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13 November 2014

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Meet Rory McAllister

Rory McAllister is the man with exclusive access to Berkshire's traffic cameras and delivers your 'travel you trust' updates. You can also hear his cheery show on Sundays from 12pm to 2pm. Find out more about Rory below.

Rory McAllister

Rory was born in Ascot, bred in Maidenhead and has worked previously in Slough, Newbury, Sunningdale and Reading.

Contact the travel team

Call 08459 311 333


Rory finds the roads in Berkshire just as frustrating as you do and therefore has no problem in letting you in on a few of the back-road routes to get you through your journey.

Feel free to call Rory on the BBC Radio Berkshire 'Travel You Trust' hotline 08459 311 333 if you have an update. Otherwise, why not read on about the person who's telling you where to go each weekday morning...

What makes you laugh?

Viz. I've been reading it since I was 11 (my dad used to buy it for me), one because I wasn't old enough and two because in most newsagents it was on the top shelf.

Classic British television comedy is always a safe bet to get me cackling (and I'll list the usual suspect here), The Office, I'm Alan Partridge, The Day Today are untouchable.

I also enjoy going to live comedy events. You can't beat Al Murray, the late Dave Allen, Eddie Izzard, Lee Evans or some of the top comics on the circuit such as Stephen K Amos or Mick Ferry.

One thing that's guaranteed not to make me laugh, however is obvious, blatant, hackneyed British humour such as "You can't get the staff" (when somebody innocently photocopies something upside down for example) or when a glass is dropped behind a bar and people clap sarcastically.

Otherwise, you've got to be prepared when I do find something funny as my laugh has often been described as an "infectious outburst" or likened to an "high-pitched hyena-like cackling". I think I'll let you judge when the opportunity arises.

What's your most embarrassing moment on air?

I once aired a competition where we recorded a lifeless, unenthusiastic caller which was to be used at the end of the song that was playing. However, I'd left the mic switched on.

You could clearly clearly hear me saying over the top of the song "…", well, I'll let you fill in the blanks.

Where is your favourite place in Berkshire?

There are a few. I walk my West Highland White Terrier, Ruby quite often through Lily Hill Park in Bracknell. It's a gorgeous place in the snow or from up high on the hill during a late-evening walk in June.

The towpath walk from Thames Valley Park to Sonning Lock is a good spot, too.

Let's not leave out Boulters Lock and Ray Mill Island in Maidenhead where I grew up.

My favourite place, overall though, in Berkshire has to be the kebab shop Gregory's opposite Reading train station on a Saturday night following a few pints. Those who know me won't believe I've actually admitted that.

What jobs did you do before broadcasting?

I've been a Communications Officer and Vice President of my Students' Union.

Once upon a time I was a tour guide at Madame Tussaud's in London, I've also written for magazines, and worked at other Berkshire-based radio stations.

My last job was presenting my own Breakfast Show whilst also hosting network shows for The Local Radio Company including my own afternoon and daytime slots at various points.

One of my most interesting jobs was working for the children's charity, Make-A-Wish Foundation® UK in Camberley.

The rewards were immense, including a Guinness World Record that made the 2006 edition of the book (page 63) and raised a lot of money for the World's Longest Pizza Delivery - a great fundraising event that sent a pizza made by Peter Andre the whole way from London Heathrow to the set of Ramsey Street in Neighbours where Ryan Maloney (Toadfish) collected his order! Yes, the pizza was still edible!

What's your favourite piece of music?

There's a few answers to this. Those of you who are reading this who know me will expect me to say True Faith by New Order, and you'd be right.

As I've become older and wiser I've swayed toward the film score music of John Barry (he composed 11 James Bond films).

My favourite pieces are from the film Moonraker. Although saying that, I'm a big fan of Hans Zimmer (Gladiator, Mission Impossible 2, Rain Man) and Ennio Morricone (Good the Bad & The Ugly, The Mission).

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created: 10/10/2008

You are in: Berkshire > Travel > Meet Rory McAllister

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