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24 September 2014

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Inside Birmingham Buddhist Vihara

Birmingham Buddhist Vihara

(Dhammatalaka Peace Pagoda)
The Birmingham Buddhist Vihara has an oriental style sacred tower symbolising peace, compassion and the noble qualities of the Buddha.

Birmingham Buddhist Vihara

Birmingham Buddhist Vihara
Osler Street, Ladywood, Birmingham, B16 9EU

Birmingham Buddhist Vihara
Birmingham Buddhist Vihara

The Dhammatalaka Peace Pagoda (Birmingham Buddhist Vihara) was opened in June 1998. In Buddhism, the oriental style sacred tower is also called a stupa or caitya. 

The Dhammatalaka Pagoda forefills three purposes: a shrine for Buddhists to perform their traditional ceremonies; a focus where non-Buddhists can learn about Buddhism; and a sanctuary where both may find peace and tranquillity.

The history...

Two stylised lions stand guard either side of the pagoda's main doors to ward off evil.

Sayadaw Dr. Rewata Dhamma
Sayadaw Dr. Rewata Dhamma

The monastary attached  was built in the summer of 2002 and houses monks and visitors who come on retreat to the Peace Pagoda.

The Peace Pagoda is believed to be the largest purpose built pagoda in Europe and is modelled on the Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar in Burma.

Sayadaw Dr. Rewata Dhamma was the founder and spiritual director of Birmingham Buddhist Vihara and Dhammatalaka Peace Pagoda. He passed away, May 2004.

Inside the Pagoda...


The main focus inside the pagoda is a marble statue of the Buddha sitting on a magnificent golden throne in the meditation posture. Images of the 28 Buddhas are mounted round the inner ceiling dome of the pagoda.

There are many other Buddha statues, old and new inside the pagoda. A complete set of the Theravada scriptures, the Tipitaka, together with the Commentaries, are mounted in the bookcase. There are also ancient scripts on palm leaves.

On average there are five to six monks resident at the centre.

Use the links on the right to browse through picture galleries inside the Peace Pagoda >>

Buddhism core beliefs...

Resident Buddhist Monk
Resident Buddhist Monk
  • Buddha was not a God.

  • Buddha means 'Enlightened One'.

  • Buddhist monks do not normally shake hands with women and Buddhist nuns do not shake hands with men.

  • Buddhist also believe that ignorance and attachment are the main cause of all problems.

  • Buddhist monks do not recieve any wages or payments but they survive on donations and sponsorship.

  • Buddhist believe in rebirth, karma and try to live in harmony with everyone.

  • Buddhist believe all life is sacred including animals and insects.
last updated: 11/01/05
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Alice L.
I thnk there is a bit of truth in every religion and respect every single one of them, I am not Buddhist but agree with may of their ways.

I'm not a particularly religious person, as I have my own religion that only I believe in, but if I had to pick one, it would be Buddhism, because it seems like such a peaceful religion (it is also the closest thing to what I believe).

Bhikkhu Pesala
I first came to Birmingham in 1976 to stay with Sayadaw Dr. Rewata Dhamma. In those days we stayed in a terraced house in Handsworth. Later we moved to Edgbaston. I ordained as a Buddhist monk in 1979 and went to Burma to practise meditation.

stephy skeffy copeland
i would like to become a buddhist but i am truely not sure yet because i do enjoy learning about it but i am struggling to decide. maybein time because i still am very young

Alan Field
I have been following Buddism for a few weeks now, and have given up meat and alcohol. I have been to the Tara centre at Etwall Derby, but I am troubled by some of the statues - Dharma protectors. I will continue to follow Buddism and I am looking for somewhere else for guidance.

i am really interested in buddhism and i am thinkin of turnin buddhist

It all started when I was in my Religiousn education class when i discovered buddhism, I had never had an interest in buddhism. How ever when we were studying it in class I really liked and how it was so different from the other religions. I looked more into buddhism and I become more and more interested in it! I know think of myself as a buddhist. I follow the eightpath and go over my 5 precepts! Being a buddhist has changed me and my life, I know look at things in a differnt way.

Tracy Eldred
MEditation at this and other centres has helped lift my depression and anxiety so much more than anything else. I am really glad I found it!

They say don't knock something unless you've tried it,so I did try it,and found it very suitable for me.

i think its strange in its own magical way

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