Webcam highlights

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Hot air balloon over grassland


A hot air ballon passes in front of the hyenas.
Friday 10 October

Hyena pulling on a cable

Enough of Big Brother?

Two cheeky hyenas try to dismantle one of the remote cameras.
Thusday 9 October

Jackal pups


The pups relax in front of the den before heading out for some fun.
Thusday 9 October

Hippo at night

Grazing hippos

Watch hippos quietly chomping on grass at the edge of the Big Cat Live camp.
Thursday 9 October

Hyenas in den

Clean hyena cubs

Get a first glimpse of our tiny hyena cubs emerging from the den.
Wednesday 8 October

Inquisitive hyena

Inquisitive hyena

These nosey hyenas were recorded at night.
Tuesday 7 October

cheetah and cubs in front of car

Shakira on the webcam

Shakira and her cubs were caught on the live webcam. Watch a recording of the footage.
Monday 6 October

Male lion at night

The Marsh Pride

The Marsh Pride tuck into dinner during the day and at night. Plus footage of their eerie night-time roars.
Sunday 5 October

Yellow and grey birds

Watch the birdies

A highlight from our camera focused on the bird bath and feeder.
Saturday 4 October

Bat-eared fox

Bat-eared fox

Watch the bat-eared fox at its burrow.
Friday 3 October

Lion stalking wildebeest

Lion kill

We believe this is the first live lion kill broadcast on the internet. Recorded at approximately 16.15 BST, 3 October 2008.
Friday 3 October

Lions at night

Night-time lion hunt

Lions hunting under cover of darkness – caught live on our webcams.
Friday 3 October

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