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13 November 2014

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Winchester House

Winchester House

Blight of Bracknell

It's awful, horrible, an eyesore and a mess. That is the verdict of Bracknell residents on the state of Winchester House building in Bracknell. Now Milton Land, owners of the former 3M building, have been ordered by the council to clean it up.

The former 3M building, now owned by developers Milton Land, is long overdue a clean up.

In recent years the building has fallen victim to vandals who have sprayed graffiti on walls, broken windows and even set fire to the building.

But most of the Bracknell residents questioned by BBC Berkshire reporter Sabi Phagura said they would prefer to see the building pulled down, blown up or turned it into a hospital.

Cllr Paul Bettison leader of Bracknell Forest Council, said that it was an unusual step to serve the business a section 215 notice, which forces owners to clean up their buildings.

Damage to Winchester House

Damage to Winchester House

He said that the council had taken this unusual step in order to reach people at the top of Milton Land, the company which owns the building.

"This building which as we all know has been repeatedly vandalised and damaged by fire, has to be made safe and brought up to a decent and presentable condition by the owner." he said.

"The owner of the building will have four months to carry out these improvements.

"We are asking for the removal of all broken glass, the boarding up of all broken windows with clean wood, the repainting of fire-damaged panels, the removal of graffiti,  and the blocking up of access where it's been vandalised on the ground floor.

"We want the company to finish the external face  of the building so the building looks tidy and presentable."

Cllr Bettison said that the building had become a landmark within Bracknell Town.

He added: "We need it to be spruced up. It creates a bad image for the town centre."

Bracknell is hoping to implement a £750million mixed use regeneration scheme in order to rejuvenate Bracknell town centre.

This will provide:

56,000 sq m of new retail space
15,000 sq m of new bars, cafes, restaurants, leisure and entertainment facilities
1,000 new homes
3,500 new car parking spaces
62,000 sq m new and replacement business space
4,000 sq m food store
Replacement civic accommodation with a new larger library
New bus station
Police station
Magistrates court
New health centre
Extensively landscaped public space
Significant transport improvements
Better CCTV

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created: 17/02/2009

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defiantely should be convereted into a hospital or appartments, rather than be demolished.

annette wren
Please be aware this building was NEVERowned by 3M.

You are in: Berkshire > Places > Places features > Blight of Bracknell

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