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Jackson on impala and elephants

Jackson puts more Mara wildlife in context.
Friday 17 October


Hyena champions

The hyena research team ups the profile of the much maligned hyena.
Friday 17 October

Snare artist, Kioko

Snare artist

Meet Kioko, an artist who is encouraging locals to stand against poaching through his snare art project.
Friday 17 October


The Big Cat leopards

A silent movie of some of the leopard highlights from Big Cat past.
Friday 17 October


Jackson on hornbills and baboons

A closer look at some of the big cats' neighbours.
Friday 17 October

Koiyaki guide school pupils

The Koiyaki Guide School

Jackson introduces the first wildlife guide training school for local Masai.
Friday 17 October

Cheetah sprinting

Lights, cameras and high-speed action!

Watch some of the more spectacular chases the big cats have been involved in.
Sunday 12 October

male lion

A potted history of the Marsh Pride

The highs and lows of life amongst the lions.
Sunday 12 October

The Marsh pride

Vultures close up

A close look at the part vultures play in Mara life.
Sunday 12 October

Wildebeest at sunrise

Dawn to Dusk

Follow the lives of all the Mara's animals from sunrise to sunset.
Friday 10 October

Anti-poaching patrol

Anti-poaching patrol

Meet the men who protect the Mara's wildlife.
Friday 9 October

A Masai child walking to school

Walk to school

The everyday challenge of life as a Maasai child.
Thursday 9 October

Cheetah cub with mother

Tender moments

The softer side of the Mara. Watch cuddly cheetah cubs, little leopards and lovely young lions.
Wednesday 8 October

Close-up of hippos


Jackson goes hippo spotting by the river and explains what life in a hippo pod is like.
Monday 6 October

Jackson takes a balloon safari

Meet Jackson

Masai guide and new Big Cat presenter Jackson Looseyia gives us a new perspective on the Mara.
Monday 6 October

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