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24 September 2014

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You are in: Birmingham > Features > General Features > New hoodie menace?

New hoodie menace?

Hooded jackets which zip up to completely mask the face are on sale in Birmingham shops. Wearing a 'Hannibal' hoodie, WM reporter Katie Rowlett took to the city streets to gauge public opinion. Have your say below.

New style 'hoodies' on B'ham's streets

New style 'hoodies' on B'ham's streets

There's a new range of 'hoodies' on sale in Birmingham shops - they zip up to completely mask the wearer's face.

Katie Rowlett, her face covered with a Hannibal jacket by clothing company Criminal Damage took to the streets of the city centre on Monday 1st of October 2007.

Katie wearing a hoodie (right)

Katie wearing a hoodie (right)

She asked are the new 'hoodies' menacing, and an ideal cover for criminals? Or are they just the latest harmless fashion item?

Reactions were mixed said Simran Samra, who accompanied Katie.

"While most people just laughed and thought it was simple childish humour, others crossed the street and could barely look into the mesh eyes.

Katie met another hoodie wearer

Katie met another hoodie wearer

"Some posed it would interfere with CCTV footage if the hoodies were used in criminal acts, while others thought that it was up to an individual what they wanted to wear and that it would be rude to judge.

"Somebody even approached our reporter wearing an identical style hoodie in grey. He was reluctant to take off his mask, so his words were muffled."

And what are they like to wear?

"We found the hoodie to be a little uncomfortable on the face!"

last updated: 01/10/07

Have Your Say

What do you think of these 'hoodies'? Should they be banned or are they just another fashion fad? Have your say in the box below.

The BBC reserves the right to edit comments submitted.

Gas Mask
Why ban these hoodies. If you ban these hoodies, you might as well ban anything that you can use to cover your face.I have on. I am not a criminal. Oh yeah, you can get full face hoodies at just about any Wal-Mart Super Store.

Sgt Preston
A hoody to some, a pathetic piece of clothing to others but these can definitely be used as a tool to assist in crime and intimidation in an instant. Simple!

Paul B
I'm 52 from California, found one of these in a shop and thought it was really cool. It's just clothes. But here too I'm sure some politicians will seek votes by "protecting" us from the HOODED MENACE!

i have one and i think that its just a fad if people whant to bad acts with them the hoodies shound not get band people robe places with skey mask on all the time but they still seal them

i have one and i think that its just a fad if people whant to bad acts with them the hoodies shound not get band people robe places with skey mask on all the time but they still seal them

russell harness
ban them make them illegal to wear or we may all as well wear ballaclavas

lush hoodie's were do i get me 1????

lewis j
well, i guess i have mixed saving up money to buy this very hoodie...but the thoguht of som1 using it to commit crimes just makes me wanna burn a bit of 50/50

Excellent product!I have a white one and I am planning to buy a camo one too. I am probably one of a minority of females who have one. The amount of things people are claiming to be intimidated by is rediculous, as is this culture of sour, miserable and whinging (usually old) people who get no kicks unless something is being banned. balaclavas, hoodies, dogs, tattoos, piercings. If you want to see the wearers identity, just grab the top, and pull it =/ What about hiking jackets, motorbike helmets, muslims? The day they stop covering their faces, so will I.

Everyone always thinks of the negative things first... but to be completely honest a balaclaver IS legal so why shouldn't these be aswell? Anything can be used to cover your face so it's like this is anything new. I have one of the CP Company ones and their good for when fishing or camping.

jack and jill
i dont generally mind people wearing hoodies,with the hood down but these neew hoodies are just ridiculous, what are these shops trying to do, unleash more unsolved crimes onto the streets? They don't even look good!!!

they are great and warm i think they should not banned and it is just anoter fashion

i dont think that wearing hoodies is a problem,people wear them for the fashion,their is nothing wrong with wearing hoodies!!

Ron T
Ban em

Ban them! This company Criminal Damage has created another 'tool' for opportunist criminals. As this clothing has the potential to incite criminal behaviour why should it be tolerated?

I'm 58 and I want one. They look great for keeping me warm while fishing.

i think they cool

zack merthyr tydfil
i think they cool would like 2 buy 1 where can i get 1 from

Sharon Hockley
dreadful and very frightening I saw someone wearing one in my road, late at night, I nearly had a heart attack, when I looked back at him, he lifted the mask off. Get rid of them completely and the criminal people who thought them up.

Sharon Hockley
dreadful and very frighteniing, get rid of them and the people who thought them up.

the birdman
where would one purchase such a commodity?

(banned)i think that they are used as method to rob/steal in shops however some people love them because they are warm and lovely. they aint bad just used for wrong reasons mn

i think that they are used as method to rob/steal in shops however some people love them because they are warm and lovely. they aint bad just used for wrong reasons mn

Sarah Smith
these new hoodies are ugly, they are too exteme. i thought banning hoodies at Bluewater in Kent was a step too far, especially when to me, its just a practical hoodie, something I wear to keep warm. But this just shows how extreme some things get

Love the idea. Stay Free

i dont understand what is really bad about them its type of fashion people should be allowed to wear what they want to!!!

shud b banded but they r cool and i wanna get 1

Danny Rollings
I've got one and havent used it since, they'l make crime worse. They should be banned.

Barbara Broome
Ban them

they r sickkk!!!!!


well muslims are aloud to cover their face why cant any other person

Sarah & Nick
Just purchased one, we can see the problems they could cause but really its a jacket, thats that. no worse than a balaclaver or motorbike helmet all of which are easily purchased already

it must be hard to breath on those...especially f you weat glass.....

i dont think that they should be banned it is just a fashion statment, it is wrong to judge people by what they are wearing.

Whoever invented these is a marketing genius with no social responsibilty. How long will it be before the yoot go out driving in them, reducing their peripheral vision and stopping them being identified?

i have one myself there great

Big chocolate love
dis iz sik ting man... iz gotta get me 1z as soon as blud.

Joanna (Kent)
Ban them. Another excuse for police to not identify criminals. Totally unneccessary and intimidating clothing.

jamie cooper
I think these masks are quite good if you are ugly, but on the other hand i need one for halloween

Ok, I think bio hazard style one is kind of cool, I’d like a slightly modified version of it, but that’s by the by. A quick question to all the people spouting "ban all hoodies", why? I man does this mean I must bin most of my warm clothing, my light weight rain coat, and my heavier coats? They have hoods, but I have NEVER seen anyone complaining outside Millets or Blacks. NOT ONE OF YOU HAS WHINGED ABOUT HIKING JACKETS! Both my hiking jacket and sailing jacket can be zipped and covered and the hood done up so the only thing showing is my eyes. Please think about common items available in shops you probably shop at and have never complained about before, before whining because you have nothing better to do.

all the people saying that they want one and it's silly all the fuss they are making. however i'm very sure you would change your mind if you got raped or mugged by some-one wearing that.

Great! Maybe we should give one to every granny. That'll make 'em so uncool that the yoof won't be seen dead in them.

Darren (Reading UK)
"Make it a criminal offence to cover your face,and enforce it hard."Please tell me this is an attempt at sarcasm. As a motorcyclist with a full face helmet I've had trouble with this kind of response before. I'd rather not have to take off the helmet and face mask that I use to keep warm when buying petrol in the winter.

One would like to make a comment!I am muslim as much as being proud of my religion I have to cover my face fully when I am out of my house! So if people wear hoodies to cover their face then I dont see any difference between the 'burka' muslim clothing and the hoodie! in fact its rather warm!!!!

where can you get these!?!? i need to know :)

Billy Tinkle
What's stopping pensioners buying hoodies like this too? No one would mess with the oldies if they were wearing these!

Dale Brooker
Something else for the Yobs to wear and hide their identity.

I think it is pathetic that people are getting so upset, if individuals want to cover their faces they can wear balaclavas orscarves anyway, it's only a bit of fun for goodness sake. Lets face it its probably at lot less dangerous than driving with your face covered like muslim women do but no -one will deal with that issue. Get reall people.

Birmingham 44
these hoodies are sick! i like the army goggle one the most both r sick though i will definately be buying one before they no doubt ban them.

Come on. How could you be intimidated by anyone wearing one of these things?I don't think I would be able to stop myself laughing at the moron who thought they looked good in it.People these days give kids too much power by being frightened of these things. No matter what they wear, they are still spotty underneath.

If they were issued free to all Old Age Pensioners, in the Winter fight against hypothermia, the fashion would probably die an instant death!

astrid morgan
fashion fad for most - no more intimidating than a burka. There will be some, no doubt that use them to intimidate and frighten.

Rupert Suren
The company manufacturing these clothes should be shut down. With the name Criminal Damage as their label, what do they think these hoodies are going to be used for?

If someone walks up to me with this thing on I'm very likely to take up a defensive stance and probabl hit this person. This is ridiculous , the sort of thing that the 'wonderful' youth of this country will be dying to get their hands on. Ban it.

elephant man
grate just wat im looking for :)

were can you get these hoodies from

I like this hoodie its a fashion item in the market and keeps you warm.

Got just one word to say:criminalware!

Gail Billing
I most certainly think that these should be banned. They are very frightening and they are the perfect cover for anyone who doesn't want there face to be seen, either by CCTV, the police or a member of the public. If you saw someone wearing one of these it would be very frightening and upsetting and anyone who is seen wearing these garments should have them confiscated by the police. I would ask everyone who thinks that these should be banned to write or email the Home Secretary with their concerns and ask her to ban them from our streets and also ban shops from selling them

leeroy tremaine
i think these hoodies are a great idea for the winter.why have people got hoodies constantly on the mind? i don't like beanie hats and i don't complain about them.grow up nation its only a this make you near on invisible with cctv and identity.if i want to hide my face because of spots and acne i should be able to.ideal for the modern teenager!

Why ban them? Then you also have to ban ski-masks, balaclava's and the stuff muslims wear. If someone wants to rob someone, or dont wants to be recognized, there are milion of solutions for that. Banning this isnt gonna solve a problem..

I think these are great. At the end of the day, you have an option to buy or not, my choice would be to buy if you dont want it then dont buy it. Criminal Damage Rocks and i love it.Peace

i realy lk this tipe ov hoody it will keep my hed warm wen im fishin next 2 the lake really erly in the morrnin. i would lk 1 4 me and my kids thankz who eva made this tipe ov hoody

Where can you get them from then they are fab just because someone wears an hoodie dosen't nesscercerily mean they are a thug that is all down to gang crime an the person you are a jacket that zips up dosent mean anything the problem with this world is people and goverment try to stop free speach and why? because this is a free world the uproar about it is quite perthetic and people who do use this as an another way to commit a crime do want locking up but its no different to these religious veils e.t.c when you can only see the eyes ok im not raist but it could quite easily be a criminal behind one of those too!

What about muslims with their black cloaks? They cover there faces aswell. i think the pink face one looks good.

yh yh blud the hoodie iz sick getting me 1 soon jus ca it looks good

I think the hoodies are encouraging gang culture that is out of control in Britain. Why would anybody want to wear them? Unless they don't want to be recognised. They should be banned

talking abuot ?'s comment yes its bad for the naborhood and yes if isaw someone wearing them i would asume they were a mad axe man

They should be banned if an elderly person were to see it it could give them a heart attack. They could be responceable for more than 1 death

John Margetts
I think there should be full ban on these hoodies. If you get mugged in the street by someone wearing one of these hoodies, what chance have u got of identifying them. They will also give people who do mug people a feeling of power and the feeling that they will get away with their crimes time and time again. The desighner of these hoodies should be forced to withdraw all the stock they have suplied to shop and all stalls and shop should stop selling these items as of now. Anyone wearing one of these hoodies should be stop searched by police and have their hoodie taken away. They are not a fasion acessory. just an acessory to comit crime!!!!!!

Paul Steffern
Those hoods are simply another none conformist culture that’s an easier way to express than a painting or a song. It's about time people stopped taking the easy way out and became different through doing something good. It won't be long until thefts start being reported with those hoodies fitted. Still the makers won't care, they're pockets are being lined with gold.

stocky 1984
i agree completely with Tim M how can you ban these coats when wearing the veil is perfectly acceptable. While they no doubt are initmidating to many people it would be ridiculous to ban them on these grounds. Many people also find the veil, along with tatoos, shaved heads and other clothing intimidating yet it is inconceivable to ban these. Having said this, it is beyond me why anybody would actually want to wear such a horrible looking coat.

Rob Sargent
They might be a fasion accessory now but how long will it take before we see the first case of a crime being committed by someone wearing it?

The don
mr blobby is indeed alive and well and has now changed his image to fit in with the times

My god..what are these people thinking...They are totally hideous and menacing...they should never have been passed to be sold in shops...ban them...they will frighten anybody

steven topham
i think they should be banned , and the person you designed them wants locking up.

Great...Lets ALL wear them and put BIG BROTHER TO REST

Tim M.
How can we stop youngsters or oldies wearing these items which cover there faces when it's perfectly acceptable to cover your face on religous grounds and refuse to remove the same even when asked by an officer of the law or immigration. Why ban something like a hoodie when 99% of wearers, me included are law abiding and yet are penalised because of our choice of wear. Oh and I am in my 50's so neither a 'young' stereo typed 'thug' or 'hoodlum. What ever floats your boat in our 'free society' should be YOUR CHOICE..... not dictated to by the 'we don't want it brigade'. What next.. Ban balaclava's or worse still like my 2 year old grandson, walking in Bluewater Kent, holding my hand, when I was asked to remove his Hood as that's the 'rules'... We are going paranoia crazy.

Uncle Vanya
Of course they should be banned. The company selling these might think that its a bit of fun, but if Thugs and Scumbags go about wearing these things and commit offences, then scream about their 'Yuman Rights', its just another indictment on the corrupt, self-obsessed, couldn't care less society we live in.

Paul Gifford
They look bloody daft. I would be too busy laughing if someone walked by me wearing won to get nervous. Criminals are going to criminals regaurdless...Masks and baclava's have been around forever. What's next? banning of Halloween costumes?

mrs gee
i feel these are very frightening and alarming pieces of clothing. They serve no obvious purpose other than to hide the identity of the wearer. As a victim of car-jacking by 2 hooded men who have never been caught i feel that these will decrease further the chances of criminals being caught and brought to justice using eye-witnesses and CCTV.

I feel the new style hoodies are unacceptable.Society is far too focused on "our rights" and less on social responsiblity. A number of antisocial individuals will use this an excuse to harrass and terrorise innocent people.

andrew smith
ive been mugged before, if someone came at me wearing one of those i can only assume they mean me harm and i will hit first and ask questions later, no doubt. its asking for a good thump to wear one

What are the people who make these things thinking?! Ban them!

They should be banned.Any retailer found to have sold them should also be culpable if they are then used in a crime, because why else would they have be purcahsed

Are we living in a Police State?This is an item of clothing why should it be banned, when religious clothing that covers the face is allowed. I want one, and I am NOT a Criminal.

If the police see an increase in violent acts caused by youths wearing these hoodies than public pressure will force the shops to stop selling them.

susannah Cannon
I would think you would only wear one of these if you were wanting to commit a crime or ar too ugly to show your face.the Stupid, ugly, and cowardly criminal will wear them.Ban them

Leon Trimble
of course it's only fashion... if criminals want or need to cover their faces they don't need one of these. they could use a 50p mask bought in tesco or go to an army navy store for a 2 quid balaclava...

Laurie Griffiths
I think that these hoodies are absolutely obscene and should be abolished from public. Ok, if one wanted to wear one inside the home, leave them to it, but if one wears it in public, that is objectionable. Personally, I find that these hoodies are for criminals, or people trying to hide their ugly faces from the public.

Mrs Jane Beebe
These new hoodies are ridiculous the only people that would buy them are people who are up to no good and want to hide their identity. If manufacturers did not make any type of hoodies there would not be the problems that are associated with them. They should be banned, they are extremley frightening especialy for the elderly and young children.

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