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13 November 2014

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Feeder's Mark Richardson

Feeder's Mark Richardson

Feeder at the Festival

On the final day of this year’s Reading Festival, Eleanor Vale was all ready for another day of fun and frolics in the mud. Little did she know she would have the chance to interview none other than Mark Richardson of Feeder...

Listen to the full interview here:

Mark Richardson has been in the rock and indie circuit since his days in Skunk Anansie. Nowadays he's drumming for one of Britain's most successful bands, Feeder.

Playing at the world famous Reading Festival is no mean feat, and Mark has done it no less that six times. So naturally, we jumped at the chance to have a chat with him in the backstage area only a couple of hours before his set.

Mark has an enormous history with the festival, so what are his favourite Reading memories?

"You’ve just got to be true to yourself and true to your art and write the music that comes out naturally."

Mark Richardson

"As a punter: Nirvana playing," says Mark, "and as a musician: going on the main stage first with Skunk Anansie and the first gig I did here with Feeder. That was just incredible."

Sunday night is renowned for having the more ‘rocky' line-up on the main stage. Mark explains how Feeder fit's in to that bracket:

"Feeder has always been a band that's quite versatile. We've always had a softer side with strings and piano, but the roots are in heavy music."

Feeder's new album Silent Cry has been described as their most ‘daring and complete' album to date.

"We haven't really pandered to the radio on this record," says Mark. "Grant wrote the album that he wanted to write without worrying about what was going to get played.

"You can't really worry about whether it's going to get played on the radio or whether it isn't, you've just got to be true to yourself and true to your art and write the music that comes out naturally."

Feeder at the Isle of Wight Festival 2008

Festival favourites: Feeder

So, what is the backstage area like for artists at Reading Festival?

"Imagine a Portakabin empty and then imagine it with a little black sofa and a few drinks. It's incredibly boring, " he assures.

"We don't spend the amount of money and attention on our dressing rooms as someone like Prince, for example, who practically brings his own house with him."

Proving that being in a massively successful band is not all about the cigarettes and alcohol, Mark described what's on Feeder's rider...

"Lots of beer and vodka, but I don't drink. I have the innocent smoothies! Loads of sweets.

"There are kids everywhere with us, so we've got to have loads of smoothies and sweeties and all that kind of stuff. It's more for the kids than it is for us!"

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You are in: Berkshire > Blast > Feeder at the Festival


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