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28 October 2014

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Malcolm Boyden
Boyden - back on BBC WM

Boyden bounces back on BBC WM

Award winning radio presenter Malcolm 'Baggie' Boyden is set to return to BBC WM for two months in the summer.

Early evening show

From Monday 10 July to early September Malcolm takes over Daz Hale’s early evening show (Monday to Thursday, 7.00pm-10.00pm) as Daz sits in for the departing Adrian Goldberg on the breakfast show (7.00-10.00am).

After more than ten years at BBC WM Malcolm left the station in 2004. In the intervening two years he’s been a regular presenter on two neighbouring BBC Local Radio stations BBC Coventry & Warwickshire and BBC Hereford & Worcester.

Sport and music

Keith Beech, BBC WM’s Managing Editor announced his return during a phone-in on Ed Doolan’s show on 5 May. He said: “I'm delighted to have Malcolm back on BBC WM. He’s presenting a show that includes sport and music wrapped up by his larger-than-life personality.”

Malcolm - a double Sony Award winning radio presenter – also retains his Saturday morning show on BBC Coventry & Warwickshire and Sunday morning programme on BBC Hereford & Worcester.

last updated: 05/05/06
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michael williamson
i would like to meet malcolm boyden its good you on wm radio station i listen to on the radio and i have met him at meridon park in chelmsley wood this all have to say i wish you merry christmas to all the presenters from michael williamson.

I used to love listening to Adrain Goldberg at breakfast. He made me laugh when he laughed, but Phil Upton is an equally good replacement. He handles the show brilliantly, and I love his show too. I also enjoy coming home to Paul Franks. You do have some top quality presenters at WM!

glad you r bac live in cov but listen 2 bbc wm dont like cov radio only tune in wen u r on

Justin Kindschi
Lets have Malcolm back streaming on BBC WM he is Greatly missed in Perry Oklahoma the Oklahoma Posse

Lee Mallin
Malcolm needs to be with the WM crew permanent not 6 weeks here and 2 months there. Come on Mr. Beech listen to the listeners and get him back where he needs to be BCC WM !

Daniel Newby
Malc you legend, why you were ever off air is anybody's guess, its was about time you were back where you belong!!

grumpy gregory
malc is without doubt the best presenter on wm lose him you and we all lose.dont make the same mistake again by letting him go!we in radioland deserve the best he is the best keep him.p.s. plus he,s cheap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bianca Harrison
So sad to hear that Malcolm Boyden is leaving WM again, as are many, many other Walsall FC fans. Please bring him back as he is wonderful to listen to and has so much enthusiasm for the game, as well as our beloved Saddlers despite the fact he is really a Baggies fan. He is great and will be a huge loss so please don't let him go for good.

Mike Jones
I am not a footy fan, but having Malcom back on WM is converting me! His wit and humour are second to none. I am sure Danny Kelly is a nice guy, but his show is not a patch on Boydens unique style. When I am out of the area I listen to other BBC stations and you would be suprised how many Brummies tune in to Radio Shropshire and phone in to Colin Youngs show.


Mark Parton
Boyden shows some of the other small minded presenters how it really should be done, without bias. Must scare other presenters,that.

hi malcom id just like to say well done on the job you have done on sports night on WM you have got a lot enthusiasm about the job(especially on the super soarway saddlers) and you will be missed when you leave,and i think that you must stay on WM.

Clive Marks
So, it appears WM would prefer to subject listeners to more 'is it a brillo pad, Tone?' rather than give them informed and passionate sports coverage from the best member of the sports team. Mike Taylor and Boyden are the saving graces of WM sport, which is more than can be said for the other biased bunch of so-called presenters.

Bryn Crowley
For gods sake keep Boyden. I would rather listen to him commentating on 2 drops of rain on a window then SHOUTY regan and co

Disappointed to hear that Malcolm will be denied the airing that he obviously deserves and that the public will have to put up with yet more 'is it a screwdriver Tone?' drivel form other, less erudite, 'presenters'.

Lee Edgar what more can we say!!!Please please dont let him escape again WM. Listen to us please.Give us who we want BOYDEN!!!!!!!!

Are you mad letting Boyden go ? His football comentry is class, no biase, just a love of the game and the regions teams.Out of all your sports team Malc is head and shoulders above them, hate "your reaction to the action" guy can't bring myself to mention his name. Tell the people in power, you know the ones that tune in and get your figures up (without us there would be no WM) we want Boyden back.

Boing boing Boyden has been a joy to the ears of us Saddlers fans this season. Malcolm's passionate Black Country tones have really been a joy to listen to and have made me feel proud to be both a Walsall fan and Radio WM fan, Both have deperatly under performed over the past few seasons but thanks to the welcome additions of Dicky Dosh and Boyden the world is a much happier place. All of us Walsall fans understand our stature and fan base means we will never get the same coverage as our West Midland Neighbours but with Malc behind the mic we dont care because at least we know there is someone who gives a damn all year round and not just when we get a big cup tie or a play off final. You mistakenly let Malc slip away a couple of years ago so please dont make the same mistake again because he's a personality the whole of the West Midlands should be proud of.

Andy Phillips
Another Saddler who appreciates Malcolm's passion, enthusiasm, and knowledge.

keep malcolm on OUR station.. listen to the voice of the west midlands.. we want him back for good. So come on WM make OUR station worth listening to again!! Boing Boing Boyden is back !

Magic Malc Fan
Keep Boyden covering the Walsall games. It is refreshing to have someone showing genuine interest and showing knowledge of the Saddlers. Too many others on WM show a lack of respect/interest in Walsall, or anyone but Wolves for that matter. Keep Malc and keep the balance....and more importantly for you, keep the listeners.

Welcome Back Malc!!!, But when will you lot at WM listen to your own station, Malc needs to be on the weekly morning slot we all need a little light relief in the morning before heading off to work!, the accident rate in the west midland's must have gone up as a result of the current presenter's (drone) putting drivers to sleep!.

Lee Edgar
Dear WM, I have to say as a Walsall FC supporter and Football fanatic, that Malcolm Boyden has done a fantastic job of presenting and commentating on your sports shows. He is a million miles better than any of the other 'presenters' on the station and I would strongly reccomend that you extend Malcolm's short term contract as it had been a pleasure to listen to him. Please re invest my licence money in the Boyden ! His enthusiam and knowledge of the midlands football scene has been wonderful listening. Yours Hopefully Lee Edgar Bloxwich Walsall FC - Season Ticket Holder

Matt Ellison
Malcolm injects a much needed blast of enthusiasm back into the football. I really enjoy his offerings and he treats my club with the respect that we all crave. Other presenters show less impartiality and more torpor.....

Dave Roe
Please keep Boyden on as Walsall FC match commentator !!!!!! At least there's one that doesn't have to fake interest in Saddlers games. His knowledge and passion for Walsall FC (even though he is a Baggie)puts many other WM sports presenters to shame. Keep Boyden on WM Sport !

John S
The last few saddlers match commentaries have been like a breath of fresh air.I used to think Malcolm was all WBA but he has shown he is as keen on all midlands clubs and would welcome him as a regular Saddlers contributer.

Neil Ravenscroft
Keep him, for God's sake. The improvement in football coverage since he's been back is wonderful. We don't just depend on Mike Taylor to balance out Franks and co.

Boyden must stay. The best commentator on the radio.

Anne Marklew
Malcolm keeps saying that he's leaving WM again soon - please keep him on. He provides the feel good factor in the way no other presenter can. So please, Mr Beech, let him stay.

Graham Jauncey
What a great addition to the sports team, his commentaries are excellent. You have to keep him, his shows are great.

I was first opposed to the return of Malcolm Boyden until I heard the new breakfast show. I think WM needs more of a real personality at breakfast instead of the "Dave Double Decks" local radio jock who now presents it. Also this obsession with sport only drives listeners away. A case of one step forward and two steps back. Oh dear!

WM has improved 100% since Malcs return. Malcolm MUST stay. Birmingham & the Black country do NOT deserve to be left with the Dingle duo of Franksy and Hale. BOOOO!!!!!! When you leave again Malcolm , so will thousands of listeners. If WM don't appreciate you, then perhaps when WOGAN or MOYLES leave national raidio, YOU WILL BE THE NEW MESIAH!!!!! WE LOVE YOU BOYDEN

So good to have Malcolm back - at long last, now he needs to stay!!! He is a first class presenter,



Joyce Carter
Keep Malcolm on WM

richard lloyd
excellent to hear malcolm back on wm ... hate football, but love listening to our malc! give him a permanent slot [looking in danny kelly's direction ...]!

kirk +paul
good show malcolm hope you stay on wm see yar

duncan h
good to hear malcolm back on W.M.Agree with the commwnts of a saturday morning slot.Mixture of sport and phone calls made for easy listening.

Mathew Farmer
All i can say is, about time i carn't understand why radio WM decided it was the end of the line for Mal. He was a joy to listen to on a dinner time. An i hope he returns on a more regular and perminent basis.

Scott, Wolves
The WM gaffers don't know a decent presenter when they have one Both Malcolm Boyden and Keith Midlleton should replace WM deadwood!

delighted that boydens back!!! i live in cebu philippines.really want to listen to wm, my favourite slot back in the old days!!! can i get the programme here in cebu? i would love to hear any suggestions from my old brummie pals!!! good on yer, blues! keep it up! dave lee

welcome back malcolm boyden team him up with stink again and watch them go!

great to hear malcolm boyden again, don't lose him this time a real gem!

Ivor Mellor Weymouth Dorset
Good we cant get enough of him he is full of energy, fun,and suprises,keep up the good work

kevi tyseley
welcome back malc we all missed ya great to hear you on air again.

kevin j
welcome back malc ur great even if you do have a face like a trod on chip.

Gareth Edwards
Malcolm Boyden-great to have you back, even if only on t'interweb, down here in Cardiff! Made my day to tune in and hear you again!!! :-) :-) :-)

Elaine Gower
Whats happening to malc when this show ends in september? will he be back on wm?

Alan R
Have to admit I'm a massive Wolves fan..but its great to have Malc back !!

tommy smyth
kevin phillips. great signing. should be a good foil 4 hartson

malcolm is so good on the radio please get the powers that be to consider him for a permanent daytime show.A few years ago I was going through a rough time as a single mom and it was malcolm who kept me going when I was very low.The compaionship of radio is better than medication anyday.

Allan in Oldbury
Hello ... earth calling WM Why was Malcolm 'Baggie' Boyden allowed to do a commentary on a live Wolves match from Molineux? Don’t tell me its a reciprocal arrangement Daz or Jennie have done them at the Hawthorns?

stan carter
boyden back??? best news in 24 months he is a diamond i hope you treat him as such. have not regularly listend to wm since his cruel departure i will certainly return my tuning to wm now.. well done mr beech.

mike chalkley
malcolm you are great! what about this sat show on cov and warwick fantastic! that's what the midlands need a good happy show not doom & gloom like some of the stuck up BBCitus people in the midlands you are real mate!

If there is anyway you can re-employ Malcom permanently It is great to hear him again.I dont even follow sport but I even turn off the TV to listen to him,You know it makes sense.He is a Joy come on Mr Beech we cant all be wrong.Find him a spot.

lofty from newark
hi malc up the faggots and peas good show its nice to hear you again im listening on the fishing net did you get me letter regarding voice overs.

hey malcolm great news you are coming back. i used to listen to you before i emigrated to canada but rest assured your loyal fan will again listen to you on the net across the pond you have my sincere best wishes ps still remember your great sense of humour radio in montreal is very bland to say the least.

Trish from Dudley
When Malcolm went I stopped listening to WM, there just weren't any original presenters, you were left with a load of would be football presenters. Malcolm is fun and I love him

Karren Perry - N.S.W. Australia
At last Malcolm is back thank heavens, and now he is back on in the evenings in England, I will be able to listen to him in my mornings just has he should be in a prime time slot to give me a smile. You have to go the the ends of the earth in order the get a giggle in the mornings. All the best Malcolm.

Mike Ellis
I was horrified when I heard Mr Boydens stupid voice( it cannot be real !!!) once more on my favourite radio station . One word from him and I pull the plug. I cannot, and will not, listen to his inane drivel and downright amateur presentations. Sorry WM when he,s on , I,m OFF !! I really thought we had see the last of this untalented individual. I could do the presentation he does,100 times better than he could any day.Other than, " I,m always right" Mr Doolan, all the other presenters are a pleasure to listen too, especially Paul Franks , who is to my mind the most entertaining presenter on Radio in general.You may edit these comments if you desire, but I assure you I have nothing against Mr Boyden as a person, only in the job he TRIES to do.

willie hackitt
malcs back and about time too missed ya mate welcome home welcome come on in and close the door youve been gone too long mate

christine Oldbury
Lets get this straight,Malcolm was not sacked he was offered the sports slot and declined to take it as he saw it as a demotion.He decided to leave the station. Where has he decided to come back to? Oh a sports slot!!

Steve J
I only listened to WM for the football after Boyden left. I must say he's a radio god, we have all really missed him. Thank god they have finally seen sense.

Mark the drug runna (prescription only)
I was scanning through the radio stations whilst driving home, and i couldnt believe what i was hearing!Malcolm Boydon back on WM, I can honestly say that this is the first time i have listened to WM since Mollie Green(another wasted talent)left Malcs old show to go to early mornings.You should be grateful he came back to you Mr Beech!!! Dont make the same mistake twice!! Keep Malc where he belongs! He didnt win two sony awards for nothing. WELCOME BACK MALC!!

Geoff Whiles
Just listeneed to Malcolm Boydens commentary of the wolves match. ok he might be a baggies fan but what the hell, his commentary was totally 100% excellent. Another great brummie on radio, well done Boyden!! Top man! Geoff

David James
This just gets better........Firstly Boyden returns to WM...Then his contract is extended...But wait for the best is yet to come, Baggie Boyden gets sent to Molineux and has to shout "Come on you Wolves"

Tom Hill
I can't say how glad I am to have Malcolm back. He is such a breath of fresh air. Cheeky, a bit risque but essentially local, which is exactly what we want. I don't know what happened when he was given the chop, but it was all so sudden with no explanation. Can Mr Beech elucidate? Ideally, I would like to see/hear Malcolm back in his lunchtime slot, after Ed. Please keep Franksie on in the drivetime show - I listen to him on my phone-radio on the train back from Wolves, and he is always my companion on the journey home. The news bulletins/travel news and sport are all superb, as are the jammy doughnuts! Hang on in there WM

Mike Hands (Wolves fan)
Welcome back to WM, Malcolm. Mind you, what are you doing at Molineux? Hope you're not spying for the Baggies! Wolves to win 2-1

Daniel Cartwright
Have just switched WM off and put the 107.7 the Wolf on. I am sorry to say that I really don't enjoy listening to you and if you must report on a match then please choose the Albion or the Blues but keep away from Molineux. Thanks, Dan

missed you loads Ed. Glad your coming back

Dave Bacon
Welcome back Malc

pete stourport
pity adrian`s gone the best breakfast presenter in years

marion jones
i hope malcolm is coming back for good

Dave G
Looking forward to phil upton starting, Should add a spring to wm. He is the greatest presenter to grace birmingham radio.

pauline griffiths
finally some sense at WM getting Malcolm back but why can we not have him presenting a programme like the Saturday morning show he used to do with the Boyden Babes instead of Les Ross!!!!

dave the singing trucker
now then boyden is back.great news. why dont Mr Beech give goldies slot to boyden?. goldie was good but a bit serious for that time of the morning. when people get out of bed the want to be cheered up. and if there is any serious stuff going on boyden can handle it with kate walker, then doolan can pick up on it. we want a giggle in the mornings,not doom and gloom. come on boyden bring him on. thanks for listening MR BEECH.

Bev C from Quarry Bank
Listened to Malc for years had the pleasure of meeting him also... I am 43 not 93 so from the young, middle aged and the ones plus plus VAT pleasssssssssssssse can we have Malcolm back full time. He is Mr Malcolm Boyden after ALL..... We love him ... stop us turning to Radio 2

margaret booton
forgot to say I stopped listening to WM when goldberg was on...let it be permanant...

margaret booton
hooray for malcolm, so pleased, to hear him back and he is the best presenter to interview anyone

jason harris
great to have malc back replace danny kelly with malc cheers jason

Welcome back Malc. Keith Beech, you must give Malc a regular slot when his summer stint ends. Malc's what radio was invented for. Pure listening pleasure.

Colin Bayliss

THANK GOD!! you have got Malcolm back & Adrian Goldberg has finally gone. Great to have you back Malc. Let hope you get a better slot, preferably the breakfast show!! You are a very funny & honest man who can cheer people up no matter what their problems are. You providelots of entertainment & humour & I Love to listen to you. All the best Claire


gayle from willenhall
well done for bringing malcom back.now bring back the double due molly & malc for breakfast.mollys show is great she needs a prime time slot with malc.give les ross the early morning slot he can talk trains all morning without sending us to sleep.THANK YOU MR BEECH for bringing back the mighty malcom he will make my world a brighter happier place.LETS HOPE ITS PERMANET.boing boing malc and GOOD LUCK X X

Well now Boyden has returned I'm glad it's to the evening slot when I don't have time to listen. Please don't return him to mainstream daytime. His inane prattling and schoolboy innuendo appealing only to the cerebrally challenged, instigated my departure to radio pastures new. I miss Adrian Goldberg in the morning. His interviews got to the nub of the issue and rarely allowed anyone to give evasive answers. I think Jo and Daz are doing a quite good job filling in for the summer. I do hope the new presenter will follow a similar format. The Breakfast show is one of the few areas of WM which is a pop music free zone! Long may it continue to be.

Alan Benton
This is the best news from WM for a while Malc should be a regular spot worst thing WM ever did getting rid of malc as a regular

I have read the emails received about Malcs return, does Mr Beech read them?? and does he take the slightest notice?? Malc is really lovely,it would be so good to have him back permanently, hope you read this Mr Beech

Walmley Mo Hawk
It's funny to read comments here: for every 'presenter X is rubbish,' there's a 'presenter X is fab.' Let's have a spot of tolerance, if intelligence is too much to hope for! Recognise a few things: one man's meat is another man's poison (The Lurkers, 1983), and reflect the marketplace Adrian's show was competing in: current affairs principally, not easy listening. I personally look forward to some more heavyweight presence in the breakfast slot, which is why I'm eagerly waiting Phil's arrival. No disrespect to Daz and Jo, but they would possibly admit that they need each other to anchor the slot effectively, if only due to their total airtime experience. As for a causal link between AG's presence and MB' departure, as many on here have intimated: get real! Keith Beech has a ratings war to fight, he's doing not a bad job over the summer break - Malc's return injects some healthy audience participation and fun - and the autumn looks very promising indeed.

great to have you back Malcolm have missed your great ahows and your humour welcome back and GOOD LUCK

s p james
Isnt it about time the boyden sycpohancy board was finished? Yes its great to have Malcolm back and he been sorely missed and I hope he gets a long term deal. But come on WM pull the plug.

it is fantastic to have malcolm back i have been a fan for quite a number of years, malcolm and molly was one of the funnist shows around and garranted to cheer you up good luck malcolm lets hear more of you.

Terry Ingram(Radio Presenter)
Welcome back to W.M. Malocolm. One of the truly unique radio presenters of the last few decades, Malcolm is one of that rare breed that can bring together listeners of different generations and entertain them with humour, charm and wit. I'll be listening in as ever.

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