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24 September 2014

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July 2003, 1600 BST
Haunted Maidenhead
Maidenhead skyline
The Maidenhead skyline disguises some ghosts and ghouls who wander among the living.

Here we arrive in Maidenhead, where there's a popular ghost that haunts a pub in the High Street, but needless to say there are a few others haunting elsewhere. Follow me...


Haunted Berkshire home

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Yes, here we come to a watering hole in Maidenhead, the popular Hobgoblin in the High street. Here we have another playful spirit the landlady has named Old Bob.

Old BobIf we sit in the corner here, I'll turn off the lights, and tiptoe back and let's see the cheeky so and so appear. Yes yes I know your coat is moving, just leave it, he'll give it back. One trick he particularly likes to play is taking money and then returning it - caused no end of consternation I tell you!

Naturally he turns the pumps on and off, and can you hear the footsteps? The landlady and her family first encountered old Bob when they were playing trivial pursuit upstairs, and the counters started moving by themselves - the counter moved according to the number on the dice. Hohum, yes.

Her daughter Liana was also rather peeved when a new silver necklace she'd place by her bed had vanished. But when her mother went into the cellar, through TWO locked doors, to turn on the beer taps, the necklace was on the floor.

All in all Bob is a friendly ghost so you have nothing to worry about, check your pockets before you leave though visitors!

Phew! This certainly is a long tour isn't it! Well here we arrive in Bray on Braywick House's doorstep and tonight we're in luck. As what you're about to see only happens every seven years.

White ladyIf we just all huddle round the corner here, yes quickly now! Now just to prepare you, we have to follow this ghost upstairs, but it's going to be horrific. Here she comes, a white lady, floating in anguish to the front door, oh see her contorted face…come along, let's follow.

She's going up the stairs, brrrrrr it's cold, up and up, and into the attic - now see how she opens the ghostly east window, and oh what's she doing? Ohhh she's climbing up and….she's flung herself out.

It's a mystery folks why she committed suicide like this, but the suicide is re-enacted every seven years. Her footsteps are frequently heard in the attic though.

Right let's go down, I have another surprise for you - wait on the stairs, wait wait…and here he comes! The ghost of an Elizabethan man, complete with ruff and pointed beard. Wonder what he's doing here!

The charming little village of Littlewick Green is our next stop, just two miles from Maidenhead. Gather round now and follow me, as a woman known as the White Lady, drifts through a set route, from Boundary Elm, down Green Lane and through the Green to Cold Harbour and Knowl Hill.

There she goes, draped in white, looking straight ahead and looking quite serene. It is thought that from her clothing she may have been a Vestal Virgin from the Roman Temple on Weycock Hill in Waltham St. Lawrence. Though why she eternally roams these lanes is a mystery.


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