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13 November 2014

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Ian Waite and Jodie Kidd

Sadly not the winner this year

"That music gives me shivers!"

Winning Strictly Come Dancing has always eluded the series' Reading star Ian Waite. This year was no different as he and model Jodie Kidd bowed out in the tenth round. Listen to interviews throughout the 2008 series with Ian Waite below.

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Ian Waite at BBC Berkshire

Ian Waite at BBC Berkshire

On hearing the Strictly Come Dancing theme tune Ian Waite, the series' star from Reading, says: "That music gives me shivers already!"

Competing for his fifth series of the BBC One show, the former Latin American champion may be a dab hand at swivelling round celebs on the dancefloor, but that doesn't make him any less nervous ahead of the new season, which kicks off on Saturday 20 September.

"I'm really looking forward to it but I'm still apprehensive because I don't know how the celebrities are going to react to a live audience," he tells BBC Berkshire.

"There's a lot of pressure because they're doing something outside of their comfort zone."

The six ft four pro has never won the hit series. He was runner-up in 2004 with athlete Denise Lewis, and third in 2005 with presenter Zoe Ball.

He left the competition in the second week in 2006 with his celebrity partner Mica Paris. For series five in 2007, he and his partner Penny Lancaster Stewart left the competition in week six after dancing the salsa.

Ian Waite and Penny Lancaster in 2007

Ian Waite and Penny Lancaster in 2007

This year Ian is coupled with six ft two supermodel Jodie, who may look elegant on the cover of magazines but is a complete dancing novice.

"She's never done any dancing before in her life so already you're at a disadvantage, but we've been working very hard and she's a very quick learner.

"She learns techniques very easily so I'm hoping that she's going to be very good."

Ian has been training with Jodie for a gruelling six hours a day, which he says is " a lot of hard work". Though it's helped an unconfident Jodie to see how the other women have progressed in their dance moves.

"You do get to see some of the other girls because we're doing a group dance," he says, "but they all are struggling in their own way, they all have their own problems, which is quite nice for Jodie to see because she feels as though she's out of her depth and struggling."

And what of the argument that the female contestants have it much easier, considering the male contestants have the added burden of leading the women round the dancefloor?

Ian Waite and Zoe Ball in 2005

Ian Waite and Zoe Ball in 2005

"I think it swings in roundabouts," he replies, "because the girls have more difficult steps.

"The men just kind of stand there, and really the professional girls don't really need leading do they!

Ian, whose family run successful dancing school in Southampton Street in Reading, says that Strictly now plays a huge part in his life.

"We've got the live tour now which starts directly after Strictly finishes," he says. "We have about seven days off and then we start rehearsals for the tour.

"It's seven months of the year and so have five months off - just enough time to go on holiday and go shopping!"

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created: 17/09/2008

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Mandi McHarrie
Ian, you really are doing a fab job of teaching Jodie, it's FAB that she has really grown in this competition under your tuition. She's doing so well, so please pass on my Best & Good Luck Wishes. xoxox

Rebecca Horner
Big fan of yours Ian. You and Jodie are doing really well and look brill together. Will keep voting 4 u both. All the best 4 your future. X

Maggie Phelan
Wishing you all the luck in the world, Ian! Love to watch you dance, and keeping everything crossed for you and Jodie this year!

rachel wood
come on ian i know you can win this year, jodie looks great and she in great hands your a great teacher good luck!

Tracey Smith
Have supported you from your very first appearence in Strictly. Hope that 2008 series is your year. Looking forward to seeing you on tour

You are in: Berkshire > People > Profiles > "That music gives me shivers!"


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