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24 September 2014

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Ben Fogle and Matt Baker
Ben and Matt Baker. Pic: Kennel Club

Crufts 2006 - Have your say!

The great British public are passionate about their dogs. Below are some of the comments we have received about Crufts 2006.

Comments added to the Crufts 2006 feature

Ben Fogle is gorgeous! The dogs aren't bad either, though would have liked to see more Saluki's! My own Saluki loved watching the agility, infact he got so excited he nearly knocked the TV off it's stand.

Thoroughly enjoyed Crufts coverage and though the Austrian Shepherd was a stunning winner,But the real stars of the show were Daniel the young lad with best friend Yogi the Chocolate labrador (dogs for diabled children) and of course Speedy from Switzeland in the Obedience world cup with his couldn't care less attitude and slowness of step

Ross Marshall , 27, Finchley

Chris B
Congratulations BBC. Crufts was brilliant! Ben Fogle is superb - at least he looks as if he's enjoying himself and wants to be there - and he's a dog lover too which really comes across. Thank God the days of Angela Rippon have gone! The coverage of all the other aspects of dogs is excellent too - not just the dog showing perspective. Keep up the good work, and hang on to Ben Fogle for many years to come!!

go the labradors!!!

Paul & Di
better coverage this year, but more dogs & less chat please. Fogle good for presenting, but he really needs to be more knowledgable. As for the chocolate Easter Egg, words fail me. Also website really should have coverage replay facility-wouldn't be hard. Also why not have breed parts on the site too? You have the footage. Why is gallery only day 1? And given you are making entertainment & everyone loves a controversy why not have your experts have their informed contributions re questionable decisions? There certainly were some-as ever!!

Candy Smith
I like Ben usually but he's terrible live. He could hardly get through a sentence without stumbling and I think they need to move the autocue closer! I loved Daniel and Yogi - there wasn't a dry eye in my house either!

Luke Miskell (28)
I just love dogs so much !

Ben Fogle made an excellent host for Crufts - pleasant, good-natured and funny. I hope you use him again.

I was delighted to see 'Chance' win the show. A handsome dog with great charm and lovely to see this breed in the finals.

Jill D
The Obedience coverage was an absolute joke. Do you realise how hard these people have to train all year, travel the length of the country every weekend, just to qualify to be there. Unlike these breed people who, once qualified, can attend year after year. There was NO Inter-Regional Obedience coverage, and the main Championships were squeezed from 8 hours into roughly 3 minutes. The BBC whizzed through them so quick, Joe Public wouldn't have had a clue what it was all about!! How about running the Obedience on Interactive? To top it all off, the presenters didn't seem to have a clue either. Get rid of Ben Fogle for Goodness sake, he is an embarassment. The Blue Peter presenter was alot better and much more professional.

Paula Nettlefold
As a lover of Crufts for over twenty years I was most disappointed with the coverage this year. Specifically the presenter Ben Fogle, his performance was completely uninspiring and uncharismatic. I actually considered switching over on many occasions but stuck with it purely to see the dogs. Please, please, please do not let him ruin this wonderful television event next year - bring back Phillipa Forrester!

lyn hathaway
been to crufts again for gundog day.this was our second year and again it was incredible,i dont think anyone who is not a dog lover can fully understand the enormous amount of pleasure that sitting around a showring watching dogs (in our case IRISH RED SETTERS)for nine hours can give.its amazing,electrifying and the atmosphere is second to none,not to be missed.the dogs themselves really and truly enjoy showing their elegance in the ring,looking forward to crufts 2007 already

Ashleigh(11 yearsold)
i love crufts espeaically the agility the little dogs are so cute iwant a dog but my mum and dad won't let me anyway bye!!!

Please, please, more dogs and less presenters. So many mistakes and awkward moments from the humans! Just show us the lovely dogs!! Not as wonderful as your usual coverage but a wonderful show and I am grateful that it is televised. I know you can do better, BBC!

Ruth Green
More coverage of sighthounds PLEASE!

Holly J
I loved Crufts every second and the dogs tht I didnt like I began 2 like. My favourite dog was the Australian Shepherd and I was propar pleased when he won. My dog tht I have looks like him but mine is a border collie. Ben Fogle is a BRILLIANT presenter and he is my hero. He is always wanting 2 take dogs home..... Like me.Him and Matt baker make a prefect team. Luvin it and cant wait till next year.

i think that the show is good but

chris D
More dogs less humans please

John Hovey
Coverage wrecked this year by ineptitude of Fogle. Please do not let him present again next year. The two Blue Peter presenters did their best to carry him but ended up just showing how bad he really was.

steve beaumont
Having watched the crufts coverage over the last four days i feel that the BBC have made a dreadful mistake with their presenter Ben Fogle, bring back Phillipa Forrester please. At least she was interesting to watch,still i suppose you get what you pay for.

Mihoko N
I have been Cruts twice.This time I used National Express courch which went to NEC direct. It was nice and convenience. I enjoyed Crufts. I have a Lhasa apso in Japan.Lhasa apso isn't famouse in Japan.But I could watch a lot of Lhasa apso and enjoy conversation with owners.Most moving things is about retire racing dogs of exhibition, because I didn't know racing dog retire 3-5years and there life after retire race. I felt very short time when I leave Crufts.I suppose I can't go to Crufts next time. But I don't forget this lovery memory. And I hope many Japanese visit Crufts. Thanks and Arigatou!

Is there a national shortage of posh people who can read an auto-cue? I'm sure Ben Fogle is a nice guy who loves dogs, but i could do with much less of him on my TV. But he is sure to turn up presenting just about anything from the evening news to his own chat show! BRILLIANT! I think overall i would like to see more of the dogs then the presenters, although i realise it is impossible to give every breed a great deal of coverage. My star was Speedy the obedience Cairn....Well kind of.

Abi Levick
Please, please, please give us more coverage of the dogs next year. For those of us who pay our licence fee but cannot get digital due to location it's incredibly frustrating. Crufts is a truely fantastic event for anyone who loves dogs. We managed to get to the show on Saturday (along with a million others!)and were able to get invaluable information on the breeds we've been considering. Information shouldn't just be at the hands of the people with red buttons.

I realy liked ben fogal presenting crufs, he's a real dog lover, and was very good at it, he made it very good. Thanks ben

By accident my friend and me saw Cruft on telly on thursday. It was so addictive to watch it. The presenter Ben was great and we enjoyed the conversations between Ben and Matt most. Both of them are so good together and we felt like sitting on the sofa with them and chatting. The agility-competition between them with their dogs was a great fun and I laughed at lot. The whole atmoshere especially with the Best-Friend voting was heart-rending (our eyes didn't stayed dry). We crossed the fingers for Yogi. What a marvellous dog and what a brave little guy. Unfortunately my friend had to go back to Germany today and she missed the finals. But I wrote her an e-mail and sent her the link to watch to the beautiful winners. Unfortunately in Germany they don´t broadcast this show - I will miss this next year, when I leave to Germany.

Richard Gethin
Dear BBC I loved the coverage provided over the 4 days of Crufts but please don't let Ben Fogle present it ever again! He's great in Animal Park but is frankly embarrasing to watch live. The pharase "dogs dinner" springs to mind...

Janine, Leicestershire
I always look forward to Crufts, I went along and watched the coverage on BBC. Watching Ben Fogle struggle to read off a screen has been a painful experience this year, please, he seems to be a nice guy but do us all a favour, and just give him little bits to do, and leave the bulk to someone truly professional - Peter Purves always does a great job, he is completely associated with the crufts experience, and I thought it was outrageous seeing him sidelined by stumbling, bumbling Ben

Sally Westley
Great to see crufts return, but can we please have more on tv!!! Would love to see more bearded collies and briards on tv.

Appalled to see a docked dog win and so many foreign dogs. Crufts should be kept British. Also with so many beautiful Hounds in the group, not pleased to see a Spitz type win it, lovely as he might be.Wonderful to see an Otterhound in the line up though. Congratulations to Judith Ashworth, Inquisitor looked gorgeous.

crufts is brilliant!, great fun, great day out! plenty of freebies lol.eventhough my dog didnt win anything lol. better luck nxt year eh? lol

i think that crufts 2006 have been the best so far and i love it.The dogs have been great so far and i hope that next years crufts will be even better.

Jenny Croft
Crufts is primarily about pure bred dogs, NOT a promotion platform for promoting labradoodles who are nothing more than mongrels which are bred and sold at ridiculously high prices often costing more than the price of a pedigree dog to gulible people.

hi my name is luke and i think that crufts is the best dog program that is on each year and luck forward to it as it is coming to a start. and get upset as it comes to an end :( as me and my family wathced this year and the friends for life winner was announced my mum and my sister both got a bit emotional as daniel began to cry ... crufts biggest fan luke xxx

vanessa walling
Please please bring back Richard Hammond next year....sorry Ben you just dont have the same presence.

Haven't the last 4 days flown by! I think this has been the best Crufts yet with some superb entrants. I'm glad Ben Fogle had a Chesapeake Bay Retriever on his wish list. I would recommend he visits the devonshotchesapeakes website. I have a stud dog from this kennel and he is one of many super 'Chessies' bred here.

Susanna Chenery
I love Crufts but have not been able to go to it since it left london for Birmingham. I used to go on hound and terrier day as I I co-owned a pair of Basenji's. That Wire Fox Terrier was magic.

charli steele
I loved crufts it was brilliant. I love all the dogs and want all of them!!We have a Patterdale Terrrier and a Sussex Spaniel.

Amy S

Corinne Welch
I wish someone could tell me the piece of music used tonight at about 8.25 to Ben's best clips of crufts.I would love to be able to but it.

claire horrax
why did the bbc risk Ben Fogle in his first live broadcast with Crufts??

I have just loved everything about crufts!! It is the best i wish there was more on television to do with dogs. My dog an lurcher x collie has loved the programme!! Well done to the winner of Crufts 2006

Hi, I would just like to see what anybody has to say on this: At the final, the austrailian owner of the dog winner fed the dog a buiscuit from his fingers then he put the rest in his mouth!! How unhygenic?? lol

Sophie (13 years old)
i just finished watching crufts but i thought little no name should have won. He was soooooo cute bless him.

Enid Ormerod
And the winner is - another butchered dog! Give us tails please!

Enid ormerod
As usual, you have made no comment about tail docking which is most relevant in respect of 5 of the Best in Show finalists. This gives people the wrong view of how these dogs really ought to look and will soon be against the law. WHY NO COMMENT, BEN???

John from Truro
If you are allergic to dogs, get yourself a Nintendo DS and play Nintendogs instead. Much less messy and no vet's bills either.

Amy Page
Hi.... I think crufts was absoloutly amazing this year!I had never heard of it before and my mums freid invited us all to go and see it, our dogs were in the toy and utilaty i had 9 italian greyhouds with me it was great! i am hoping to come next year!! bye-bye xx

Chris R
I have two golden retrievers and love dogs but was appalled with the air time you gave to Mary Ray. I love Cruffs - we have watched it most evening this week but was really disappointed that you seem to have been taken in by a circus performer.

more jack russels please there are other dogs than pedigree

In response to the lady with asthma looking for a suitable dog. My son and I are both asthmatic and have lived happily and comfortably for over 10 years with our little Yorkshire Terrier. If you want a dog with character then look no further!

The utility winner - the Pomeranian - was so sweet! I am glad that Yogi won the Doggy Friend thing. People should pay more attention to Crufts as Fogle and his dad made it clear that it was doggy chocolate! Anyway, I love the programme, the presenters, and especially the dogs! Good luck for the best in show group!

Nick Colwell
dear ben anyone there care to comment on the fact that 5 of the 7 best dogs have had their tails amputated, (doesnt docked sound so much nicer?) not bad seeing that the kc say you dont need to to be a winner; these entrants obviously think so bet you dont raise this!

ben and matt are fantastic ,its no wonder dog breeder and showers get a bad name the way there going on at ben get a life .more jack russels plz less staffys

crufts is awsome i think its adorable and cute the dogs :)

James Monro
Hello! Just wanted to say how great crufts is! lol. But my cat scratchy keeps getting scared when the bigger dogs come on and runs out the room..!

John Buckland
Please can we have a presenter who can handle live TV. It's painful to watch Glen Bogle going on and on about himself and his boring dog. At least when Matt comes into the studio there's a pro presenter...

Monique - Gouda, The Netherlands -
Great to see a Welsh Springer Spaniel won the gun dog competition!! I have a Welsh Springer Spaniel myself and it's a great dog!!

Sheila Williamson
Please don't hve Ben Fogle presenting Crufts next year. He is a load of rubbish. You already have four presenters who are well experienced at presenting this programme, it doesn't need any more, expecially one who doesn't know what he's doing next half the time.

Jen Cash
I was dismayed to see the condition of many of the gundogs on display at crufts this year. i would like to see rules introduced that mean that any dog competing in a 'working' group are fit enough and trained such that they are able to complete a days work for the purpose their breed was intended. I feel that few if any of the dogs featured today would satisfy any of these criteria. I have owned labradors for years and they all conform to the breed standard but are fit, healthy dogs that enjoy working.

alice head

Wendy Gingell
In answer to your viewers comment about allergic reactions to dogs and which breed to chooose... I can advise a miniature schnauzer is an excellent breed. My daugther and I both have asthma and our dog Alfie is a mini schnauzer and we are not allergic to him at all! I cannot comment on the larger breed but believe they all have similar fur. Best of luck

Mark Willis
Dear Ben, Where exactly does the name CRUFTS come from and what is done with all the dog 'do' that must be accumilated over the entire show? Please read this questionand the answer out on air. Mark Willis Oxford

Pauli Eloff
Just heard your commnt on the tv about recieving emails from people who's dogs are watching crufts, but i think we can better that, we have a warthog watching it. All be it just a statue.

Graeme Elliott
Trinny and Susannah would have a field day at Crufts! First item required, a good sports bra!

what is your favorite dog in best of show?

Hi Ben Foggle I am a collie from Cornwall. Can you please row around the world again or something? wez fed up of seeing you!!! Lots of Love Caz the puppy

Ellie Holt
Hi does anyone know what breed of dog yogi(in the friend for life compiition) is? My family are hopeing to get a dog and we wish for it to be that breed! Please post a message back if you know the answer to this question. P.S Crufts is great!!

Nicholas Popadich
I think crufts is Brillant! I think it's an excellent show.I have three questions for you...What dates are crufts being held next year,where is it being held and how much is it to get in?

Chris, southampton
Our chocolate labardour is 8 years old and he is still completely mad, he has eated hand mixers, freshly cooked chickens just out of the oven and a brand new fridge plug, while my mum was at the door signing for it.

just to say that Ben is looking really good, I love watching the dogs but Ben even more x

Kim Thomas
When the hounds and terriers are shown lets see more hounds for a change and less terriers, also lets see more dogs and less chat. Thanks Ben.

Danielle McCarthy-Stewart
Our own "Bark in the Park" for the baby harp seals (dogs of the sea!), walk your dog to help the seals, Sunday 2nd April, Shorne Wood Country Park, Gravesend, 11am start,if you live near, please come and bring your dogs!

Ginny Wilson
As besotted springer spaniel owners both 1/3 docked how will the potential ban on docking affect Cruft - there were very few traditonally docked breeds with tails. Also how could that walking carpet of an American cocker possibly be a gun dog! It would come home weighed down by debris in that ghastly coat!

bring back richard hammond ben is so uncomfortable with presenting matt put him to shame when are we going to see home grown dogs on show especially patterdales

amy t
i love cruftsinfact i went on thursday it wasamazing all of the dogs were so cute. its good that i didnt have to travel far aswell but those that did i know that it was worth it. crfuts should stay in the n.e.c i know it is staying there at the moment but just incase they decideto move it DONT! but overall crufts is one of the best places ihave been in my whole life.

Jenny R
Why do we not see any of the Ykc Classes on tv, as its showing, these are the future of crufts and are just as important

Bob Tilley
Just watched Tilley the Jack Russell in the agility round - We fouud it funny to see Tilley because our family name is Tilley and we have a 10 year old black and white Jack Russell rescue dog. Keep up the good work.

YOGI!!! the best dog ever

Ben Furneaux
Me and my family watch Crufts on the tele but we want to see the dogs not Ben Foygal talking all the time.

steve from blackpool
they are all good and keep it up all you trainers out there! hope you do well steve

Lucinda Orwin
I really wanted Candy to win the dogs for life but when that young boy won it was so upsetting to see a boy like that having a one in a lifetime chance and he did. It was so sad to see him cry

great coverage but very little on bassett hounds and can we see Speedy again please

still find it hard to believe that so many dogs continue to have their tails docked an unecessary cruelty

Nicola D
i love watching crufts even though i don't even have a dog myself.the agility tests are brilliant i love seeing the dogs running through the tunnels.it is SO cute.border collies are my favourite breed and they're really quick and smooth on the agility tests. the golden retrievers where everywhere and it looked great.i wish i could get a dog

We are great fans of Crufts, and watch it every year on the television, Ben Fogle is an excellent presenter! We have just one complaint - there is far too much agility & flyball being shown and not enough of the actual showing classes, we want to see more breeds being shown please!

Tony Railton
I am the proud owner of a south african mastiff{Boerboel}called Amina she is 21 weeks old.We have all been glued to the tv over the last week great coveerage please keep it going.Tony Railton ,Newcastle upon tyne

becky munton
dear crufts you were saying that chocolate is poisonous for dogs. well i was writing to tell you that i have a chocolate labrador named Gimli and he has gone upstairs before and eaten a whole box of maltesers and he has been perfectly fine and still jumps around like a mad donkey.

When the new laws come in about 'tail docking' what will happen to all those breeds that are shown without a tail? As we know all dogs are born with tails! Will the Queen still have her corgis docked?

Luke Button age 11
Enjoying every bit of your show and if there is the category of dogs which is gundogs, what were they called before guns were around.

trevor hague
when it is crufts why do the foreign dogs always win? isn't it an english thing? is there no good breeding left in britain?

Nic J
Please please - less of the presenters - lovely as they are - and more of the dogs - that's what Crufts is about

Malcolm Alberry
How do visiting overseas dogs avoid our quarentine laws when attending Crufts? Please ask Ben Fogle to tell us during the programme. I cannot find a direct email link to ask this question, but Ben keeps reading out emails addressed to him. It would be great if he told us how to ask a question. Thanks - great show and commentator Malcolm

trevor hague
you have dog shows and other animal shows produced so why not pigeon shows? there are many varietys ov the bird and its more interestin than dogs Thanks

Anthony B
Why is Ben Fogle presenting Crufts? The man is an embarrassing joke. Ok he can read an autocue - just - but his off the cuff comments are either a stuttering mess or limited to "I'd love to take him/her/them home." Oh yes, or "What would Inka say?" Yawn. He's bad enough on Countryfile...he's not needed on Crufts. Just having a posh accent does not a TV presenter make.

This is without a doubt the worst coverage of crufts we have ever seen, and we are all very disappointed. Every year we tune into Crufts, and we are never usually upset this year however is a different story. All there seems to be is endless interviews and people talking, out of all the judging shows, we must have only seen six on the main BBC programmes. We tune in to see the dogs, their owners and the decisions made in the arena. Ben Fogle is AWFUL!! He is wooden, you can tell he listens to what the producer is telling him down his ear piece and he looks uncomfortable. What happened to Shauna Lowry who has presented in the past, or just leaving it to Jessica Holm who has done it for years. Either are natural presenters, not people who got lucky on a reality TV show. If the interviews were interesting it might make up for it, but they are not! I am sure Ben Fogles father is a nice man, but who cares what he thinks! A good 20 mins was given up to him, as are the interviews with Matt Baker which seem never ending!!!! I have to change channels until the dogs come on, something that has never happened before!! And if i see that friends for life dog clip one more time i shall scream!! It was on the preview show and every show since, poppy, yogi, ok we get the picture!! I have been really disappointed with the coverage, we pay our money for decent coverage! Bring back Shauna Lowry, or a natural BBC presenter who seem to loose all the work to talentless chancers! Show us more of the jufging, more about the dods and their owners! I hope next year things are back to normal

Mark Stephens
Ben Fogle is the worst presenter I have ever seen. WHAT IS HE DOING? His obvious reading of the autocue makes excruciating TV. What happened to richard hammond. What were the BBC bosses thinking?

Val C
Just got back from 2 days at Crufts. Absolutely brilliant! Loved the flyball, obedience and agility. Everyone really friendly. Great stalls too. Would recommend to anyone who loves dogs as much as we do.

Amy Gibbs
I'd like to see more of the Agility competition as people train very hard, and have to do a lot to qualify. It takes a real partnership between dog and owner, and the dogs really do enjoy it. We run a border collie and a Kelpie from Battersea and rescue dogs make just as good pets in the right home. They also really appreciate a good home when they've had a bad start at life. We've seen many new/rare breeds on the coverage, but no Australian Kelpies. Are they recognised by the KC, and if not, when will they?

The Johnson-Cole family
We would love to have a Caviler King Charles Spaniel, or Beagle as a pet, but two of us are allergic to dog saliva! Any tips on how we can get around this? YOGI RULES!

Eilidh Gallagher
I have loved dogs and crufts for years and have watched all this week. I love the agility. I have a question, what is the diffrence between a whippet and a greyhound and what are the price ranges? Thanks and i cant wait to see who wins!

Ann Hobson-Kelly
Oh come on all you wingers - Crufts is the best dog show in the world, but if you want educating go out and learn about the dogs yourselves, dont ask someone else or some programme to do it for you. There are thousands of dogs there and hundreds of breed, the BBC cant show them all (unfortunately) As an owner of Irish Wolfhounds I would like to see more of them, so I go to Dog shows to learn more. As for Ben Fogle - how can you critisise a young guy asking question that many prospective dog owners would like to ask - but are too scared to do so for being called idiots? I think he has been terrific and his occasional faux pas have had us in fits of giggles and he and Matt are obviously trying hard - and so obviously often failing, but hearing Matt saying 'aahhh' to every breed on the extended judging is very endearing. As a cat breeder of more years than I care to remember, I am at a loss at some comments about cross breeds not being healthier than pedigrees. I often out cross my pedigrees to domestic shorthairs to encourage hybrid vigour - and genetics are genetics regardless of whether they are canine or feline. Stop critisising this fab show, sit back and enjoy it.

Beth Langdon
I think Crufts is brilliant

Ailsa (age 8)
I have a Dalmatian and would have loved to have seen more of them on Crufts this year.

Linda Wilson
Is Mary Ray going to be on with her wonderful collies tonight?

I love watching crufts, just all the different variety of dogs, the different competitions! Its amazing! But my favourite is the Springer Spaniels! Can't wait till the show starts tonight on BBC 2!

Charlotte w
Loving every second of crufts, it is brilliant this year! Ben fogle is a SUPERB presenter, he is quick, witty, good looking, and loves dogs and they love him back! If you watch, when he is talking to people about their dogs their pets always seem eger to sit close to him, or nuzzle him rather than sit with their owner. He is a true fellow animal lover and I take my hat off to him! (ps. Dawn Jenkins, Raj, lorraine, Rosalind, and Alister Pizzy you are all wrong Ben is Brilliant. He may be a little clumsy when presenting and may not be as clued up as those more proffesional dog handlers who are constantly fluffing up dogs bums, but he is a genuine animal lover.)

ellie leaney and lottie bowman
we think that crufts is really really great. but the judging this year is really bad. all of the dogs that you have chosen are quite small and we think that you could use some bigger dogs. weve both got dogs, lotties got a puppy called gyp who is a fox terrior and ellie has got a dog who is a cross between a labrodour and something else, that noone knows, shes called merry. crufts is a really good show and we both watch it every year. we can see crufts going very very far in the future. but we think that you should have more rescue dogs and that pedigree dogs arnet the only dogs in the world. there are other amazing dogs except pegigree dogs. thanx!!

Alexandra (12 years old)
I love crufts sooooo much. I went on Saturday. It was one of the best experiances of my life and I plan to see best in show next year. I do agree that Richard Hammond was a very good presenter last year but Ben has more to do with animals(his father was a vet, animal park ect). I love: STAFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIERS!!(I own a red one called Tilly) Great danes Pugs Irish Terriers Spaniels Dobermans I wish to make a point that I feel that Crufts is a well managed great day out and that people who dislike the show probally havent been. I have been three times now and it has always been a truely wonderful experience. I also wish to say that the kennel club have once again proved that a dog is a humans best friend.

Please can we see more coverage of the bigger dog's eg rottweilers in future shows always showing the smaller breeds.

Ellen Brown
i love crufts and i especially love the terriers. How old do the dogs have to be before they enter crufts?

Rebecca and Joop
We live in the Netherlands and enjoy seeing Crufts on television. We have 3 Yorkies and one of them, called Paddy, used to play Flyball. Now he is 11 1/2 years old and on "pension". He was the first Yorkie in Holland who played in the national competition! At last we will thank Ben Fogle for his kind and cute comments. Kind regards from the Netherlands!

Gillian and Millie (cheeky German Short-Haired Poi
I must say that we are disappointed with the Crufts coverage on the BBC. There are very few programmes featuring dog shows. Dog lovers tune in to see the DOGS. I have nothing against Ben, Peter et al but less of their faces and more of the dogs would be fantastic. As for the reports featuring precocious, showy-off children... the less said the better.

bryony wilson
crufts is the best it is brilliant for people who love dogs as well as for people who show dogs and also schipperkes is the best breed in the world.

Stephanie Johnston
i can't beleive some people are critising Ben Fogle!! He is a star,entertaining,humorous and loves dogs.Hope to see him return next year.


BLACK LABS RULE good luck lads and lasses in the gundogs :D do us proud my labbies

karen doyle
short legged jack russells are great dogs and should in crufts.

alan hill
really enjoyed the coverage this year. i have two cocker spaniels docked tails but not by choice.


So proud to get news of a kiwi Crufts success! Big headline news here about Aladin the Afghan hound, from the beautiful Horowhenua, who beat over 180 other dogs to take the Afghan dog challenge certificate. We are crossing our fingers for Aimee Upson, from the suicide capital of New Zealand - Palmerston North - as she is competing against 30 other dog handlers from around the world to find the world’s best. Kia kaha Aimee, God Defend New Zealand!

We are heartbroken that this year 2006 Crufts does not appear to be televised in the U.S. Judy Sapone

Thank you Ben for your relaxed and friendly broadcasting. Please could you warn the general public about the dangers of dog theft. Poor Lionel Blair had his dog Florence stolen and some viewers might be able to help to find her. Just to say, I have recently made my dream come true and got a black, miniature poodle with a complete tail and am keeping him short-clipped. I cannot understand why the Kennel Club still insist on the boufant coat and docked tail. With a short coat I can see the true character and shape of my dog. i hope Yogi wins tonight.

Dawn Read - Hammond
I went to the arena to watch crufts today, the gundogs. I found it really amazing. It is also fantastic how the bbc do the coverage. Because you actually see alot more on the screens at home than you might do in the arena in a bad day because of all of the crowds!!!

sarah rundle
Please can we see some golden retrievers this evening. I wait each year for you to show their classes but my wait is always in vain. Thank you.

Di Butler
why has Ben Fogle not mentioned the AWB and the affect it is giong to have on thousands of dogs, that are docked and showing at Crufts.The Council for docked breeds could be a start.We only have 4 days before it goes to parliment.And thousands of historically docked dogs will be doomed.The freedom of choice should still be the way to go.No one including the RSPCA & RCVS HAS OBTAINED ANY CONTRUCTIVE PROOF THAT IT IS CRUEL.WHEN DOCKED IN THE CORRECT MANNER.The clock is ticking for hundreds of breeders

Anne Kelly
I am a registered blind person and feel that I am missing out on some of the action. When you are showing the dogs in a group, Working Dogs, for example, the breed etc is displayed on the screen. If I try to read the text, I miss the dogs, if I look at the dogs, I don't know what breed it is. Could you please talk the breed details and give us a few seconds longer fro each breed so that people like me can get a chance to see the dogs. Crufts is my favourite programme and I would really appreciate it if you could improbe this...Not all of us have digital tv so please give us terestrians a little extra. Thank you, Do you broadcast Scruffs? I would love to see that. Regards, Anne.

Elizabeth Collins

zara and lucy
hi i went 2 crufts this year an d i sholwed my dog it was so good i loved it and you get lots of freebies!!!

chris joyce
i belive we should see more of the different competions such as flyball etc. please can we try and do something about for next year and possably longer shows? good work keep it up.

Julie Bennett
I agree with the others on here-with over 300 entrants why is there not more coverage of the Staffordshire bull terriers? Come on BBC, and put Crufts on all afternoon like you do the snooker, darts, golf, etc. It is only on once a year. Make the right decision Love my Stafford and me

For gods sake just stop moaning and enjoy the programme. Ben I think you're doing a great job presenting at an 'everyone' level rather than just the hardened showing and breeding gang !

Why isn't there more coverage on tv? I was at Crufts yesterday and forgot to record the programme! Why isn't it repeated or a highlights programme on?! I had a brill time yesterday! Spent lots of money on my brand new 12week lab!

n. taylor
Less people - more dogs please

BBC - Less chat please - more dogs. Those of us who cannot get there would love to wander around - seeing and learning about morethe many breeds, dog care. training etc - this is as serious as football - but only once a year. Dont try to make it 'popular' by music and time wasting snips

Newfoundland is pronounced Newf'n-LAND with the emphasis on the last syllable - as my East Coast Canadian cousins all pronounce it.

mrs jeanne mccomasky
I am enjoying the coverage, but could you possibly raise the issue of the problems faced by staffordshire bull terrier owners in Germany? Considered to be a dangerous breed, my dog has to meet very strict criteria in order to stay here.Some misguided members of the public make our lives a misery. Having experienced being spat at, shouted at and water being thrown over me I was pleased to hear you say how popular the breed is back home in the UK. My children love this dog to bits but he is restricted to being exercised very early in the morning or late at night to avoid confrontation. many dogs have been abandoned or destroyed because of the legislation. However, on a lighter note - our dog Lubo (a great Celtic football fan) is totally unaware of any problems, his best friend is the cat and would play happily with most other dogs. I am looking forward to watching the show later tonight. regards.jeanne mcc

I'm wondering if you have 2 ,3 year old cats and you want to get a dog what do you have to do to get them not to fight or hurt each other?

Judy Akroyd
What a breath of fresh air is Ben Fogle, after suffering through too much exposure of Phillipa in recent years. Thanks BBC

Catherine Carpenter
It would have been good for Ben Fogle to have also said that you can get dogs from Rescue Homes as well as from Breeders and Breed rescue homes. We had a lovely black labrador from a home - and even without a pedigree she is a fantastic dog.

I watched Saturday evenings coverage and enjoyed Ben Fogles presenting. He obviously loves dogs of all shapes and sizes and can't possibly be expected to know the names of all the more specialist breeds. On tail docking I have ayoung cocker spaniel with a full tail (which is always wagging) and recently saw a n old english sheepdog with a lovely tail. Surely labrador retrievers were/are working dogs but no-one has suggested docking their beautiful tails.

Please can we not have a dear sweet guy like Ben Fogle to present crufts but someone more a professional interest in competition like Claire Baldwin! And why oh why did he and his father have to promote a cross breed "Labradoodle" that doesn't breed true to type!? I know a first cross that looks like a skinny little choc lab and is a total nightmare for the owners - totally unlike the longhaired calm one they had with them in the studio.

Celia Somerton
Almost everyone loves dalmations- even toddlers try to say the word- so how come you hardly ever show any- and why don't they ever get the higher awards?

more tibetian spainals and make ben do agility again it was so funny

Ruth Dalton
I love the 'friends for life' competition and have encouraged everyone I know to vote for Yogi as I know 2 lads with the same condition as Yogi's owner and understand that he really is likely to be his 'friend for life'. I'll keep my fingers crossed for him! I would also like to say that 'Chesapeake Bay Retrievers' are wonderful dogs who never get much coverage so please show more of them!

barbara bury
more heelwork to music

Loved the great danes

we went on saturday {we go every year either showing or to watch}and we saw BEN which made my day and my daughter Jessica saw Matt and Meg from Bluepeter it made her day and thankyou to his assistant who gave her a signed photo of them both.thanks again.

I have had standard and miniature poodles over the years some docked, some complete. At present we have a standard who is 'docked' but not from choice. I am strongly opposed to docking tails in any breed of dog.

i love crufts its lovley to just watch all the dogs ! i would like to see more stafford shire bull terriers please !!! there the best !

i think stafford shire bull terriers should win because i have one and hes the BEST dog ever ! he loves me and my family to bits and there really really cute !!!

I read Jane Storey's comment about Dawn Jenkins. Jane should really check her own email for the spelling/grammatical errors.

ami o
crufts was loads of fun and the dogs were really clever! coming next year woohoo!!!

John English
Once again the BBC has managed to surpass itself in ruining, what should have been, a reasonably straight forward programme to present. I honestly believe that this is the worse coverage of Crufts ever- and that is saying something. Ben Fogel may be a pleasant enough man, but as a presenter he does not even make first base. He is ill informed about dogs in general, and has not yet learned the art of reading someone elses bland knowledge on the autocue. Crufts is about DOGS. Yet more than half of the programme is taken up by talking heads. People who are truely interested in the dog scene, want to see the dogs, not hear the endless opinions coming from self-appointed experts. Why cannot Frank Kane and his American counterpart talk over the pictures, rather than have their faces obscuring the action. This is the first time in over forty years that I have not attended Crufts. And if the BBC thinks that it has given, even a hint of the atmosphere that that event produces, then the BBC needs to get people who understand both the dog game, and the expectations of the viewer. OH!! No, we cannot get digital here, so once again part of the tax that I pay to the BBC is not benefiting me, or my community. But then what else is new

Julie, what do you mean by saying there is too much coverage of the flyball events? Do you realise that it is a great crowd puller with long cues waiting to get into the arena every time. Not to mention how much the dogs enjoy their sport. It's not everybodies 'cup of tea' but it certainly is a very popular and entertaining event.

I love crufts and I love springer spaniels so it would be great if we seen more springers on crufts, especially welsh springer spaniels as there is not many of them!

Mary Bowler
Ben Fogle fed his dog chocolate from a "doggie" Easter egg yesterday but he didn't emphasise enough the danger of giving real chocolate to dogs. Chocolate can make a dog very ill and in some cases can be fatal. PLEASE can he make this clear to the viewers.

jean Ross
I like dogs!

more staffie coverage on tv please

chris page
I own and breed american cocker spaniels and am against tail docking. How can people say that working dogs should be docked when puppies are docked within the first week. How do you know that puppy will not go to a pet home and why are some working dog breeds docked and others are not.! come on, how many yorkies are sent after rats these days! The public genuinaly believe that puppies in certain breeds are born without tails. If they saw it done to thier beloved pet they would be horrified.

Cleo Sullivan - Aged 10
My name is Cleo Sullivan and I am 10 years old. I visited Crufts on Friday and was inspired to write this poem including my dog, Tango. The Dog That They Loved. The story I'll tell Attend and you'll hear About a young dog A sweet little dear. He lived in a home All cosy and joy With many a bone And many a toy. There lived but four owners Of long busy life The dog had a favourite And that was the wife. The daughter he liked As second the best But that does not say He disliked the rest. The daughter she trained him Because she loved he And this small girl knew The winner he'd be. Then entered he was In the big dog Cruft Show And all the five judges They sure watched him go. The dog he tried hard He tried all his best At last he came first The top of the rest Eleven years on This great dog he died Whilst everyone mourned And everyone cried The spirit of this dog Still runs round the track Of the big dog Cruft Show Eleven years back.

Mrs Burton, the gundogs are featured on Sunday.

sophie reed
I love the westies and I cant wait for the final

I think the Bichon Frise looked the best last night although the Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier looked nice. I think the Pomeranian should have came 4th.

jane parkinson
took my children one of them for the first time they loved it had a fabulous day will be back next year.

Sue James
Mainly, this years TV coverage has excelled. Ben Fogle has done a reasonable job of presenting his first Crufts. But WHY oh why did you have to promote "Designer Dogs" on last night's show? And where did you get the idea from that the KC were about to recognise a crossbreed as a new breed? Designer Dogs, such as "Labradoodles" are going to be in high demand, great for those "ACCREDITED BREEDERS?" who will be entrepeneureal enough to recognise all the money they may make by churning out the obvious new demand that will emanate from this "loose" comment ! Maybe they could use the following as a slogan line to sell these puppies : "ORDER YOUR PUPPY NOW AND YOU COULD BE THE OWNER OF THE CRUFTS 2007 BIS DOG" Will these dogs be health screened as their purebred parents owned by responsible breeders are? and if so what for? This comment was IMO irresponsible and I feel sure the KC would not back these imaginings. There are enough breeds out there already to suit just about anyone without creating what are becoming highly overpriced "Designer Dogs" . If people want a crossbreed why not contact their local rescue centre where dogs are crying out for homes instead of creating more?

Carol from Basildon, Essex
Ben, Like me you are a Labrador person, why is it that we never seem to see a Lab or a Golden Retriever ever in the reckoning? There must be some champion breeders around. Why do the judges always seem to pick the small dogs and exotics? also, are Jack Russells not recognised by the Kennel Club?

eleanor, 13
This is my first time of watching the whole of crufts and i think its great. i cant wait for the gundogs tonight. i would like to see more information on the rare breeds that are not quite yet recognised in the kennel club as i thought the part on the labradoodles last night was very intresting.

please can we have more coverage on telly. its absolutely fantastic to watch,but its over so soon. cant wait to see the gun dogs.

Lizzie Greenslade
Crufts is amazing and i am totally hooked. There could have been more time on the TV to watch the dogs and the agility, flyball and obedience. I love Crufts, its the best show on earth

Re chocolate for dogs. I know it was mentioned (as a by the way " it wasn't real chocolate") but I think it should be stressed that real chocolate is POISONOUS for dogs. Some young children may think it is OK to give them some of their Easter eggs.

I love crufts and would like to go and enter a dog in it because the dogs look like they really enjoy it, especailly the obidience. I would like to congragulate all the dogs because they have worked really hard and they all look amazing. Well done!*****

Savannah Cooper
I think yogi was the best dog by far! More chocolate labs please!

Maisy Hardwick
Why are Jack Russel Terriers not recognised by the kennel club? the Parsons JRT is but what about all the rest ?

Monarch of the glen

Mr Leadbeater - Please remember the name of the breed - GERMAN Shepherd Dog, as in, being from Germany. Where does it state in the standard that GSD's should have dippy backs such as your 'type'? Exactly, it doesn't. There is only one type of GSD - the International type. Get over yourself.

Since I'm in the USA and an agility competitor, I am loving the video coverage of the Agility trials on the Kennel Club website: http://www.the-kennel-club.org.uk/crufts/Crufts2006MOVIE.htm This is a great sport for all breeds -- Would love to see even more coverage

Oh dear. The one programme which is supposed to be celebrating dogs is now advocating the purposeful breeding of mongrels. If you want a crossbred,go to a Rescue kennels; they are full of them!

Stuart Clarke
With reference to tonight's article on buying a puppy. The rules for a buying a puppy included the statement that you should only buy from a Kennel Club (KC) accredited breeder. This is misleading as this accreditation is given to anyone who pays the agreed fee to the KC and signs up to a verbal agreement with no prior vetting carried out by the KC. There are no current follow-up inspections carried out by the KC. Indeed, many respected breeders (in all breeds) have not applied for accreditation due to this fact!

Mrs Susan Pittam
as crufts is a big dog show i want to know why this popular breed cavalier king charles spaniel has very little televised on crufts we only see the top cavalier from all cavaliers we have 8 and love them please show more cavaliers sue of walsall

Happy Labrador owner. Why is it that we do not ever have a Labrador as best of breed at Crufts. It is long overdue.

Dogs and Ben Fogle - what could be better?! Ben's doing a great job, it's incredibly hard to present live shows, and even harder with the added need for breed knowledge. Good on you Ben!

It's always the same old dogs that win, really boring poodles that would look nice if not groomed. Also Yorkies and just basically the ones that have no cuteness. I loved it in 1991 when Garfield the Clumber won, we had a Clumber at the time and I couldn't believe for once we saw a more interesting choice. Now I have a Chow Chow, I'm gutted it didn't go through into the utility group, she was by far the most pretty. What about the Neopolitain Mastiff? It was so gorgeous! There's so many great breeds, it'd be nice to see the bigger dogs do well, it's always small dogs.

Peter Hampton
Nice to see some comment on Labradoodles tonight, as guide dogs (they were originally bred for this), and as a crossbreed. We have a 4 year old male "William" he has been on stage in Annie last year and is wonderfull with children and other animals. He is low alergy as we have relatives with Asthma and they have had no reaction to him at all. William has been a joy to train and has all the Poodle bounce with the inteligence of both breeds, highly reccomended as a family pet.

Mrs Gillian Scannell
I was suprise to hear your commentator saying poodles had long hair to keep them afloat whilst hunting. Having two standards I have always heard the opposit that their hair weighed them down and many poodles drowned so apart from their joints and heart the hair was shaved off with the tail being used for a rudder. Pleae could you clear this matter up for me?

Thank You for your coverage of Crufts, but could it not be shown on TV during the day for breed judging, with the group juding shown in the evening as it is now. Surely now with so many having digital television, in one way or another this would be possible. It can be done for sporting events, so why not the worlds greatest dog show, Crufts. Ben Fogle is like a breath of fresh air for the programme.

Whilst I love watching the breed showing as much as the agility, flyball and obedience, it would have been nice to see some more coverage of the agility in particular. Considering the amount of ring time it takes up, surely we could see a bit more of it on the tv? We saw 5mins of the presenters messing around on the course with their dogs - I'd have much rather see the real agility stars!

Andrea Kavanagh
I am sure that labradoodles are not about to be KC registered. They are a cross who are not breeding true to type.

Last years coverage was the best I've seen, and this year's is the worst! Why!? Ben Fogle is awful, as well as repeatedly getting things wrong he obviosuly knows nothing about dogs. Please get some dog-wise presenters in. There is very little coverage of the actual showing - considering this program is supposed to be about a dog show I think it's disgraceful. We don't want to see presenters attempting to ramble on about things they really have no clue about, we want to see the dogs that are competing!

I was quite outraged at both Bruce and Ben Fogles comments on the Labradoodle. Both of them sung the praises of this so called breed on saturdays installment of Crufts. Labradoodles are not a breed, they are a cross breed. The majority of these crosses are done by 'puppy farmers' who want to make money off this latest craze by luring the unknowing prospective dog owners in. Sue (solihull)

What a shame the presenters made such misleading & inaccurate statements re: Labradoodles etc!!

Dawn Riddell
I was appalled to hear on tonights Crufts coverage, the promotion of the deliberate breeding of cross breed puppies i.e. 'Labradoodles' Responsible dog breeders, true breed enthusiaststs, are proud to breed to their respective breed standards, making use of all the KC/BVA health schemes available. There are thousands of cross breed dogs and puppies in rescue kennels across the country, there can be no justification for deliberately breeding more.

I love your show i think its fantasic please can you send some pic of grey hounds and chauhaus my email zaraloveshorses

Dawn Jenkins
Yet another abysmal attempt at 'presenter' by BF!! SSSOOOO glad to hear his Dad say CROSSBREEDS ie Labradoodle have LESS health problems than pure breeds, what a load of twaddle! I wonder what the KC make of it!? I'm sure they'll be thrilled! Goodness me, can I be your Consultant next year...still a long way to go till you get it right!!

I can't believe that from the world's greatest pedigree dogs show, a Vet was actually promoting corss breed dogs as being more healthy!! Time to learn more about genetics I feel!

Johnnie Brodie
Why doesn't Ben emphasise how important it is that every pet should be microchipped. Also is it a good idea to allow your pets to sit/lie on the furniture? Dogs belong on the floor!

Louise Rae
I had both my Rough Collie dogs at Crufts this year for the 1st time and won a 2nd and a 3rd. It was the best day ever as I now have a dog thats won at Crufts! I wanted to say well done to my boys Antoc Dark Moon Rising and Samhaven Starmaker!!

abbie nicholson
can i just say congratulations to covert clangers flyball team for coming 2nd in the flyball finals and thank you for every one that suppoted us

Declan Hampson
Hi im 13 and My dog is a staffy (staffordshire bull terrier)i think if u r buyin a dog staffys are the dog they are gud wiv over dogs and gr8 wiv kids and all humans so hope u take in this info wen u r buyin a dog

I was brought up as a young child with SAMOYEDS, and they are very rarely seen.Please bless us with the presence of these graceful canines!


fiona firth
you are doing a great job but why do we never see judging of dalmatians or labradors they are wonderful popular dogs and I think people would be interested

Joanne Booth
Being an avid dog lover and heavily involved in dog rescue, I was thoroughly disappointed at Mr Fogles comments on Saturdays show. I was initially happy to see that the BBC were promoting sensible points on choosing a new puppy, however, my joy at this promotion soon turned tp sadness as there was no mention of the level of responsibility your shiny new 4 legged friend brings with them and how all aspects - even the bad side such as chewing etc - should be considered, not just the quality of the breeder or the health of the puppy. When I thought that that was it, Mr Fogle came out with one more of his many silly comments in suggesting that you dont just have to get a puppy from a breeder - by all means get you PEDIGREE puppy from a breed rescue or rescue centre. What a fool, does he not realise you may get the breed but you certainly do not get the pedigree papers with it, if indeed it was registered to start with and what about the thousands of cross breeds out there. Yes I know this is crufts, but come on BBC lets see some responsible pet ownership plugging.

lydia fletcher
where can you find pedigree rescue centers

Susan Pope
IO have watched this all week and will be going to Crufts tommorrow. The programme has been absolutely great and Ben Fogle has been a wonderful presenter, whom has done an excellent job and has a really great way of brining interest to anyone who is listening (even if theyre not doggy people) WELL DONE BEN! Thanks very much for such good coverage BBC

Carol Karte
I have been enjoying all the shows so far. I have a quick question for Mat, When is the right time to start trainging as i have a hyper 11 month old golden labrador. Thanks Carol.

ian petherick
are you going to show any greyhounds as im a great fan of them and think they make great pets aside from racing the one i have is a couch potato

Sian Jones
Regarding your upcaoming piece on choosing a pup.Please could you mention 'puppy frams'. We have rescued and ex breeding bitch (from nay Tears Rescue in South West Wales). She was in a terrible state- mange, worms, earm mites, teeth falling, scared of people and totally unsocialised. This type of dog breeding is dreadful and please encourgae any puupies to be bought from home reared breeders. Why cant puppy farm be banned - she was completely neglected but apparently this is legal?!

Jeff Woddward
Had a Fabulous day on Saturday especially as we witnessed 'Oscar' gaining second place in his Pekingese open class. It was made even sweeter as we have one of his beautiful puppies 'Hetty' who is already showing great potential at six momths. Congratulations to Mr. Roy Stott!

Jonathan Davies
URGENT.........Please will Ben explain that Chocolate is poisonous to some dogs, and so the "easter egg" he gave to Meg must be "special doggie Chocolate.!!!

yes the dogs are looking cute and so are Ben Fogal and Matt Baker. x x x

Malcolm Stewart
Its 8.15 on Saturday night. I am writing this because I can't take any more of Ben Fogle. The previous format was brilliant - this is terrible. Give us Peter Purves in the presenter's role.

Gary Clarke
I visited Crufts on Friday especially to see the Staffies as I own one of these wonderful dogs and his father was showing. It was a real struggle to see anything due to the popularity of the breed as there was about six people deep all around the ring.After walking around the rest of the show it was obvious which was easily the most popular breed by far.I then watched your programme last night and was very disappointed to find virtualy no coverage on them other than for you to say how popular they were while you proceeded to show larger spots on other breeds. I am sorry for complaining on an otherwise excellent show but the breed suffers from a misconception about its temperment and a show like this could highlight the positive side and what a wonderful dog they are. Thanks.

I am wondering why there is a Toy Poodle and a Tibetan Terrier in the Utility Group? Surely these should go in the Toy and Terrier groups respectively. Could someone please explain?

Dave Watkins
With the proposed animal welfare bill going through parliament, what is the position of the dog breeders on the banning of tail docking and will they abide by it if passed. Will the goal posts be moved to accommodate the breeders.

nicola porter
i really love crufts and all the dogs

Kate Williams
It is not a Japanses Akita in the froup. The KC split the breed on 01.01.06 to fall in line with the rest of Europe, I am surprised none of your commentators are aware, it is now the Akita, The Japanese Akita Inu is a seperate breed. Please explain correctly you are harming the breed split which we have worked so hard for over the last 5 years

Susanne Carr
Please more Bedlington Terriers. They are a fantastic breed and deserve a medal.

Last year was great, when the group of golden retrievers were performingtheir skills.Is it on this year? Well i hope so!!!

Ok 2 minutes of obedience with a commentator who knows zilch about obedience Please can we go back to having a commentator who knows what they are talking about, yesterday & today the Obedience Championships has literally go to the wire & the coverage is woeful. BTW the obedience winners are the only dogs that are actually Crufts Champions Despite what the commentators always say. Their competition is a Championship none of the others are.

Richard moss
How come there was no coverage on bbc2 in wales on friday ? England and scotland had it ! Please get it back on BBC1 and get more viewing time as your not showing much of the obedience on tv again.

Julia O'Connor-Beach
Every year on the TV coverage I see at least one handler lifting a dog to the judge's table by the thin rope around its neck and by its tail. This is surely completely unacceptable and tantamount to abuse - what message does it send to the public about how to handle dogs? There are enough ignorant and cruel people without such a poor example being set. I hope we don't see such behaviour again this year.

mrs dunn
Wow yesterday I went to watch the RAF Policed dogs do there Display and was amazed at what they have trained, the fairly large breed of dog to do. I was chatting with one of the young girls on the tean afterwards and was surprised to find out that the whole team do this aside from their normal duties and all is done on their time off. A delight to watch should have been broadcast. Well done to the RAF.

Lizzie C
we want to see richard hammond!! ben fogle is not half as good. also glad an english dog when throught to best in show at last!

Irene the supernatural scouser
Hi, I was wondering why there are seven groups in the UK but only six groups in America.

Sophie Prater
Me and my family went to Crufts on Thursday and it was brill! Here is a poem I wrote about my day. Cocker Spaniel, Clumber Spaniel you might see, standard Poodle, Boxer,all of pedigree. Dog stalls, dog stands, loads of doggy books. Mum, Mum the puppies do look, look, look. Hope you like it. Sophie age 10

Karen Smither
I have border collies and love them dearly, but would it please be possible to see more activities from the show featuring other breeds invloved in competitions like the mini agility or veterans classes and slightly less perfect competitive dogs as these are far more real to the average owner than seeing the same breed doing either agility or flyball over and over again. By the way I consider my dogs are almost perfect! A great show as usual but just a little more variation would make all the difference. It's a bit like watching Olympia and watching horse after horse just showjumping. There is so much more to them as well that we often don't see. MANY THANKS

Absolutely wonderful to see so many great breeds and am particularly enjoying Ben Fogle presenting the programme. He is so natural and shows his genuine love of dogs. A refreshing change to some of the stuffy presenters we have had in previous years.

Absolutely wonderful to see so many great breeds and am particularly enjoying Ben Fogle presenting the programme. He is so natural and shows his genuine love of dogs. A refreshing change to some of the stuffy presenters we have had in previous years.

Why oh why when the USa bloodhound "knoty" was given so much pre show hype, did we not get to see the stunning English Bloodhound from Devon that beat him? The USA bloodhound didnt even win its class, yet we are subjected to mindless banter about how good he is. Champion Marksbury Thankful of Farlap beat him in the class & was Bestof breed yet never got a mention. Very bad sport I say!!!

Too much chat, not enough dogs. Even though I am a dedicated lab owner I'm fed up with Ben keep dropping hints he's one as well! Nice to see lots of foreign dogs too - thank goodness for Pet Passports!

why no gallery days other than the first day

please please please put the obedience on the interactive as you never show enough. everthing else great.

Jeannette Holdstock
How do the judges judge a traditionally docked breed when presented with a dog which hasn't had it's tail docked?

Enjoyed looking at photos on this site of 2006 Crufts; and also 2005. Would it be possible to show photos the winner of all the breeds - the ones that reach the judging for Best Hounds, Best Terriers Best Toys etc? It is not possible for me to visit Crufts.

Julie Clarke
I saw a little snippet of the agility event preview on last nights show, and could have sworn I saw a little Patterdale Terrier taking part. Am I right. I am a big fan of the gutsy Patterdale, which is a rare breed not recognised by the kennel club as yet. My other dog is also a rare breed, a South African Boerboel (aka South African Mastiff) and he is the most handsome dog on Earth! Can't wait till they are on show at Crufts one day!

adam harris
..........a stupid waste of time. If people really care about animals then why not put their money into strays and research for animals health? A load of soppy men and women slobbering over genetically engineered hybrids to fill that yawning gap in their lives because they can't have kids makes me feel ill. That coupled with the fact that I can't get to and from work without sitting in traffic for three hours longer than normal trying to get on/off the NEC junction of the M42 just makes me believe what a banal and pointless waste of time it all is.

Steve Docherty
I agree with many opinions here that the Crufts coverage is simply not up to the standared of, say, Wimbledon, and other sporting events. We visited Crufts for the first time this year and it was fantastic! Regarding Mari-Clare Turnbull from a few posts down, the Bull Terriers were magnificent! Being able to see them was pure pleasure! Thanks

Kathryn Roughley
I work with Labrador Rescue and on Sunday (Gundog Day) we have a stall where we are hoping to raise funds for our rescue.Last year we rehomed 300 Labradors, so please come and see us,and have a chat. We are in Hall 5 Ring 32 (Labrador ring..where else.!!)

Please will you ask Frank Kane or Ben Fogle to research what breed has won the most Group wins at Crufts in the last 20 years. I think they will be very surprised. Having just watched my breed, Norwegian Elkhound win the Hound Group yesterday, we have worked out that in the last 20 years or so, 4 Elkhounds have won the Group. Can any other breed beat that? It's pretty good for such a small breed. 3 of those Group winners were all bred by the same breeder; Barbara Stokes' Kestos Kennel. Yesterday's winner, Kris (Ch Kestos I Spy at Graythor is the first male. All the others were bitches; Ch Kestos Adheryn, Ch Kestos Quickstep and Ch Barlestone Crystal . Ch Kestos Quickstep, (now retired and living with me) is grandmother to Ch Kestos I Spy and in the breed judging, her son and father of I SPY won the reserve dog CC and his litter sister won the Bitch CC. Barbara Stokes was also top Hound breeder last year. By the way, the digital coverage is great; so nice to be able to see every breed and not just those in teh final cut for the group. Please please, please will the commentators stop saying that every single dog with prick ears and a pointed nose, has a "Foxy" face. They don't. A foxy face is long and narrow and thin under the eyes. None of those breeds look like that. For most, a foxy face would be a big breed fault.

How wonderful to see Ben Fogle presenting Crufts this year. His love of dogs shines through each time he comes into contact with them. Nice to see the human touch instead of the usual stuffiness of some presenters. An absolute joy seeing so many wonderful breeds.

did I really see a beautiful tri-merle from the USA winning the working dogs - but tell me, please, that it did have a tail? I don't think that any dogs with docked tails shouls be allowed to show at Crufts - it is the ultimate cruelty to a dog.

Alexandra olivier
Rock on crufts!!!!!! u should be able 2 watch crufts on the computer!!

Alexandra olivier
i went 2 crufts yester day you should all go!! great fun!!

Laura Jones
hi, Can you please show me more bulldogs for my mum

Karen Mitchell Grimes
Why is the digital interactive coverage not available all day? I record the 1hr of coverage on sky +, but I'm unable to access the interactive a couple of hours after the programme finishes. I wanted to see more of my favourite breed (basset hound), but have been unable to do so. Pretty disappointed in the coverage.

My Friends are at crufts tomorow, i live in Pembrokeshire and due to work commitments i am going to miss him showing one of Carpini's clever labradors, his name is Craig Houghton, he will be showing tomorow could we please see some fotage tomorow, Kind Regards Theresa

Shelly and Co from Number 29 in Leicester
I used to show my Miniature Schnauzer and really enjoyed it, the experience is mind blowing. We love dogs and Iam attending the event this weekend! Good luck to all!!!!

My Friends are at crufts tomorow, i live in Pembrokeshire and due to work commitments i am going to miss him showing one of Carpini's clever labradors, his name is Craig Houghton, he will be showing tomorow could we please see some fotage tomorow, Kind Regards Theresa

Rose Wilkes
I would love to see a longer programme, so we can see a bit more than high lights. How come sky or someone doesn't cover the show so we could actually see the parts we are interested in, in more detail?

Tony Crabb
I'd just like to thank all the staff and Jessica Holm ( I think - but I only discovered that on watching the TV higlights later) who helped me on my way out when my Bloodhound "Humphrey" after a long day at "Discover Dogs" prostrated himself on a slippery floor and refused to go any further. Without them I think we would still be there. out !!!. Needless to say when he was outside he was back to normal and today was crashing through the countryside as if nothing had happened. By the way, Ben, Bloodhaounds may be many things but glum is not one of them. Great characters, enourmous fun and with a huge enthusiasm for life. Get close to some.

I wish the Crufts coverage was more extensive- an hour plus a bit extra for digi-viewers is so frustrating....

oh, and I forgot to mention that the Australian winner (have forgotten the name) had its tail amputated. I would like to hear if that is still allowed in Britain, and why it does not negatively impact on the awards handed out, because that might encourage even more breeders to amputate their dogs tail, which is unnecesary nowadays unless for medical reasons. Also would like to hear more how the Alaskian Malamute copes with temperatures in Madrid and what problems exist if you take a dog out of its native climate and place it somewhere else. Could you link crufts from the frontpage of BBC news or the BBC frontpage. It deserves to be there.

Mike Jones
Ben Fogle is rubbish!, don't you just wish to send him to a desert island with no chance of rescue!!. Hope that the Kennel Club do the Australian Shepherd justice this year, and allow one to be Best in Show!!. Also can we have more coverage of the rarer, lesser known breeds like the delightful Brittany. Thanks.

re obedience finals I thought the coverage given to the obedience finals was to say the least dire, why bother covering it at all if it is going to be presented in such a short, disjointed manner. anyone who has no knowledge of this sport, would have no idea of its format from your abysmal coverage, ...but i suppose we will have plenty of coverage of dogs fetching a ball.....................

I am watching Crufts on TV every day and I love the beautifull dogs. But I would really like to hear more about the breeding standards and the impacts of these on the dogs health. I just could not help thinking when seeing the crowned German Shephard Dog: hip dysplasia, slipped disc spinal column, Spondylose, Cauda Equina. The whole back seemed just to be too round to be healthy and the pelvic was positioned too vertical in my humble opinion. How is character examined at the breeding shows in Crufts? There was a dog a decade ago, which won many prices but inherited aggressity to its offspring as well (one of the St.Bernards in Switzerland I believe). How much input do the vets have into the breeding standards and do they judge as well? Anyways, I really therefore love the agility and obedience tasks most, as it seems these dogs are far more healthy longterm. Sorry for being negative, worked at a vets for years and feel like breeding can cause so much unecessary suffering illnesses! Reporting is excellent this tear, too, love the dogs on the couch and look forward to see the obese Labrador of commentator!

Glad you all got to watch crufts !! Its a shame that after showing my dogs I was stuck in the car park for 2.5 hours trying to get out of the car park along with all the other exhibitors and so missed the program. Shame the BBC dont show that side of it too !!!

i went to crufts on friday it was brilliant.i bought a dog (pretend dog) i even met the presenter who presents crufts i saw him in that crystal room

How come I cannot seem to find when the showing times are (mother to 6 standard schnauzer)

Lisa Wilson
I adore Crufts, and was particularly taken with the wire haired fox terrier that won the terrier group what a cracking dog. I have my own fox terrier and he's such a character, so it's good to see them in full splendour in the show ring.

Ben Fogle is a hilariously bad presenter. The BBC are insulting our intelligence. He squints at the camera, comes out with the most inane comments, and is clearly out of his depth on live TV. The chap from Blue Peter who is doing the digital interative, is much better.

Because of lousy transport problems(no train until 9.29!!) I don't think I am going to make gundog day tomorrow. Would be really good if the BBC could cover something other than show rings - I particularly wanted to see gundog work etc and perhaps focus on some of the less popular breeds such as pointers instead of the focus always being on labs, spaniels and g/retrievers.

jessica hill
I absolutaly love seing all the different dogs at crufts. My favourite breed is the minature schnauzers. I have a mini schnauzer of my own called Ralph. Everynight we sit and watch crufts on the sofa. Ralph's hairdresser has six schnauzers of her own which she takes to crufts and thinks that ralph has the perfect bone structure for crufts.

Luke Herdson
Please can we have more of the dogs and much less of the 'chat' The commentators reaptedly say 'this is going to be exciting' and then we don't get to see the 'excitment'. I don't mind Ben Fogle - his enthusiasm is great to see BUT more of the competition please.

I quite agree with Charlotte, why can't we have more TV coverage, after all it is only on for 4 days and we are supposed to be a nation of dog lovers !!


Crufts is an excellent dog show and all of my family enjoy watching it,and we think they should do 'heal work on the lead' for the dogs, because i noticed that most of the collies in the obediance section there walk perfectly off the lead but arent very good on the lead!

Lynn Lagdon
Need to see more of the dogs and less chat but thought Ben did a very good job (so glad Kate Humble wasnt paired with you!). Looking forward to todays program.

Noelene Dodd
My great friend Linda Thompson(Meadowline)Labradors will be there on Sunday with her young pup who will be 9months and 1 week old on the day is this the youngest pup at crufts this year?She qualified her on New Years Day this year going BPIS @ Bolton,well done Linda and have a great day with Moll

Lisa Solheim
Maybe I am different... but I'd like to see some agility and flyball. Some people may say that these activities are not the same as showing proper, but they take a huge amount of time and training to take part in. I help a bit in an agility club in Cornwall, we do this for fun with our dogs, many are rescued, and in particular the dog I now run was a nervous wreck before she started agility. Agility is brilliant for building confidence in dogs and their runners and is great fun. It'd be really good to see more at Crufts.It's not breeding which counts, but is precision, knowing your dog well, and having fun. It's not just about collies running races you know!

Please ask the presenters to stop refering to English champions they are UK champions. Coverage much inproved this year.

Joanne Le Cornu
David Bordman's comment about silly Collie races is wrong, They didn't mention the fact that the top obedience dog of the year is Mr Herbie Watson's Ob. Ch. Whatknow Razzamatazz, Jazz has won this award for the past 6 years running. Us obedience only get about 5 mins coverage, and the inter-regional coverage doesn't get any coverage at all. IF the BBC and Crufts want to get more people into the world of obedience, and therefore promote the future of the dog training/showing world, then show the inter-regional as well as the other disciplines, as loads of different breeds compete in Obedience including Papillions, Parson Jack Russels, Poodles, Great Danes, there was one in the Western Team this year's team event, also a rottie was working 'A' and it shows the different classes we have to go through to get to get through to ticket standard to try and qualify for Crufts Championships. I have done, both breed showing a few times with different breeds and obedience (once -Inter-regional)at Crufts and have been a co-breeder of a couple of dogs that have been in the inter-regional team, it would be nice for disabled, old age people who breed these dogs to see them in the ring, as they can't always get there, due to age, other commitments at home, perhaps with the extra channels, you could put on extra obedience,I am great believer in the fact all dogs should be taught basic obedience, no matter what they do either, Pet, breed, Obedience, agility or Flyball, My own recent breed showing dogs, were Yorkshire Terriers, and they can do obedience). It is far easier to qualify in Breed showing, as you have more classes to qualify in. I think the chap who suggested a camera at every ring, including the main ring, special events rings and other events going on, is right, then the people watching Crufts could watch what they want to see.

Tracey Gwilliams
Love Crufts, must be under the misguided impression though that the show was about the dogs! Tuned in yesterday, all eager to watch the working and pastoral (pround new "newfie" owner) and was devastated to find they were awarded less than two minutes showing time whilst the presenter got about fifteen. Will he win "best in show"? I wonder!

mel from telford
YES!!!!! at long last a bouvier des flanders has got somewhere.it was about time. i would of liked to see more as a previous owner. i would also of liked to of seen more on the staffies as well. keep trying to swap kids for one

J Bunnell
I too have had a working gun dog complete with tail and think docking is cruel and outdated. PS show us more Greyhounds.....!

wouldnt it be nice to see a staffordshire bull terrier given the credit they deserve so many good exsamples of the breed shown

jason griffiths
Why is crufts not showing on tv?????? Well only on sunday, and your missing all the rest of the coverage!!!!!! Gutted ATB Jason

i like crufts/because it just shows what dogs can do if you train it right so/dog power!!!!!

Ben Fogel is a not the best at presenting Crufts, he comes across as an Idiot, where is the lady from last year?

allison horne
have been watching all coverage on bbc 2 in the eves,and i'm chuffed to bits to see our breed of dog -a parson jack russell ,was very adorable ,also loved especially all the beagles !! ,eagerly awaiting tmw's events

Natalie Pearce
I have being watching all the bbc coverage of crufts and am so excited that i will be their tommorow to watch the shar-pei's do their stuff.

Miss Cook
Would be nice to see alot more of the Obedience competition rather then just a few minutes worth!

Hazel Fitzgibbon
PLEASE most exhibitors aren't getting home until late. Can you please leave groups on the 'red button' for at least 24 hours. This is the best coverage we have had BTW!

Ben Vogel asked if deaf dogs read sign language - indeed they do ! I have three deaf dogs, one has been competing in agility for many years and was my inspiration for wanting to start up the Dog Agility Rescue League which was featured in the preview program, [ Karen who was interviewed being the lady who kindly volunteered to run it as I knew I would not be able to do it justice ], and my newest deaf girl has just started agility training. They have all sorts of signals for basic obedience and day to day life. My other deaf dog gets to do sniffer dog exercises for fun. For the record, I have found deaf dogs much easier to train than hearing dogs and wish more people would consider giving them a chance of a loving home - deafness in dogs does not have to be a disability !

tim payne
please send me the address of the great dane rescue centre in pembroke

Mr C Neville
I love crufts and would like to see more! (especially the boxers) so what would be great is individual judging clips for all breeds on this site. I t would make my day

Edward O'Hara
Just a couple of points from tonights programme, Beagles were bred to hunt Hare not Rabbits. (Although as Rabbits are still legal quarry they may convert) and the Otter Hound wasn't at risk when they banned Otter hunting because the hunts converted to Mink but they were put at risk when when hunting with hounds was banned. (Except for Rabbits and Rats)

im 13 years old and i adore dogs, i only got my first dog when i was 12 and shes called poppy, shes 1 year old shes a parson russell bitch and i hope i will get to show her in crufts one day, love your show, dogs play a special role in peoples lives and are the best companions and i think they should be on television more!

I'd just like to say how I really enjoy watching Ben, and how proud his dad must be expecially with the background he has with dogs himself. I own some of Bruce Fogile books and feel that he has done his homework on his breeds. His write up on the Staffordshire Bull Terrier( my favourite) is a clean and accurate write up. My comments on the Crufts coverage is I wish that they would show more on the terriers and maybe next year have Bruce and Ben do a double act.

Charles Dixon
Dear Crufts people, Just wanted to say how good the coverage of Crufts is this year. All the presenters are knowledgeable about dogs and dogdom, and present extremely well. I am particularly pleased to see each Best of Breed winner at the Group judging stage. What a welcome improvement over some of the inane, 'populist' presentations we have had to endure in previous years. Full marks to Ben Fogle - a bonus!!! Best wishes, Charles Dixon.

martyn lewin
can you please show some pictures from the boxer judging from thursday as you dont show any at all.thank you

Victoria Sutton
In the past Crufts programmes have concentrated on shopping and flyball and only incidentally mentioned the show dogs, thereby letting down the natural audience completely. Last year's broadcasts were much improved and this year is the best yet. Each breed is represented well in the show. At last the balance is right between the different aspects. WELL DONE BBC and Ben Fogle. Thank you.

Zak & Skye
Excellent coverage of the event, but we hope you'll show more of the Shar-Pei than you've done in recent years.

Amy Baigent
I love the show.I think everyone who loves dogs gets a chance to see all there favourite breeds and maybe see those breeds win cups or medals.I love the dogs because they look great and every owner should be very prowed even if they don't win medals because i think all the dogs look great and i would give all the dogs on show medals because they are great!

The coverage of Crufts is very good this year and Ben Fogle rules!

This is Englands premier dog show, viewed all over the world. Is Ben Fogle really the best the BBC could find to present this program, he is amateurish and has no idea about breeds of dogs - he just wants to take them all home! He either needs to do his homework or learn to read the auto cue. Come on BBC this is an important program for the dog showing world, for goodness sake get rid of him, Quick!!

Edell Armstrong
Please ask the Kerry Blue owners how on earth do I stop mine from aggressively challenging every dog he sees! Other than that a most loyal and loving pet.

heya there eh i dini watch crufts as much as a used tae cos am gettin older lol but its still kl tho

Laura B and Laura C
wheres has Richard Hammond gone?? we miss him please come back, we love you richard!

For a start I wish you would ban people who cannot spell or use correct grammar from this site. It is far more irritating than Ben Fogle being slightly nervous on the night. His father is a vet and he has experience of Crufts but also has to assume that not all viewers know everything there is to know about the breeds shown. I also wish more time could be spent with coverage on the other BBC channels available.

My wife loves Crufts, at the beginning I wasn't very keen in watching it but I have to say that it was very nicely done that even I liked it. Well done.

any chance of some pictures of individual breeds. i have a saint and watched avidly last night to see about 10 seconds of st bernard. more pics please. idon't live in the uk, so don't have the interactive coverage.

Samantha Mundy
In response to an earlier comment: As a vet student I would like to see tail docking banned in those breeds where it is purely cosmetic these days and not necessary for health reasons. One of the main assessments of welfare used universally is the five freedoms one of which states: an animal should have the right to exhibit natural behaviour. By removing its main method of communication it can be argued that this is compromising the welfare of the animal. The procedure is carried out putting the animal at risk with no benefit to health whatsoever in certain breeds, or more specifically whether the dog is a worker etc. I believe it should only be performed in necessary cases where it will be of benefit to the dog's well-being. I am coming to the show tomorrow for the first time and cannot wait! I love dogs, I just feel there could have been a bit more advertising in the last 2 weeks to build it up a bit more!

I think that staffies should be given a chance and terriers, instead of fluffy yappy things

aaron osborne
I try to wach the show offten but my favourite one was the last one i thourt it was a good show of dogs and my nan owns a yourk shirterea

tom giblin
I find it a little bit dissapointing that there is very limitied coverage of the discovery and rare breeds as I am soon to purchase an eurasian spitz, it would be great to this beautiful dog covered on the programme. thanks.

great dane lover
still very very little coverage of the great danes on the tv yet again :-(

where do the dogs go if they need to use the bathroom!? Is there a massive doggy litter tray area?

We went yesterday and absolutely loved it, Would be so nice with all these extra channels (bbc3 etc) to maybe have more coverage rather than a lousy hour though. Well done GARSAK with your beautiful great dane.

Liz Hawkins
More King Charles spaniels (not Cavaliers)at Crufts PLEASE

Miss S. Pierce
I want to congratulate one of the pupils I teach NATASHA GRAHAM for winning a 4th prize at Crufts on Thursday, her class 9LP are chuffed for her and her family!

David Boardman
Much better coverage - especially with interactive - you are showing many more dog breeds and judging this year & not wasting time with endless collie races. After all thats what crufts is about. Congratulations

Georgina Crook
I love crufts i want to go next year and i can't believe the newfoundland came second it shoul dof won.

Mari-Clare Turnbull
It is really good that the BBC shows us the coverage it does of Crufts but you would think that in this day and age with all the digital TV we have on offer that it would be nice to have complete coverage. By this I mean A camera at every ring where viewers could log in to each camera in order to be able to watch the breed of their choice and live! I myself breed Bull Terriers and for those of us unable to attend it would be wonderful to be able to see our breed being judged. I am sure this is a point I can see a lot of people are making. thank you

It would be really good if you could show some of the junior handling classes as these show young people showing off there skills and taking responsibility for there dogs.

i like dogs soooooooo much and i already have 3 and if i was aloud i would have much, much more than just 3 dogs.


Mr + Mrs Parker
We have been to Crufts every year and always watch your programme on the night.We have yet to see you programme do it justice.We agree with Mrs Jenkins Ben Fogle is rubbish, and would you please show more of the breeds. People Watch your programme and go to Crufts for the dogs not to see your presenters.Please focus more on the dogs and the show itself rather than Ben Fogle visiting stalls and talking about dogs he obviously knows nothing about.

why did you not show the obedience last night my little sister was in the ring for the 1st at cruffs. I appreciate that your time is limited but it would of been nice to see her and her dog work..... thanks

Pat Chandler
My husband and I were wondering today, and quite seriously. . . what arrangements are made for the excreta (liquid and solid) at the Birmingham arena? Where do the dogs GO, and how is all that fragrance disposed of? Can the BBC's sleuthing commentators provide an answer?

Mrs Brooks
It was absolutely fabulous to see an item on Great Danes during the first programme. We have a Great Dane and they very rarely get a mention during Crufts, so it was fantastic to watch!!!! Crufts should get more time on air.....perhaps during the day on BBC3 or soem other channel. For those of us with dogs (especially large ones) it is difficult to travel to Birmingham and spend the day out, this would be unfair on our beloved dogs. Give us more coverage!!!!!

mrs. u. burton
where are the gun dogs, they don't seem to come on tv, what a pity, one of the most beautiful and intelligent sections of breeds.

Karen Bentley
I would like to commend Jessica Holm for her commentary each year at Crufts, always knowledgable, clear, and with her passion for dogs shining through. More please!

More ridgebacks we did not get a glimpse last year We got a 3rd today at crufts skypinda guardian angel rhodesian ridgeback it would be great to see her on tv. my camcorder ran out of tape.

Susan Lee
Last night Ben asked if it was possible to train a deaf dog. well the answer is YES. We have a 6 year old deaf Dalmatian (Deafness is a common problem in Dalmatians) He has about 6 signs he will react to but the key thing is eye contact. If he isn't watching you he can't see your signal. There is a book published entitled "Training your deaf puppy" well worth a read. The one thing I would say to the owner of a deaf dog NEVER GIVE UP.

Inger Mosbery
I was so looking forward to your coverage of Crufts this year. After several years of childish, condescending reporting, last year was brilliant. Claire Baldwin was a star. And what do we get this year? Ben Vogel, I think. He did not know the breed of the pastoral group winner calling him an Australian Mountain dog, so why should I remember his name? He also had not bothered to find out that this dog was a male ! I wish Ben would stop asking the owners how the dog is feeling. As a previous Best of breed winner at Crufts I know that the dog is stressed by the atmosphere but copes because his owner is there. He is happy when he realizes his owner is pleased. He does not know he has won rosette at Crufts! So he has got no feelings about it. Jessica and her other canine reporters are professional and good. Please spare us the very unprofessional dog lovers as presenters. Sorry, but I am not watching again. Inger Mosbery

I don't have a TV but every year, I watch Crufts at a friend's house - we get wine, choccies, make soppy Oh look! Isn't that a lovely Afghan/ Newfoundland/ Yorkie?" noises & generally have hopelessly girlie fun. Never before has a presenter been so intrusively bad. Ben Fogle. I'm sure he's a dear, sweet, boy & doubtless many find him very easy on the eye & yes, he loves his dog... but. His lack of technical ability and basic knowledge are actually distracting. Fluffs cues, forgets information he's just been given, hasn't done his prep, talks over interviewees, gurns dreadfully at the autocue & can't seem to find a comfortable position... In what way did he appear to the producer to be qualified for this job? Can't we have Hammond back? Or James May, come to that...

Come on guys why avoid the issues related to the GSD (Alsatian) Is it because Frank Kane can't justify that where the breed standard clearly states that roach backs should be rejected and here again we see this type been awarded top honours. Do the Kennel club care if the judges understand the breed standard or are we totally lost to fashion.The true Alsationist will never entertain this type of dog.Surely the answer must be a breed split THE ALSATIAN (GSD) and the GSD CONTINENTAL The latter of course would need a new breed standard which would be fitting to the dog which we now see. Many thanks. John Leadbeater (Taeberdael Alsatians)

daivd bray
i go to cuffts myself it is really gd and i love it

Ann Ogilvie
I particularly enjoyed the peice on Alaskan Malamutes. I though the presenter, was really professional but relaxed She summed up how we all feel when we bring a puppy into our lives and the changes we make to accommodate them. Would like to see more reports like this.

Sarah Dunlop
We thoroughly enjoyed the coverage on BBC2 lastnight and thought Ben Fogel did an excellent job. He held the interviews together well and obviously has a natural rappore with the animals. Looking forward to seeing his coverage over the weekend. Thanks!

Melissa Taulke-Johnson
Ben Fogle is doing a fine job and his genuine affection of dogs balances the commentators' more clinical assessments of those on show. Perhaps extending the competition to a week would be be a good idea to enable more breeds to be shown and this would also get rid of the early starts.

Chris and Ozzy
We say bring back Richard Hammond - made a great event have a funny side. Not bad to look at either...

Kate West
Please - let us see some deerhounds!

Polly King
I would like to see some of the judging but also some of the important issues regarding dog ownership aired. For example Dog Theft Action group is at Crufts for the first time. They are campaigning to get tougher action on dog theives and to make a change in the law regarding how Dog theft is handled by the authorities. Less presenters please! Less silly camera angles and infill! More information would be useful! Speaking to pet owners while walking my dog this morning they were discussing dog theft which worries them a great deal, nothing about Crufts which says a lot don't you think?

Ken Lagdon
I know Ben Fogel is a nice chap but is his use of the English Language restricted to one word "fantastic"! I watched Crufts on BBC 2 last night and every time the camera cut back to Fogel in came the "fantastic" word again. My wife and I sat there in stitches counting how many times he used this word. Please Mr. Fogel brush up on other ways to express your pleasure!

Jane Storey
Dawn Jenkins should learn to spell before she pick on Ben Fogle, what a picky lot everyone is. Crufts is the greatest dog show in the world, Hasnt William Woodward heard of the chip and vaccination we now have so that dogs can be taken abroad safely, people should appriciate what is shown, The BBC do a great job and cannot please all the people all of the time, if they want to see more go to the show

Mrs Lloyd - Rhodesian Ridgebacks are being judged today (Fri). Sharon - Schipperke is part of the Utility group being judged on Sat. William Woodward - Please get your facts correct - Not all dogs have to undergo quarantine now the Pet Passport laws have been issued. I thought the coverage was good. Yes, Ben Fogle may not know the correct names of the breeds, but he is so enthusiastic and has been attending Crufts since he was a child. Also the digital red button coverage of the whole of the group judging is A1! The best ever. I will be showing on Sunday.

i really like dogs so i really enjoy the show

Christine Burgess
Brilliant. I've always loved Crufts and look forward to your coverage every year - the range of breeds is staggering. Just one thing though, Ben Fogle's presenting is a little 'shaky' to say the least. What happened to Phillipa Forrester?

crufts is great and im so glad its on again

Chris Jones
When will the BBC be showing coverage of the Heelwork to Music competition at Crufts? The competition was started last year with no mention of it anywhere and is happening again this year presumably with no mention of it again? Please can you show highlights of some of the routines so these fantastic dogs and there handlers get the recognition that they deserve? Tina Humphrey is a fantastic exponent of this sport and has won competitions at the highest level every year including last years Crufts competition. Please can you start to cover this segment of Crufts?

Joe Mair
Peter's comment on TYPE, Peter said during the part of your program where a st bernard breeder pefferd her dogs in the "old english type" I new what she meant, but Peter said what other type could there be? It is so sad that a man like Peter who has been around dogs all his working life, and as a presenter at crufts for many years now should have known as to what this breeder was reffering to.Example- familly see boxer puppy/dog on the telly, decide they want one, they go out and buy the first one they see.They get there new pedigree!! dog home.THEN deside to go to one of these huge type pet supermarkets, were they buy some this for the dog, and then they by the book on the boxer breed (off course we all should know to get as much info on the breed before they buy!)The range of books offerd from these pet super stores are very often from America - so the get the book home and start to read, first they will encounter a boxer dog with cropped ears! and a dog whos build will be much bigger that that of their own dog,the familly probably the dad then thinks he has a duff dog and get rid of it just coz the TYPE is so differant from the American TYPE.So type is very important. It just means more and more pups an dogs in shelters or worse straying!.

William Woodward -- I have just bought my dog back from Spain -- There are such things as Pet Passports!!!!!!

Staffords get very little coverage and are one of the highest entries each year. To much time is spent on the flyball considerindg that CRUFTS is A DOG SHOW and so many breeds to cover people want to see thier favourite breed not flyball after flyball hope we dont have to put up with it again this year ,as i know it has come up for critisism in the past lets hope the take on board peoples comments and pay more attention to what the public want

Alastair Pizzey (Thorsoak) Essex
I agree with Dawn Jenkins, Ben Fogle much as He is a nice guy DOES NOT know what he is talking about, not only did he get the Austalian Shepherds breed wrong he also got the sex wrong and kept calling him a she (and ask Him about when he tried to show after reading Killicks book about showing "From Begining to Winning" and did not get a catalogue so did not know his ring or Bench Number).

Joe Mair (Warrington)
great to see cruts back on the telly - good program - BUT, when Ben Fogal showed the nation the Black Russain Terrier, a 5 day journey from its home in Russia to the show, why was Ben so suprised and (embarassed) that this dog didnt understand German!? Later in your program Peter Purvis was talking about the Bouvier De Flanders (excuse my spelling) and told the nation its the same breed you saw earlier with Ben in the studio!! NO it wasnt it was indeed a BRT in the studio first! sorry Peter they are a little similar but you are getting your breeds mixed up.

Patsy Rawlings
Cannot aqgree with you Dawn Ben is great and his genuine love of dogs comes through he is the best presenter we have had of Crufts since Phillipa Forrester

tracey cooper
each year you show all the favoured breeds, usually toys. why not show a traditional English breed like the bullmastiff.

YKC Member.
Why Dont you show some of the young kennel club classes. Or even the results online? I appreciate your time is limited but they are the handlers of the future.

i love dogs and crufts is the best place to see them because you see dogs sometimes people haven't really heard of yet

i love dogs

alex o
looks like fun goin 2 2day

Liz Parish
The Hound Group is yet to come Mrs Lloyd, so we may yet see the ridgebacks on show. Fingers crossed they do well this year.

Brian Martin
Too much coverage of Ben Fogle sitting on the sofa asking the BBC's stock interview question "How do you feel"? to the winners.What was wrong with Peter Purves as a presenter, as usual pop music has to be included, saw little of the actual dogs, very poor effort BBC, don't think I will watch further programmes.

Shaun Gibson
With limited airtime i.e 1 hour per program, could the BBC focus more on breeds that are typically British? ( there are too many to mention! ). It's nice to see some of the foreign breeds, but is'nt Crufts a British dog show?.

Alex Huddart
what a nice doberman at the degining of the page, where are they in the photo's of the first day? and it is the working dogs.


more coverage please, it would be nice to see more of the breed judging i know you cant show all the breeds butmore of each would be good, we can watch cricket/snooker and darts all day so why not crufts it only happens once a year and with all the bbc channels you now have to dedicate one of them for 4 days isnt asking too much, Birmingham is a long way for most people to travel and expensive. There are more doggu lovers in this country than cricketers!

Mr. Woodward --- not all dogs need to go through 6 months of quarantine. Follow the link to the Crufts website, and listen to the interview with Phil Buckley, who outlines the criteria for avoiding 6 months of quarantine (02:45 mark).

lynn knox
Crufts Thur 9 March 2006. What a stupid comment Ben Fogle made on sign language for deaf dogs after the article about the deaf Great Dane, Bailey. I have a 6 month old boxer puppy bitch called Zimmi,who is totally deaf. She has just won first prize in an obiendence competition for beginners against approx 10 other hearing dogs.It included heal work to three different paces. Stays sitting and lying down and Beginners recall.It's comments like his that put people off buying deaf dogs, such as Bailey. Zimmi is a wonderful, well adjusted, well trained beautiful pup. It would be wonderful if this could be highlighted in your show, as so many people watch Crufts.

Sue Parratt
Who took the photos for the photo gallery? Not too good, are they? Docking tails - I have friends with working dogs and seeing them work I do think they need their tails docked. If dogs come from working stock get them docked properly, if bred for pet or show let them keep 'em! Yep, far too much chat and not enough dogs.

It is obviously all cut and dried who is likely to win every year, otherwise, why would the BBC have a programme on, a WEEK before the event, talking to the judges about their tips for the winners. Surely with over 24,000 dogs competing, they would not have a clue who was likely to win. Too many Americans coming over and taking the spotlight for my liking.

mrs carol lloyd
why dont you show rhodesian ridgebacks I appreciate your time is limited and best in show breeds are essential but with 178 different breeds please show some of the more popular british dogs .... thanks

Dawn Jenkins
Well, more disappointing commentating YET AGAIN! Whe is Ben Fogle going to learn how to pronounce all the names correctly!! Would be alright if he even knew it was an AUSTRALIAN SHEPERD DOG...Not a MOUNTAIN dog as he said!! Give us a break and get someone who knows what they're talking about huh??

William Woodward
Am I correct in assuming that all the foreign dogs attending Crufts have gone through their six month quarantine? If as I suspect they have not then why not? I have just had to have two pets of mine undergo the ordeal of being subjected to six months away from their owner. I suspect some double standards here!

georgia louise philips
i love crufts i think it gives people a chance to see just how good dogs are to mankind.

Sharon Rowton
We own a Schiperkee, also known as a Belgian Barge Dog, we can't seem to find which Group he belongs to. Please advise. It would be interesting to know more about Skips breed. Thankyou. Yours Sharon Rowton

Your coverage is yet again very poor,each year we await a general improvment in the presentation of your Crufts program yet year by year the amount of fill-in increases and the time allowed for the dogs is reduced,also large portions of each program are repeated.Please try a new format with less air-time for presenters and concentrate on on the real stars the dogs.

S. Williams
Why won't the Kennel Club recognise the Ca de Bou (Majorcan Mastiff) in the UK. They are a wonderful breed and recognised throughout Europe and the America's but not here.

Sam Tyler
I am aware that the issue of Tail Docking is currently being debated by the government. Many institutes including the RCVS are hoping that the update to the Animal Rights bill will enforced tail docking to be unlawful. I find it sad that the Kennel Club does not share the view and instead states that making tail docking unlawful would affect the financial industry of breeding. I have found in my own experience that many people believe that many breeds are born without their tails and in fact have no idea that they are surgically removed at a very young age. I feel that BBC, who have provided a great platform to educate people in the welfare of dogs within the UK, if not even further afield, have not taken the opportunity to highlight the breeds that are docked. I personnally have a standard poodle, who took over a year to find as she has her full tail. I applaud the work the BBc does in bringing to peoples attention the vast world of dogs, including agility etc but am disappointed that they do not cover some of the basic facts of the different breeds. I am not implying that you should make a defined view point on this subject but feel people should be made aware of the facts. A devoted undocked tail poodle owner!!!!!!!

Why don't we ever get to see the Staffordshire Bull Terriers? They never get shown on the television but are surely one of the most popular breeds.

Stuart Clark
As a working gun dog owner I am against the government banning the docking of working dogs tails, what are the opoin of other owners

I have a westie and last year her dad won 3rd or 2nd His name is Ashgate innish biggle

Comments added to the Crufts 2006 preview feature

Amy cooper
i thought that the crufts 206 was the best it had ever been this year and i really thought that the dog that won was cute and eseved to win

I fully agree with some of the comments - of course there must be coverage of the breed rings BUT this year has been the very WORST year for general coverage. Far too much of Ben Fogle - hardly any obedience, or gun dog & other events, very little of the Awful KC. Flyball ( not a patch on Bitish Flyball) and very little agility.The BIS was a forgorn conclusion as soon as it was announced that it came from the US and was retiring this year, (Similar to last year?) Why cannot Crufts be more honest??

Megan Evans
i think that this years crufts was amazing. but i think they should show more of the dogs than just talking in the studio area. i also think that they should replay it because i couldn't see all of the shows

Diane - Denham
I think the BBC's coverage of Crufts this year was appalling. For goodness sake don't use Ben Fogle again - he was useless. He couldn't remember dogs names, didn't know the breeds and kept telling everyone that he wanted one of just about every breed he saw. Not the best attitude when we are trying to educate people about responsible dog ownership. Still to Peter Purves and Jessica Holm - at least they know what they're talking about.

Was There any Begales this year in Crufts

hi i have a american bulldog can u show them in crufts yet

There where sum really cute dogs the Pomerainian was really sweet!!! awww BLESS!!!!!!

hi i have a american bulldog can u show them in crufts yet

hi yorkies are the best

Sue Pagani
I thought the coverage this year was far superior then that of late years. My dog was entered this year but did not get anywhere. I was wondering if any ona may have a photo of my boy as this was the last time l saw him as he was transfered to the lady that showed him, his name is Ch Ned Prajna corniche with Tamsuegani Lhasa Apso. This dog was in joint partnership but sadley my husband has died.


I was so dissapointed when the beautiful Shiba Inu didn't win the Utility Group this year! And the German Shepherd came second too!! My two favourties *sigh* I have a GSD and a Shiba at home and they both loved watching!!

the dog that won crufts 2006 was a betiful dog but i was woundering if yorkshire terriers were alowed in crufts compatitions ?

the white family
can you please explain to us about docking tails ,we thought it was illegal, so can a dog with a tail in this state win best in show

i thought crufts was great i really loved the pomeranian

Dachshund should win, that's true.I have a smooth coat black and tan miniature and he's the cutest dog ever! I am supporting the Foxterrier today, such a beauty deserves the Best In Show title

The question just been asked regrding an allergy free dog... the answer is of course a Tibetan terrier, my husband is allergi=c to dogs and hasn't even sneezed near Rosie- and of course Fabulous Willy should be in the final!

i love siberien huskys there lush!!!!!! love them

i love toy poodles they are so cute :)

I love golden retrievers they are sooo cute. I have got one called Rosie and she is mad!!!!!!!!!!

cara grimwade
My collie x lab and staffy- bull-terrier-x-new zealand cattle hound and me have all been loving crufts thnx for all the fun! And thnx also to Speedy he really made us laugh! crufts has been the best!

cara grimwade
I love all dogs but the dogs I've seen over crufts are more than cute their adorable!And obviosely much loved!My dog loves the agility like me and we've been enjoying that the most but the rest were great to! Oh and Speedy your the best so keep up your good work I was crying with laughter when I saw you! Thnx crufts has been great this year Cara!

i love animals so much and i think all them dogs were cute and brilliant and congratolations to the winning cute dog


I think crufts is great

Jimmy (age 13)
My dog looks exactly like Shadow from the Friends for Life feature. We were wondering if it was his brother. How old is Shadow and is he a retriever cross springer spaniel? Toodles. J xx

crufts is brilliant if i had the money i would go every year.

Mr K Butcher
why do you not see jack russels in the show?

went on sunday and it was sce never been before and it was a life changing day out

the dogs are so cute!!!

i am loving crufts at the moment and want a black labrador to win best in show:@)

Elizabeth Harris
What was the first ever breed of dog that one best in show at Crufts?

I went to Crufts for the first time on Friday & it was brill!! I'll be back next year for sure! I was surprised the RAF dogs display wasnt shown on TV that night...Im hoping it will be on tonight?

co-co is so cute

I love dogs and Crufts but why are always the same sort of dogs always in the finals... I don't think I watch it again until there is a staffie in the finals ...

Hi I think this years dogs on crufts are amazing. And on the friend for life Yogi to win!!

i think crufts is one of the best things 0n earth and me and my dog molly watch it every year

Jessica Taylor
I hope the pastrol breeds win because they are a breed a very energetic and loving.

Betty Bob
Hello dogs are cute and my Labrador wants to say hello to Inka the Labrador and wants to tell her that she is NOT fat and looks very fetching in her new collar.

Betty Bob
Dogs are so Ponemish and I would really like a Labrador to win gundogs because I have one and she says they are the best and my cat says he wishes cats could be on crufts.

I loooovveee the shiba inu, they're so cool!!! I wanted it to win but second in utility is good! :D

I love Crufts. I wish the cavaliar King Charles Spaniel had got through!! They are sooo cute!! Never mind, better luck next time!!!!!!!

i go to crufts every year but i must say this year has been best out of all the years, i hope the yourkie wins they deserve it

daniel harris
my aunties dog FRAZIER has just won best puppy in breeed and best dog in breed i am very proud of him all the best to him in the future that show was the first ever crufts show he has ever entered in. shap pei the dog is black.

they should show more of the YKC events! you need to encourage youngsters to take part. Especially in obedience! iv love crufts though its ace! ive bin going for years!

abbie nicholson
we were in the finals of flyball (covert clangers) its the 2nd time we have been to crufts and we came 2nd i just want to congratulate my team and say well done and thank you for every one that supported us

i love crufts,i really want a little puppy

I want to see more Crufts this year on telly & I love miniature Dachshunds so I would love to see more longhaired miniature Dachshunds at Crufts

Sara - Rossett
I love the miniature schnauzers, I missed which one won its group thought.

i love puppies ()..() .

bethany sleaford
is there any english springer spaniels on crufts

i love staffs and can u put up more pictures of day 2 as thats when my mates showed theyre staff

will Oldham
I have a dog called woody, and every time he sees the dogs on show he constantly barks at them !!!!

can you pay on the door our do you have to pre-book?

Was there any staffies on show I seem to have missed the terrier group judging? they are the best dogs gotta love them

Please show the PUG breed, i have fallen in love with them but don't see enough around. I'm sure im not the only person how wants to see them. Doing a good job Ben!

I am a big big fan of crufts i went on the saturday. there were such cute dogs!!! i like stroked nearly every single dog! i wish i could be some one showing a dog.

I didnt no how cute wire haired fox terriers were!!

Lisa Rowson
The lovely white English Bull terrier deserved to win the terrier group, I'm convinced crufts is fixed!

why do border collies never seem to get into the final seven,after all they steal the show anyway with their fantastic performances

We have 2 labradors a black and a golden boy- we wil be watching our friends son is showing one Carpenini's we wish both all the best come on craig do it for the Lab's love Theresa and Lee

More coverage of the different breeds of dog would be good. I'd like the programme to also show the judging of the best of breeds in each group rather than just the group winners. That way viewers would get to see a wider variety of dogs. In a nutshell I want to see less of the owners, presenter and commentators, and more of the dogs.

rebecca edwards
you are very good at doing this do you have anyone there called mr and mrs Jones

I'm 15 and absolutely love to watch crufts, I can't wait until tonight! My favourite breeds are Yorkshire terriers (I have 2), and I love Old english sheepdogs, Beagles, wire haired Daschunds and Basett hounds. I'm also going on Sunday to see the gundogs :) xx

Anna Brown
Crufts is my favourite event ever and I LOVE DOGS!!!! When will the Agility be shown on T.V?

paula brooker
I watch crufts every year and I would really love to see some italian spinone being shown beautiful dogs really laid back brill family dogs please please show them.

i went to crufts on the first day with my college!! it was wiked!!!!!! luvin the chinese crested!!

Hayley Poulson
My nan has been going to Crufts since the 70's with her dogs.she is takeing me for the first time this year we are starting out early saturday morning I am looking foward to it one day I hope to show at crufts.

Too much time spent on "studio chat" for example 5 times on Thursday evening, 10 minutes of 6 year old cildren telling us what we can already see happening during judging. The most important aspect, judging in the ring is given minimum coverage. We had jazzy music, and a pop song. A quick look at obedience...all within a space of one hour on Thursday evening.

does anyone know if ive missed the english bull terriers??

I have a dog and he is a border collie! He is beautiful and one day i wish to put him on crufts! He is only 2years old. Good luck Mr Boris!!

i hope the beegle wins because i like the way it runs.

i hope the tebetan mastiff wins cos he belongs 2 my english teacher!

hi i'm going to crufts tomorow i hope the cavalier king charles spanial wins! i'm a member of the ykc so my tickets was free! luky me! my dog's watching the cruft shows with me. some day maybe she'll be on the show!

hi i'm going to crufts tomorow i hope the cavalier king charles spanial wins! i'm a member of the ykc so my tickets was free! luky me! my dog's watching the cruft shows with me. some day maybe she'll be on the show!

June Loughran
please read my comment out

June Loughran
I have an airedale who came from Judy's kennel he was watching on the sofa with us and voted very loudly by groaning for the wired hair fox terrier. His name is Dillon (he's a saradon dog)

This is a shout to all my fellow tibetans (Khados Kennals) I'll see you all at Crufts! Onward my Puppy pals! Giddy Up!

This is a shout to all my fellow tibetans (Khados Kennals) I'll see you all at Crufts! Onward my Puppy pals!

K8 sn
I LOVE PUPS AND DOGS. I wish i had one and i hope the huskies or shelties.

Labrador or cocker spaniel too won plzzzz.... Did also want a great dane to win but he didnt get in the group final :(

I hope the Tebetan Terries win Crufts 2006 because they are so cute and so easy to trane so let the Tebetan Terries win!(please:)

Can you have crossbreads on crufts aswell as pedigries!

i love dogs from any breed but my favourite types are akita,black labradors and beagles! i am going to crufts on sunday and i cant wait!!! I LOVE DOGS !!!

They should show more dachshunds on TV :) especially wirehaired ones:)

i love crufts and i hope a shih tzu gets into best in show because they havent 4 ages and my dog is a shih tzu and he is a great show dog but we havent qualified yet Natalie aged 13

abbi nicholson
i love crufts i watch it every year and all the dogs are so cute especially the newfoundlands!!!!!

Can you buy tickets on the gate? We have decided to go but have not pre booked any thing - can we just turn up?

who is in the best of breed so far?

Issy G.
I went yesterday as I have s Sheltie and belong to the ESSC. They are an adorable and lovable breed but you never show them on the TV. Maybe next year!!

Please could we see less of the presenters and more of the dogs. It is why we are watching. As mice as the presenters are, we have seen them before, but we see very few dogs. Surely they can talk over film of the dogs, instead of looking at the presenters in a glass box?

Jill Tarburton - Cheshire
i think crufts is a great chance to show off some cute dogs and some not so cute dogs! i think most dogs are cute which go on crufts! also it would be nice to see a Staffordshire Bull Terrier comes some ware in the contest as i have got a 17 old month staffie called Zeus

It's a great pity that the extended judging was only available for one hour. Having dogs of my own to see to meant I missed it.... and today were my breeds - Border Collies and GSDs!!!!!!!!!

Mary Swift
Lose Ben Fogle, who is not a pactch on Claire Balding and Richard Hammond from last year. Aside from giving an impression of being cranially challenged (both on the Longleat show and at Crufts), the only adjective known to Fogle appears to be 'fantastic'.

Diane Smithson
I am truly appalled by the programme that I have seen this evening. It makes me truly want to vomit when I see that the BBC wants to feature dog owners who only will show dogs when they have the right outfit to match their dogs!!!! My sister has been owning and breeding Keeshonds since I was born - a mere 52 years ago. She has bred Crufts champions, been an esteemed judge at Crufts, is the best 'dog wisperer' I've known. She's delayed a needed hospital operation because she can't leave her dogs. There are people for whom the dogs become the first priority and a lifetimes work, and not just a fashion accessory. Could we try to prioritise the dogs and not the people who share their glory?

um well i'm going 2 crufts hopefully this year i'm really luking 4ward 2 it and i luv it i've been once before but i can't wait wow !!!!!!!!! GO CRUFTS!!!!!!!! i love dogs x

nixter da gr8 1
i love watching the crufts because i love to see dogs winning things for their hard work. i'm getting a dog soon so im getting really excited

Mrs L J Webster
Why do we never get to see more of the border collies on crufts, i know they are known as the common dog in the show world but they deserve more recognition than they get.....go border collies we all love you....

I was so distressed today to see so many docked tails at Crufts. When will Kennel Club and Crufts judges act to prevent this cruel practice. These are show dogs not working dogs. Docking of such dogs is strictly prohibited by the Royal society of vetenary surgeons' code of ethics.

I live in Hendon. I love dogs

Amy Gillies
My name is amy and i have a boxer dog called christie . i go to lots of dog shows especially crufts . But howcome when im watching the crufts programme you never see any boxer dogs ? please tell me why

Why are there so many dogs without tails? I honestly but obviously incorrectly thought tail docking had been banned!

karl boswick
i wanted the newfoundland to win but it came 2nd aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww

Shaun Gibson, Southampton.
could one of the judges explain why pure white or sable German Shepperds are frowned upon by breeders. I have even heard that some breeders will kill pups at birth to get rid of these lovely animals!

caroline poole
crufts is the best dog show ever my untie has a great dane that go's there i really love crufts

caroline poole
crufts is the best dog show ever my untie has a great dane that go's there i really love crufts

bev & chris
We are both off to Crufts friday and we both cant wait. We both have Whippets and they are in need of new coats, also a great chance to find out some advice from other whippet breeders. can't wait.

terriers all the way! totally looking foward to it this year. go Staff and Englishs, they never get airtime!

Jake Reynolds
I really love crufts even though I cannot got and see it this year I deffinatly will watch it on the television.

iv been too crufts every year since 1998 its really cool and fun but i think they shod sell more free teddys to show

bunnyhun lol X
i cant wait untill crufts, its the best! i hav a dog called whisky. she is a greyhound. I LOVE CRUFTS !

debbie marson
going crufts tomorrow,, cant wait see the staffies,,n all the other dogs too,,(discover dogs) love it, n so do the kids,,

I think a dachshund should win this year, I have two and I think their the funniest and coolest dogs in the world!

I think a dachshund should win this year, I have two and I think their the funniest and coolest dogs in the world!

do all dogs have 2 be pedigree?

Rachel S
I am looking forward to seeing the terrier group tomorrow as my mum bought a border terrier in dec05 and he will be 5 months old and the people we had them from are there so good luck to rob and sarah from the Thomas family in gloucestershire.

Ilse, Baarn (The Netherlands)
We always look to the crufts and hope it is a Bearded Collie who win!

sophie swain
Crufts is da greatest dog show in da world & so it should be!because i luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

120,000 people 20,000 dogs ..... why ????

shannon johnston
I think crufts is a great show and I am going to it on Friday. I am only eleven but enjoy watching an and taking part in doggie events i detest any animal cruelty and wish it would STOP!

Will hamster be there?

Why is there not more coverage on Crufts?. It is only 4 days a year and most people own dogs. We only get the highlights.

it's going to be my first vist to crufts on saturday I am so excited,I'm waiting at the moment for my Shiba Inu puppy to be born and are going to see the beeder there and wish her luck

Flossie the collie
I think that the crufts page should include a list of what the Beeb is screening and when. I'm not interested in all those pampered fools with bent noses or bad hearing but I want to watch my mates playing flyball and flying around the agility course and don't know what time to set my vid recorder for!

Healey Associates
We love dogs in the office and Crufts is the best time of year for all of us. If only more of our clients had dogs life would be wonderful.

Why can't these people keep their dogs to themselves. We're supposed to be a nation of animal lovers but I hate the site of these silly little yapping monsters and their inbred owners.

mike honey
please could you feature the BRITTANYS in the gun dog group, we have an 8 yr old orange and white bitch, most people have never seen or heard of them! they're superb pointers, hunters and retrievers plus they make excellent pets.

Teddie's Mum
Ted and I would very much like to see some Bouvier des Flandres shown BBC coverage please.

S.P.A. Keenay
Every year you cover the same events. Whilst Ienjoy them, could we please have some of the other events? Mini agility. some breeds other than border collies in obedience, or anything else.

Ozzy ( I'm the pup)
My pal Christine (she's the owner) and I love Crufts. Last year I was a little pup and it was the first time i watched the show. Now I just can't wait to lick the screen again!!!!! - I am so excited!!!!

I love dogs but i am unfortunate not to own one. I look forward to crufts each year and visited it last year and it was one of the best experiences in my life. So I cannot wait until it starts tonight.

jessica tilson luvs taylor jones
hi i have a dog and me and taylor luv each other and we have a kid and we are 15

Meg, Preston
Please can we see more of the Bassett hounds, I have one and they are full of character.

Mary Starling
On Thursday, please could you try to squeeze in some airtime for Finnish Lapphunds. These great dogs were originally bred for reindeer herding and are still quite rare in the UK (around 300). They make fabulous pets, and are pretty too!

this will be my first year at crufts i will be there tomorrow can't wait! I've wanted to go forever! YAY!

Jenny Bird
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! show coverage of the Manchester Terriers, they are an endangered breed due to their small numbers and need all the publicity they can get!!!!!!!!!!!

Would love to see more coverage on tv in the evenings! An hour doesn't really give enough time to see all the dogs.

I challenge the BBC in it's coverage of Crufts this year to raise the difficult question of the anti-tail docking mood in this country. This subject (the Animal Welfare Bill etc)has major implications for the future of dog breeding & showing and is particularly crucial for working breeds.

Considering Crufts is being mentioned everywhere and public interest is at an all time high, come the morning of the 1st day, I cannot find any mention of it on BBCi. The BBC's coverage is poor at best, we want to see more of the different breeds of these beautiful dogs doing what they do best - showing off. Too much emphasis is placed on agility and flyball where, let's face it, the majority of which are collies. Come on BBC, more people own dogs than play football, let's see your coverage reflect that.

Alastair Pizzey (Thorsoak)
Having not qualified this year with Beau (Australian Shepherd) I will be glued to the BBC coverage this week, and want to wish all who have put in some much work over last year qualifying their dogs all the best. It takes a lot of hard work to get there which is not really shown on TV (and the average person does not realise the early mornings and late nights that these people put in for NO finacial reward) it is just to see your own dog do its best and to always remember that you are taking the best Dog home at the end of the day no matter where you come. So all the best to Nicci Furnell (Aussies) and all the rest of the people I know who show that breed (and the list is long and great) Sarah and Neil (Alaskan Malamutes) and Kathy and Pete (Leonburgers/Akitas)

Can all of you who are going to crufts respect the dogs need for peace and quiet! Ask the owner first if you can stroke them. Supervise children, and dont let them pet strange dogs! In the words of the Kennel Club be "Safe and Sound"

my wife want to go to crufts this year but she thinks theres nothing for the kids to do can someone help ?

I am hoping to get lots of coverage from 1 of the bbc tv channels? whats the best channel for the most coverage, 1 hour per night just isnt enough

Kate O Connor

Jaz, again!!
oh hello again i just wanted to thank the inventors again. also hi to oivia, hey to faye, and how u doin del boy also hello lisa!! please say something back to me.. i love dogs especially ones called harry which are border collies with a half black half white face!! oh yeah who is 1!! hi harry

Daphne - from Holland -
It would be great if there would be a little more attention on tv for unknown breeds and for FCI recognised breeds, which aren't recognised in the UK (yet)! I'll be stuck to my tv the next 4 days!!! Warm regards, Daphne

Paula Topping
Going on Friday-taking my pure bred mongrel Moo, to do a training demo. Adds a bit of class to the whole event. Joking a side-great day out.

olivia smith and jaz again
we cannot wait we are going by bus. It going to be so cool :-). I love gundog. i have chocolate lab and jaz has a sheep dog it really funny cause he hates sheep hah hah. I want a gundoppg to win this year. I hope discovery dog is there. i did like to say hi to delboy.

hiya giggles he he x x x

Jaz, again!!
hey dudes its me again!! i just want to thank you again for inventing it. i am coming on saturday, see u there? oh and hi olivia, hey faye, whats up delboy. please type back to me bye bye x x x x x x x

Jaz, again!!
hey dudes its me again!! i just want to thank you again for inventing it. i am coming on saturday, see u there? oh and hi olivia, hey faye, whats up delboy. please type back to me bye bye x x x x x x x

i love crufts me m8's coming this year go toy dogs

crufts is the best i love chihuahua

crufts is the best

Can we have more Rare Breed Dog coverage at Crufts Please! In particular the Hamiltonstovare on Friday, they are GORGEOUS! Thanks

Hmm cant seem to find Crufts on your TV Schedule anywhere.. is that really true ? going next year but this year she is too young.

there would be far more dogs at Crufts if the exibitors did`nt know were top honours were going before they got there

I have often wondered why Crufts has a Catalogue and not a DOGALOGUE. How about starting a new word especially for Crufts.....Can we have a vote?

Will Crufts be televised on Animal Planet this year? Or will you televise the show on BBC channel? In Mexico we normally see it on very delayed broadcast.

Joan Clark , Preston
Every year I watch and hope that you will have some coverage on Schipperkes. (Utility). These dogs are delightful, easy to look after, fantastic with children, good natured and an absolute credit to themselves. Please could you give them some screen time. Thankyou.

Karen Bentley
The preview programme for Crufts was greatly appreciated, and I would like to commend the BBC for spreading the time equally between obedience, agility, flyball, and breed showing. Hopefully the programmes on Thursday-Sunday will do the same (please!). Also, finally there is someone presenting (Ben Fogle) who has actually attended the event before getting paid to do so like with presenters from previous years!

Ashley k.s
I can't wait for crufts i love it, espesialy the gundogs i have a springer (brussel)

Poppy Eaton
How many dogs travel to Crufts from outside of the UK. Have any owners experienced problems with failed microchips. My Golden retriever's microchip has just failed and the PETS process has had to be restarted, so another 6 month wait until she can travel abroad!!

Will be the first time at crufts on Thursday and i cant wait, i would like to say good luck to all breeds but my love is the leonbergers as i have one and their amazing, cant wait

Esther weetman
i think crufts is a great chance to show off some cute dogs and some not so cute dogs! i think most dogs are cute which go on crufts!

i went to cruft 1 year it was the best

Annie Bowyer
Last night I was watching the Crufts program. I own a Grand Basset Griffion Vendeen called Bert. Normally, he doesn't do anything when he hears a dog on the TV but last night with Jessica Holms' GBGV, he started sniffing the screen and look behind the TV for the other dog! It must be some sort of secret GBGV talk!

i woulder who came up with the dog show crufts is't a mazing i love the working dogs because i have 1

i,m going to crufts on thrusday i can't want it's going to be fun!!!! my friends are jelouse!!!!

kerry megan williams
i go to crufts every year and love to see all the dogs and the owners.My mum and i have been wondering of getting a cairn terrier but the probalm is when ever we go we fall in love with another breed of dog!! anyway i think every dog lover should go to crufts its a wonderful experince not one to be missed!!

giggles again
hi it's me again can't wait till crufts starts my dog Rosie is excited too. toy dogs rule!!!!!so do all the others. i hope a cavalier king charles spaniel wins crufts this year.


sarah prince
i cant wait for crufts i am a very big fan of it

crufts is so much fun this year is my 3rd .allways go on diffrent days !! must go!!!

Woof Woofington
It would be great if the BBC could put details on this website of the Friend of the Year award, which happens at Crufts. It's just been on the BBC 2 TV programme. It asked people to text in their votes but we can't see the details on the web. Thank you. Woof Woof

i hope that affenpinschers will get fair bbc time. They are not a widly known dog people usually say affen what? but they are wonderful little dogs with big dog personalities

can't wait for the bloodhounds this year. they're the best!!!

chris hehir
lets hope the bulldogs win

Stephanie Banner
i'm goin 2 crufts this year but wot day are the workin dogs on cuz i have a shetland sheepdog i would like to see them any 1 no :)

luke smith
look out for a red staffature bull terrier nearly 2 yrs old, sure to win its group, its won everything its been entered in so far, its a lovely dog keep your eyes out for it

!*! zoe !*1
i love crufts i watch it every year and i have a little dog called dixie who is a shi zu and he has got that short hair not the long hair well cant wait for this years crufts !!!

Can we please have bbc coverage of the Young Kennel Club flyball teams??

Good Luck to The Dundee Canine Junior Team who are competing in the YKC flyball competition, this is their 4 th year and have come, 4th, 1st and 4th, so hoping they will be 1st again!!!!

coel mather
i can`t wait for crufts this were going gundog day the best day , vizslas r the best ***

Olivia Mia Webb
i love Crufts i have been to it every year since i was 7 , it the most brillant dog show i have been to because it helps me to know about dogs because i would love to become a breeder for dogs and show all my different types of dog! And i cant wait to go this year (2006) it is going to be well good :) And i would love to see the Dalmatians they are well cute and i would also love to see the Cocker Spaniel because they are very cute aswell!! (i love all the photos of the Cruft dogs) All my love to the winner of Crufts! -x-x-x-

Will Rouse
I went about 2 years ago to see my grandad show his norfalk terrier robbie and I'm going with my aunty this year on saterday and I hope I will enjoy it as much.

Allie B
The Norfolk should have won even though I'm personally not a great fan of them cause of its ring presence. Lucy, The Kennel Club advise you NOT to take your pet dog, most dogs who havn't been in the show ring all their lives get too stressed. Last year I believe they turned away all non-competitors with dogs for their own sake. Be responsible

I love dogs and carnt wait to go crufts!!!

I am a big fan of crufts but i have noticed that the coverage over the past few years has gone slightly downhill. why doesn't the bbc go round with their camera and do just a little interveiw of the owners b4 they get into the ring. questions like what makes their dog special to them it doesn't have to be the breeders, people from pat dogs etc.

Maria Speer
Your info on Crufts 2006 is hopeless. Its on next week and you have nothing to say about it Get your act in gear!

nicky copland
i watch crufts every year and this year me and my mum are going and we cant wait. bulldogs and spaniels are our favourities!

I'm off for second time this year! going on the thursday! looked forwards to this since i came home from the one last year!!! woohoo, not long now

i agree with arg what were they thinking?

r buxton
LARGE MUNSTERLANDER to win top dog 06!

it would be lovely to have more coverage of crufts it is only once a year and yet we only get one hour per day. surely the BBC can give more consideration to dog owners. there must be at least as many dog lovers as football fans, so how about getting good viewing figures from something totally different and not just sport. please let the BBC know what you think via this website. thankyou

kate Lily Alexander
i am a veruy big fan of crfts as i go to it every year and i each year i go, i look at all my faveourite breeds of dog. the one thing i am hoping to do for my career is to become a dog trainer and show off many different breeds of dog!! so hope fully when i go to crufts this year i can go and do some more research on the differnt types of careeres with dogs!!!

your all sad im showing myn proper working not-overweight gundogs this year and they will so totally win!!!!!!! hahaha to you

gervase dougan/holland
Come on BBC when can we expect an itnery for television coverage? groetjes uit Nederland. Gervase

Crufts Preview Show is on Sun 5th March 19.00-20.00 BBC 2 Thursday 9th March and Friday 10th March from 20.00-21.00 BBC 2 I don't know when it is being televised on the Saturday or Sunday

it would be nice for a staff to win

i do not think that the ugly norflock terrier should have won crufs 2005

Mike Burrows
Seriously looking forward to crufts- I adore almost all breeds of dog. Am on an intrepid hunt to find the television times and dates however as I haven't a tv of my own and have to go to the communal one for my college in uni

i want 2 go and c crufts

olivia smith
im freinds with jaz we are going together i cant wait

kirsty calver
i h8 dogs but i wish i could or i wish they would ave just asked i

When will crufts be televised, anyone know?? i'm going on the Thursday but can't go everyday.:(

Can anyone take there dog for a day out at crufts or do you have to be a competitor?

Crufts is by far one of the best things on TV for 2006, so good that i think i may go this year!

Toni Allport
They do not show enough of the Japanese Akita. They are a beautiful big and bold breed and i know everyone wishes to see more of their own breed, but they NEVER cover this breed on tv only in a quick flash. COME ON THE AKITA FOR 2006 xxx

Are the tv schedules available yet and will there be streaming video available on the web? Got a lot of people wanting to know throughout the world and I notice that this page was last updated 5th January 2006.

I am going to crufts this year and I can't wait! Stafordshire Bull Terriers are the best!

Why oh why is their not more coverage of dog activities such as agility, flybal and obedience. Surely Crufts has evolved, is now more about healthly activities people can do with their dogs such as the above. This is what the BBC should promote, not the elitist breed showing!!!!!

Fair City Flyball Team
Good Luck to Woodside Wagtails, Broxburn Raiders and Broxburn Bandits flyball teams. We'll be cheering for you all!!!!

crufts is great and i luv all the dogs but huskies rule the most! hope they win this year.

I can't wait to see the dogs at crufts this year.my favourite breed is the staff.

I can't wait to see the dogs at crufts this year.we are going to bring our show dog meg.

i think crufts is the best my nan and me are great lovers of showing dogs my nan has 2 pointers and a yorkshire terrier and they get showed every year there crufts is just the best i am looking forward to it lots this year though

Would love to know when Crufts is being screened on the BBC, we're planning a crufts weekend with friends - a weekend of watching at home with our dogs!

I love the Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen. What characters they are.

Looking forward to Crufts 2006! Please give maximum coverage and also a feature on the Tibetan Spaniel (Tibbie) would be just great.

i think that springers are one of the best types of dogs as i have had to live with loads of them in one house more than once. i also think that greyhounds are really cute even though some people say are too skinny and ugly, but they aint

Christine Traversari
I would love to see more Afghan Hounds, and all the other larger breeds. I come from a family who had and showed Afghans.. They are so gracious.

chris bennett
my goldie is taking part in the friends for lIfe parade on sunday.I think that he should be one of the dogs getting voted on as he has done so much for me. hope he gets on tv!

I'm going to crufts this year I wish I could take my dog, I can't show him as he has had the operation,but he would love it as a day! out.

i will be there and i love it thanks for inventing it

i love dogs we're going on the 9th !!!!

I can only presume that organisers of the event are animal lovers (dogs in particular) well if this is the case why do i read that Iams are being thanked for their contributions? It has really upset me to think that the "mighty dollar" has won again. How can any contribution the of Proctor and Gamble produced Iams be seen as favourable in light of the despicable cruelty the company inflict on hundreds of dogs through animal testing. I understand that this comment will probably be edited as of course it does not throw a very favourable light on the event, but i do urge you not to do so as many REAL dog lovers will be outraged by this (what i can only call) acceptance of dirty cash.

omg omg omg wow im goin crufts wid ma m8 megz n i cant wait iv neva been b4 but i bet it will be gr8 woo hoo yey

I live in the U.S. and I'm obsessed with dogs. Is there any chance that Crufts will be shown here? I would also be interested in a video or dvd of the competition. Is this a possibility? Thank you.

hey mi doggy is the cutest dog in the world yours are not as cute

Please could we have more coverage on the working breed classes. My Boxer has qualified and it would be great to see him on t.v

This will be my first year that i have qualified for crufts with my 10 month old keeshond.I'd love for him to be on TV and I will see you all there.Crufts is d best!

Hi i think crufts is a really great way of educating people also for people to show off there amazing beautiful and talented pooches!If i had a dog i would try my hardest to show it of to the world i would be really proud of my dog. When im older i am definately going to enter crufts as much as possible, i have been brought up with dogs around me and wish to continue my love for animals is endless!big thumbs up to co-co i love terriers:)

i love animals especially dogs i have a dog and i am training her then one day i'm going to enter her in crufts in the gundog catorgory (she's a Springer Spaniel called Rosie). i love animals so much i'm training to be a vet. my favourite breeds of dog are Beagles and Cavaliier King Charles Spaniels. can't wait to see them on crufts.

jessie boy
i have a new staffy puppy called t n i dnt no whether to show her do u think i should ?

I can't find the TV schedule for this year's Crufts on the website - when will it be available?

hi im going to show my english pointer Lace on sun 12th march at crufts and im really excited she went in 2004 and managed to getr 4th in her class

richard leese
please lets see more coverage of west highland terriers

i love co-co! the judge definently made the right desision!

Please can we see more coverage on the pyrenean mountain dog, also some coverage on scrufts.

I love crufts I watch it every year I especially love the bit at the end where the lady does the sort of dance thing its gr8. im only 12 and when im older i want to go to crufts with a dog of my own

im goin this year

please lets see more coverage od border terriers

i love doggies , dobermann likes max

Please can we have more coverage this year. With digital surely we can see more breed judging and all the main ring competition of obedience ,agility and flyball.

Please can we have more coverage this year. With digital surely we can see more breed judging and all the main ring competition of obedience ,agility and flyball.

i have never been to crufts but iam hopefully goin next year i hope cavaliers win toy grup they are the best!!!

im going 2 crufts on the 12th of march and i cant wait!!!

luv crufts watch it evry year goiing this year on the saturday 2 c utility and toy cant wait!

Crufts is brilliant I only hope I'm going to be able to hog the communal telly in my uni for the full four days- it'd be horrible to miss!

labs are best

im going to crufts on 10th march, cant wait, love dogs =), gonna spoil my dog rotten and buy him everything, i really cant wait, gonna be awsome!!!!

labradors's role

laura - again lol
um well i'm going 2 crufts hopefully this year i'm really luking 4ward 2 it and i luv it i've been once before but i can't wait wow !!!!!!!!! GO CRUFTS!!!!!!!!

C. Gilchrist
As the interest in this show is so great, why can't the BBC split the coverage so that, for example, the viewers interested in the exhibition of the dogs can be taken round the benches. Introductions to small-time exhibitors as well as the 'big guns' of the game. Definately, more time around the breed judging would be greatly appreciated.

Staffie Boy
Staffordshire Bull terriers for the win XD!

hi , this year will be my first year competing at crufts with our junior flyball team!! wish us luck!

i luv crufts it's so gd

lior from israel
i have been in the crufts last year and and the year before and i must say that it is the most beautiful dog show that i have never been. this year ill be there, and the years to come. sincerely, liori from israel

I go to crufts every year but only on the last day as you get the best bargin on the stalls. If any one is thinking of going i sugest the last day for this reason, make sure you can get them home LOL

chris gilbert
love the event, did patrons` hospitality last year, excellent. when will a german shepherd win Supreme Champion?

charlie + mum and dad!
we got to crufts nearly every year and its wonderful! we go on the toy and utility day to see the dalmatians! good luck to all of the dogs especially: one in a million at olbero,olbero ooseven and ch weaponess hyperion of olbero! you are all superstars! :-)

jenny mcaleer
will crufts dog show be shown on any of the bbc channels in 2006?

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