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24 September 2014

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How New Street station could look
How New Street station could look

Imagine a station

Exciting plans are in progress to transform dark and dingy New Street Station into a world-class landmark the city can be proud of.

Birmingham New Street Station
Birmingham New Street Station

The Birmingham New Street Gateway project led by Network Rail will see the well overdue regeneration of New Street Station in a £350 million scheme.

The concourse area before going down to the platforms - where people gather, buy tickets and get refreshments etc, could be up to five times bigger than it currently is.

The plans also include a glass roof to let more natural light flood into the station.
See below to have your say>>>

A petition for a station of the future

Birmingham New Street Station
Birmingham New Street Station

At the moment the Government's not expected to look at any plans to redevelop Birmingham's dingy New Street railway station until next summer - meaning any work could be as much as a decade away.

Now the City Council is trying to force the government's hand. An online petition has been launched and 25,000 postcards will be handed out to travellers to promote the scheme.

New Street station campaign news >
Click for the petition >
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More information

For further information about the Your station - Your ideas competition and regular updates on the regeneration plans for New Street Station visit  the Birmingham New Street Gateway website: www.renewstreet.co.uk.

last updated: 09/06/08
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What are your views on the plans for Birmingham New Street Station? How should the money be spent? Tell us your vision for the new station?
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Both are highly un-functional.....Digbeth Coach station and New Street....with nowhere to sit down in both!!!New Street only has escalators going one way. The concourse upstairs receives all the fumes from the trains waiting below. There is nowhere to sit upstairs. People are just milling around or wait leaning next to walls. It's all highly inadequate!!

Mia & Adele & Kirsty
I Think Your Prices Are Way Toooooo High Bab We Are Students Do You Think I Have £40.70 To Go Preston To See My Boyfriend I Havent Got A Money Tree In My Garden Love !! Love The Girls

I hope the floor is going to be improved. On the way home last year, i was slipping everywhere when i was on the steps to the platforms - it's so dangerous. Plus, young people like myself don't feel safe there unless they are in large and disruptive groups.

John Wilkes.
If it doesn't open up all the platform areas to natural light, then it is a totally pointless waste of money!

It's nice that the passenger side of New St station is being tarted up, but I am disappointed that little or no money is being spent on making New St operate more efficiently. It's no good having 12 platforms if they can't be used to their fullest extent. There are tremendous delays caused by trains not being able to get in or out of the station due to the limited approaches.To alleviate this it should be possible to build suburban platforms underneath the existing platforms. The cross city line and Coventry and Wolverhampton suburban services could dive under at Curzon St, Five Ways and Monument Lane, thus relieving the main station throats.The only(!) problem then would be how to fit the suburban and inter-city services on the same congested lines between Birmingham and Kings Norton, Wolverhampton and Coventry.

Jo Poole
It looks like a cheap, second rate 1970's shopping centre. Why can't we have Architecture we can be proud of? Trust me, this will soon turn into the sort of place you don't go after dark. What do I know? I'm just the poor idiot who has to travel through it every day!

Its about time, considering its such a major hub and Brums biggest station, but also Snow hill and Moor Street need expanding, they are too small and it would relieve New Street Dealing with everything. Also why hasnt Digbeth coach station been connected by rail, its so important for travel. Furthermore, speaking of west midlands travel, the midland metro needs to be more like a tube system so people can get round without getting caught in congestion.

Tony Seaton
Return to some of the glory and light of the original railway architecture, minus the greed for the income from rented shops, and with provision for modern, environmentally-sound rail travel - whilst returning railway travel to the romantic and pleasing experience of yesteryear.

Sam Reynolds
There are many cities worldwide that have the bus station and the railway staion together, in the same building. I think that would make a good deal of sense in Birmingham's case


It amazes me that some Countries that have been through civil wars have better transport systems than Birmingham has, look at the Balkens

paul smith frm the city of birmingam
i think that the goverment need to start thinking about the city of birmingham more it has lost out on a lot of bussiness over the years due to certain facilties an its imgage at the moment it has the bullring an the selfridges but with a new outstanding trainstation, it would surely bring the city back on the map again

dominic richards from birmingham but now in manche
i believe that more money should be put into birmingham city centre it is a disgarce that the goverment still avnt helped reform the city yet. Brimingam still seems to be in the past tens years in the past with the old buldings it has not yet moved in the 21st century an needs action immediatley

I remember the glass roof and steam in the 1960s,when trains were on time and staff cared.

Simon,Marston Green
I used to travel through that dump everyday (still do sometimes)and i worked there for a short period. Basically the sooner the station becomes re-developed the better. The station has a lot of potential and i think it would be a shame not to be creative and have the bull's to do something with it. Its dull, dark and not exactly the best of decorated stations i've been too. It would match in turn with the new bull ring and attract more tourism too

adam windsor
its not the station that is all that bad its the youths who go in and out of it and hang around by it,they just dont respect what we have got!

Mick Hurst
From the drawing I have seen on www.renewstreet.co.uk, the platforms look as they do now only painted with a white paint that miraculously brings day light in through a reinforced concrete roof? The platforms will always dark at New Street as long as they are underground, use as much white paint as you like.£350 million could be better spent on regenerating Birminghams poorer areas and investing in its populations immediate future.

Kevin Murphy
I agree with one post that the station needs to be moved away from the central area to Eastside. We also need some joined up thinking here - that other "blot on the landscape" - Digbeth Coach station should be included in a joint plan to develop a quality solution.

Callum Swansborough
Something desperately needs to be done with New Street, I have only been there once and intend never to go there again. Not because I thought it untidy or anything, I thought it was quite tidy. But I felt that the overcrowded platforms were extremely dangerous. We were going down the stairs to one of the platforms to catch a Virgin Train to Edinburgh, but the platform was packed, we were stuck on the stairs, with people pushing to get down, and people pushing to get up, we got down to the platform just as the train came in and the was a rush for the doors, we got pushed about, and one of our group almost got pushed of the platform. New Street is a frightful place, this kind of overcrowding, just on the platforms nevermind the trains, will put people of railways for good.

I agree stations are meant to be functional buildings. But compare BNS with award-winning stations like London Paddington and Manchester Piccadilly, Birmingham New Street is a joke. Stations attract shops and restaurants so an appealing station is important. I think that they should add more tracks running into the station so it extends to New Street, with the shops being part of the station building. Also build the concourse and shopping centre over where the tracks fork as they enter the station. A bypass tunnel for freight and non-stop trains should be built. The platforms should be under a nice glass roof, a long with the concourse and New Pallisades. The car park should be built under where the Burlington Arcade is so that parked cars can see the railway tracks. Overall, the station should be bigger, more modern and far more attractive, and people on the platforms should be able to breathe air and see the light of day.

they should have maglev trains they are enviromentally friendly and travel up to 430kph which is about 300mph

Mr Smith
Tear the Bloody thing down.Its an eyesore

£500 million !! for a new roof. that's obscene. birmingham used to have another main line station, snow hill. the council kindly demolished this in the 70's as it wanted a car park there !? as others have commented it is a tale of missed opportunities and lack of foresight. great architecture never dates. rebuild snow hill to its main line edwardian magnificence or new street to it's original overall roofs condition. light, spacious and airy. none of this massive, ugly, brutal concrete rubbish. now that would be £500 million well spent !

Mr Amjid Qureshi
I think that Birmingham New Street Station should not be developed instead a a completely new railway station should be built at Eastside.The present new street station site should also be redeveloped into a bright airy shopping area.

mick davies
its great that there are plans for a bold and imaginitive concourse, but there also needs to be more platforms.

Alan Walker
More consideration for people with suitcases - escalators up and down to all platforms with a moving baggage belt at the side. The whle thing needs to be more open and light - a higher ceiling in the platform areas would help. Eurostar to come??!!!!

Why not invest in a large modern station on the East side (by Masshouse and Aston Uni.) Plenty of routes already travel via this part of the city and it would be perfect for a brand new building with so much space to work with. the future of new street could be looked at. Would it be needed if the East side station catered for everything? The metro could then be extended to moor street and then across to the new station down the main bus road (Curzon street, is it?) How about spreading the city out and using an effective metro system to link it all together? While all this renovation is great to see, I get the feeling that Birmingham is getting smaller and smaller. All shops are within 500m of each other pretty much. Lets make it bigger. Spread the transport hub to the East side. The metro extension could be free when you use a valid rail ticket to Birmingham. We need a new outlook for Birmingham, not just updating the old stuff to keep it happy for today. Look to satisfy our future needs. Build in the east... it makes sense

S. Ali
More commuter and travelling misery, always works on the line, will things ever change???? Having a Birmingham Grand Central/Union Station would be a much better, simpler and aesthetically pleasing idea "Forward!"

Improving new street is an excellent idea but the plans don't mention improvements in line capacity. I think this is the main problem. What good is encouraging more people to travel by train be if all the trains are delayed and overcrowded? Also, as Birmingham is a a major hub for individuals travelling from east to west, why not divert a significant portion of transient passengers away from New Street by re-opening the intact but closed line between Oxford and Bedford.

Edwin Harrison
Call this one dingy? I remember the one before. Its a pity more thought could not have been put it's redevelopment then. The victorians new a thing or two about making things to last - ever seen Glasgow Central? I do hope the architects get it right this time, and yes second city you need a spectacular railway station.

Yon Willis
The current station isn't all bad. The only real reason it's being renovated is to cater for people's hatred of the past. At the end of the day, the station (like all stations) exists to get people on and off the trains. Not to look flashy for the sake of people's post-modern attitudes. I wouldn't say that this £350 million was 100% well spent.

graeme mulvaney
Didn't they spend many millions tarting the place up a few years ago ? It's a shame they passed on the idea of making a single unified hub at Eastside. If the west coast libe is anything to go by, the it's got to be cheaper to start a new building from scratch. The costs due to the disruption will run in the the hundreds of millions. Leave it as it is - or demolish it entirely - the dingy platforms will be dingy platforms regardless of the size of the glass roof.

dave watkins
we are a still life portrait at the moment

Stuart Wix
I think that the second city deserves better than the existing dark and dingy station. Birmingham has an excellent airport and regenerated city centre which includes the Bull Ring Shopping Mall. New Street Station gives the wrong impression to any visitor, of an otherwise bustling and exciting city, which is why I prefer to use the international train station near the NEC whenever I have to catch a train to London. Birmingham desperately needs a new station!

Tom Smith
New Street Station is the gateway to our second city. With first impressions being so important, the current station gives the wrong one about Birmingham. We should have a station to be proud of and that represents what Birmingham has to offer.

fahima begum
my interest is that, it doesn't become to complicated, as i have to use the station everyday. i hope the money is well spent and the station looks beautiful,almost as if it's a tourist attraction. i think it should look like the station in bangladesh, in syhlet which hs been newly built and looks gorgeous. hope it goes all good!!! and i hope their are fit people working and employed at the station..for example..like me..and drop dead gorgeous guy who are very helpful. its all abou CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!...thats all i got to say..thank u..bless u..love u mwa x fahima x

Don Bailey
We need Government funding NOW so that the plans for an improved railway station, using as much space for the site as is available, may be processed and the go ahead given. We have currently the new QUEEN ELIZABETH HOSPITAL construction going well and hopefully to schedule Therefore to benefit the whole of the country and patients receiving treatment at what will be the best facilities in the Uk. Let us have a railway station worthy of this great City of Birmingham. May it be ready for use at the same time or as soon as possible after the opening of the new hospital. Let those down south grant us the funds which may help them when THEY are in need of facilities and for visits from their relatives when they, as patients, may be in a bed in a ward at the new University Hospital BIRMINGHAM. Let us all get moving with this important project. D.J.B.

Nick Scales
Birmingham is our nations 2nd city and right at the heart of the country. Yet under Conservative & New Labour Administrations, it seems to have been forgotten about. The West Midlands transport network, needs a boost. Improving New Street the main gateway for Long Distance and cross regional services is long overdue. It's very stuck in the late 1960's- early 1970's school of Architecture. More Natural light would be great, as well as less crowded platforms. Better entrance/exit points, less crowded with specific entry and exit points rather than departing passengers sharing steps/Escalators with arriving passengers. A decent food court for tranfer passengers and homeward bound commuters, shoppers and visitors. Would be a start. Give Birmingham a showcase gateway that reflects it's status. In the long term the West Midlands uraban area and commuter belt needs much needed extra capacity for longer and more frequent S-Bahn or CityMetro style commuter trains, the approval and funding for line extensions of the "Metro" tram system. As well as an intergrated bus network that meets the needs of the community, providing both fast inter-town buses/coaches via the Motorway/expressway network as well as frequent local connections. Until some of this is done the Birmingham, Black Country and Coventry areas will be blighted by congestion for many years to come.

BNS needs six lines coming in from the south.There was an opportunity to do this when the Bullring was in bits but it wasnt followed up. Therefore it will always be a bottleneck. It needs a complete overall glass roof. Doubt it will get this as all the rent for retail outlets above will be lost. It needs extra platforms, these could possibly go where the Royal Mail depot is as mail does not go by train anymore. The line between Wolverhampton and Rugby via BNS needs quadrupling but it would cost the earth so it wont be done. The line between Lichfield, Walsall and Stourbridge needs reopening to provide a diversionary route and allow some trains to miss BNS altogether. Guess what? Won't be done either. No money. They managed to find the money/ wherewithall for the M6 toll and any number of other road schemes, funny huh? Oh yeah. Ban those stinking diesel trains too, its like a gas chamber down there when they are waiting for departure. Rant over, good afternoon.

Brian Pardew
The whole arguement for fancy looking Train Stations is a complete joke. Train Stations are not a social meeting place. They should be clean and functional. Most people just want to get in and out. Not hang around these places!


This need to be done ASAP, New street station is dull and boarning, If Rugby station can get a £200M revam then new street should get a long long long overdue revam, MAKE IT HAPPEN

David Gibson
A new station should be built on the east side.

Tom Rowell
Birmingham station is definately the most hideous building in the country and it brings shame to our City. It needs urgent work and only our government can do this for us. The project is essential to bring Birmingham to the 21st century. We need a satation the Brummies can be proud of. This is important.

jakey boy
i think all this stuff there planning for birmingham is sik ya no, i went on skyscrapernews.com and i found out loads about the future buildings of birmingham.

the station and the shooping centre is basically too small for the amount of people it is handling at the moment. So instead of spreading the project outwards and downwards, why cant they do the shopping centre highrise and the station on ground floor and etc.

New Street Station Redevelopment and Demolition of Stevenson Tower Recently a lot of Press & TV coverage has been given to New Street Station redevelopment, with no consideration to the residents of Stevenson Tower. I hope some of the points below are news worthy. • New Street Station is cramped, confusing and a depressing introduction to Birmingham. Radical improvement is needed, but the Birmingham Gateway proposal (BGP) is an expensive, short sighted compromise, which is not a worthy solution to the problem. • Stevenson Tower is not directly affected by the building plans, yet the proposal assumes demolition, and the loss of 80 households. In the proposal, the claustrophobic environment of the station at platform level will remain. There are no additional tracks or platforms; only the concourse and pedestrian circulation will be improved. • Despite claims that the BGP will produce an iconic, world-class station for the city, there is very little new building and many of the present unpleasant sites remain. The drab office block (Ladywood House) stays, the unfriendly aspect to Navigation Street and Hill Street is not improved and the multi-storey car park is simply reclad; as is the rest of the 1960’s concrete structure. The scheme however is reported to cost over £500m; equivalent to the Bullring Centre, and apparently, a greater cost then the brand new (and truly exciting) central station in Berlin, (700m euros). • After years of complaint that New Street Station is a bottleneck, throttling the whole of the nation’s rail system, Network Rail now claim that simply by adjusting signalling, and running longer trains, there is plenty of capacity. This calls into question why such an expensive and disruptive project is needed at all. A doubt remains that the BGP is more concerned with yet further redevelopment of the City Centre then improving public transport. • To achieve this, land on the south side of the site, not directly required by the station plan, is needed to “lever in” commercial buildings in excess of £150m. This necessitates the demolition of Stevenson Tower, and with it the homes of 80 residents. All in all the BGP is an expensive and very partial solution to the problems of Birmingham’s principle station; it lacks real creativity and represents poor value for money. I urge that the planning application is called in for a public enquiry, to test its assumptions.

Ian Morgan
I think that if New Street were to be re-developed, the one thing we would need is a more integrated approach. We need buses, trains and maybe the midland metro to all converge somewhere in central Birmingham. Punctuality needs to be looked at, why is it so many trains are late? We need better station signalling and more platforms to ease congestion. We need the station to be kept clean. Also, ticket barriers as opposed to surly people checking tickets would be good. But when they are doing it there shouldn't be much disruption...That is the main thing in my view.

tina simpson
i think it should have like lifts that isnt so dull and frightning and security guards but in plain clothesand help for disabled people as im disabled and feel stuck sometime at where to go

If this government wants to get people out of their cars & onto public transport. Then the whole system needs to be looked at from a grass roots level. I understand that it will get a lot worse before it gets better, but they haven't even started work yet & I ended up getting a bus yet again. It needs more than a makeover.

The existing site can't cope with the demands - too small with limited access. We should start again, above ground, on a larger site at EastSide while we still can!! Lets have a Grand Station for Birmingham, not a dingy underground one!! Also Moor St, a great station, has extra capacity that is not used - what a crazy waste!!!

Howard from Solihull
What a dismal place this is! Unfortunately the opportunity was missed, isn't it always, to increse the number of accesss tunnels at the eastern end during the Bull Ring redevelopment to reduce some of the congestion.

We need more platforms I would like to know if this is part of the plans? If not don't waste the money.

It great making it nice but security as also got to be a main priority aswell. Overall well deserved to birmingham as the current station is an eyesaw.

Please can this happen it is the worst station in the world. Makes Brum look terrible to new visitors. Also a better Airport and coach station is needed, why change the city then leave the arrival points as 60s, shabby and un attractive.

Compared to the magnificent Curzon Street Station, opposite Millennium Point, New Streetis horrible. Anything that could be done to give it a swift kickup its nethers and make it compliment this wonderful city would be fantastic. A fresh coat of paint might be a start

George Douloubakas, Cobbetts
New Street station is a concrete eye sore, dark and dingy and an embarrasment for the second city . Visitors immediately form a negative impression of the City from the station. We need to look at other cities such as the award winning Manchester Piccadilly which has an excellent station, clean, bright with excellent facilites and gives the visitor and immediate good impression of the city. The plans are what Birmingham New Street should be today as a major connecting station in the country. If Birmingham is to rid of its negative image, the development at New Street needs to take place as soon as possible. Not in 5-10 years!

The second city's train station should have an second coach staion in the haert of birmingham so every thing would be easy accessable.It should have one of b'ham's tallest building on it so tourist and all kind of people could point it out and say "that's New street station".

Bob Singh
I dont' have much of a problem with the actual station as it is now, but As i dont use the trains much, my main experience of the station is parking to pick others up or take them there. Parking, waiting and drop off facilties need to be improved more so than the station. One of the busiest stations in Europe with about 30 parking spaces is ridiculous. What is being done to address this??

David Emanuel
Provide bins as the platforms get real dirty, change the CIS or information boards, have a congestion line painted on the platforms so people can stand behind it during rush hours.

Sue Redding
All the pictures recently printed look fantastic - BUT - what on earth is going to happen to Stephenson Tower, it does NOT appear in any of the pictures, I understand there is a chimney from the station running up the middle of the tower and, MOST IMPORTANT - what is going to happen to all the peoplel who own their own flats in the Tower ?????? I suppose the council will compulsory purchase all the leaseholders property and render them all homeless !!!

I think it's time that new street changed from it's dark, dingy self into a grand landmark for the railways. Everywhere else has had bridges and viaducts to show off about and now we can have a great station It should have a grand name too like grand central

Simon Pugh
Get the Trains running first. How much will my ticket go up for this redevelopment.

Adam Grainger
Something like Manchester Piccadilly!!!!

Laura henley
Clean your trains up make them more Comfier less noisey on time and drinks trolley to come round. Brighter station more signs. More seats to sit on. Information places on other trains and where to get them lefltes on the station and clear speakers and mak eit a non smoking station make that all west midlands stations not just new street. remove all tunnles into stations as they make the station dark and dull. Make the sign bigger and put lights on it so that at night people how have eye trouble can see it and make the station easy access for the blind and disabled. and put litter bins and newspaper stands.

Tom Belte
This is really great news for Birmingham, like others have said its important to reflect a good image when people visit us by train. Im glad to say though the staff and information centres are very helpfull and dont need any updates.

Michael Todd
Does the increase in capacity mean more platforms? Ther is space for them. However the lines that feed them are in tunnels giving four tracks at each end. Does the plan include extra feeder lines?

Michaela Spoun
Re: Birmingham New Street Station Although I think New Street Station currently runs as efficiently as it possibly can and employs helpful, friendly staff, it is let down by a dark, grim atmosphere that doesn’t reflect Birmingham as a vibrant, exciting city. Last September I moved from London to Birmingham and I have to admit that after being impressed (and relieved) that the train journey barely took one and a half hours, the 'welcome' from New Street Station left me feeling as grim as the concrete monstrosity looks. A bright, spacious, sparkling New Street Station is just what this city needs to convince scathing southerners that Birmingham is a fabulous, trendy, cultural city with more to offer than first meets the eye. Visitors' first impressions will be that Birmingham is a modern, forward-looking, welcoming city - the city of central England. Put the new back into New Street! It definitely has my vote! Best wishes, Michaela Spoun

Keith Robertson
About time too, Birmingham can only get better

Alan Middlesbrough
The plans for birmingham new street are great but when is this going to happen?The city is looking great but the station lets it down.Sooner the better it is done.

Roshan Ladha
All I am interested in is: 1) Trains run on time 2) The cost of regeneration is not passed to the users. 3) Security is maintained at all times.

Bob the Snob (Birmingham)
This New Birmingham Station needs to be up and running well in advance of the Olympics 2012 in London, Its been a bottle neck for the rest of England for too long, and with the likely hood of Countries Like China, USA, Canada needing base sites for their Athletes in the UK during this Olympic period, Birmingham needs to pull its finger out, or once again Birmingham WILL lose out to cities such as Manchester and Liverpool. The station has been left in the 80's by some of the train stations built by its European cousins, its unchanged format and layout brings little or no smiles to many business men and woman coming into Birmingham Station for the first time.. Train operators are doing their bit, notably Virgin Trains, by providing state of the art trains, its about time the stations brought a little of happiness to the long suffering train users. I believe during the planning of building the Birmingham's Bull Ring Centre, the Train Station (and possibly Birmingham coach station) should have been incorporate into these plans & possibly building Birmingham's Train Station in or around the Bull Ring centre.

Dave Ashley
Long overdue, this project should have happened well over a decade ago. Other areas of the city centre have been cleaned up, improved and generally updated. For those travelling my rail, the current NS Station isn't exactly pleasing on the eye, so I hope the new plans are put into action asap. After all Birmingham is a great city and needs tourists and the key thing is to make them want to come back and visit again and again.

Dr I Roth
Why not the Eastside, where there would be no disruption, a blank canvass to have a bold new design. new Street is useless for parking.A new bus station next door would also be great.

As a foreigner who'd lived in Brum for 3.5 years and a frequent visitor to the Midlands who travelled frequently on the trains in and around Birmingham, I would advise you 1) to clean up your trains, 2) make them run on time 3) make waiting for connections more convenient. It's a shame that you have to wait for an hour for a delayed train in Water Orton, miss your connection in Brum and arrive at the destination in Milton Keynes with about 2.5 hours delay. Travelling to Worcester takes something like 1 hour whereas a car takes roughly 20-30 mins. It is completely uneconomic timewise and financially and unreliable to travel by train. Recently I preferred to hire a car rather than relying on trains. I know what I am talking of because I commuted from Edgbaston to Darlaston to work for more than 1 year before I got a car. Time travelling by train 1.5 to two hours, by car 25 minutes! It drove me away from public transport.

geoff adams new
about time.well overdue.new street used to be the biggest dump on gods earth,our station in christchurch is a beauty even if it serves only two trains a day

Great Britain simply has the worst rail network of any country i have ever been to and am likeley to ever go to!!

John R Jones (Preston, Lancashire)
Now that the Bull Ring has been transformed, it would be good to see New Street station have its turn to be transformed also. This is necessary to bring it up to modern standards and expectations in order to encourage more passengers to use trains when travelling to Birmingham. It certainly has an unusual atmosphere at busy times as you leave to go through The Pallasades but then that is to be expected with Birmingham being the centre point of the Midlands. I have always enjoyed my wander around the city centre during the day or night as well as New Street station so the thought of a transformation to bring it up to date sounds even more exciting. I wonder if there will be anything unusual about the new shape or reconstruction of New Street station like Selfridges has? If so, it will certainly be a talking point for outsiders as well as locals.

I think it would be really so cool, if the trains, could like you know turn up ON TIME and depart ON TIME.

I think the new plans for the station are fab the station is letting the city down.A great new station wouid make birmingham a even great city.I think the old station needs coming down its too small it needs more platforms.The same design as leeds they have done a good job on theres.

Matt Taylor
i think that Birmingham New Street station is in need of a major renovation, i think any money spent on the project would be 'money well spent', i am totally 'for' the renovation, Birmingham is an amazing place and the new station along with the bullring would act as a fantastic gateway to the city

I am all for a revamp and rennovation and improving the look of New Street Sation - Birmingham is such a fabulous place and New Street Station doesn't really make the greatest impression on visitors. The only thing is, has anyone thought about the chaos that will ensue while work is going on. By the time we get to work, it will be time to come home again, since the entire city will take to the roads. That is not to say that we should postpone or stop the plans for improvement rather that we must consider the impact on the people who rely on the rail infrastructure and the effect on local businesses when people are late for work or choose not to go into town to shop because of the hassle of getting there. A viable, well thought out system, perhaps some form of bus service from outlying stations such as Fiveways and Selly Oak is essential if order is to be maintained and Birmingham doesn't descend into anarchy every Weekend and morning and evening rush hour. There is no sense in mending the doors only to have the walls collapse around them.

You go girl Rachel! I'd just like to give Mr. Announcements a rest, or maybe let him target his announcements so we don't all have a constant bombardment. Otherwise, I think the station's fine- a bit rough around the edges but making out of glass won't change much. Whatsmore, what's happening to the lovely (?!) Pallasades?? I say sort out the trains before you sort out the stations.

Right Racheal, enough of your bycycle mentatlity, I want to see Cyclists band from trains and all public transport, forthwith! I also think that the building of a steam engine around the local Birmingham ring road would be enchanting.

i think that birmingham new street station is one of the busy places i have been when arriving in birmingham, i thought that it just needed to be presented and more nicer to look at so i think the plans for the new NEW STREET STATION is excellent. but make sure it happens, and i think birmingham would make a lovely new york if you made more buildings and tall ones.

As a cyclist I would love to see a reverse in the current trend of pushing bicycles off trains. I want to be able to enter a building where I can push my bike round without feeling like I need to apologise for bringing it with me, I want a safe secure and well lit place to leave it if I want to nip for a coffee, and I want to be able to access the platforms with ease. Why should I feel I'm asking the earth when in reality I'm taking advantage of cleaner and greener transport methods? Also, let's do away with all the chain stores and get some independent shops in the station to give visitors a proper Brummie welcome! A local coffee shop where you can sit and read a paper or entertain the kids while you're waiting for a delayed train would go down a treat!

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