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13 November 2014

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Colin Evans

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An allium

An allium

Colin Evans Garden Tips

Summer is here and its time to show off fabulous alliums, give your birds a bird bath and plant out beetroots, radishes and lettuces. At the end of your hard labours - maybe sit down to the last of the rhubarb crumble with double cream!

Summer has arrived at last with sunny days and warm nights making the conditions perfect for rapid plant growth, so watering is key right now.

Hanging baskets

Hanging baskets

Make sure watering is carried out both night and morning especially with newly planted shrubs and established hanging baskets. If you miss watering at this critical time then it will be hard to get back that lush growth made over recent weeks.

Also at this time, watch out for those little creatures that make life unbearable for we gardeners.

Aphids will now be having a field day so once spotted you must take immediate action.

Use one of the soap based or fatty acid sprays or spray over foliage with blasts of water. If diseases are spotted in the greenhouse then either remove the offending shoots or again, give a good spray with an insecticide spray

Don't forget, though, the birds will take a great many insects to feed their chicks so encourage them into the garden with bird baths topped up with fresh water every day.

Colin's plant of the week

Allium, the exotic member of the onion family can be seen in borders up and down the country and with their purple - white flowers make a real splash of colour which emerge on stems six feet high.

The unique corn-like foliage emerges partly along the stem as well as from the ground and has a distinct bend. This incredibly beautiful plant is a wonderful addition to this marvelous group of plants that extend the spring blooming season. Choose Allium 'Summer Dream' and you won't go wrong.


Continue to sow beetroot, lettuce and radish into open ground or in tubs and troughs. In just a little over a month you should be cutting lettuce and pulling radishes. Beetroot will take a bit longer but it's worth the wait.


If ponds show signs of evaporation then top up with fresh water and if water plants recently flowered are past their best then cut off the old flower heads to encourage new growth.

Continue to hoe out weeds as these will take out valuable moisture form the soil and Rhubarb crowns will need mulching with compost or well rotted leaf mould to swell the crowns.

 Just a light liquid feed and a tidy up around the crowns will have the stems  ready for harvesting within a couple of weeks. More rhubarb crumble with fresh double cream, now there's a thought.

Happy Gardening

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created: 26/06/2009

You are in: Berkshire > Local radio > Colin Evans > Colin Evans Garden Tips

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