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28 October 2014
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Our Berkshire photos

You are in: Berkshire > In Pictures > Our Berkshire photos > Pictures of Newbury

Pictures of Newbury

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These photos need updating newbury has changed quite a lot since some of those were taken, but some good attempts

Far too many swans - how about showing bits we don't normally get to see?

Mr F
a good portfolio, but it could of been great if a bit more thought had been put into it. i had a job to recognise some of the photos.

Jamie Ingold
I think Newbury sucks, its boring. Vodafone controls it all and that makes this a rubbish place!

stevie b
i was once sick all over a swan...(the one at the front of the swan pic) love it!

stevie b
yeah i agree with andy....really only bits of building and way too many pics of birds/swans/etc...however if we face the facts and actually except newbury has nothing to offer and is fairly rubbish, i think you have done a good job in finding some spots to take some nice pics...andy mate what else do you expect them to to take photos of, although the race course may have been worthwhile (people have actually heard of that) anywyas thanks for the photos, quite nostalgic as i lived in newbury but now live in london, which to be honest is nowhere near as nice.

Andy, Newbury
Pretty poor attempt. Bits of buldings (mainly the same ones), shoppers, swans and plenty of buses. Doesn't do the town any justice whatsoever and an outsider would not be encouraged by this load of rubbish

Jennifer Ford Ratcliff
I just love these photo's they make me very Homesick,Ilived in Newbury for many years, then married and moved to America,I wish I could move back looking at these photo's reminds me of all the beauty in England it truly is the most beautiful place in the world,keep the photo's coming my Friends.

Where are all these swan pics coming from!?

bad pics

Ann G
Too many swans.... Some Good pics all the same. Many memories.How about a few other places in Newbury Please.

Trevor Auckland New Zealand
Visited Newbury in 2005 photos bring back some good memories - will be back again

Philip Brown
What a collection of really poor photos! The person who took them obviously cant walk very far as they are all from within a hundered yards of the bridge.

Val Moore Atlanta Georgia USA
I had the great good fortune to visit the England in September 2006. My stay in Newbury was a wonderful part of that visit. What a beautiful area. I look forward to returning soon

Is nice to see the pictures of the boat i'm the lad in the hat and i didn't know these existed.

Angela, Elburn, USA
I enjoyed looking at these pictures as they brought back some very good memories, of my years growing up there. I still would liked to have seen Shaw House, Donnington Castle, Cold Ash and some of the countryside. Still miss my home.

i love newbury its my home and always will be

Some of these photos are lovely, but maybe, you could come and take some pictures of the new paved Northbrook street, it's still in construction in some places, but it's lovely... Is it possible for you to get into the Town Hall? It's a truly beautiful building.

sophie crumly
i also love swans and ducks come to that

Mrs Trellis
Some lovely pictures of the swans and a good one of the mill building reflected in the shiny floor of the Kennet Centre.

kiara maher
i think these are good pictures although there are too many pictures of swans. i think that there could be some pictures of victoria park, the horses that pull the nardge, highclere castle, etc. good site though

Caroline Tocknell
A great opportunity missed. Why not whole building instead od bits. I wanted to see some of the changes to the town to make a collage for my husband who is an old Newburian, but it's not worth it.

Geoff Connell
More photo's of the Town and less of the swan's etc. Thanks

Trevor Hickman
I am also worried about the number of pictures of swans. With the potential outbreak of avian flu, promoting the town as a haven for swans will surely do more to detract visitors than attract them!

Jim Bradshaw
One or two good shots, but too many views of swans on sloping water, and buses blocking better views. Not one shot of Donnington Castle, nor the market. Could do better, 6 out of 10.

Anonymous council worker
All these pictures are very nice, but I agree far too many swans. It’s a shame that there isn’t a picture of the “Modern Art” next to newbury lock, Then we could have shown the world how the council likes to waste public money on useless tat.

Julian Campbell-Palmer
Some of the photos are OK, but the range of subjects is limited. There is more to Newbury than this! What about Shaw House, St Bart's, Clock Tower and Donnington Castle.

I loved the photos and will be moving there soon so it was nice to see a bit of Newbury. I do agree I'd like to see more of the contry side also. But great pics just the same.

Mark Robinson
As nice as some of these photos are its a shame that Newbury now seems portrayed as a town with plenty of Swans, a Canal and little else.

Sophie Brown
i think there should be atleast one photo of Newburys country side, all these photos are good Brill in fact but that isnt showing all of newbury we need more wildlife and showing people what newbury has instead of a lot of houses and shops.

Sophie Brown
i think it is lovely to se the swans and ducks in newbury, so Emma Metcalf you and Laura are wrong in my eyes. i think it is lovely and i love the photos

Asha Lucas-Knight
I live in Newbury, and i think it's a great place to live! Very nice, and yes, i like the swans

stephen lovegrove
nice but not enough of the old buildings

james crumly
I love swans

Antony Cox
Too many Ducks & Swans. Was hoping to see more than just the high street, the Wharf & the Canal. Have not lived there for 12yrs, was hoping to see more memories & familiar places.

margaret tampa florida
the pictures are great made me homesick,

Ryan Holdford
yay i like swans alot

emma metcalfe
my friend laura was right there are way too many ducks and swans

Phill, Newbury
I agree. Apart from the occasionally good photography, the standard of these pics is pretty lame! Personally I think some of the locally focussed websites do Newbury more justice!

chip clark
there is a lot more in newbury than just swans and northbrook st., Lots of historic buildings and other sights

You are in: Berkshire > In Pictures > Our Berkshire photos > Pictures of Newbury

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