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24 September 2014

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Artist's impression of the Super Stadium
Artist's impression of the stadium

Super sports stadium unveiled

Birmingham City Football Club has released plans for a major new sports and entertainment complex that they claim would draw tens of thousands of tourists to the city every year.

It's called the Birmingham Sport Village - but it's all dependent on getting a super casino licence from the government.

The major new sports and entertainment complex would provide a new home for Birmingham City Football Club and could be a major tourist attraction.

Model of the Super Stadium
Model of the Super Stadium

Birmingham City's bid is in response to Government plans for one so-called 'Super Casino', which could have up to 1250 slot machines.

The club have presented their plans for a £217 million project to Birmingham City Council.

Blues bosses along with American company Las Vegas Sands want to incorporate the casino into a 59 acre sports and entertainment complex at Wheels Park in Saltley.

Along with the casino the site would house a 55 thousand seater sports stadium and an Olympic size swimming pool.

It would be capable of hosting football, athletics and rugby tournaments, as well as pop concerts.

Karren Brady
Karren Brady

Chief Executive of Blues, Karren Brady told BBC WM "It's not just a stadium, it's not a casino, it's much more than that, it's a village of sporting opportunities for Birmingham. "It will help us host events in the future like the Commonwealth Games and will be so important if we are going to attract international athletes here in preparation for 2012."

Bill Weidner is the Chief Executive Officer at Las Vegas Sands - the developers involved in the Birmingham City project.

He said, "The key that we look for is entertainment complexes that have people who normally don't engage in pure casino activities engaged in a number of entertainment opportunities including the casino."

But the NEC is preparing a rival bid, and only one proposal can be put forward to the Government for consideration.

last updated: 08/11/05
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Should the Super Stadium go ahead? What will this mean to Birmingham? What do you think? Have your say.
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i am a 13-year-old birmingham city fan and i think that it shouldnt be done because what are us kids supposed to do whilst everyone is playing the slots?

ive heard rumors about a new stadium time and time again all i want to know is the plan in deffinate talks with the council

robert roper
yes it will be the best in birmingham

carl wilson
it good one bcfc cw 20

adam groves
i think it wold be brilliant it would be a good job factor for new people and a good stasdium for the blues

adam groves
it would be a brilliant idea to build the new stadium not to mention it would give people a lot of opurtunates to work

adam Groves
yes it would help alot of people out not to mention bcfc

i dont think that the stadium should go ahead because birmingham is not a nice place an the stadium at the moment is good enough

dan giles
yes it should go ahead

Dom Bagnall (Baggers)
I really want this stadium to be built because it will be one of the greatest in the country

Adam Lees
I think this is a great idea!! im a big blues fan and it can olny be good for the club and area. Also it will make use look better than our rivals the Villa

i think its about time birmingham had a new stadium, to be fair st andrews has had some good memories there and it would be a shame to lose those but birmingham deserve a better stadium as they are on an up and heading back to the premiership. being a fan myself sitting in the olympic stand are tired of seeing a tatty old shed its time for a new stadium and it would be good for the city to be envolved in a new sporting facilite

chris green
i agree with chris`s comment the staduim is a lot of money how are they going to pay for it well... are old staduim (st andrews) if we have a new one we be selling it the the fa so then he will get some money for that then maybe a player could cover the rest and if we do get proted that will pay of the staduim and morre left other for some new playerss....

the staduim looks great hope we are in it in the summat big staduim great!!!!

dano francis
we need the ground and the support

yeees its about time brimingham got something.. i think it would be benificial for everyone, we're central england, maybe we'd get some of the england games played in the midlands then, and not at old trafford like the majority of the time.

its just what the club needs

The Bear
Yes. Blues Will Need A big Staduim IF They Are To Compeat With The Big Boys Lyk What They Say They Are Aiming For

zulu army, apex crew back in the day the days where we could stand with are mates instead of this fuss of finding our seat.

yh, but it wont get done cuz this countrys got a lazy streak n wen it cums 2 stuff like dis it shows.

If the design of the stadium and infrastructure to support it, is anywhere as near as bad as the dogs ear they made of the roads around the bullring, then god help us all! I think they are using trainee architects and kids with lego blocks to design our new city skyline. Take the New Street chaos on the roads,The traffic around there is abysmal. I think the money for these projects could be better spent on joining our divided city.We will always be second best to Manchester and Liverpool. Nothing good has come to Birmingham in years. The rest of the country has got wings on and we are flapping around for scraps.Maybe a move to a more promising location where the city fathers are endowed with vision and energy and want something for their city that would benefit us all is on the cards.

Birmingham city fc will never get 55000 a week the stadium would be half empty for most games

I thik the stadium will bring Birmingham to th top of popularity list!!!

this would be the best thing to happen to Birmingham since the industrial revoultion, and would rightfully confirm Birminghams position in the country.

Grumpy old man
Judging by the level of literacy in the vast majority of these comments, I would prefer the government to spend any money ear-marked for a project such as this to be spent on education.

They should go for it,it would bring more money,fans,players and people all over the world.Steve bruce is a great guy and his done a great job for us so i think he and the fans should have this fantastic ground.

Kenneth J Ball
The Midlands NEEDS a stadium with this VISION. Birmingham Council should get it in place with private backers support. EVERYONE would benefit from construction to long term employment and from visitor income. A casino might be introduced as legislation may permit in the future.

BWAHAHAHAHA And your lot take the mickey because we have five thousand empty seats at a game. Imagine how that place will look with 35,000 empty seats! Keep right on off the edge of oblivion.

yes,I think it should go ahead for the people to enjoy a staduim instead of having one for 100 years

i think we should get it so we can hav epride in birmingham city football club

dan francis
yes we need it for a boost of going down and to have a profecional

Jon Prew
Of course the project should go ahead. Next season when Blues are back where they belong it is imperative the players and fans have something grand to look forward to. As for birmingham, new jobs are always attractive as would be a supercasino, atheletics and also ensure that blues are not dwarfed by Villa Park being the largest midland stadium. Surely it is essential to push the vile to the edge where they belong.

sam scott
yes it should go ahead because birmingham is the secend biggest city in england and should have some thing big and as great as this stadium!! and the stadium will be great for the club and for the fans!

jon n chris
yeah course it is the second city of england so it should at least have a big stadium but sometimes we dont get the old one filled up

Of course it should, but it won't. All talk no action, as is so often the case in this country.

yes it should are old ground is terrible it will probably be the best

majority of blues supporters base
we are in the championship what are we doing with stadium like that steve bruce OUT SOON AS POSSIBLE !!!!!!!!

the sports village would be good for birmighams buisneses and atractions

I have recently visited the 'Wheels Park' area on a school trip, where they are going to build this Sports Village. After seeing copious amounts of derelict buildings, I am supporting the proposed Sports Village 100%.

if this stadium is worth like £3million how are birmingham city FC going to pay there debt in the championship next season

Natasha Jordan
Just amazing, an opportunity not to be missed, would be crazy for council not to vote for this project, JOBS JOBS, regeneration of wasteland, community facilites second to none, world class stuff for world class city, lets make sure we are not a second city, but a first class city..

keith mayers
could the local councillors think of more employment and sports facilities in the inercity, than a rich boys club at the nec with more employment for solihull. the birmingham youth need it

the new stadium would be good for the club and for the city there would be good jobs and plenty of things to do so let it go ahead please thank you

Claret and Blue through and through
supporters make a club not the stadium!!! Get real B.C.F.C supporters you can't afford your season tickets now so how would you be able to pay extortionate prices for a super stadium ? dream on your noses will always be GREEN envy will always follow you.

Tom Foy
Up the blues! they should go for it it will certainly attract birmingham as a more tourist city and hopefully will be used for the olympics.

i think its a wonderfull idea i dont no how anyone can even turn a blind eye 2 such a brill opertunety although IF we go down then we will be a bit like a ghost town trying to fill the massive thing

James Macmillan
I think it will be a one in a life time opportunity for blues but not just for them for the community so yes it is agood thing

this staduim will just end up getting graffitied on, avfc 4 life ! youth youth

If you want to see the latest info, they've just launched a website. www.birminghamsportsvillage.com

Matt Thomas
It's a win-win situation for the City of Birmingham, let alone Birmingham City. What a fabulous opportunity to regenerate a rundown area of the city and provide superb facilities and income that all Brummies, not just Blues fans, will benefit from. And what's more, it won't cost a penny of tax payers money - when will that chance ever come again? I understand the opposition, but it must be remembered the casino will take up just 2% of the village and that local concerns have been addressed with the inclusion of a community centre and other ammenities. Blues won't sell out 55,000 but with reasonable pricing and more flexible seating 40,000+ is very realistic. Villa fans - think of the city ahead of your own reluctance to see Blues in a new stadium!

Blues Y Do U Want A Mint Ground Wen UR Gonna B Playin In The Championship Next Season !! AVFC

Birmingham should get the stadium go ahead because birmingham needs a decent stadium and also it could then be used to hold england games and also i think if we ad the bigger stadium it would attract more people to the club and we would get a good attendence

lets get going sounds good

Dam right we should

bradley jones
no we dont want a new ground inm a ruff area

paul anderton
the nec has more expierence running events but both will be a waste of time and money as BLACKPOOL will win the casino bid as they have been planning for years and your still trying to decicde on a site

anthony, birmingham aren't paying for it, las vegas sands are.

sammm da true brummy
i think karren brady is absolutely right and we should have it built but if its onli in the range of where st.andrews (i salute thee)is, i dont want to travel miles to wacth a match,but im backing karen all the way and i hope it goes through providing more money for the club to make it a better one. thankz

Anthony Yates
The government willnnot let you build this new stadium because they will not let you have the land around the stadium and u will not have enough money to build ot.

Good to hear someone else sticking up for the Wheels complex. Don't get me wrong I like my football, but it irritates me how the assumption is that football must come before all other sports in this country. It would be big loss if the wheels complex was flattened, it hosts some pretty big stock car events, and provides superb entertaiment for thousands of race fans. Every year, a Children in Need stock car event is held, with over £10,000 raised.

Yeah, but what about the Birmingham wheels racing circuit, which is where the new ground is going to be built, will that be relocated? Not everyone is into football believe it or not, and I think it would be a shame if the wheels complex was lost?

why is everyone slating the fact that birmingham city are the only people that seem to want to offer something the whole of birmingham and the sorrounding community can benefit from hugely. why not look at the wider picture that birmingham will finally get some recognition. good luck bcfc

see the blues think they're going to be the next chelsea then! nec will get the birmingham bid and rightly so

frank haywood
the city need it ,what more can be said,

in response to nick (villa fan), you should spend more of your time getting accurate facts than than what you think you know. birmingham not only sell out the stadium at every home game, which fair enough is only 30000, this still out sells villa whose attendance is apalling considering villa fans go on about being the best team in birmingham. villa only get big attendances at rival games. birmingham would benefit far more to get the new stadium than renovate st andrews.

carl arrowsmith
good for the blues make birmingham the best in the country hope they build it soon

Re: Froggo from sydney. A lot of people are saying similar to what you're saying, about there not being enough fans to fill such a stadium. But we have to remember that this is a joint Birmingham city council/ football scheme. The stadium will be a multi-purpose stadium which can host athletics, cricket and rugby matches alongside Birmingham city home games, so even if the Bham city were to be relegated (which is a very real possibility) the constuction of the stadium could be justified due to it's multi-purpose function.

Carl Sims
Yes, definately. For too long Birmingham has sat in the shadow of London and more recently Manchester & Newcastle. Why should we not have a state of the art sports/leisure complex that not only Birmingham city fans but also the rest of the West Midlands can be proud of. Just because we are known as the second city, why should we always settle for second best. It will not only boost revenue for Birmingham and the surrounding area's but will also boost the views of how the rest of the "world" views our ambition.

froggo from Sydney
Why do Birmingham need a 55000 capacity stadium when they cant fill their teeny weeny 30000 hole? I say build it and let the blue noses play in an empty stadium, afterall they are used to it.

What will happen to the sporting clubs that call the wheels complex home .Will they have a place in the new complex

This is definately want Birmingham needs, to put it back on the map. At the moment its suffering from severe critism; the main argument being its unworthy to been deemed the 2nd city!!

Dan Winters
Lets get one thing straight- by hosting the 2002 commonwealth games, Manchester has NOT overtaken Birmingham. The commonwealth games is a 3rd tier sporting event that gets little world media attention. The list of countries that do not compete in the commonwealth games is very long- USA, Russia, China, Germany, France, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia and so on.... In terms of TV audiences, the 2002 Manchester commonwealth games had record low viewing figures in Canada. As a result, Canada's main broadcaster- CBC will not be screening the 2006 commonwealth games. Victoria, Canada hosted the 1994 commonwealth games. On the world stage has the city overtaken Toronto and Montreal? The answer is NO. Brisbane hosted the 1982 commonwealth games, has it ovcertaken Sydney? Once again- NO. If we're talking about events that grab world attention, remember Bham hosted the 1998 G8 summit which was attended by world leaders like Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin. The G8 summit got far more world media publicity than the 2002 commonwealth games.

it would be grate

Wasim Ríaz
Birmingham NEEDS a large capacity stadium, and the fact that someone else is willing to pay for it so us brummies won't have to should be backed to the fullest extreme. I hear the major opposition is from Muslim councillors who oppose the building of casinos. I am a Muslim too, and all I can say is that, there is no obligation for anyone to gamble, so it will make absolutely no difference to Muslims, who instead should be grateful for the many jobs that will be created. It disappoints me that it is my own people who are halting something that will be a dream come true. Also, while we're on the topic, something needs to be done with the Rotunda. I believe it has a place in our modernisation of Brum, but it's an eyesore. We should be chasing a multi-million dollar deal with Pepsi or Coke to redesign it into a giant drinks can. That will bring some more money in. Unfortunately, the council doesn't seem to have anyone with a creative or positive bone in their body. Thank you.

Pankaj /Handa
55k dtadium is too small should be at least 80k

Jordan Tocknell
It is about time that the second city has a bigger and better football stadium. im fed up of hearing manchester united this manchester united that, why isnt it birmingham instead. birmingham is a fantastic city with a great football team and thats why we need a better football stadium. everybody knows that alot of tourists come to Birmingham and thats what london is afraid of, and thats why they wouldn't let birmingham have wembley, but who needs that, let london have that awfull stadium.

Robert Richards
I definately think it should go ahead. It will bring many new and exciting experiences to Birmingham and prove what a great city we are and how we can cope with such big projects. This will bring brum back into the 21st century and beyond. Don't let the NEC take all the glory from us.

Nigel Tucker
We should have a stadium in our city to rival any in the country! Sorry but the 'new wembly' would fade into the background. For the Future - it will bring regeneration to our once envied city, promote jobs, and maybe we could host a few of the world cup games in 2014. It would put our city right back on the map. NEC get real!

elz_ blues fan!!
i think this is a great idea...birmingham is supposed to be the second city of england but we alwayz lose competetition to london, manchester and liverpool our council needs to start doing something like their councils are, we need to catch up and compete with them..if we have this sports complex we will have 2 amazing grounds which can only benefit the football coverage of our city it will put us on the map.. also if we DO get this we will have an amzing sports complex AND the bullring we would be a modern and improving city and attract 1000s of tourists....go for it!!

what about the people who live near there not thinking about them are you

scott bilam
i think so becouse the contory need to be more helthe in meney wayes


nanny burp

terry payne
yes, the BCFC proposal should be the one selected,it has more scope and advantages than the NEC proposal.

will mre
man you are the best in the world

DJ Golby
A lot of people are talking as if this stadium will be ready for next season. Even if BCFC did go down there would be plenty of time to get back to the Premiership. This is a plan for the future, it will also mean that ticket prices should come down. I saw earlier today that the home tickets for Man Utd are £45. That is ridiculous, id love to see them play Man Utd but at that price it is stupid. I for one would go frequently if ticket prices were around £20. They would then fill the stadium. Also it will be great for Birmingham, someone said it would be like Old Trafford, I wish! That place is arguably the best ground in the country, why would you not want that?! So I think it should go ahead! n.b has anyone noticed that this project is a small fraction of the price for the new wembley?

phil woods
Go for it

ryan eddy
let blues have the ground they are a good team and they will stay up they need the ground it will bring fans back to birmingham and it will put birmingham on the map and that will be good for everyone and it will bring loads of jobs sotv jimmy e

jimmy e
let brummies have a new ground they need it they have worked for it manchester give manchester city one so why can't blues have one so let it go a head up the blues

Andy Hyde
To Germaine Birmingham's already on the map. It's approx. 120 miles from London and about 400 miles South of Edinburgh. Oh, and it's the second largest city in the country. Isn't that enough? The Casino money will only go to the Casino owners, after they have generated around 150 jobs. The outcome of these 150 jobs on the local economy will be, at best, nominal. I have nothing against Casinos, as they are merely a tax on optimistic people. Like the Lottery.

I wrote the message 'to Sajid' backing the stadium and I am a Villa season ticket holder. As I said we should all back the stadium regardless of what team we follow, Villa fans who do not support the project are brainless as this whole development will benefit us all. Besides which the stadium will not belong to Blues anyway so Villa will still have the best stadium, and when the North Stand is developed the capacities will match so Bham will have two great football grounds to be proud of.

thomas hawkes
this magnificent stadium will really put birmingham on the map.


come on Birmingham city council!!! Do something for the public of Birmingham for a change, that stadium is awsome and will put our great city on the map and create thousands of jobs

essential at saltley only objections r from villa supporters understandably jealous

anyone notice that most the villa fans are against it shame were getting a better stadium hahaha

stacey belshaw
its a good idea, but it would be better if birmingham city actually owned it, and were not renting it.

To Sajid
We've already got sports complexes too so why are you 'all for' another one??!! we've got an airport so why build another one? We had a shopping centre so why build the new bullring? We have a library so why build a new one? We have shops, pubs, roads, parks, train lines and stations etc so why have more? The answer is because its an improvement and development and its good for the city of Birmingham. Your questioning this baffles me? The casino will only take up 5% of the entire site which will create thousands of jobs and provide top class facilities. I urge all brummies to get behind the project regardless of football loyalties or opinions on gambling, for the simple reason that it is good for the city. I'm sure if you asked people who don't like football but have a brain if they agree with the proposal they would say 'yes' although they will never go into the stadium. If you don't agree with casino's don't go in them! its that simple. The fact is many others should not be denied access to such facilities just because others don't like it. It appears to me that many people here have developed some sort of seedy, crime based idea of what a casino is like, yet they have obviously never been in one if they had they would know that its not like this at all. What exactly is the issue with casino's? The wheels adventure park is a lot worse with regards noise and youths than a casino would be? Are bookmakers or Bingo halls any different? I don't think so - and they wouldn't create half the criticism! A football stadium creates many many many more problems for local residents than a casino could yet this doesn't seem to be a problem. As would a supermarket, a mosque, an industrial estate or a factory - all for some reason or another I feel would escape such criticism????

Im all for the sports complex, but i object to the casino, we alredy have a the starcity casino

50,000 Seater Stadium looks good coming from a Villa Fan but i dont think youre Fill it when you can't fill a 30,000 stadiuma nd youre going down to the Championship.

Russell Dempsey
I say it's a great idea. Residents of Birmingham arguing that casinos can't be in residential areas are ignoring the UK's biggest casino at Star City... I say it would be great for the City. Criminals tend to steal cars and burgle houses, rather than frequenting casinos that are likely to have great security and CCTV....

The stadium should be built this would really get Birmingham on the map. Daniel is a time-waster.

Great Idea the City needs this to happen but will it still go ahead if Blues go down, We have a Following more better than that other club in Aston ? but people do tend to stay away from their clubs when they have gone down which means less revenue coming in each week. I wish the Board and every body involved in this project all the best. lets get this club up where it belongs and no more living in the shaddows of other clubs.keep right on.

steven cale
i think the staduim should go ahead as it will a. mean that birmingham city have more supporters at the ground b. mean they can put ticket prices down c. measn more jobs in the area d. means birmingham can host all kinds of sporting events

Nick ( Aston villa Fan)
concentrate on redeveloping the other side of st Andrews and stregnthen the playing staff.it would be a waste of time building a 50;000 seater stadium for Birmingham city fc your average gate is only 25;000 There are more Villa fans than blues fans in birmingham villa;s average gate is 39;000 every home game And there are plans to redevelop Villa Park simply because we have more supporters

I don't like it

ian mathew
if you do not like the idear of a casino near you move! i think it is a great plan for brum

The super casino is going to blackpool, everyone know that. Perhaps spend more time looking at the clubs current plight than into the future at unrealist plans.

The way things are looking at the moment, it'll be the best stadium in the Championship.

craig rogers
excellent news for birmingham,it will add to a great new city centre and put sport on the map for birmingham. it should be commended

Mr. Adrian D. Duffen
Yes the Super Stadium with casino should go ahead. This is ideally placed in the inner city. It will be all private money used. This will regenerate that part of Birmingham. Out of town stadiums do not work, as half the population of that city have to travel too far to get there.

Ramandeep Gill
Everybody seems to be forgoetting about the stadium being able to hold Test Matches. I'm sure this stadium is a good idea as it will bring together all ethnic groups by the way of a number of Sports such as crcket, football etc.

Mike Baggies Blogger
looks ace!will do the city the power of good,don't know whether Blues would fill it though, no disrespect to them but Man City don't fill there stadium and this would be a similar venture to that one.

I support the idea, the current stadium isn't big enough for the number of fans that want to go, especially to the big games! It may also reduce ticket prices which is great for all fans! Birmingham needs a great team, and stadium to represent the city!

Paul - Haarlem
Casino bringing in more crime? Already high un-employment rates! What are you going on about Fermanie? Do you have any idea of how a casino works and the type of people that frequent these places? Go for it Blues - the area needs more to be proud of, and it will generate extra revenue and possibly extra employment oppurtunities. Some people don't know when they are being offered a good thing.

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