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Jackson on impala and elephants

Jackson puts more Mara wildlife in context.
Friday 17 October


Hyena champions

The hyena research team ups the profile of the much maligned hyena.
Friday 17 October

Snare artist, Kioko

Snare artist

Meet Kioko, an artist who is encouraging locals to stand against poaching through his snare art project.
Friday 17 October


The Big Cat leopards

A silent movie of some of the leopard highlights from Big Cat past.
Friday 17 October


Jackson on hornbills and baboons

A closer look at some of the big cats' neighbours.
Friday 17 October

Koiyaki guide school pupils

The Koiyaki Guide School

Jackson introduces the first wildlife guide training school for local Masai.
Friday 17 October

Young elephant

Camp report 9 – best bits

In his final report, Chris Howard looks back at highlights from the Big Cat Live website.
Monday 13 October

male lion

A potted history of the Marsh Pride

A visual biography of the highs and lows of life in the Marsh since Big Cat began.
Sunday 12 October

The Marsh pride

Vultures close up

A close look at the part vultures play in Mara life.
Sunday 12 October

Presenters pointing into the night

Big Cat Raw 8

Our presenters swap stories of bites and stings, discuss some of their favourite places to visit and just what are the most dangerous animals in the Mara?
Saturday 11 October

Cheetah sprinting

Lights, cameras and high-speed action!

Watch some of the more spectacular chases the big cats have been involved in.
Saturday 11 October

Chris Howard and cameramen

New for 2008

Kate Silverton talks to Jonathan Scott about some firsts for the Big Cat crew, including cheetahs hunting at night and thermal imaging.
Saturday 11 October

Wildebeest at sunrise

Dawn to Dusk

Follow the lives of all the Mara's animals from sunrise to sunset.
Friday 10 October

Thermal images of cheetahs

Big Cat Raw 7

An update on Shadow the leopard, thermal imaging of cheetahs and what a Masai tribesman uses his spear for.
Friday 10 October

Anti-poaching patrol

Anti-poaching patrol

Meet the men who protect the Mara's wildlife.
Friday 9 October

Hot air balloon over grassland


A hot air ballon passes in front of the hyenas.
Friday 10 October

Hyena pulling on a cable

Enough of Big Brother?

Two cheeky hyenas try to dismantle one of the remote cameras.
Thusday 9 October

A Masai child walking to school

Walk to school

The everyday challenge of life as a Maasai child.
Thursday 9 October

Jackal pups


The pups relax in front of the den before heading out for some fun.
Thusday 9 October

Hippo at night

Grazing hippos

Watch hippos quietly chomping on grass at the edge of the Big Cat Live camp.
Thursday 9 October

Chris Howard and cameramen

After dark

Chris Howard talks to cameramen about the perils of filming predators when you can only see them through a camera lens.
Thursday 9 October

Tamu and cubs

Big Cat Raw 6

From the latest on Tamu and cubs to cheetah behaviour – your questions answered.
Thursday 9 October

simon King and camera

Filming Big Cat Live

Simon King explains the technology used to film and broadcast Big Cat Live. Plus an introduction to the Three Graces.
Thursday 9 October

Hyenas in den

Clean hyena cubs

Get a first glimpse of our tiny hyena cubs emerging from the den.
Wednesday 8 October

Hyena clan

Big Cat Raw 5

Catch up with the Ridge Pride, learn about the hyena clan on our webcam, and find out about the most unusual behaviour seen by our presenters.
Wednesday 8 October

Cheetah cub with mother

Tender moments

The softer side of the Mara. Watch cuddly cheetah cubs, little leopards and lovely young lions.
Wednesday 8 October

Cheetah males approach cubs

Male cheetahs harass cubs

Kate Silverton reports on the three tiny cheetah cubs harassed by adult males, plus behind the scenes of the webcams.
Wednesday 8 October

Inquisitive hyena

Inquisitive hyena

Watch the nosey hyenas recorded at night on the live webcam.
Tuesday 7 October

cheetah cub climbing on car

Big Cat Raw 4

Why do animals make double kills? What's happened to Chui the leopard? How tall are crowned cranes? Do the crew put animals at risk by getting up close to film them? Watch to find the answers.
Tuesday 7 October

Shakira the cheetah

Lost cubs

The latest twist in the tale of Shakira the cheetah who has now been approached by three males who may threaten her remaining cubs.
Tuesday 7 October

cheetah and cubs in front of car

Shakira on the webcam

Shakira and her cubs were caught on the live webcam. Watch a recording of the footage.
Monday 6 October

Close-up of hippos


Jackson goes hippo spotting by the river and explains what life in a hippo pod is like.
Monday 6 October

Jackson and Jonathan talking

First impressions

Jackson asks Jonathan about why he came to the Mara and what most amazed him when he first arrived.
Monday 6 October

Bibi the lioness

Big Cat Raw 3

Your questions about Shakira, Bibi the lioness, how the weather affects hunting, hyenas and wild dogs.
Monday 6 October

Shakira the cheetah watched by the crew from their car

Mum's the word

Kate talks to BBC Breakfast about Shakira and her cubs and explains why she is such a special cheetah mum.
Monday 6 October

Jackson takes a balloon safari

Meet Jackson

Masai guide and new Big Cat presenter Jackson Looseyia gives us a new perspective on the Mara.
Monday 6 October

Male lion at night

The Marsh Pride

Watch the Marsh Pride tucking into dinner in the day and at night. Plus footage of their eerie night-time roars.
Sunday 5 October

Lions drinking from a puddle

Big Cat Raw 2

Jackson, Kate, Jonathan and Simon talk about the cats featured in previous series and their most memorable experiences of the Mara.
Sunday 5 October

Kate and Jonathan in front of webcam monitors

Keeping an eye on Shakira

Jonathan and Kate discuss their early morning trip out to watch Shakira.
Sunday 5 October

Yellow and grey birds

Watch the birdies

A highlight from our camera focused on the bird bath and feeder.
Saturday 4 October

Chris and camerman talking

Creatures of the night

Camp reporter Chris Howard talks to cameraman Mark MacEwan who films the Marsh Pride lions when darkness falls.
Saturday 4 October

One of the technical guys

Camp report 8 – camp tour

Go on a tour of the Big Cat camp and find out what goes on behind the scenes.
Saturday 4 October

Jackson Looseyia Interview

Jackson Looseyia interview

Jackson Looseyia talks about living in the Mara and how he got involved with Big Cat Live.
Saturday 4 October

Bat-eared fox

Bat-eared fox

Watch the bat-eared fox at its burrow.
Friday 3 October

The presenters round the camp fire

Big Cat Raw 1

The first live webcast where the Big Cat presenters answer your questions from the messageboards.
Friday 3 October

Lion stalking wildebeest

Lion kill

We believe this is the first live lion kill broadcast on the internet. Recorded at approximately 16.15 BST, 3 October 2008.
Friday 3 October

Lions at night

Night-time lion hunt

Lions hunting under cover of darkness – caught live on our webcams.
Friday 3 October

Shakira the cheetah

Camp report 7 – new cheetah star

Meet the cheetah team and their new star Shakira with her five cubs. In camp the banded mongooses are making themselves at home amongst the equipment.
Friday 3 October

Simon King

Simon King interview

Simon King talks about his years on Big Cat, his role on the Live event and the Marsh Pride.
Thursday 2 October

Thermal image of wildebeest

Camp report 6 – in the heat of the night

Find out how thermal cameras work and see what's been filmed using these at night. Meanwhile presenter Jackson Looseyia tracks wildlife the traditional way.
Thursday 2 October

Cameraman filming at night

Camp report 5 – filming hyenas at night

Watch a taster of the team filming hyenas after dark using the latest technology, plus the day producer gives an update on all the big cats.
Wednesday 1 October

Kate Silverton

Kate Silverton interview

Kate talks about her role in the Big Cat Live team and her passion for African wildlife.
Tuesday 30 September

Hyenas eating

Camp report 4 – first pictures of new hyena family

Get the first glimpses of a brand new family with hyena cam. Plus get the latest on Notch the lion and the Marsh Pride from Simon King.
Tuesday 30 September


Camp report 3 – creatures of the night

The first night-time footage has started to come in. Watch the nocturnal wildlife that the crew managed to spot.
Monday 29 September

Chris Howard - camp reporter

Camp report 2 – cheetah crew

See the first shots of Shakira the cheetah and her five cubs – and hear the latest news as camp reporter Chris Howard radios in to the cheetah team.
Sunday 28 September

Chris Howard and producer Colin Jackson

Camp report 1 – camp tour

Take a tour of the Big Cat live base camp under the watchful eye of an elephant.
Saturday 27 September

Jonathon Scott

Jonathan Scott interview

Jonathan talks about his personal connection with the Masai Mara and its wildlife. He's excited by the prospect of seeing the big cat activity after dark.
Saturday 27 September

Big Cat camp

Run titles!

Watch a sneak preview of the Big Cat Live opening titles.

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