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13 November 2014

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Colin Evans

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Keep your Foxgloves looking foxy

Colin Evans Garden Tips

Colin Evans tells you how to beat the recession by growing delicious asparagus, juicy raspberries and great green balls of lettuce. A plastic bag can be a source of scrumptious spud dishes from spring till autumn. Plus advice on lilies and foxgloves.

If you want inspiration what to grow in your fruit and vegetable patch you need only to go into your local supermarket and have a look at what's on offer during the month of May.

So much that we buy at this time of the year is obtained from the UK.



Fresh asparagus, new potatoes, juicy raspberries and great green balls of lettuce are all available and are not just grown by commercial growers but by domestic gardeners as well.

Even if you have a small garden, it's still possible to grow and harvest a great many salads, fruit and vegetables. If space is limited then containers make great places to grow the less invasive crops.

Take potatoes for example, a black plastic bag is almost all you will need to get a good crop.

Asparagus is also very easy to grow and will withstand hard winters. Once planted you can expect to be supplied for many years to come. My advice is have a look at what you are buying, let the label tell you where the country of origin is and if it says UK then you will surely be able to grow the same in your own garden or maybe in tubs on your patio or balcony.

Colin's plant of the week

Digitalis, better known as Foxglove has to be the easiest border plant to grow, in fact some gardeners find it a real problem as once it's in your garden it seems you can never get rid of it.



There are just so many varieties to choose form, just think of a colour and Foxglove is bound to have the same. Two types worth a try are Digitalis 'Pam's Split' and Digitalis 'Pam's Choice', both these will grow to a height of 120cm (4ft) and are very hardy. They have breath-taking flowers showing purple throats with white outers.


Lawns can be cut now when the grass is dry and make sure the grass clippings are collected. After each cut, wait a couple of days and then apply a liquid fertilizer which will make the grass grow more quickly but will look greener for longer especially during dry weather.

A lily on a pond

A lily on a pond

Plant water lilies in pots of garden soil and place a layer of clean grit over the surface. Give a good drenching with fresh water and the gently lower into the pond making sure that the plant is no more than a metre below the surface. Water lilies, by the way, do not like moving water so avoid planting in flow from a fountain or water fall.

Dead head camellias once the blooms are over and give a good feed and mulch just above the soil surface to fed the roots.

Happy Gardening

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created: 15/05/2009

You are in: Berkshire > Local radio > Colin Evans > Colin Evans Garden Tips

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