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Red the lioness © John Aitchison

Red the Marsh Pride lioness

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Simon King tracked the Marsh Pride again this year and two females stole the limelight: White-eye (the one-eyed lioness) and Red (the primary hunter of the pride).

There was a dramatic buffalo attack on the pride females as they relaxed on a fallen tree. As the buffalo closed in, the females lost their nerve and moved quickly on, except for Red. She occupied the buffalo by remaining on the tree, while the other females and cubs moved to safety.

The pride also provided dramatic action on the webcams, with what is believed to be the first live lion kill broadcast on the internet (available as a webcam highlight).

The Marsh Pride has been at the centre of Big Cat since its beginning and there have been few years when we haven't focused attention on their swinging fortunes. In 2000 and 2005 we filmed another group, the Ridge Pride, and featured Solo the young male cub and later the odd-couple cousins Cheza and Sala.

Past stars

Marsh Pride female and cubs

The Marsh Pride

Residents of the Mara's most desirable territory - the Musiara Marsh - these lions again had a starring role in Big Cat, by day and by night. Catch up on the pride's turbulent history.

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