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24 September 2014

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The 11 - isn't she lovely?
The 11 - isn't she lovely?

The amazing number 11 bus

A legend in its own bus lane - it's the great 'Number 11' - and some intrepid explorers will experience the first ever official tour of the city using the number 11 bus route.

The historical significance of the number 11 bus route has finally been realised as Spice, the UK's leading action and adventure group, presents the first ever official tour of the city using the number 11 route on 2nd July.

More than 26 miles in length and around 2 hour's duration, the Outer Circle route has been photographed, written about, eulogised and ridiculed… but never, until now classed as a tourist destination!  In developing the tour, Spice has teamed up with Blue Badge Guide, Ian Jelf, to provide the up top low-down on the route and its history.

Number 11 bus
Tickets please!

Richard Coulter is Spice's Coordinator, "At Spice we always go that extra mile to deliver unusual events for our members.  A great Birmingham institution, we couldn't resist creating a tour that really is just the ticket for finding out more about our great city."

Ian Jelf is the Blue Badge Guide leading the tour for Spice, "The 11 has the distinction of being the longest bus route in England that is wholly within one city.  Travelling around it is like taking a slice of Birmingham life.  Those taking the tour will see a new side to the city and learn fascinating behind the scenes including Roman roads and Birmingham's oldest pub."

Stuart Henry, Corporate Affairs Manager for Travel West Midlands said, "We think it is tremendous that Spice have chosen the famous, 26 mile long number 11 route for this magical tour! We are providing everyone involved with our limited edition commemorative 11 route guides."

Tickets for the private bus hire tour on 2nd July are £10 per person and can be booked by calling Spice on 0121 353 6161. The tour starts at 10:30am and is open to Spice non members.

last updated: 27/06/05
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shell, erdington
take a look at the young genaration!!! there telling u the same thing us oldies r years down the line. and nothing has changed still the wheels on the bus go round and round, but where too? it wernt to me waiting half hour,then to hav a missirable git of a bus driver put u on an even bigger downer. still sur u will keep rolling reguardless?

i like the number 11

the 11 is fully gangsta it dont come for agges an then loads come at once but if u wanna get sumwere in style just catch the 11. it is the best bus goin!!

Wicked Boyz
Da 11 doth rulz like the king!! Me an da boyz ride dis buz wid da bromford gee-zars. I luv da outa circle but da inna circle alsa rulz!

Robert Hayles
Why not hire a 1950s historic bus for the tour? WMT still own one ex Birmingham City Transport 3225 a 1954 Daimler, add a touch of class, sadly mine another Daimler is off the road being restored.


big up stechford soldiers

The 11 is always late and i get to college late and its all your fault!!!!!!!!! ggrrrr......!!

Lady nice2bnice
The number 11 bus is always late, and when it finally gets there, there is 3 or 4 buses coming all at once.

Jenny Nicol
It's amazing to be reading several decades after I took the Number ll on a regular basis that the route is still suffering from the same problems re: long waits and then many buses appearing at once. Hopefully, this system where the drivers are alerted as to how many buses are nearby for this route, will work. I realize it's hard to keep a bus schedule in these times of gridlock with traffic. Years ago my whole working life depended on the No. 11 bus and I can still remember the anguish as I stood at the bus stop at the bottom of Marsh Hill in Erdington waiting to catch a glimpse of the black and yellow bus that would take me to work. Sometimes the wait was interminable, with the precious minutes wasting away whilst I dared to take a peek at the top of the hill to see if a No. 11 was coming. There was a Bundy clock at Stockland Green many years ago. This was a couple of stops before Marsh Hill school and I believe the drivers would hang about there for longer than they ought to have. Overall, though I have such great memories of taking a circular ride on the No.11 during the school summer holidays of years long ago.

Tha' B
The 11 is a legend bus still, take longg to come an 50 come at once...still i did the route b4 wen i was waggin skool, long but the 11 teks u wer u need 2 go enit

tha numba 11 bus is heavyyyyyyyyy bin gettin it 4 5yrs an it rulez we rule tha 11 tha bromford cru its topppp

claire osmond
i travel on the bus everyday. U have to wait at least 30minutes, and then 3 buses wil turn up at once. when you get on the bus you have to stand up for another 20minutes, and when you finally get a seat its probably by some drunk person, or a smelly old tramp....but i wudnt want to get on any other bus!

I think the most number of No 11 buses arriving at one time that I've seen is 5, but 3 and 4 at a time 'used to be' regular occurences. What they seem to have done to prevent this happening is to make the drivers stop and await further instructions from the depot and if there are other No 11's close behind then the bus driver goes back to the depot rather than carry on. Don't really think much of the No 11 at all as it doesn't seem right having to wait about half an hour for a bus then have several arrive at the same time ...... Why would anyone want to pay £10 for a trip that costs £1.10 ?

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