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It certainly wasn't as easy as 1,2,3, for Jackson Looseyia to follow five related leopards, dubbed the Jackson Five. Bella was seen along the banks of the Talek River with her daughter Olive and Olive's three cubs.

Bella is usually solitary, like most leopards, but her daughter and grandchildren seemed to be sticking together. Two of the youngsters, Binti and Aya, are two-year-old twin sisters. Kali is their younger brother, and at around eight months old is completely dependent on his mother, Olive.

Young Kali is a keen hunter, but has a lot to learn. Olive was stalking impala when the youngster decided to join in, with predictable results. He was quickly spotted, and impala was off the menu for that day.

"Kali was in exactly the wrong place at exactly the wrong time", laughed Jackson Looseyia.

Leopard family tree

Bella's family

We've been lucky over the course of the series to film some wonderful leopards, following their stories over several years on repeat visits. The dynasty headed up by our original star Half-Tail endures with occasional sightings of Shadow. More recently we've concentrated on Bella, who we've caught up with again this trip, though she had been very elusive of late.

Take a look at their stories in the slideshows below, and watch The Big Cat leopards in the video features section.

Past leopard stars



Our original leopard star and mother to Shadow, Half-Tail was instantly recognisable by her shortened tail.

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Appearing in the first series as a young cub, Shadow then took centre stage with her own daughter Safi. She's still spotted from time to time.

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leopard up a tree

Adult leopard


Bella has starred in the past three series. She's looking her age, but has mated so it's possible we'll find her with cubs again.

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