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24 September 2014

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The Brascoes

The Brascoes

Listen to The Brascoes

Winners of the 2007 Surface Unsigned Festival The Brascoes played live in session on BBC WM Introducing. Listen again here!


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Lead singer from The Brascoes Dan Jones, himself an avid gig goer, caught a few of the opening rounds of the 2007 Surface Unsigned Festival. He managed to persuade the organisers of the competition to let his band enter.

And with that The Brascoes entered Surface Unsigned - their inarguable performance at the battle-of-the-bands event being only their second ever gig together.

Nonetheless, the four Birmingham boys not only reached the finals but went on to win the event and the title of 'Best Unsigned Band In Birmingham'.

The Brascoes Playing live

The Brascoes Playing live

"It was a great experience" said Dan live on BBC WM Introducing. "It was a weird one really because we hadn't long been together and we just kind of entered it to get a gig really.

"Surface is really well organised, plays at some top venues and is promoted really well."

Just has Surface Unsigned has grown this year to include gigs and bands from Manchester and London, so too have The Brascoes.

"After Surface we just kind of gigged relentlessly over Birmingham to try and get a bit of a name for ourselves. We've now started gigging in London, Manchester and Leeds. It's good. It's kind of like starting all over again. I think you kind of instantly stand out if you're a Brummie in Leeds or London!"

Winners of Surface Unsigned 2007

Winners of Surface Unsigned 2007

The Brascoes are building a huge following and will soon be recording some new material with legendary Wolverhampton producer Gavin Monaghan at The Magic Garden Studios.

Keep listening to BBC WM Introducing to for new tracks from The Brascoes.

In the meantime, click the links at the top of this page to listen again to The Brascoes playing live.

The Brascoes are: Dan Jones on vocals and guitar; Nove on guitar; Jonny on bass and Clymo on drums.

Visit: for more information.

Johnny Foreigner - in session 15th May 2008

Johnny Foreigner - in session 15th May

BBC WM Introducing - Thursday 6th March 2008

In addition to The Brascoes, some of the other artists featured included:

  • 51 Breaks - Embers
  • Keeping Pace With Planes - So Far So Fast
  • The Cubans - Poem
  • The Funhouse Robots - Sensation Space Station
  • Aquila - Let's Crawl
  • The Hoop Group - Russia
  • Deluka - Killer Connection

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Brett Birks and Louise Brierley

Brett Birks and Louise Brierley

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You are in: Birmingham > Entertainment > Music > Local Bands > Listen to The Brascoes

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