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24 September 2014

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Reena Tailor of Bollywood Dance Dreams
Reena Tailor of Bollywood Dance Dreams

Hooray for Bollywood

By Jadeen Singh
Indian culture is everywhere from clothes to films and now dance. Jadeen learns to dance with the passion of a Bollywood babe.

Bollywood Dreams Dance are appearing at Artsfest on Saturday 10th September

Strike a pose!
Strike a pose!

If you look around the high street shops at the minute you’ll find they are filled with ethnic style clothes and jewellery, most of which is inspired by India. The influence can also be seen in other things, varying from make-up to music.

With this injection of Indian culture into the main stream, I thought why not look more closely into the one thing India is well known for Bollywood. We’ve all heard of Bollywood, but do you know anything about it? 


It is a massive industry and here a few facts about it:

• Bollywood is the largest film industry in the world.
• Though its annual revenue is only $1.3 billion (compared to Hollywood’s $57 billion), last year 36 billion tickets were sold to Bollywood  films, whilst Hollywood only sold 2.6 billion.
• In 2002 ‘Devdas’ became the first Indian film in Bollywood history to be premiered at Cannes film festival.
• Bollwood also spread to theatre with Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Bombay Dreams’, which even ran on Broadway.
• There is one cinema in Birmingham that is dedicated to Bollywood films, Piccadilly Cinema, in Sparkhill.
• Star City, in Birmingham, continually shows a range of Bollywood films.

But how does Bollywood effect Birmingham?

Jadeen and the Bollywood Dance Dreams team
Jadeen and the Bollywood Dance team

Bollywood has inspired many, one of these people is Reena Tailor. Ever since she was 5 years old she has loved to dance to all the songs and imitate the different styles in the Bollywood movies.

This passion became a way of life for Reena, when in 2002 she set up a dance company. She called it ‘Bollywood Dreams’. It is dedicated purely to the art of Bollywood dance.

During the school term she teaches people of all ages, backgrounds and ability all the latest Bollywood dance moves. In the summer she turns her attention to public performances.

Bollywood Dance

I went along to watch a rehearsal with Reena and three other girls, Angela, Nimi and Kat. The girls were rehearsing for a performance this Friday and though they were only practising you can tell they had as much rhythm as Justin Timberlake if not more!

The dancing oozed sensuality and passion. The choreography, which Reena devises herself, was slick, innovative, pulsating and overall the girls produced a performance that was visually exciting.

The music, although traditional, had a beat that even I could not help but move to! Music in Bollywood films ranges from haunting poetic love songs to the beat of the bhangra. The choreography also encompasses this same variety.

Reena Tailor
Reena Tailor

Speaking to Reena afterward she told me how she becomes a different character when performing, either taking inspiration from the films the music is from or interprets the mood she feels the song arouses.

I found it interesting when I asked what Bollywood meant to them all. Kat replied instantly ‘Shahrukh Khan’. Whlist the others were a little more reflective saying ‘music, dance, glamour and expression’.
(By the way, Shahrukh Khan is the Tom Cruise of the Bollywood Industry!)

Having only seen a rehearsal there was one thing that I did miss out on….seeing the girls in all their Bollywood finery.


I can imagine their beautifully embroided skirts, the vibrant colours of the Indian outfits, the dazzling jewellery and distinctive make-up, re-creating a stunning scene to be found in most Bollywood movies.

From what I have seen and heard from the girls it is obvious that Bollywood is a major part of their lives. It is clear that it is not simply a fashion fad that will be forgotten about anytime soon. Especially when you have the likes of Reena transferring the Bollywood magic from the screen to a stage.

Take a look at pictures of the Bollywood Dance Dreams group - and Jadeen - in action>>
Bollywood dance pictures >

last updated: 07/09/05
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i want to start some indian dance classes but dnt know where they take place. do you know any local to hall green.

hi people i have been dancing with reena for 1 year i have experienced one peformance which was really good reena teaches lots of new moves and fun facial expressions jaust to say this the best bollywood dance acadmey XxXsHaRoNxX

yeah i have with hina and co

Hi, I am really enjoying the new Bhangra Jamm dance classes every wednesday evenings at the Dance Workshop, Moseley, B'ham. Very refreshing and energetic!

alysha keshani
i am from hina and co and we rock HINA & CO ARE THE BEST, WE ROCK people

alysha keshani
bollywood dancing is really good i do dancing aswell but not with reena tailer i dance with hina and co i am not from birmingham i am from coventry. bollywood dancing is really good for you. you have real fun.

heyy ma name sonia, im all da way from lesta! im part of Honeys dance Academy... i jsu den shows wiv miss enlgand.. and i have only bin wiv honey's 4 1 year! Its an amzinng experince.. with alot of hard work and eefort! i think Honeys dance academy is awesome... its not a waste of time or many.. everyone gets a chance to perform :) xx

i want to learn boolywood dance


I must say the BEST BOLLYWOOD DANCE school has to be HONEY'S DANCE ACADEMY - they have so much great Opportunities to perform and make iot into Bollywood

Sumeet Virdee
Hey guys, i've been dancing with reena and crew for six months now, and i've alredy done 2 shows!!! It's soooo much fun and keeps you fit too!!! I already feel that i've lernt loads of new dance moves! Bollywood has been my passion since i as about 1 and dancing has been to!!!!

sumeet virdee
reena is my dance teacher and she is the BEST!!!! she's becum my new dance idol becoz shes soooo gd @ it!! SUMEETxxx

Sumeet Virdee
Im doing dancin wiv reena @ bollywood dreams dance an shes become my idol 4 dance shes an excellent moover an groover an she rox!!!!So do the reat of bolly wood dreams!!Got 1st show of the year 2day!!!IM NERVOUS!!!

I must say Honey's Dance academy and Sapney school of dance are both the BEST!

sharon shwan
i started bollywood dreams dance academy in september its fun and exciting i aboustley love to dance and sometimes make up my own moves at home reena is an excellant teacher!!!!!!!!!!

hi i would like to know the closest bollywood dance class to northfield thanks

Azra , Birmingham
I,ve got a 4 year old who loves Bollywood!! Where can I take her in Birmingham??

Hi everyone, this is a wonderful page on Bollywood. I saw the Sapnay Dancers performing in London and Birmingham. They were brilliant. from Radhika, London.

London's very popular Sapnay Dancers the UK Bollywood DanceChampions 2005 are probably the leading No.1 Bollywood dance company in Britain, they entertain and put smiles on your face. Sapnay present dynamic dance styles in Bollywood, Hip Hop, Street. The company have supported many big acts from the music industry and have collected many awards. Whats more you can join their dance classes too!

Hi ppl, i am non-asian bt i have been learning from Jyoti Trivedi, who runs Angel Dance School, and i just love dancing to bollywood its great..... and she put myself and 8 other girls forward as a group for this competition called Boogie Woogie, and we won 1st prize.... therefore becoming the first ever non-asian group to win a world known televised show.

i love the glamour of bollywood i have a huge passion in acting and bollywood

Bollywood dancing is cool. But be very careful in selecting a right Dance Academy and check them out first especially those who say they are BRITISH & WORLD BOLLYWOOD DANCE CHAMPIONS !....

Hi bollywood dancing is cool I agree with you all. But be warned about badly run dance academies especially thoses who claim to have such boogie woogie awards check out them out first!

Rajeshri sheth
Hi I'm Rajeshri Sheth, director of Shri Academy of Dance. We are a Harrow based dance school who currently hold the BRITISH & WORLD BOLLYWOOD DANCE CHAMPIONS TITLE 2006. We won a world wide comp organised by Sony Television called 'Boogie Woogie'in April giving us this title.I think Bollywood dancing is fab, sleek, sexy and so very sensual. If you wanna join my dance school and learn Bollywood and other styles please visit www.shriacdemy.com Lookin forward to hearin from you!

hi im lookin for dance classes are there any near newton

Sohan Kailey
Its great to see Bollywood dance combining with Bhangra. Why to learn the physical art of bhangra dance. The colourful punjabi dance. For more details contact Sohan Kailey (Freelance Bhangra Dance Artist) www.ozonepr.com

hi im rahul and im looking for dance classes which is bollywood dance so pls help me

its great you feel so cocentrated and your mind is focased when i go up on stage i have fun even if i make mistakes after i am done i feel proud of my self.

Have u come to rookery school you are a fantastic dance teacher

Handsworth Bollywood Dance Class Every Wednesday starting from 31st May 8PM TO 9PM Holyhead School (Community Leisure Centre) Milestone Lane Handsworth Birmingham B21 0HN £4 per lesson!!! £20 per term (6weeks) Contact 07845369295

I am studing bollywood at skool and it look really interesting :)

New Bollywood Dance Classes in Balsall Heath Birmi
Bollywood Dance classes in Balsall Heath Want to dance like a star? Want to make friends? Want to loose weight? Just want to do something physical? Hina and co is the right place for you! Every Wednesday starting from 31st May 6PM TO 7PM At St. John and Martins Church George Street (opposite park ) Balsall Heath. £4 per lesson!!! £20 per term (6weeks) Contact Hina & Co on 07875236572 Or email us on: birmingham-Bollywood-classes@hotmail.co.uk Or check out our website www.hinaandcodance.com

mala mistry
how much is it and how old do you have to be and is there 1 in ladywood

Nisha Parmar
I have been doing Bollywood Dancing with Bollywood Dreams Dance Academy for 3 years now. I get to perform lots and its really good fun!

i have being doing dancing with hina which is rly good and keeps me fit

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