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24 September 2014

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You are in: Birmingham > People > Profiles of local people > Rustie Lee gets Eastenders role

Rustie Lee

Rustie Lee

Rustie Lee gets Eastenders role

Birmingham's original 'celebrity chef' Rustie Lee is back on our screens playing a role in Eastenders.

Former TV chef Rustie Lee became  famous in the 80s for her cookery slots on breakfast television where she giggled her way through her recipes.

Gus Smith and Sonia

Rustie will play Gus Smith's Aunt Opal

Born in Jamaica, Rustie once ran a restaurant in Birmingham, presented on Sunday afternoons on BBC WM in the early 90s and has since turned her hand to politics when she joined the UK Independence Party in 2004.

Rustie begins filming this week for her stint in Eastenders. She will feature in just two episodes playing Opal from Birmingham, the loud battleaxe aunty of Gus.



"I'm absolutely over the moon to think I'm going to be in the Square!" said Rustie.

"It's tremendous, I've always wanted to do it.  I have done lots of musicals and tours but I hope that this will allow people to see another side of things I can do.. But it's brilliant and I can't wait!"

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glad 2 see her in eastenders!

Poppins Rodway
How fantastic to see Rustie on prime time television. She has a wonderful energy which came across so well and really brightened up the square. More Rustie on East Enders please.

Shirl Parnell
Nice to see her back and being from Brum really helps !!

keith maxwell
excellent acting welldone rustie.would it be possible please for rustie to move in to the square as gus aunty opal.

dave, london
not since tizwas have i seen rustie, is she playing a tv chef.

Sheniz Bayraktar
I love this woman only whis she could be in eastends for longer. can not wait to see her I have been telling every one to whach her She is great.

Mr Andrew Clarkson
Well done rustie, show them what your made of.

Ron Starling
At the age of 10 I was at school with rusty, at 50+ we still meet up and she has never changed in her ways so I dont think the doom and gloom of east enders will change her.Go for it, we might get a smile out of it for a change

I am Rusties long time friend,I am now living in America,we used to work at the La Dolce Vita club in Birmingham,I was so glad to see her doing well.Go Rustie, Go Rustie lots of love


Dave (ex Londonder)
As an ex Londoner, and reading that Rustie is to appear in Eastenders, is she that hard up to do so.I think that Eastenders is truly the worst soap ever, even worse than Elderado.The plots are so stupid, acting?, your having a laugh. I would rather stick needles in my eyes than watch it, every body shouts, its all total and utter rubbish.Any way good luck Rustie, your acting can not be any worse then whats already there.Wish some-one would start a campaign to get rid of it.Glad I moved to Birmingham.Bting back the Grimmleys.

bright brummies
I hope that again the BBC dont stereotype Rustie as a thick brummie, as she will bring much needed comedy to what is a depressing dirge about moaning southerners

i want a typical carribean busybody who inerffers thatll be well funi lol

Stereotyping? When did you last see a Brummie portrayed as anything but thick? Scousers are cheeky, Cockneys the salt of the earth,etc but Brummies and the accent always equals a bit stupid. ( unless you're Jasper Carrot or Lenny Henry, and I KNOW Len's not a Brummie, but does the rest of the country? )

It's great to see that Rusty is still around. Shame about it being East Enders...its garbage!

Hazel Carroll
Good on ya Rusty, you have been off our telly too long have missed that laugh of yours will be glued to the telly to her you. Hope that cheeky belly laugh comes out. It will be nice to hear a Brummie as I have always classed you as go on gal give it to them and GOOD LUCK to you.Regards,Hazel Carroll

Dave Bardell
Glad to see Rusty in Eastenders,she will bring entertainment in any charactor she plays in a sometimes depressing eastenders.All the best Rusty.

Glad to see Rusty back on Tv.looking forward to her infectious laughter

i agree totally with Mene

Simon in Halesowen
Its about time Eastendershad a cheery character,afteryears of wrist-slittinglyboring leads.

Janet Pulley
Can't wait...About time that something cultural was on EastEnders.

Clive Pulley
Go for it Rustie. Give them southerners a bit of Brummie chat!

I Hope Rusty is not playing the part of a stereotypical loud Caribbean woman. I don’t know why the BBC always shows ethnic minorities in a negative light. Rusty should know better being an intelligent politician. I hope she is aware of what she is playing and how it is being portrayed around Britain

You are in: Birmingham > People > Profiles of local people > Rustie Lee gets Eastenders role

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