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28 October 2014
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Places in pics

You are in: Berkshire > Places > Places in pics > Photos of Maidenhead

Photos of Maidenhead

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John Albo
I've been away from Maidenhead for 1 year. I tried to impress my American friends with pics from my old home town. The quality of the photos are so poor, non reflective of the towns beauty, need I say more, that, by the time they had recovered from their fits of laughter, I had already left the room in shame. Please give us a more reflective series of photos.

SCAMZ_rory b
maidenhead is the place to be. the photos dont do it any justice though. its a nice place, but not much for the kids to do. i've lived there all my life, its going down hill though from all the drug users, and as a knock on affect a lot of crime n drug dealing.

michael angelo
alex flahives website shows us some accomplished photographic work.did he really take these poor snapshots of our beloved dormitory suburb.hmm.

what boring pictures! This is a lovely town but you wouldn't know it looking at these photos. Alex, you have done Maidenhead an injustice. Get some practice in.

I have been living there for two years and I absolutely loved it;)

rc and ks
rubbish we could have done better and we are 11.

Captn P
No pictures of the hordes of drunken women in town everynight ... The Honeypot pub with its blacked out windows and stripper.What a hole ...

My dad live in Maidenhead

what a horrible boring looking place

errrr man get da skate park off its ruining the maidenhead image

miss this place sooo much

Ok - Maidenhead isn't beautiful but these photos are terrible!

Maidenhead is a thriving area full of young people - this is not represented anywhere in these pictures. Give me a camera, and i will do a better job!

I hate Maidenhead because is very ugly for me

Percy Cox
I liked the photo of the electrical junction box by the scruffy sign of Bad Goddesberg, very tasteful!

Is that a supermarket trolley I see in York Stream??? If not, why not !!!

A picture of an underpass?? Surely not. All I can suggest to the photographer is don't give up the day job...

Very interesting (NOT), rushed not too bad though

roland butter
ive worked in maidenhead for 18 years and i have to say that these dire photos of maidenhead are a true record of the towns blandness

Ed Grant
Whilst away in California, thought I would like to see some pics of my home town. What a waste of time. Come on you photo guys and gals, send in some decent ones... please

Sylvia Clarke
May I suggest this gentleman takes up another hobby.

I'll give him 8/10 for the stream..

Pauline Patel
I am sorry to say that it appears these were taken in a quick 30 minute gallop from the station down the high street and back again. What a missed opportunity to show our town in a better light! I bet you Windsor would never allow this!

Simon R
Awful photos.I think Maidenhead has been done an injustice

What a sad collection of pictures! How frustrating, my 7 year old son could have captured Maidenhead better than that person has.

tom pearce (13)
this guy doesnt no maidenhead at all the pics were soooooo bad i could hav taken better ones!! get ur act together mr photo guy who wants 2 look at signposts

libbie bushnell
WHERES COOKHAM??? thats in berkshire

What awful photos! Wanted to see what maidenhead had to offer, not look at grotty alleyways,signposts and football pitches. Is that all there is to Maidenhead?

No photos of Ray Mill Island or Maidenhead Thicket?! Too many pictures of the town centre and not even one of the Town Hall which has featured in a few films. What about the folly on Castle Hill? I get the feeling the photographer didn't know Maidenhead very well. I don't live there any more or I would definitely take some more scenic shots and submet them.

i agree, why haven't they done any pictures of the river or the areas of maidenhead like furze platt or cox green?

i feel that the pictures of Maidenhead do not reflect the river side aspects. the ones of the town could have been much better

BBC Berkshire
Thank you all for your comments. We would welcome you to send your web-quality images of Maidenhead to us at Thanks, Linda

Anyone can take a photo of a train station sign! Not very original and a poor representation of the town - not even a photo of the river!!

I agree with the others, poor representation of Maidenhead. Shame he didn't take any pictures of the river or Ray Mead Island, which is beautiful!!.

I thought the photos of Maidenhead where very poor. Can we add our own?

Richard Hunt
Wonderfull photography, but sadly I can't see coach loads of people booking up to see it by viewing this, as it does nothing towards the great deal the town has to offer

You are in: Berkshire > Places > Places in pics > Photos of Maidenhead

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