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13 November 2014

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Newtown Knights Junior Chess Club

Newtown Knights Junior Chess Club

Checkmate at Newtown Knights

Champions are being produced at Newtown Knights Junior Chess Club. Watch the young players explain what they love about their club.

Based at Newtown Community Centre, Newtown Knights is a fun and friendly environment for young people aged between 7 – 16 years to master the game of chess.

Skill and concentration

Skill and concentration

The junior chess club meets every Monday (4 - 6pm) where young players of all levels, from absolute beginners to experts are given coaching and the opportunity to practice their skills whilst playing friendly games against each other.

Chess champions

Set up in January 2006, Newtown Knights is the brainchild of Sharon Brown who has a passion to see the club produce champion chess players.

Sharon explains: “One of the reasons why I set up the club in Newtown was to break the stereotype of chess and show people that anyone can play no matter what their social or cultural background.

Outwitting your opponent

Outwitting your opponent

"The club’s not only for children living in the Newtown and Aston areas everyone is welcome to come. It’s a community club of all cultures and backgrounds with a great family environment.”

Problem solving skills

The club also gets involved in junior chess competitions and tournaments around the country.

Chess master and coach Russell James, helps the children to learn and enjoy playing chess. Each session he teaches them the ability to master the game and skillfully outwit their opponents.

“Apart from being fun, chess has a lot of educational benefits. It teaches social and problem solving skills and also gives the children an opportunity to meet new people.

Russell James - Chess coach

Russell James - Chess coach

“Newton Knights takes chess to people that would most benefit from the game.

"I’m really pleased I joined Sharon in this venture, it’s been a real success. I love being part of the club. I get a lot from seeing the children learn and enjoy the game for what it is”, explains Russell.

Improvement in school work

Parents are encouraged to stay and be part of the chess club. They can also get coaching so they can play with their own children at home.

Brenda Lawrence’s son has been attending Newtown Knights for a few months now and has really seen the benefits.

Enjoying a game of chess

Enjoying a game of chess

“When my son joined the club a couple of months ago he was a complete beginner. I’m finding that his problem solving skills are improving which is also noticeable in his maths and english studies.”

A fun and safe environment

Like many other community projects across Birmingham funding is needed for the continuing success of the club.  So far they have received funding and support from Birmingham funders Aston Pride and WMAD.

Newtown Knights is a fun place for the children to learn and play chess and they are certainly enjoying it.

Jamal – "I like coming to chess club because it helps me think. We get coaching from Russell and we get to play games against each other too."

We love Newtown Knights

We love Newtown Knights

Patrice – “Chess helps me to concentrate and I can use what I learn to maximise my chances of doing other things.”

Watch Newtown Knights Junior Chess Club

Watch the Newtown Knights youngsters in action and hear Sharon Brown talk more about the club in a short video feature.

More information

If you would like to get in touch with Newtown Knights Junior Chess Club please contact Sharon on 07769 603 910.

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You are in: Birmingham > People > Your Community > Checkmate at Newtown Knights

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