Big Screen Edinburgh's Screen Producer, Steven, takes us through his Wimbledon experience.

As we enter the second week of Wimbledon, dare we let our hopes rise of British tennis player in the final? Here in Edinburgh that hope is all the more palpable as Andy Murray's home town is a just a short distance away.

Last year we saw Andy take on Rafael Nadal in the semi-final and, with almost one thousand people cheering him on in Festival Square, an atmosphere of excitement, anticipation, hope and passion filled the area around the screen. It's something I have rarely experienced; an almost spontaneous outpouring of emotion from many people all thinking and feeling the same. Alas, it was not Andy's year.

This year feels different. If there was ever a time Andy Murray was going to go all the way then this year would surely be it. Twenty Twelve will be remembered for many things. Will one of them be a British Wimbledon Champion?

That may be wishful thinking and pigs might fly first. Or maybe, just maybe....Will there be that moment when we collectively hold our breath, close our eyes and grab the person next to us as Andy serves for the championship? Whatever happens there will be no better place to experience that atmosphere than at your local Big Screen.

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