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27 November 2014
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Berkshire Floods 2007

You are in: Berkshire > Features > Berkshire Floods 2007 > In pics: Berkshire floods

In pics: Berkshire floods

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made me late 4 school yeh thanksxx

natalie taylor
i walked home in that! x

annie rose
the flood was bad

From Woodley
Why does all the best photography come from this sort of thing?

sl6 maidenhead is dah best

wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom Chapman
i swam home from school it was so fun and just the best way to finish the school year.

Brian Newport
We were in it at the time in Bourne Road ThatchamThanks for the Pics we did get much time to see other areas as we had no electricty from 10-30 on the 20th July

Mark gough thatcham
My mum has lived in the same house in loundyes close thatcham since 1953.She had water up to the top of her radiators,As did meny others in the close.As ive have said she as lived here since 1953 and not once has this happened in all that time..WHY? WE'VE HAD HEAVY RAIN BEFORE..we have been told by a number of people that water was being pumped from somewhere in cold ash ? If this is true then why was nobody checking where the water was going ?? and another thing the drains in the close are still showing signs of being blocked...Im now wondering if the water was pumped from somewhere by the council etc is there a compension claim for the damage caused..They are now forced to live in a caravan that a fried of ours has kindly lent them..

Fred delaney
From Canada we did not have any idea of the extent of the flooding .As usual The brits just suck it up as another day of life in their stoic fashion as we see it.

OMG Belal your stuck in a phone box lol see ya soon mate

Ryan Biddle
man what a mess where is noah and his ark when you need them

jess helen & len
weve veiwed these from our home in spain, used to live in hurst, glade to be here (in the sun) =)

The images show grat devastation. At least Thames Water can't declare a hosepipe ban!! This is no laughing matter though I feel for those people who have lost possesions and have had their houses destroyed. It makes me see how lucky I actually am. I send my Love nad Best wishes to anyone who had damage that was caused by the floods. Dear God, Help those people in despair. Help them rebuild their lives and homes.Amen.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The pictures show horrible things done by the floods. I hope that everything turns out ok for those people who have had their possesions and houses destroyed.

mary hathaway
barry and claire and boys are you ok cant get any reply from you, love mum in new zealand

Sandy Tifft
I am living in the USA now but I was worried about my family in Berkshire. So I phoned and everyone is fine. My heart goes out to those who have lost family or possessions!

strangely beautiful photos for such a mess.

my house in at the top of a hill often refured to as cardiac-hill. i used to curse it every time i had to walk up it. not anymore. i've been up here seing the desasters unfold knowing i'm safe. my heart goes out to all those affected.

I live in the US so am very interested in the flooding in the Reading/Pangbourne area. Thank you for such good pictures showing the reality of it all.

itis nice picture & I like fotographer

Kenneth Ingle
Hello Margaret and Malcolm,We have not been able to reach you over internet. Hope you and your neighbours are not suffering too much!!!

Ruth & Mark Hulme
So sorry to hear about the flood waters in Berkshire. We used to live in Thatcham and Lower Early. It is devastating to see.

Hairy Dave
Next door neighbour has ducks - They've never been so happy or noisy!!!

WOW you talk alot Marian,short and sweet?

byron alexander
Radio Oxford have tons of flood photos, why have we only got a 100 or so?

Marian Albers
I am a Dutch woman and I can assure you all how sadly we feel about all the floodings in England. I know myself fromm the time i lived in New Zealand, how very small streams can turn into turrents and wash whole villages away. All that rain, and it never stops. We too have since about mid May rain, rain and more rain. It keeps the people who look after the dikes, on their toes. We do not have flooding here, sometimes a street, but the water will quickly drain away. The waterlevel in our country is completely under control, but sometimes it is hard to prevent dikes from bursting. I have camped in England next to the river Severn near Shrewsbury, and the soil was soaking wet there. Our caravan was wobbling in hte muddy soil. And it rained! Before we had been standing on a field next to the beginning of the Thames, near Swinburn. The real camping spots were filled with pebbles but were full. And we liked to camp on the grassy field. We got the warning, that the little dike might burst as is did so many times. THe week before they had flooding, so the soil was a bit spongy. Did not feel all too happy there although the weather was nice when we stayed there for 3 nights. But to live in flooded land and cities is more than those pictures can show us. The water tends to go inside the houses too, and if the level is waisthigh, you can forget about your good furniture. Oh, I really don't envy you all there. When will this stop? We get the news about England first on TV and the papers. The Dutch know what it is to run the chance to get flooded. We trust the association which takes care of all dikes, river and sea dikes. Still, when it is raining all the time, and coming straight down with an enormous force, we do not feel that happy too. And all that in summer time when people have planned to go camping somewhere. When I see the pictures taken from the planes or helicopters, I get the shivers. We live here on sandy soil and no river close to us. Sand absorbs water immediately. But some streets get flooded,, only for some hours and then it is all normal again. The drains have to get used to all that water. I wish you all in England, wherever there is lots of flooding, some hope that you will get some money from the insurances to tidy upp your house again, buy new carpet and maybe new furniture. We have an expensive piano which is impossible to get up the the stairs. The rest might go up if needed. Good luck to all people who are living in the water now!

karen broadhurst
comment on removing items messed up by floods..I live in a so called council house..No sand bags were delivered..and No items have been removed from our properties..which have been soiled from the I don't think council tennants are on the top of there lists..Also the council have been doing there best to helping people..very busy time for them..Life goes on!council tennants and private houses..

I'm home for the summer, but I usually go to University in Reading and I'm so shocked to see these pictures, it's terrible!

Thanks to all our neighbours who rescued our belongings, and are still currently storing them. No thanks to West Berkshire council, who refused to give us sandbags, because we don't live in a council house!!! Nor will they help to take our rubbish away(i.e. destroyed items), again because we are not council tennants! Why do I bother paying council tax?

Auralie Rose
My heart breaks seeing these pictures of devistation.My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Rhodora Mina
I used to live in Craven Road, Newbury and I was surprised to see it flooded!

Expat abroad
I was spent to be visiting my folks in Burghfield this summer and in hindsight i am so glad i didn't.I'm amazed no one has been seriously hurt in this disaster and how fantastic would it be if the goverenment learnt from this.In the country i live we have half a metre falling in an hour in typhoon season and it's gone within a couple of hours, the government needs to look at revamping their aging drainage system and ensuring that those people that have suffered in these floods are looked after.

thats me n my dog:D

Amanda Webb
i live here and it is not wet at it wurst.we got other 2 days of it to come and we have been given lost of help in getting ready for the floods and they have worked all thoght the night to make us fill safe. As they have said it we get are horse at 2:30-3:30am. They could not have helped anymore than what they are helping!!!!

My mum and dad are moving from their house in Humber Close, Thatcham to a bungalow in Dorset in 10 days. What a way to say goodbye to their home for the last 20+ years. On Friday, the whole of their downstairs was flooded with 3 foot of water. I can only be thankful that nobody was hurt.My heart goes out to everyone who has been affected by the recent floods.

oh my dayz

From Reading
What do you expect? You build on a flood plain that is badly drained and it's going to flood. What's Gordon Brown's solution? Lets build more houses! Brilliant idea - what a no brain

Sue Lynn
Thank you to man in pic 37.After spending 6 hours trying to get home to Finchampstead I abandonded my car in Wokingham and prepared to walk. This man kindly helped me across waist high water in his boat. I was very thankfull as I'm sure were the many others he helped. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

sheila and Mark
We have parents in Walter Road, Wokingham, and Arborfield Rd, Shinfield, On Saturday we travelled back from a Wedding near Tocester. We were caught up in the M40 tail back for the A34. We then journeyed O.K. via the A404 and M4 until reaching the Showcase Roundabout. The road we wanted into Wokingham was not flodded. After half an hour for lunch we started out to Shinfield. In one and half hours that same road by the DiY store was completely flooded. Thank goodness we did not wait to join the A34, or stay in Wokingham for a longer break. We finally got home to Bristol 8 hours after we left Tocester. Our children were in a different car, doing the journey direct. They took 5 hours being caught up near Cirenceste.It was certainly a wedding to remember.

Chelsia Balante
The pictures are devastating, this is truly a disater for England... Praying for everyone, I do hope that people get finacial help for thier losses... Breaks my heart... My prayers are with you all.... From chicago Illinois... God be with you colin xx

Caroline Henry
I am looking at all this water in England and here in Australia we do not have a drop! Could you send us some please?

Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning were not great for many around the Reading Road (Cavendish Gardens end) area of Winnersh after the Loddon overflowed; I was lucky this time but sadly many were not lucky enough to escape damage to their houses.One additional problem was caused by the selfish idiots who kept trying to drive through the flood waters when Reading Road and the Showcase roundabout were flooded / closed thus not helping the situation for those living in the area at all; also there were some real sick individuals who kept driving up and down the flooded Cavendish Gardens just to take a look and making the situation worse.These situation brings out both the good decent people and the utter low life in our society.Fingers crossed that the next few days do not bring a repeat locally and that the effects from the other rivers around the country are not as bad as currently expected.

We've been lucky here in Bracknell but it's pretty sad seeing all the pictures of Thatcham where I grew up. This is global warming.

The disaster recovery teams at Vodafone HQ have been amazing. Most staff back to "normal" tomorrow

heather from hampshire
does anyone know if any of these roads are flooded??A3057, A30, A34, B3400, B3051 or the A339

Doug Morris
We keep hearing various comments from experts regarding the weather and where it is going to flood. I ask myself as to whether these are the same experts who forecast a long, hot and dry summer - indeed a summer of record temperstures was predicted!! Wrong again. It seemt to me that the more money which is spent on these computers and forecasts the more inaccurate it all becomes.

Colin T. Holloway
My friend Ronnie Harris sent me these pictures to me in Spain & they really brings it home. I feel helpless here with wall to wall sunshine.I hope it lets up soon.


Katrina Job
Many thanks to all firefighters and volunteers who helped in getting Molly Millars Lane, the Tesco roundabout etc. back to normality on Friday night/Saturday morning. They were terrific.


i go to the emmbrook school and i couldnt believe the flooding when i walked out my classroom, my friend and i had to stand in the freezing cold water for half an hour waiting for our bus!!

perry hawkins
is harry potter still showing..

Elaine Newton
Does anyone know if there is a disaster relief fund set up to help the victims of the floods?

I work for Dalkia on the help desk. We look after Vodafone's Facillities. Friday was interesting to say the least. Talk about being scared for the people there especially when I took a call about the lake moving slowly towards the main building. Then trying to see if someone was doing anything about it. Luckely a team was on the case.

Michelle Pearce
Vodafone UK still completely out of action today (23/7)... two buildings completely useless.

My parents' garden in Burghfield was under water on Friday. Mum went out to view the damage and discovered a goldfish swimming along the patio. She checked with the neighbours and no one knows where it came from! It is now happily swimming in an (unflooded) neighbour's pond

does any one no if it flooded at kirton farm as got to go tomorrow, the copthorne hotel

Omg Terrible :OTook Me 8 Hours To Get From Sheffield - Newbury Thanks To Floods, Would Normally Take 3ish Hours :/

I went past Bourne road this morning (22 july) and it is still flooded. we got halfway through Sulham woods in our civic but had to turn round and find a different way

Omg!All This Rain :OWe Got Sent Home From School Early, Becausee The Classrooms Were Soaked Andd Everythinggg!

wow i cant believe it some of the pictures are funny though i am so amazed i have been watching the news the floods its devastating.

Chelsea Hartman
Very good pics.we went to henly and it has already burst its banks so by tuesday who nos where it will be.

Lesley Cant
Having just walked down to the Loddon Bridge roundabout and seen the floods and filthy water, one can only feel so sorry for those householders affected. The George Hotel at Loddon Bridge again under water. Not to mention the traffic chaos. Something urgent ought to be done to try and stop this happening again - it is all over the UK now. Maybe in-fill housing and flood plain building ought to be ceased immediately and money spent on better drainage.

kimberley smith
thats me!!! and my friend alice!!!

From Reading
This must be devastating for all those who have been affected by this catastrophe. It has not been so bad in my area yet but i do hope sincerely that all those without homes and those with homes that have been severely trashed by the floods will be able to recover by this as soon as possible.

Fluffball in Bracknell
We drove past the Showcase cinema last night and it was sitting in a lake, as was the Garden centre the other side, where we had bought Pet Supplies the day before. I have lived in the area nearly 40 years and have seen it flood before, but never this badly!

michaela smith
that is ma sis and best friend lol xxx

ross carter
thats my school. the flooding was really bad and was so close to getting the classrooms wet.

I would normally walk home past trinity school. SO glad I wasn't in work yesterday!

Does it seem like the vast majority of houses that are flooded are basically new builds where approval to build on flood plains has been given . ?

We live off Lower Way in Thatcham and what I couldn't understand was why people kept trying to drive through what was obviously deep flood water? I couldn't tell you how many people got stuck and had to abandon their cars in the water... why not just turn back?!

40 minutes late for work because of several foot deep flood en-route to work.

Shirley St.John. U.S.A.
Outstanding daughter & family live in Maidenhead and she was up to her knees in water & other things trying to get to work in Maidenhead this a.m. amazing!

hazel hill
Has anyone got any pictures of Bracknel flooding, Safeway was closed and Milllane underpass?

Tony Cummins
If drains had been emptied of silt some time ago, dsome of the flood water may have drained away.

Pat Johnson
They built house on the drainage pond by the railway bridge at Norden rdMaidenhead.Hense we now get flooded

Dave Wilson
I remember the Emmbrook flooding back in the late sixties / early seventies and the whole of clifton road being underwater but don't recall anything that serious since then

Newbury Station

Carol, Kingsclere
This is ideal for the Olympics, as long as they only need two lanes!

Peter Plaisted
I am an estate agent in Newbury, today has been absolute carnage, the A4 and M4 are close, cannot get in or out of the town!

stuart arkell
my dog is in the flood but my land rover will get me there

Jess Walters
I cant belive it my area is totally gone !

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