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24 September 2014

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Tornado damage
Damage caused by the tornado

Tornado hits Birmingham

The clean-up operation continues after a tornado ripped through Birmingham. Share your pictures and experiences here.

Birmingham Tornado

  • Weather experts say the tornado which hit Birmingham was a severe tornado with wind speeds of between 115 and 136 miles per hour.
  • The Torro scale, which measures tornados put it at a T4, with T1 being light, and T10 being a maximum.

A tornado has hit Birmingham injuring 19 people - three seriously. It lasted for just four minutes but wreaked havoc across Small Heath, Hall Green, Sparkbrook and Kings Heath areas of the city. It destroyed part of a supermarket, uprooted trees and damaged more than a hundred homes.  Weather experts believe it's one of the worst ever to hit Britain.

Click the TORNADO: YOUR PICTURES link to see images of the tornado and damage>>>>

Damage caused by the tornado
Damage caused by the tornado

West Midlands fire say several trees have also come down in the Kings Heath area and they're inundated with calls to flash floods.

Eye-witness Mrs Reefat Batul of Sparkbrook describes what she saw.

"There was a little bit of thunder and then some lightning.  The winds started to pick up and then tiles began to fly off roofs and smash into windows. Huge trees have been uprooted and complete roofs have been ripped off houses. Smashed cars, uprooted trees and lampposts are lying all over Sparkbrook. My sister actually saw the cylinder of the tornado going through the sky. 

Tiles are lifted by the tornado
Tiles and bricks lifted by the tornado

"As soon as the winds started we all knew something was wrong. My houses has several smashed windows, and our cars are damaged.  Right now it's incredibly calm - there's no wind at all - no movement."

Jane Trobridge was at work in Small Heath next to the Birmingham City Ground when the tornado struck;

"There were a couple of really loud thunder claps and bright lightning strikes and then the wind picked up. We looked out of the window and there was loads of debris flying around - bits of trees, roof insulation and rubbish.

Car destroyed by a fallen tree
Car destroyed by a fallen tree

"Suddenly everything started blowing UPWARDS. I tried to get out to get a better look but I couldn't actually force the door open. I could see loads of flying debris circling, and then the roof seemed to lift off the petrol station and swing almost completely upright and then fall back down.

"Behind it there were trees and bricks flying about. It was madness; cars being lifted up; flag poles snapped off at their bases. It suddenly went weirdly quiet and then seemed to pass - and I went to the back of the building and the whole thing just seemed to pass over."

Tornado over the Birmingham skyline
Tornado over the Birmingham skyline

The last time Britain was hit with such a severe tornado was back in 1931. It hit virtually the same area, the Small Heath and Hall Green districts of the city. Back then one woman died.  So where did today's come from? At around midday there was a line of thunderstorms stretching right across the country from mid Wales to London.

As they moved north, the storm grew in intensity. When it hit south Birmingham, Kings Heath, at about 2.30 this afternoon, it had become even stronger and turned into a tornado. It moved northwards across the city - although not as intense.

Send us your photos of the tornado email: birmingham@bbc.co.uk

Click the TORNADO: YOUR PICTURES link to see images of the tornado and damage>>>>

Have you seen or been affected by the tornado?  Send us your pictures and accounts of the tornado in Birmingham.

last updated: 01/08/05
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Tornado in Birmingham - your experiences.
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Holly Eynon
i feel rael sowy for those who had exprienced it

Bernard Armstead
It was wonderful experience seeing the tornado in the sky. But the effects were horrible, houses were damaged and cars crushed.


william kemsley
please protect us against severe or worser wheather warnings as always and protect the enviroment as well

that was awful wot happened i hope all 19 ppl that were injured get better soon :)

Leonie M
That happens like 7 times EVERY YEAR, its just smaller Also, there are 3 earthquakes EVERY YEAR, so stop being such woosies!!!

Leah Onkson
I was sitting in my house with my hubby and kids and then all of a sudden massive noise thought it was a bomb soooo scary!!

tegan baxter
hello there, I think the Tornado is absoloutley horrific it must of made lots of familys tremendoulsy upset.I hope that the houses get repaired soon.

rikki Timana
my dad was in the tornado and he died i am so sad and recently my mom died in the wales tornado i am left alone the last one to be sucked up

i have never experienced a tornado my self, and for those who did i feel really sorry for them. Only im so scared of the thought of tornados ( im scared of thunder and lightning ) i dnt live far from birmingham, only i never knew anythin about it, how wud i know a tornado is on its way what the signs, beacse i cant sleep at nite im so scared, and i thought the uk didnt have any its makes me wants to move to a contry where they have none at all!!!

I think that those people that were in the tornado were really scared because of the wind pushing there house and how all of the children were crying that there parents werent there at the time and they were probably somewhere taking care of some things and that happened

This is frightening than before! We are harming our earth, and this causes global warming! We need to know that we will get more tornadoes than before!

I was in Small Heath, I witnessed The Tornado, It was more than scary, it was so windy and dark, I was afraid of something happening to me, after the tornado, I saw a little shop in the corner with no roof, and the football ground was covered with junk and a few parts of trees, I coudn't believe it!!!!!!!!!!

psa lads
omg it was so scary we were on the streets doing grafiti and all of a sudden it went dark. we thought it was the day of judgement and legged it. we were surprised and quickly went round the places to see what would happen. i remember zamran one of the psa running to his house to and saying my family better be okay.

bcfc rule the tornado was bad, and just by my house

zara gul
at first i heard these loud bangs and it was the time of the london bombings so i thought it was a bomb.i ran to the window and mu dad said get away from there. everything was flying round and i was so scared after it stopped i heard people say theres going to be 3 more i thought it was sick.me and my mum went out and we went all round everything was ruined sadly. i was glad we were allright and that my house didnt get ruined.

I was very scared i locked myself in the toilets.

i was crying my hed off i just came back from the charity shop to get ome clothes fore my self aND MY CLOTHES BAG FLEW TO A MANS CAR

i was so scared my bed flew to the other side of the romm

Heather Corley
I am so sorry about what happened to yall I have been in one to it is very scary I hope that you and your family is okay.

Jodan Richmond
I feel so sorry for those children that had to go through that.

me and my family were on our way to cornwall a few days after the tornado and we had to drive through Birmingham and all we could see was the houses with no roofs and trees all over the ground.

Justine Abbott
Those people who was in the storm must had been really scary. I probably think it was hard for them to get away from the spinning twister. The thing is the people that suvived it was very brave where as the ones that died their love ones are not lucky. I have never been in a tornado before but i probably be scared it would be hard to get over that my house was destroyed. Tornados are interesting things but dangerous and scary.

celia russell
I feel really sorry for all those people who had their houses ruined or they were injured. I give them my deepest sympathy and though I wasn't involved I know what it's like because we had a huge thunderstorm and their was really nearly a Twister but loads of peoples houses were flooded and Some of the lihtning hit the folly tower which is right next to where I live and made the ground shake, and some of it hit peoples gardens and ruined everything. So I know how it feels to lose loads of things that you love.

I was walking along the road and nearly got hit by a branch. That was the first thing i noticed!!!!!

i think that at this rate, with the weather, that we will have more of them, hence the Derby tornado.

i was on holiday at the time with friends, when we heard about it we were all calling home because we all live right by the high street and we heard people had died. all or families were ok but my friends mum was outside greggs at the time and was almost hit in the face by a tile but luckily she was pushed out the way just in time. i also know someone who was working in gregs and they all thought a bomb had gone off!

paul sheridan
i was driving through derby today and it also hurt a pedestrian when some temporary fencing was blowen on them,and then it also caused damage to trees and road works on the A52

it was well scary man, our roof got ripped off an all

it was horrible i was in the eye of the tornado.i could not breath any way i dont want it to happen again!

uk has more tornadoes each year than anywhere else in the world , like kat says , the truth is we dont feel them.

Jason Duff
I was at my nans house that day on ladypool road, my girlfriend and her little nephew luke was with me. my nans dog was going mad just before it hit so i let her out in the back garden and thats when i noticed the sky going black. The tree in the garden bent over with the wind so i called the dog in, all of a sudden luke shouted from the front door "its a TORNADO!" I went running out, looked to my left and just couldnt believe what i was seeing! we tried to shut the front door but couldnt because the wind was too strong! We finaly managed to shut the door and went into the living room, we watched it come across the road and hit ladypool school and the tower which had been standing over 1 hundred years just toppled right over like it was a tower of cards! After it passed it felt so eiree outside, there was no breeze and it went realy hot! It was such a scary time but i am glad i experienced it because it will go down in local history and i will never forget it!!

Jonathan Sumpton
Since Hurricane Katrina's severity WAS predicted by the US wetaher service because the Gulf of Mexico was unusually warm as Katrina moved accross it and we know the seas around the UK are warming up explaining the arrival of fish from further south and the departure of native fish to Northern waters, shouldn't we expect more "weather events" like this with increasing severity or are tornadoes not created in the same way as hurricanes?

fred benton
it was so scary i hope it dosen,t happen again

each year england has many tornaodes like usa but wedont feel them

I am 14 years old, and learning about the tornado in Birmingham 2005, and i cannot believe how much destruction was caused, and i offer my deepest sympthy to those affected by the tornado.

their are theories that there are 7 mini tornados in a tornado

do you think this could happen again

i really feel really sorry for those affected.

Cody Jackson
I know what thay are like I've seen one ripe apart my house with me in it

sean tegg
well i think the met office should have pick't this up as a proline on the pc or by skl

I was in my house with my daughter when the Tornado landed. I can honestly say it was the first time i prayed for my life! We all had to move into hotels for 3 months and we have all been traumatised beyond belief! I'm not looking forward to next summer believe me! All I can say is thank god no one was killed it was a real life miracle!

there is such thing AS A SMALL TORNADO! only tiny twisters in the sky

Chase Nolan Reynolds
What kind of tornado was it?

i think the tornado was very strong because it destroyed alot of thing and places in sparkbrook

asif sultan
i was so scared my dads car was hit by a tree

At the time i was in kings heath with my friend kerry, in mcdonalds. And we got our food and settled down to eat. the sky began to get darker and darker, and i kept telling kerry something wasn't right. but she sed it wud be just heavy rain. then it began to rain, and she said "see, its only rain." then we watched it start to get windy, and people began to scream as branches, glass, tiles, plastic and other stuff flew agaisnt the window and through the doors, and adults shouted at everyone to get back towards the counters. when it was over the streets were a tip and greggs and the church was recked!! very scary!! x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x

NEVER say that tornados are samll: theres no such thing as a small tornado. n thats stupid wanting pictures, it could sweep you up and kill you. i have experienced a tornado in texas and almost got swept away, so i no what the people in birmingham must be feeling like.

i never expected a tornado

i never new that there was a tornando at birningham

my car was sent into my neigbers front window. (not a nice expirence)

I was standing in a bus stop opposite the Church in Kings Heath when the tornado hit. I remember seeing the tornado arrive at the Church as I could see all the debris swirling around in the wind. I then saw it hit the Church and some of the tiles come off before the tornado carried on. Standing in the bus stop you could feel the wind and the canopy of the shop behind got blown up whilst someone tried to grab onto it and the glothes out side on the rails got blown over and some ended up in the road. I then remember going up the road to see if a bus was going to come and coming back with the message that we were going to have to walk because a tree had blocked the road.

adam h
when i heard about the tornado i was amazed that Britain could be a tornadoes destination !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Cadbury Land i saw a huge cone but didn'n know what it was & i got hit by a big branch which i didn'n get a chance to see from the spped, i'd say the rain came down at about 105 mph!!!

I live in Essex and heard about the tornado. my grandad lives in birmingham. i immediatly phoned him up and he said he was ok. the tornado had passed him by a mile!

kathryn stubbs
i was very scared when the sky went black


i was at ladypool road when the tornado struck. ladypool road was one of the most devastated places after the tornado struck. i was in a shop, ready to leave the shop, when i saw the sky turn jet balck within a matter of seconds. i looked along the road and i saw a large swirl of twisting debri. the tornado came nearer and nearer to the shop and began ripping off the roofs of the shops. the lady at the shop said that one of the shops had just had their roof done days before the tornado. my car was left ruined and a tree had fallen metres away from my car.l it was a trrifying experience.

it was very scary my mums car got smashed up and the house is ruined

i wasnt involved in this tragic incident but to hear about it is shoking to know something so bad could happen to britian. Bless all the injured souls xxx

I live next to Balsall Heath and seen the Tornado and all trees fall on top of each other and now the park looks boring because you cant play game.

I was scard when a tree fell on a car.

josh hegarty
i was at greggs when the lights went out and people started screaming. it was a scary experience.

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