutely gutted....Been a huge ELO fan since the mid 70s and was privileged to see the first ever ELO part 2 gig in Brighton 1992.I do hope all the comments below are passed on to his family and former colleagues in the groups he played in.Rest in peace Kelly and thanks for the memoriesAndy

Marco Molinari/California
Shocking and saddened to learn of Kelly`s passing. What a great performer from an outstanding rock band The Electric Light Orchestra. May your heart soul RIP Mr.Kelly Groucutt and God Bless.

Steven Doran
R.I.P Kelly Thanks for the memories

chris bennett
my dream has gone for good to the original line back together but you will be sadly kelly.

Chuck Jerry - New Jersey/USA
I feel fortunate to have seen Kelly perform live with ELO...the greatest and most underrated band ever. I had a wish to see the classic ELO lineup mend their differences and reunite for a nostalgia tour some day. RIP will be missed.

Timothy Klingforth, Wisconsin
Thank you Kelly for your wonderful talent through live on in our hearts and minds.

Karsten Pagh Thomsen, Denmark
What a shock !!I had the great opportunity to see him twice with ELO part 2 here in Denmark.Always smiling and ind good, patient and close contact to the audience.Will miss your awesome voice, Kelly

beechy truro
we loved him to and rememberdad playing elo at full tilt at dawn driving on glen coe when we were to see him live and backstage in truro via his brother john.My dad will be sad

stevie spence
kelly was the king goodbye my old friend

Steve Charles , New York
ELO, the most under-rated band on the planet. The world has lost a great voice and talent. Been a fan for over 30 years, their music is timeless...God Bless, Kelly

Guille (Arg)
Thank you Kelly, I think I've heard your magic bass every day since I was 11.

julian rose, sussex
Like several others here I grew up listening to ELO, and now have the remastered CDs which I often listen to. Kelly's playing remains as intricate as the other band members and his contribution excels. He obviously enjoyed life loving what he did so well, and will continue to give listeners pleasure.

Very sad to hear about Kelly passing away. Saw him in concert in Bradford recently and he was still as vibrant as ever. A great loss to the group and the music industry. God Bless.


Alan - Dartford
There will never be another like you "Kelly" we meet a number of time over the last year. All ways keen to talk to everbody. What you have left will all ways live on. Anna you had a great man in KELLY. God bless you

michael kloss, Germany
I was very sad when I heard that kelly passed away. I still remember my beautiful girlfriend andrea in 1981 when I hear your music. God bless you and your family.

Peter Donnelly Belfast.
Kelly, thanks for the music mate your light will always shine on, god bless mate and enjoy your gigs in

Stefan from Sweden
It´s very very sad to hear Kelly has passing away. He was a big and important part of ELO´s sound, and he hold the music alive! R.I.PKelly! My big condolences to his family.

Neil Gibbs
I grew up listening to ELO. It was so sad to read one of kellys wishes was to have a beer with Jeff Lynne. He will NEVER get the chance. He was in my thoughts today after listening to no doubt ELO's best album Out Of The Blue today. RIP Kelly you are sadly missed. Teach the others in heaven the meaning of good music.

Tim O'Sullivan
My friend Kelly has been taken away from us all. Last saw him in October at The Robin Bilston. I will hold on tight to the memories of that night and remember him forever.Kelly as everyone is a one off but he was an amazing person who will be greatly missed not only by his family of course but also his legion of friends and fans.Kelly (to coin a phrase)"Your light shines on".West Bishes mate Tim and Sue.

Peter Granec, Slovakia
I have been ELO fan for years, since late 70-s.In November 2008, I was present at the live show of The Orchestra together with Czech Philharmonic Orchestra and it was very nice to listen the old and all-over-time hits of ELO live again. Thank you, Kelly. Many fans will miss you. Rest in peace.

Andy Dunn
I got to see Kelly during ELO Part 11 tour at the NEC many years ago, I never met him personally but Kelly seemed like such a genuine and fun guy, like many people have said ELO were such an under rated band in their time. It's sad to think that Kelly will never have the opportunity to play again with Bev, Mik, not to mention Richard or Jeff, that I think would have been wonderful for him. RIP Kelly

Richard / kathy
ELO has been part of my life since the age of 11. Last saw The Orchestra in Northampton late last year. Had a laugh with Kelly as he could not get into the auditorium. He will be sadly missed as not only was he a great singer and bass player he was magnetic on stage. The dream of a get together with the original line up of ELO has just been shattered. God Bless.

Marc Van Lysebetten-Belgium
RIP dear Kelly!I'll miss you very much!Marc

Edwin & Angela, Bexley Kent
We are both shocked and very sad. Saw Kelly and The Orchestra at Dartford last year .... he was in terrific form and it was the best live show we have seen in years. The band will have a tough job finding a new front man

Saw ELO many times, but what struck me was that Kelly always appeared to be having the time of his life on stage.

Jez Collins
It was a surprise to hear of Kelly's sudden passing. Without wishing to show disrespect, it would be wonderful if someone felt they wanted to write about Kelly and his impact on ELO and Birmingham's music at this site is aiming to build a comprehensive picture of Birmingham and it's music and for people to leave their comments and recollections to enable us to celebrate and recognise the contributions Kelly and others have made to the local, national and international music industry and for Birmingham to have some civic pride in their achievements in this area.regardsJez

Tim Davison
One of my fondest musical memories is of seeing ELO in 1978 at Wembley for that unforgettable live show.ELO were then and still are one of my all time favourite bands.I also got to see ELO 2 at the Hammersmith Odeon.Kelly was a great musician and will be sadly missed by all ELO fans the world over.RIP KG

John Dycus
Glad to see them on the reformed versions ELO II here in the U.S. in Columbus,Ohio 1999 and The Orchestra in Toledo,Ohio 2005..Both Great performances!

chris watson
i have been influenced by the music of ELO for over 30 years now and to hear of Kelly;s death so suddenly is absolutely devastating.My heart goes out to his family.Play in heaven now Kelly and farewell.

Thomas and Conny Hoyer/Potsdam
Kelly, we will miss you very much

Gavin S
ELO are massively under-rated and much maligned, but have always been one of my favourite bands, and Kelly was a hugely important part of the sound for me. Just listen to the albums before and after he left for proof. As well as adding his wonderful voice to the harmonies and lead parts on songs like Nightrider, etc., he also wrote some fine songs (Am I a Dreamer, Beyond the Dream, The Fox...). This is such a sad day, but the music lives on....

Harry Hall
What a sad loss of a true star and a gentlman,god bless ya Kelly.

Frank Mommertz
The dream of a reunion has vanished, now that you're gone.Rest in peace, Kelly.

David Jay - Los Angeles
As a huge ELO fan since I was a little kid, I am saddened of Kelly's untimely death. I had the fine opportunity to meet him back stage at an Orchestra concert in the L.A. area a few years back and he was very kind and humble to myself and everybody he came in contact with. I have some amazing photos with him. My condolences to his family.

Adrian & Jane Dawson & Children
Kelly, you were a true inspiration to us all, a gentleman, and an unforgettable performer with a great musical talent.Every year we found ourselves searching for the next tour with the Orchestra, and you never failed to disappoint us.I took my 83 year old mother to see you in Peterborough last year, she is also deeply saddenedWe will miss you alwaysXX

Eddie Lloyd
The passing of Kelly is very sad,a great musician with a great band whom i have followed from day one,my thoughts go to his family

Kev Clarke
I lived and breathed ELO in my youth, and still listed to their music now. Kelly will live on through his music.My condolences to his family

West Bishes Kelly, farewell my friend, rest in peace. May your family feel comforted in the knowledge that you made this world a little brighter and happier for us all.

Johnny Love
What a tragic loss.I knew Kelly from about 1962 and we crossed paths a lot.He had some of my band members at different times and they all had great respect for his musical talent.When he joined ELO we lost touch,but a couple of years ago we met up again and he was still the same bloke,down to earth and had got time for everyone he met.I,m so glad i was able to spend that time with him again after 40+years and will treasure the photographs and music.He leaves a great musical legacy,but most importantly will always be remembered by our family as one of the nicest guys you could wish to meet.Our deepest sympathy goes to Anna and the family on their tragic loss.God bless you all , The "Love" family xxx

Stephen Sanders
Very sad news; I saw him recently at Dartford and he was superb. A great loss and very much a part of the ELO sound.

tom hester
Rock n Roll is kingwhat a shame RIP

Surprised and shocked to hear of Kelly's passing. He was a very talented person who will be missed. My condolences to his family.

An ELO fan for many years, Kelly was a very underated musician, great harmonies and gentle bass, saw him in ELO 1981 and 1991 with ELO part II with Moscow symphony,he will be missed, a great loss.

The news of Kelly's death makes me sad.

Jim Hoban
Kelly was a superb musician, singer, bassist and showman who always had time for the fans, signing autographs, posing for photographs and chatting before and after gigs. He will be greatly missed by all those who have met him, and he leaves a great legacy with the brilliant music he has left behind for us to listen to, and I will certainly treasure the memories of the times I have met and talked to Kelly over the years. My sincere condolences to his family, friends and colleagues in The Orchestra.

Mike Crosby
You become aware of your own increasing years when you start to lose your heroes... Kelly was a charming and talented man. Always smiling and always professional. I hope The Light Shines on with you now dear friend. There is so much love for you.Mike

Rob Davies
Very sad news. I'm a long time fan of ELO and have seen ELO part II, in which I feel Kelly really came into his own, a couple of times. My heartfelt condolences go out to his family and friends.

Stefan Bates.
A great man who will be sadly missed.He contributed so much to the music of E.L.O.Rest in peace Kelly.God bless.

Jane Damesick
I have had the great pleasure of seeing Kelly Groucutt in concert several times over the years, with ELO then ELO II and The Orchestra. His artistic ability, beautiful voice, and heart-warming enthusiasm and energy must have touches anyone who saw and heard him perform. I last saw him perform in October last year with my Dad, aged 80 - two very firm fans! We are so saddened by the news but so pleased to have 'known' Kelly from afar.

Paul Smith
It's Now Been Over 48hrs Since I Learnt About The Death of Kelly Groucutt, And As I Read All The Emails From Everybody On The ELO Showdown List,All The Reports That Are Online, Looking At The Main Page On The FTM Website...I Sit And Stare, Still In DisBelief That Kelly Has Gone.Last Night I Played Kelly's Solo Album 'KELLY', OrKestra's 'BEYOND THE DREAM', ELO & The Orchestra CD's, Cried My Eyes Out, Drank a Toast To Kelly : A True Gentleman..I Met Kelly On Several Occasions at Gigs, Up at The Bar, We Would Chat, Have a Laugh.. He Would Never Turn His Back On Anybody, He Was ALWAYS There If You Wanted a Photo or Autograph.But The Thing I Remember Most About Kelly Was That Although I Would Meet Him At The Gigs, He Would ALWAYS REMEMBER ME, He Met Lots of People, At Lots of Gigs, But He Would Remember ME, He Would Point His Finger at Me, Then With His Arm Stretched Out, His Hand Would Be There, Ready To Shake Mine, Even Before I Had Got To Him.. It Felt Like We Were Great Mates.. I Will Miss Him Dearly.KELLY: You Will ALWAYS BE A TRUE GENTLEMAN And A Dear Friend,Thank You For Being YOU.Thank You For YOUR Music & Keeping The Sound of ELO Alive..My Condolences Go To Your Family, Loved Ones & Friends.My Sympathy's Go To The Rest of The Band, Eric, Phil, Mik, Louis & Gordon.Also To Bev, Richard, Hugh, Melvyn & Jeff.Kelly, You Will Always Be Remembered,Forever In Our Thoughts & Hearts.God Bless My Friend,Paul Smith

In his death, the world has truly lost an artist. For all of the memories, all the wonderful moments, and the soundtrack to my life, I thank you Kelly.

Jim Casey
I saw Kelly during the ELO Time Tour of 1981, plus a couple of Orchestra shows a few years back. What a fantastic bassist and singer! Plus, he was nice enough to get a photo taken and that's a great memory in my scrapbook. With one of the four core members now gone, a true ELO reunion will never happen.

I cannot believe that just four short months ago I was chatting to Kelly & Mik at Hastings. Many hearts have been broken tonight but my thoughts are with his wife and family. RIP Kelly, loved by many, always missed but never forgotten. x

Jane Wilkinson
Kelly, you were a great musician, but more than that a great personality and friend that I will miss so much. Everyone who saw you or met you felt a connection and warmth. You had so much time for us all. I know you are still with us and will live on through the music and your amazing vocals. Thanks so much for all those wonderful memories. RIP Kelly and as you would so often sign off - :)

Tim Armstrong
kelly was a great inspiration to me.

It was such sad news to hear that Kelly had passed away,my condolences go out to his family and friends.He was such a fantastic musician and those beautiful vocal harmonies with Jeff will live on forever.R.I.P Kelly

A member of my favorite ever band has died - and I can't believe it. Kelly was and always will be a key part of the ELO sound. I will miss him. Good Night My Friend - and thank you so much. RIP.

dixie dawson, E.L.O fan club preston,
R.I.P kelly, a unique voice, an outstanding musician, an owesome stage presance, a great guy, a sad loss to the E.L.O family. you will be sadly missed, hope your bangin out those base tunes and harmonies on that spaceship in the sky ! were do i get a ticket, hope are paths cross again. .xx.xx.xx.

Don Dobrez - USA
What a terrible loss. Kelly will always be remembered for his upbeat personality, his excellent bass playing, and of course, that one of a kind voice. His harmonies with Jeff Lynne still inspire and awe me. To many die hard ELO fans, he was always the "man behind the man". His voice was dearly missed on the last ELO albums, and its a shame that we will never get to see a reunion with Jeff. God bless Kelly

adrian clark
I still can't believe this has happened. It's like a bad dream. I was fortunate to know Kelly very well. You will be missed very much! Hope you're in a better place mate! xxxxx

The world has lost a very tallented musician and a great and very lovely man. He had time for everyone. I send my deepest heartfelt sympathy to Kelly's wife, and children also his close friends. Keep on rocking in heaven. R.I.P. Kelly x

Gary Starr
I have had the honour and pleasure of working with Kelly, he was a true gentleman both on and off stage. This will be sad loss to the music industry. Thoughts going to his family and friends.Kelly's music will live onRIP Kelly

charles kuehl
Man, I'm going to miss him. Every show I saw him he was so full of energy. Just so sad.

Jesus Ramirez
Sad day. Kelly, you was the best friend of the ELO fans. I´ll remember always, and your music will be with me forever... From Spain.

Rob Morton
I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly and also he done some gigs for me as a one man show, what a fantastic entertainer, and such a lovely man who had plenty of time to talk to you,he done my mate micks 60th Birthday party and was absolutely brilliant Rest in peace Kelly thinking of you and your familly Rob

A key part of my favourite band. R.I.P

Ernie Clark
I saw ELO in 1976 and they were amazing. Kelly, Jeff and the guyswere a great band. R.I.P.

phil in hull(fan)
i saw elo on time toure in 81 at nbc and many times as elo 11 what a shock you gave so much pleasure kelly ,god only takes the best " rock on"

graham martin
condolences to kelly,s family, what a lovely guy and a lovely voice, god bless you kelly

A real loss. I remember when he performed on American Bandstand in 1982.

Jordan Wenzel
you and the music of ELO has touched my life like nothing that I have ever seen. Im very grateful of the music you helped make. God bless you kelly...

Pål Norman
I was terrible shocked by the news about Groucutt! ELO has been my favouriteband since 1977 when I was 8 years old!What can I say? What a lost!! RIP,Kelly

Jim Callaway
Deepest condolences to all his family,and the group, I saw The Orchestra in Bristol UK last year, Kelly was such a down to earth person very Family orientated, and a great musician.May he rest in Peace and rise in Glory.

Nick Gibson
Kelly was a great guy, always the gentleman, always had time for the fans, he will be missed

mark hateley
just like to say how sorry i was to hear the news of kelly passing away. Kelly helped me out graciously whilst i tried to organise a convention in the mid 90s even auctioning off the remains of his famous curly hair. I would like to send my condolences to his wife dear anne and his family and of course his band mates past and present. I would like to add that it was great pleasure knowing KELLY your the best west bishes kelly

Steve Massey
Kelly was one of the good guys,a really nice bloke who always had time for the fans,God bless Kelly and rest in peace.

Paul Cornock
I last saw Kelly at The Old Sills RC in November .He would turn up every now and again and sing a couple of songs with the excellent band Vivo.His performance of The Fox & Runaway were outstanding .The audience absolutely loved him to bits.What amazed me was that he would chat for ages to everyone after the show & not in any rush to go.He was such a nice guy & will be sadly missed.RIP Kelly.

Lindsay Troyer
Kelly was such an amazing performer and an amazing person. He lit up every room he entered and was so much fun to be around. He cared a lot for his bandmates, his brothers, and had a strong love and compassion for animals. My family, and my dog Tubby, will truly miss him. I am glad to have met him and been a small part in his life. We love you Kelly.

Alastair McLoughlin
A great loss to the world. He was a key part of the ELO sound. He will be missed but never forgotten. He leaves an imprint in all our hearts and minds. His music lives on!

Ian Barker, Heywood, Lancashire UK
I had the pleasure of meeting kelly a few times at concerts havin a drink at the same bar as him it was great i even had my photo taken with him and he was always willing to sign autographs a really great person who will be dadly missed x

Christian Evans
I was gutted to hear the sad news of the death of a such a lovely man. Had the great pleasure of meeting Kelly on a number of occasions. Many of these were at his solo gigs around the midlands where a group of us used to go and watch him. Also met him back stage a couple of times at ELO Part II gigs in the 90's. One of these occasions was at the Civic Hall in Wolverhampton and he was there with his family and I aslo had family and friends with me. He took time out to sign autographs and speak to each and everone of us. Top bloke, great musician and just a really nice person. On behalf of myself (Chris), Dwyer, Keith and Vanessa, you will be sorely missed. RIP Kelly.

Yvonne Hiscock
I loved Kelly, he was an outstanding performer, singer & songwriter. I am so glad I saw him & the lads twice last year (& countless times over the years). The gig in May is gonna be such a tear jerker. Really will miss him :,-(

Rach Mutch
I don't know what to say my friend you were the person i thought of when something funny happend and i alays would tell you about it. It's something that can't be repeated but will never be forgotten you are and will always be my hero and my friend R.I.P 'Alright like' love ya hun xxx

billy mcgeachy
such a tragic loss to the music world. i met him in 96 backstage at a elo part 2 concert, he gave me a beer and let me wear his hat for a photograph, such a down to earth, lovely man, my thoughts are with his family and friends

Darryl D Brown, USA
Rest In Peace, Kelly. Thank you for your love of music. You were a vital part of a band that brought me great joy throughout my childhood years up to the present day. My thoughts are with your family, fellow musicians and all American ELO fans and those worldwide. We will miss you.

Chris Grantham
I have been a big fan of e.l.o sice the 70s and they are biggest band that Bham have ever produced and kelly grocutt has fantasic and will be missed.looking forward to the tribute will be a great tribute to kelly.The band will do Kelly proud.

John Small
Very Sad News RIP

Sarah Bates
Having known Kelly all my life, his sudden death has come as such a shock to me. The day before his passing, I had seen him in the hotel in Berlin. He will be greatly missed and may his kindness and passion of music live on. xxxxxxx

George King
I grew up in Glasgow listening and idolizing the ELO from the early 80's. I still do today. I am saddened to hear of Kelly's passing. Rest in Peace.

Watson Beattie
I met Kelly twice in Glasgow after a couple of ELO Part 2 concerts and he was very nice and signed cd's for me which was brilliant

Yvonne Troyer
Oh, Kelly! You were so much fun and of course, ever the professional! Such a great talent, great smile and great personality!

gail dawson
kelly,you will be sadly missed,god bless kelly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Brendan, Hartlepool
The first time i saw Kelly with The Orchestra, i was gobsmacked by his vocals and playing ability,he will be a huge loss but his music will live on. r.i.p

Beanie S
I am very sad about the news.I am 14 and am one of ELOs biggest fans but Kelly just made it.I even have a separate playlist for them full of 102 songs, all words known by heart.He was fantastic and it's such a shame that he's gone.At least he died, probably knowing how many people he's pleased with his fantastic music and guitaring :)WE LOVE YOU KELLY

Serena, London
I was privileged enough for him to let me become his friend as well as just a fan, and the highlight of my life was an invite to his wedding just two years ago. RIP my friend, and condolences to all the family.

maria okeefe
heartbroken, i will remember kelly for his great smile on stage which always showed how much he enjoyed performing and loved his fans. god bless you x

Rob Richardson
Met Kelly at many gigs. A gent off the stage and a true rocker on it. Listen to some of the ELO live albums and it's Kelly who gets the crowd going.

Flame-Haired Emma
Kelly was unique in this world. His talent and wonderful personality made every person who met him feel blessed. I shall miss him forever, but his spirit lives on.

Michael whale
Kelly was my uncle and will be very much missed, thank you all for your comments.

Nick Barker
Still shocked, stunned and saddened. Can't really believe this has happened. What a cruel world. Kelly's energy on stage was totally intoxicating and as a person you couldn't have wished to meet a nicer bloke. Nothing was too much trouble, whether it be to sign autographs, pose for a photograph or just have a chat before/after a gig. I have fond memories of meeting him in York in 2006 and shaking his hand as he came off stage at The Doncaster Dome in October 2008.Music has lost a true legend.Deepest condolences to Kelly's family and friends.You'll be truly missed.R.I.P. Kelly

john kilcline
Wil miss the man, he was the tops in every department, Anna make sure you keep the light shining girl

Ryan Smith
Rest in Peace kelly met him a few times at concerts great man. will be missed.

Richardo,Jablonec n/N
I am ELOfan from 1980-Kelly i see in Prague concert in november 2009 and 1994.....nice voice!!GoodBye Kelly

kevin JACOBS
Kelly was a true gentleman and always made the fans feel special I am honoured to have known him for many years and I will miss him greatly, I regarded him as my friend and we had some laughs over the last 20 years his vocals were outstanding especially his version of midnight blue which will be the first song I will play at my wedding as a personal tribute

Martin Stitchener
Such a sad loss, Kelly was a huge talent, A great showman and a real Gentleman.He had time and respect for his fans and would gladly stop and talk with us.I know there were people who did not like the fact that the ELO sound carried on without Jeff Lynne, But Kelly was part of that sound and for those who saw any of his Orchestra or ELO PT2 gigs will know how amazing he was.Myself, My wife and a close friend were going to see Kelly at a small gig in Guildford next week, Can't even now believe he is gone.RIP Kelly, We all miss you.

John Webb
I was lucky to know Kelly as a friend and worked with his wife Anna. My wife and i had some great times out with them at meals and the pub,Xmas parties too.My thoughts are with Anna and the rest of the family. RIP Kelly (Legend)

I was lucky enough to meet Kelly at a charity gig at the NEC and after years of being an ELO fan it was great to speak to him, as he was warm and friendly. He'll be sadly missed.

Paul McCarthy
I am very sad to hear the news of Kelly's passing. I have been a fan since i was 8 years old and today have been playing some of my favourite songs from this amazing band. God bless you Kelly xxxxxxxxxxx

stagecoach halesowen
our musical theatre group is run by his son chris and we did a show with him once he was great fun, u are missed from everyone at stagecoach halesowen. x

Jamie Smith
Kelly was a great man. Met Kelly lots of times at concerts in the UK will be sadly missed. Rest in peace, and thank you for all of your wounderful music.

Trevor Hinchliffe
ELO and kelly's music have been the soundtrack of my life. He kept the ELO light burning for all the elo fans out there. i met him at Batley one gig and he was a gentleman. What a sickening loss.

Trevor Steward

Robert Camardo Youngstown, Oh USA
What a great showman and intregal part of the ELO we all loved. God's band just got a whole lot better. RIP my friend.

Jill - USA
Kelly was a great singer/songwriter. He had a funny personality and always took time to answer questions, cracked jokes and take the time to have a pint with my friends and I at the bars after the show.So unfair much too early to leave this world.

Keith J Sinclair
I was always proud to tell folks of the times my path crossed with Kelly G. All those gigs across the Midlands and with ELO Part II. "The Fox" was a great cut. He was a great singer and all round musician. We wouldn't have heard those ELO hits live in the 90's without him. Top memory was his playing me a song in 1992 following the death of my son. Encore ... Kelly

Phil, Hartlepool
Sad, sad day. You'll be missed Kelly, but your music will live on. This has knocked me for six. You Rocked.

Danny Cannon of The Ramrods
A tremendous loss to the world but particularly to the world of music. A burgoning talent that I witnessed at the very start of his career when he was Rick Burns with the Vibras,he used to say then that I was his hero but the tables turned when he became mine and he developed into superstar status but never lost his roots.Always a great mate,love to all his family that he leaves behind. His music will stand the test of time,what a wonderful legacy.Together with all the lads,we miss you mate.

Kelly's anthem to all who saw him in his one man shows is his song ''The Fox' and it would be a fitting tribute to hear it played on BBC radio.Will be missed by all who came in contact with him such a genuine guy.

Phil Lapington
Goodbye Kelly. I will never forget you .Rest in peace my friend. Thanks for all the wonderful music and enthusiasm you graced us with.You are sadly missed.

Mike Kellner
Sad news Kelly really was a great back-up to Jeff Lynne.All E.L.O. fans should remember the great albums he played on.

Parthenon Huxley
My nine years as Kelly's bandmate and friend leave me with unforgettable memories. Kelly was the heart and soul of ELO Part II and, for the last nine years, The Orchestra. Every night on stage with him was a joy. He will be greatly missed and joyfully remembered.

I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly several times as he was the friend of a friend. He was a warm and caring man and I'm deeply sorry to hear of his death.

M J Fouldes
What a sad loss. His vocals and bass were an integral part of a large part of ELO's career (and of course the spin off groups). He will be missed by many.We trip, we stumble and we all fall down.

jackee and craig whale
am gutted, so very very sad.such a fantastically talented guy.a huge influence on craig especially.xxxxxxxx

Kelly was one of the greatest front men and entertainers I have ever seen. His ability to fire up and relate to an audience was inspiring. In addition to that he was an amazing bass player and had one of the finest voices in the business. I shall miss watching his wonderful performances with The Orchestra and my thoughts go out to his loved ones at this time

Alun Williams
A very sad loss indeed.Along with Jeff Lynne, Kelly was right there on making ELO the melodic rock band they were.Very sad, thoughts & prayers are with Kelly's family.RIP Kelly.

Elaine Morrow, Dallas, TX
Kelly was a Fantastic performer and a Beautiful person. I have loved his voice since I 1st saw ELO in Dallas, TX in 1974. He will be missed!! God Bless Kelly's Family and Friends at the sad and difficult time.

God bless the man! For years he kept the ELO torch burning bright! (despite some critisism from Lynne worshippers) bringing the music live to the people! Sadly missed his major contributions to ELOs classic period will always be remembvered by all true fans!

Paul Lawrence
Top bloke....met him after an ELO Part 2 show in Hastings 1994...very friendly, had the time for anyone who wanted to talk to him.I hope Jeff Lynne takes the time to honour him

I am glad I got the chance to meet you. You will be missed!

Dear Kelly:I will never forget you. Thanks for all that you make me feel with your voice. I will keep you in my heart, and the moments that we shared.I am sure that you are with the angels.Smile.VICTOR&ISABEL

Graham Vince
A Great show man and great talent ihave seen him many times he would always stop and have a chat before gigs he will be sadly missed .

Darlene Jacovetti - United States
I was fortunate to know Kelly Groucutt since 1992. He always had time for his fans and the people he knew. He will be terribly missed on and off the stage. My prayers and thoughts are with his Family and Friends.

Anne Beaton
absolutely devastated at the death of Kelly.He was a lively entertaining man and will be one hell of a miss to all of us fans. my thoughts are with his family, friend and other group members. God Bless Him. XXX

Adrian Emanuel
My Condolences to kelly's family, Kelly is a great guy and excellent musician.Kelly had been in a number of bands besides ELO and I had the pleasure of playing alongside Kelly in "Session 60" a couple of years back and got to know him quite well. I was shocked to hear the news and saddened at the sudden loss of a great guy.

Colin Williams
A sad, sad lossMy thoughts and prayers to his family at this sad time

Aaron Smith
Rest In Peace Kelly.Amazing Bassist, Amazing Singer, Amazing Person.Im Shocked.

Not only was Kelly a great addition to the ELO sound, but also a great person. He always took the time to meet with fans. He will be greatly missed.

stanley sumner
he was a great member of a great band rip u was a star.

I was sad to hear the news Kelly had passed away,I have been a E.L.O fan since thay begun in 1971,and also E.L.o.part two/The Orchestra.I met Kelly when he was on tour.He was a great person,Will be sadly missed.From a Norwich Fan,Michael.R.I.P Kelly.

Mark Coidan
A talented and gifted musician who will be sadly missed by one and all. Thank you for the many years of entertainment you have given me and so many others.

Casey McCammon
What a terrific performer and a great contributor to the ELO sound. You are missed already Kelly.

Jorge Devincenzi
Dear friend Kelly We will always remember to you. You were, are and will be always an idol for my. My condolences to the family. From Argentina Jorge

Richard Clifford
I grew up listening to ELO in the 1970s. Their hits-"Roll Over Beethoven," "Evil Woman," and "Fire Among High"-set the standard by which all others are measured. Rest easy, Kelly!

RIP Kelly, you gave me many fond musical memories.

chris canterbury
Rock on influenced me as much as any musician ever has. Music will miss you.

Alex J. Todd
I saw Kelly & Orchestra in Minnesota a few years ago--fantastic show. Kelly's contribution to ELO mustn't be underestimated. Rest in Peace, Kelly.

pat o callaghan
Im stunned .ELO were and still are a huge part of my life .Not a day goes by when I dont play something by ELO. Kelly had such a beautiful voice and was a larger than life character when he toured with Elo in those great times in the 70s.I will never forget him .My deepest sympathy to Kellys Wife , children and granchildren

Ray Fenwick
I've been dreading this day for years... the first of ELO.. I can barely string words together at the moment.I was lucky enough to meet Kelly a few times, and like he always did with fans he was cheery and had plenty of time to talk and laugh with us.You'll be missed Kelly. God bless.

What a shame and shock. I saw him at the Alex with Orchestra last year,looking so happy. I agree with Mike Sheridan,ELO should get more recognition, not least from Brum's walk of stars perhaps. It's sad to think Kelly and co haven't got it in there home town. Kelly was such an essential part of trhe golden period of the group in the seventies.

Great singer who was so compatible with the great Jeff Lynne, will be sadly missed and his memory will live on in all of the ELO songs he performed, R.I.P Kelly

Bob Fearn
Had the good fortune to see the Orchestra as they are now called recently,Kelly and the band were superb. so sad to hear of his death. such a tragedy.

Bob Fearn
Had the good fortune to see the Orchestra as they are now called recently,Kelly and the band were superb. so sad to hear of his death. such a tragedy.

Alex Brown
So So Sad.RIP Kelly.

Awesome performer and all round outstanding guy. Was a pleasure and a privilege to have seen you perform and to have met you. My heart and thoughts go out to the family x

bob summers
thank you for the music kelly your a legend. R.I.P

Marc Lennox
I am ELOs biggest fan and am devestated to hear this hard working, fantastic musician has passed! Love to his family and his music will never die!

Andy Styche
I am a massive ELO fan and am extremely saddened to hear of Kellys death. A fantastic bass player and showman. I met him on many occasions after shows and he was always a down to earth great guy. My thoughts are with his family and friends..

I was lucy enough to see the last 'Orchestra' gig at the Robin 2, and kelly was completely on form that night. Totally shocked, a wonderful voice lost. RIP Kelly

kathleen webb
i was lucky enough to know kelly and his wife anna and he was a fab man with a great personality and my thoughts are with anna and his children at the moment r.i.p kelly

Alex Baillie
I am deeply shocked and saddened by this tragic loss of a great guy, who kept the memory of the great ELO alive with the "Orchestra" had tickets for their up and coming gig in May in Edinburgh,Jeff, if yer lookin in mate, for the memory of this great wee guy, step in his shoes for all his and your fans M`friend

Julian Bishop, Croydon, UK
God bless and Rest in peace Kelly - and thank you for all the joy you gave me and countless others over the years - you were a true giant, and will be sadly missed

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