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28 October 2014

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Gabriel Agbonlahor
Gabriel Agbonlahor

The Villa Crest - have your say!

Aston Villa have unveiled their brand new crest! Have a look at it here and tell us what you think!

Aston Villa hope that the new crest will signify the start of a bright new era for the club.

The new crest
The new Aston Villa crest

The design was unveiled at a press conference on Wednesday 2nd May 2007. The key features of the new crest include:

  • The re-introduction of the FC letters, at the request of a large number of fans.
  • A new look for the lion - no longer fragmented, the lion is now proud, looking to the future and unified.
  • A new shield shape with a solid blue background. Similar to a family coat of arms, it signifies a desire to reconnect with all stakeholders.
  • Perhaps the most significant addition - the presence of a white star representing Villa's 1982 European Cup victory, the finest hour of the club's 133 year history.

What do you think? Tell us in the box below!

last updated: 02/05/07
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aston villa r the going to finish in the top 6 this year and if we play realy well we may finish in the top 3. WHAT DO U SAY THEN?

i think that the badge shows that the clubs wants to move forward into an new era and forget the past

Lucy Goodwin
I really love the new badge of Aston villa so very much and up the villa this season love you aston villa

jack b
i dont like the new villa badge because it is a bit plain Jack bates age 12

They should have had the star outside the crest like the england shirts.

Ian Duggan
I like it. I didn't at first but i'm starting to get used to it. I think it will look good on the new kit. I like the reintroduction of the F.C.

dean corns
lets repeat the 1982 and go 4 it new badge new players

dean corns
up the villa for next sesson u all r doing great behind the doors.thers only 1 randy learner

Colin Bryan
I do not like the new crest at all. It lacks design, does not reflect the true colours of the club - it is more like that of Manchester City. It is not in the least heraldic, as it should be nor bold enough for a club with such a proud historical background.Comments elsewhere have suggested a gold coloured star. What about silver for the seven championships as well.

andy cudworth
It's that bad that I have wrote to the club. My kids could do better. It's for the fans, not the club. Just read down the replies. About 75% don't like it and that's excluding the blue's fans! Get a nice round badge like the 82 badge and add the star above the badge. Get rid of it before it actually sees the light of day on a shirt!!

matthew selly oak
i think the new villa badge is great i cant wait to see it on our shirts next season

elliott watkins
the new crest the new shirt well what can i say i think it is amazing!!!!! villa have like a whole new life (new manager chairmen) and to go with it new shirt and crest GET INi am a true villa fan

The new badge comes with a qaulity manager , a chairman that promises to deliver and a whole new era at villa park with a bright future ahead !!

David, Cleveland, OH
Nice. Simple and classic.Unfortunately the lion can tend to get lost in the light blue color field. should have had better separation there. I also like both the circle and the silhouette of the old shield better, but this works too. Where do you think they'll put the next star?Also new uniforms should keep the chevrons. Hope those don't get lost in a uniform 'Tweak'.

Rich Lines
I think I know who Mr David Neal is. Mini fish and chips my love!!!

Luke Bennett
I dont like it. The font is old fashioned and its too plain. the crest shape looks old fashioned too and doesnt really make it look like modern villa ans the plain background just looks like theyve deleted the claret stripes. i dont like it, i think they could have done alot better. The star is good though.


i like it... its cool!

i like the old badge better

Mr David Neal
I think Rich Lines needs to calm down with his essay!yawn yawn yawnThe badge is nice, i like it with the star incorporated

stephen potts, toronto
should have had a touch more claret for sure

Chris Holte Ender 4 Life
This is close to the one I voted for apart from I wanted some thin claret strips. The fact that the blue nose small heath supports dont like it makes me like it all the more.New badge, new start

James Martin
It's a nice classy design whilst still remaining simple...which may mean the Blues fans will understand it!!

its dapper

Rob M
Been looking at it for a while now, hoping it will grow on me but nope nothing, i think the whole design is very amateurish

David Fryer Australia, Adelaide
we won't have this badge long as we will need to put another star on

john lavill
its about time we went back to tradition because that is what Aston Villa F.C. is all about

Blues are going down
not enough claret for me? Are we meant to be coventry (Sky Blues)

andrew jennings
I like the idea of the star representing the european cup victory.But i think the badge loos far to basic.I feel badges look better with a scroll underneth and the star would look better gold.

Richard in Dubai
It's ok but much prefer the round one from the old days.I really dont like the 'prepared'text.

not very stylish just like the team

simple design, but portrays a powerful no nonsense image. Will look good on the shirts, and casual wear

David Fryer Australia, Adelaide
Why wasn't the lion claret

Pete M
I Love Birmingham City

Andrew Rowe
When I initially saw the new crest, I was not keen on it. But after a few days grow on you and now I quite like as its quite distinctive.

Andrew Hall
It does look disjointed and the elements don't really hold together. More importantly though is the colour clash of the yellow on a light blue background. I would of expected the lion to be strong and stand out but it is lost and weak. A real problem for accessiblity as well. Finally the star represents our Euro win back in 82 but there doesn't seem to be any room for future stars especially if the crest represents a new era and looking to the future.

Uninspiring,insipid will stick to my retro european shirt...proud history..dull new crest.

Cheap and nasty!No different to the old one then!

i am from the west midlands and support all west midlands teams in whatever they wish to achieve. however, i must say this badge is very boring, plain and simple. there is no class, style or wow factor bout the badge and maybe this is resemblant of the future team? it looks like it has been designed in Word by joe bloggs... it needs much more character to appeal to the fans and to show the other teams that villa are proud, and the best at everything they do! the prepared font is the worst part of the badge! i also agree that the badge should have been round, to suggest its totally new and a refreshed look for the team. it is similar to the old shape which is bad as it may look the same from a distance. lets hope the new kit is more of an improvement. the star is the best part of the badge. it will recognise aston villa as a european player so that fans from around the world will realise that thisis a team as good as the likes of AC Milan, Inter, Manchester United and the other European cup winners. good luck to Aston Villa for the years ahead! lets hope the midlands club can pose a serious threat to the big premiership players next season.

Don't care what the badge looks like if it makes the bloke wearing it play like those in the side of 1982.

i think the crest is aweful. i think that havin the lines was a great idead but now th crest looks rubbish. i think myb we should go back to good ol' '82

It don't matter what Crest you put on a Villa shirt they are all rubbish, bet you can guess who my team is !!!

do i not like it

John Dunning
I feel that the new crest shows too much razmataz and is not traditional enough for a club of our standing,the old crest was far superior.

and i can also make that logo on paint! this logo is plain and boring just like the club...yes i am a blues fan!

i feel sorry for villa fans having to put up with having that on their t-shirt.

Should have another star for when Enckelman let in that glorious goal!!!!

Tom Haynes
Extremely plain! And the fact that they are still celebrating their ancient victory of the european cup in the 70's is abismal. Get some blue and white on it!

I prefer the older one

The crest will look great on a claret shirt, but it doesnt matter about the lion on the outside of the shirt its the lion on the inside that counts

should have just had gold star above the badgejust hope it doesnt look so pale n bland on the shirt.(please nike give us the classic away strip of 82)

Blues fans will need to study the new look because this is what they will see when we beat them.

As an artist, I think it's brilliant. I wanted a round badge but I'm more than happy with this. It's simple in its beauty and beautiful in its simplicity. The 'prepared' font is fantastic. Some people just like to moan, it could be worse, it could have stripes. Good job, well done. This article made me look at the blues badge in greater detail, Europe's bigger than I remember it. I know who I'd rather support.

bluecheese82 = Louise
I hate are new badge! The round badge we had when we won the european cup would have been better. With the star incorporated into the badge. I always buy are new kit every season, i will now reconsider. Very disappointed. Up the villa

its alright it does the job, but i was hoping for a round one if im honest

When I First Saw It I Hated It, But Now Its Starting To Grow On Me. Its A Bit On The Plain Side And The Star Is In The Wrong Place Also The 'Prepared' Font Is Awful.I Would Have Preffered A Round Badge Like The '82 One, But We'll Have To Put Up With This One. You Never Know It May Be The Symbol For A Brighter Future At The Club

Monkspath Villan - Solihull
Like a cat coughing up a hair ball.

The clenched fists of he lion makes me get excited for the next season come lads lion heart all the way

its not the badge that matters its will the players wear it with pride

Its started to grow on me, its got a retro look and feel to it. Hopfully Nike will design a retro kit to go with the crest.

It's beautiful! Just like anything to do with the Villa. I will quite happily wear it with pride.

Not enough Sky Blue for me, also looks like the lion's juggling with the ball.

It does look a bit plain, but like most people, it's starting to grow on me. I think the predominantly blue colour scheme will look better when set against the claret background of a home shirt.

its ok but the villa badge before was better you should of just put the star on the other badge

The older one was much nicer. The blue background looks cheap and tacky. And the lion looks ridiculous, like its trying to maul the star.

Tom Jones, Walsall Wood
It's alright, but I think I prefer the previous one

i really like it. the crest people are some of the best around. it stands out and i like the idea of having a star to represent the european cup we won in '82.

not as gd as the old 1!

It's starting to grow on me know! Hated it at first!

the old badge is so much better because it has better shape and more of the villa colours

Chris Brookes
possibly the worst crest in the premiership, what is it .. the 1900's?

Not overly keen I have to say. Not enough claret whilst the floating white star looks a little disjointed. I think we should have used the 1982 EU Cup round badge as a base which would have easily accommodated wording on its thicker claret perimeter (In gold of light blue) and more stars (positive thoughts)

i dont like the badge, i am glad the star is their but why couldnt we have just added it to our current badge.

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