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24 September 2014

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Drive to stay Alive

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Quiz leaflet detail

Quiz leaflet detail

Did you pass the test?

Test your driving knowledge. As part of BBC WM's Drive to stay Alive campaign, road safety quiz leaflets have been distributed to schools in the West Midlands. The leaflet's questions and answers are below.


Warning signs are which shape?

1) Traffic signs that give warnings are generally what shape?

1) Answer: Triangular signs for warning.

2) If you feel tired on a long journey what should you do?

- Turn the radio up and buy a strong coffee?
- Find a safe place to stop the car and have a rest?
- Pull over immediately and have a rest?

2) Answer: Find a safe place to stop the car and have a rest.


Which means 'no overtaking?'

3) One of these signs means no overtaking, which one is it?

3) Answer: The circular sign on the left, containing two car symbols.


4) This sign has a specific meaning, what is it?

- No stopping
- Waiting restrictions apply
- No entry

4) Answer: No stopping.

5) Which of the following is most likely to distract you when driving?

- Talking to a passenger
- Singing along to the radio
- Using a mobile phone

5) Answer: Using a mobile phone.

What does this sign mean?

Q6) What does this sign mean?

- Ring road ahead
- Mini roundabout
- Turn your car around

6) Answer: Mini roundabout.

7) Who should wear a seatbelt in your car?

- Only the driver
- The driver and children under 14
- Everyone

7) Answer: Everyone.

What does this sign mean?

8) What does this sign mean?

- You have priority over oncoming traffic?
- Large vehicles to your right
- Give priority to oncoming traffic

8) Answer: Give priority to oncoming traffic.

9) You are approaching a red traffic light; the signal changes from red to what colours?

- Green, then amber and red
- Amber then green
- Red and amber, then green

9) Answer: Red and amber, then green.

10) Loud music in a car can be dangerous because...

- It distracts you
- It makes other drivers angry
- It encourages you to play around with the CD player

10) Answer: It distracts you.

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created: 10/04/2008

You are in: Birmingham > Features > Drive to stay Alive > Did you pass the test?

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