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28 October 2014

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Prayers at Ramadan

The spirituality in fasting

Written by Adam Yosef
Ramadhan is the Islamic month in which Muslims all around the world fast from dawn until dusk for 30 consecutive days.

Prayers at Ramadhan
Prayers at Ramadhan

In Birmingham, thousands of Muslims, both active and passive, will be participating in fasting during the holy month.

Ideally, it is expected of Muslims who are considered adults of sound mind to participate fully by observing all thirty fasts while abstaining from food, drink, sexual relations and bad actions during the hours of fast

Bringing oneself closer to God...

While food, drink and sexual relations may be resumed in the month when one is not fasting, the purpose of fasting is to bring oneself closer to God by remembering Him.

Prayers at Ramadhan
Prayers at Ramadan

The objective of refraining from bad actions, bad etiquette and sin for a whole month is to help Muslims enforce new resolutions for the coming year where they will permanently give up some of the things which they've managed to refrain from in the holy month.

Many usually start with something small such as smoking, which is greatly disapproved of in Islam and in some cases forbidden, and try to remove the habit altogether

Changing for the better...

Muslim husband and wife at Eid Mela in Birmingham
Most Muslims always wish to better themselves in their character, their understanding, their relationship and respect with others as well as their practice of their faith.

Prayers at Ramadan
Prayers at Ramadan

However, because Muslims are imperfect like all other human beings, they reach any desired goal by way of hard work and challenges.

Therefore, this month enables ordinary Muslims, all at different stages in their conviction of Islamic principles and action, to take steps towards changing their personal character and improving their relationship and connection with God.

This remembrance, closeness and understanding of God and His creation is known as Taqwa and this is what Ramadhan is all about. Another purpose of fasting, although in a lesser form, is that of welfare contribution, one of the pillars of the Islamic faith.

Remembering the less fortunate...

Prayers at Ramadhan
Prayers at Ramadan

Muslims remember the less fortunate and starving in the world and make extra effort to pray for them and to donate money during Ramadhan.

Before Eid day, Muslim families are expected to pay around £2/3 on behalf of each member of the family as Sadaqa, which is given by mosques to charitable causes in the third world.

A time to rejuvenate...

For a lot of Muslims, Ramadhan is that time of the year when they can rejuvenate their spiritual side and increase the positivity of their outlook on life, always bearing the religious purpose of life in mind.

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