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28 October 2014

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Asia quake

Rescuers desperately search for survivors
Rescuers desperately search for survivor

Asia quake: your messages

Thousands of Birmingham families face an agonising wait for news of their loved ones as the death toll in the South Asian earthquake continues to mount. Leave your messages here.

South Asia Quake facts

  • At least 19,000 killed
  • At least 42,000 injured
  • Hit at 0350 GMT on 8 October
  • 7.6 magnitude

Thousands of people in Birmingham were born in Pakistan or India - many of them from the quake zone around the disputed territory of Kashmir.

The powerful earthquake struck Pakistan, north India and Afghanistan. The US Geological Survey said the quake in Kashmir measured at least 7.6. The epicentre was 80km (50 miles) north-east of Islamabad.

The death toll from the devastating earthquake is expected to reach 30,000.

Midlands aid

Specialist firefighters from the West Midlands have arrived to help in areas hit by the Kashmir earthquake, and £2m aid has so far been given by Islamic Relief, whose international base is here in Birmingham. 

Islamic Relief are asking for more help  - even though more staff have had to be brought in to cope with the flood of calls. 


Midlands businessmen are getting behind the relief operation, one man has reportedly donated £100,000 to a local charity. But amidst fears that bogus charities could see the tragedy as an opportunity, Shafaq Hussein from the Association of British Kashmiris in Birmingham is urging all fundraising to be coordinated.

More relief supplies and rescue teams are expected to leave the Midlands to help in the devastated areas in the next few days.

How to donate

The Lord Mayor of Birmingham has launched an appeal to provide aid for the families and victims of the South East Asia Quake.  Find out how to donate here;

last updated: 11/10/05
Have Your Say
How has the earthquake in Kashmir affected you? Do you have friends or family in the area that are directly affected?
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Sima Akthar and friends
i think the Earthquake that had happened was terrible. and i feel sorry for those families that have lost their loved ones. All us friends pray for all those people out there and we know that Allah is with u.

Omer Ahmed Bangash
It's really hard time for my villagers and for us, Now Situation is going onward as recovery, Balkot is totally destroyed, aftershocks jolts area harshly, and the most people migrated to Mansehra and Abbottabad, Remaining in tents out there, set up by different NGO's and Government, It's really an hard time, People still weeping for their loved ones, Least of them still under rebels, and the "WAR" for releif goods is on way there, Officials demand for the NIC's and documents, which people lost under rebels of the buildings, People repairing their loved ones graves, which they arranged in hurry, and teams busy in releif, Wall chalking on way, where at earlier were sign boards of HOTELS and WELCOME in Valley, but Now there they write, as " LIFE WILL SMILE AGAIN", "Keep Water AND AREAS AROUND UR TENTS CLEAN" and like that, High School for boys has been repaired and For girls is on the way, Beside the Girls High School is my Native Grave Yard, where number of School Girls are burried, With Their Shoes and School Bags at their graves but most of them also lost their parents so no one still has came to their graves for blessings.

I think the earthquake is really terrible.People have no houses and food.

I thinks it's great that everyone is doing something to help. I was shopping this weekend and I saw collection boxes in Asda, Fads, the pound shop or all the local resturants and grocers. I thinks it's grea.

kazam ali
very good the way comunitee pulling together

Mrs Khan
My prayers for everyone out there. So great to see UK teams and lots of Muslim doctors from the UK rushing to the scene. At times of diasater we all need to pull in together.

maryam sajid and haleema younis
I don't have family or friends in kashmir, my family live in Jhelum. But it makes me cry and sad everytime they show it i feel scared because i think it might happen in Birmingham.

My prayers with all with families and friends in Pakistan and Kashmir. I hope this makes us all work together to serve those affected.

Azim Hossain
May God give us all ability to pull together at this time. My thoughts with all those affected.

Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this terrible disaster. Our deepest gratitude to the Rapid-UK team and all the Rescue and Relief workers who have left their families behind to help the victims. God bless you all and keep you in His Protection.

It is strange that so many natural disasters are happening everywhere. But in Islam a person killed by being crushed by rock or earth goes to heaven, just like if they drown. So even though it is a great catastrophie, there is some amount of light to be shed on the issue. The Most Merciful is truely merciful, even in such circumstances. The dua's of many in the US are with them.

It's good to see Rapid-UK getting involved, even after the post-7/7 demonisation of the British Asian community. I think the British government could do more, however. My thoughts go out to the affected families.

Kumar Shazad
With all the corruption in Pakistan I wonder if the poor will receive any of the donated money, this is what hurts me most and brings a tears to my eye. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Umm Safiya
May the Most Kind shelter them in this life and the next.Our thoughts are with them at this most difficult time.

Shehzad UK
It has been a very tragic disaster in the blessed month of ramadan. Our prayers are with the people of pakistan who have lost their family members. I hope the British governement and the people will do thier utter best to raise lots of dontations asap in this humanitarian disater

Mazhar Iqbal
A year of much sorrow and loss across the world. May Allah give patience to the relatives of all the victims everywhere, Ameen.

Bint-eh Adam
A very testing time for everyone. But it only makes sense for people to work together to help ease the burden which the victims of this event carry upon their shoulders. May God Almighty give us the ability to assist.

Desperately sad
These poor, poor families. My love and prayers are with them. We have to pull together to help ease their suffering.

In this holy month of Ramadhan have mercy on us all.

Shazia Khan
Insha-Allah our prayers are with the people of Pakistan. May God have Mercy on all those families affected. This is a time to pull our efforts and give as much money, support and prayers as possible.

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