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13 November 2014

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Colin Evans

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Norwich Cathedral Rose

Norwich Cathedral Rose

Colin Evans Garden Tips

Colin has come up smelling of roses this week after being inspired by Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. Find out how to create 'Floral Energy', regenerate your strawberry crowns, or plant your borders with elderberry.

With summer comes the garden shows and last week it was the turn of  the biggest flower show in the world: The Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.

What struck me this year was the emphasis on 'Floral Energy' and everywhere I went on the show site I saw more and more evidence of this.

Hampton Court

Hampton Court

When I hear some of the modern phrases made up by the advertisers and publicity teams I, being the eternal pessimist, shrug my shoulders and and head back to the real world of horticulture. This time though, I decided to find out more about this so called 'Floral Energy'.

Once it was explained to me by chap who had been growing Alpines for most of his life, I was converted. You see, Floral Energy", in a nutshell, is that feeling we get when we are in a wonderful garden, looking at the most exotic plants and colours and that secure feeling we have when we smell the fragrances of a great mass of open blooms, now that makes sense to me.

Garden pot with plants

Create Floral Energy in a pot.

What is so fantastic is that we can create this very energy in our own gardens, even the use of pots and balconies qualifies.

Just imagine, all that energy out there with trees and other plants converting carbon dioxide into breathable oxygen, filling the air with the most mind blowing perfumes and gracing our landscapes with incredible colour and textures, now that, as far as I am concerned is "Floral Energy".

If you suffer from hay fever, now that's another story.

Colin's plant of the week

ROSES will grace any garden be it large or small and many types will grow just as well in pots as the open ground.

I have so many favourites, however, I just love the hybrid teas. There are so many varieties and colours it's hard to choose. I do like yellow because of its brightness in borders especially on dull days.



One of the best roses if you want bright colours is Rosa "Norwich Cathedral". It was introduced to commemorate the 900th anniversary of one of this country's most beautiful cathedrals. Yellow is a colour much associated with the city of Norwich and this rose just fits the bill. With its highly scented, very freely flowering and bushy upright growth, this is a first class bedding rose.

Topical Tips:


To regenerate new strawberry crowns, take new runners and peg or wire them into small individual pots filled with multi purpose compost and leave for about two months to grow on. Once good growth has been made then severe the new crowns from the mother plant and place in the open ground.

If you want an unusual plant for the back of a border then use one of the many varieties of elderberry. Sambucus nigra "Black Lace" will fill a space in most borders. This has dark purple stems and leaves which support small white flowers throughout the summer.

In Autumn, hardy fuchsias will be in full bloom and if you like the look of them then you can buy these at the garden centres now. Planted in the open ground, or in pots or tubs, they will keep their colour until the first hard frosts and will overwinter if trimmed after flowering and given a mulch with leaf mould or forest bark.

Happy Gardening.

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created: 10/07/2009

You are in: Berkshire > Local radio > Colin Evans > Colin Evans Garden Tips

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