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13 November 2014

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Debbie McGee and husband Paul Daniels

Debbie McGee and husband Paul Daniels

The Deblog

Here is where BBC Radio Berkshire's Debbie McGee invites you to read about what she's been up to and where you can read up on what her weekly studio experts have to say.



I'm still on my home holiday.

Reading Festival

Reading Festival

On Monday I spent the day de-cluttering my office.

Tuesday was back to my Spanish lessons and then a trip out with Paul.

On Wednesday, my nephew and his friend came to stay and they're off to the Reading Festival at the weekend.

Thursday, I met up with two girlfriends I went to the Royal Ballet School with. One of them left in our second year, so I haven't seen her since 1978!!!!! 31 years, oh my goodness.

Friday (today) I'm filming for a small movie for Adrian Bliss.  He's the brother of a young clarinet player (Julian Bliss) that Paul found in the 1990's when he was only 5 years old. At that age he was already an accomplished clarinetist.  Paul booked him to perform at the Water Rats Ball in 1995 when Paul was King Rat!

Listen to Debbie

You can hear Debbie McGee on BBC Radio Berkshire every Sunday from 9am or listen again on the BBC Berkshire iPlayer.

Then it's an extra show for me at BBC Radio Berkshire this weekend.  Saturday morning, I'm covering for Anne Diamond then I'm having a little drinks party early evening for some of my neighbours.

Back to my show on Sunday, I'm talking blackberries!  Do you forage the hedgerows for fruit? I'll be speaking to the couple who pick blackberries and make their own jam!   Tina Baker will be giving her top telly viewings for the bank holiday weekend. And I'll be hearing some amazing stories of people being reunited with their family and friends years later.

See you then

D x



Another busy week... On Monday I started working on my books... I can't give too much away, it's all a secret at the moment.

On Tuesday, Paul's mother was 93. For her birthday we took her to her favourite Italian restaurant for lunch.. it was delish!

Wednesday was another family birthday. We drove up north to North Lincolnshire where we went out to the local pub for lunch to wish Paul's middle son Martin a Happy Birthday! Later we all went to Sheffield to a centre of entertainment and played ten pin bowling, followed by dinner……phew!

On Thursday we headed over to the North West for business meetings and a quick hello to Paul's eldest Son then it was back in the car... this time heading south on the M6.

We stopped off for tea with friends, home made cakes and more delicious food. After this we waddled home to Wargrave in time to watch the last in the series of The Mentalist which we love!

Today, I've worked some more on my books and lots of boring office stuff to catch up with.

Tomorrow (Saturday) we have an early start as Paul has a book signing in Cardiff for his new "Wizbit" children's books. We then have to dash back home to change and go to The London TV Studios to film a short piece for a TV Pilot show and then watch An Audience With Donny and Marie Osmond.

Then for my show on Sunday... I'll be finding out how the Kenton Theatre in Henley could be saved because of volunteers. 

Tina Baker will be here with her top telly pickings for the week.

We'll have a load of celeb gossip from backstage at the 80s Rewind festival in Henley and have you ever looked after a baby animal and nursed it back to health? I'll be meeting a family from Reading who've rescued two baby squirrels

Hope you can join me Sunday morning from 9.

Bye for now



Still on my home holiday and so this week has been gardening, sorting out cupboards and learning Spanish. I've had visits from friends, family and a few boat trips. Along with lots of eating!

This week on my show I'll be finding out what the laws of the river are (after witnessing a fast boat causing havoc on the Thames recently).

And finding out if garage sales are the way of coping during the recession. Call in on Sunday and let me know if you've held one and how successful it was.


I am on a "Home Holiday" this week ... whoopee!

Went to some friends for a proper English tea on Wednesday in their garden, with cucumber sandwiches, scones and strawberries absolutely delish.

My youngest stepson also stayed on Wednesday night, so we all had a lazy Thursday morning with crumpets for breakfast.

On Friday, we plan to have a boat trip and picnic to Temple Island, weather permitting!

And Saturday is Wargrave Regatta and then a party in the garden finishing with the regatta fireworks. I love Regatta time!

Then back to my show on Sunday, I'll be finding out about the healing properties of Lavender and also how you can use it in cooking.

I'll be catching up with Daniel Boys, who was in the BBC show "Any Dream Will Do" and have you ever been to the Harris Gardens in Reading? I'm finding out more about the history of the gardens.

Join me from 9am


It's been a busy week...

After the show last week and on Monday Paul's youngest son was staying with us, which is always fun.

Tues I went to see the play "Strictly Murder" at the Theatre Royal in Windsor... It follows my interview with the writer Brian Clemmens and actor Giles Watling who also directed the play.

It was a great evening with dinner at a restaurant next door. Pepe the Italian owner has been there for over 40 years and still goes in every night. Paul and I have also been going for the last 20 years or so.

On Thursday it was some family time again.  My Mum and Dad spent the day with us.

And today (Friday) Paul and I visit Thames Hospice Care and launch their "Donate Don't Dump" initiative for the various shops they have across Berkshire.

Then we go on to....wait for it.....The Big Brother house to appear on BB!

Make sure you listen to my show on Sunday and I'll tell you all about it. 

I'll also be talking 'Organic Food'. Because earlier this week scientists sparked a debate, saying organic food is no more healthy or nutritious for you than ordinary food.  So give me a call or email me with what you think. 0845 900 1041 or

Speak to you soon

D x


I wasn't on air last Sunday as I had a matinee of Frank's Closet,  the musical I have been performing in for the last month.

Then on Tuesday I flew to Scotland to record The Hole in the Wall for the BBC.

I flew back on Wednesday and went straight to the theatre as I had an evening performance as I also had on Thursday, Friday and Saturday which was my final night.



This week has been all rehearsals for the musical I'm in.

We previewed on Weds, and the official opening and press night was Thursday... It has gone really well and everyone loved it.

The show got a standing ovations both nights...whoopee!

This weekend I'm attending the Royal Theatrical Fund and The Grand Order of Water Rats (both showbiz charities) annual fete in Covent Garden... Then after the show on Sunday, I'm going to the Henley Festival.

During my show i'll be getting some top recipes from the Hairy Bikers... They'll be talking to me from Festival Place where there's a big food event.

I'll also be catching up with the Artisitc director of the Henley Festival to see how things have gone.

And I'm now the President of "Walk for a Reason", an event raising money for Prostate Cancer. So more from the man who came up with the idea from 9am on Sunday.



Another busy week....

I've been in rehearsals for the production "Franks Closet" in London on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Thursday I was at the Henley Regatta and was the guest of the Chairman, so went on the Umpire's boat! I was also at the regatta on Friday at Phyllis Court.

On Saturday, I'm at my nephew's school for a prize giving and then lunch for my dad's birthday. Phew!

So back to the BBC Radio Berkshire studio on Sunday. I'll be talking to Arthur Smith about coming to Henley and being a "Grumpy Old Man".

Strawberries. Why are British strawberries so good?! I'll be finding out why it's so popular to "pick your own" and what the best varieties are.

And it's press day at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show on Monday. So I'll be talking to a local exhibitor.

Hope you can join me from 9am!


Another non-stop week for me.

I've been rehearsing all week for the new musical I'm in - "Franks Closet". I play a character called Gertie Snipe.

Tuesday I gave a speech to the Henley Rotary Club. I'm looking forward to Sunday when I'm hosting the "Place to be Proud Of Basingstoke" awards.

There are so many deserving people and groups!    


Hello all!

What a varied week I've had! From the glamour of Royal Ascot to getting fillings at the dentist. The life of radio presenter isn't all showbiz you know.

It started off with the dentist where I had two fillings - yeeks.

Then on Tuesday and Wednesday I was learning the lines of a new musical I'm in. Rehearsals start on Monday so I'll be able to tell you all about that soon.

On Thursday I was at Royal Ascot for BBC Radio Berkshire where I got to wear a lovely outfit and a great hat.

Friday I had to go to Townlands Hospital for a splinter in my finger.

I then had lunch with  with my folks and tea with Paul's mum - then more script bashing.

Saturday was a much enjoyed day off but I need to make sure I know all my songs and lines for Monday's rehearsals.


Had a lovely time on Tuesday this week as I went to see Dennis Norden in a show near Southampton - he told loads of fantastic stories about his life in showbiz.

On Wednesday Paul and I were doing a show in Devon which was great fun.

From Thursday onwards I've been busy learning my lines for my part in a musical in July. I have my first read through with the director on Sunday - very exciting!

And I've been telling you about a swan nesting outside my window - well the eggs have now hatched  and there are 4 cygnets in the nest!

I'll be back for my show on Sunday from 9 until 12 - have you ever tried Tai Chi? On the show I'll be hearing from people who say it can help arthritis sufferers - let me know if you've given it a go - email me at, call on 0845 900 1041 or text 07786 202 303

Debs x


It's been another busy week for Paul and me - all week we've been on This Morning doing a competition to have your mortgage paid for the next 2 years.

I've also been on Radio 5 Live each evening, being Richard Bacon's celebrity friend.

On Monday we were at the Magic Circle for a tribute to Ali Bongo who sadly died earlier this year and used to work with us on our show.

Wednesday evening we headed off to the Hibernian society, which is an Irish club in Reading.

Then on Thursday Paul and I were at Northwood golf club in Buckinghamshire for a charity golf event.

Friday night we were in the Midlands for a show and on Saturday we were at Vince Hill's wedding anniversary party.

So I'm back to my normal show on Sunday... this weekend I'm talking about hayfever, so I want to hear from you if you suffer from it and have found any odd cures. Call me or email me 0845 900 1041 or 

I'll also be finding out about the odd places birds nest, including in the pocket of jeans on the washing line!



I've been all over the country this week. I was at a charity fair for the Royal Theatrical Fund at the beginning of the week. Then it was off to actor Robert Lindsay's house for a BBQ.

Paul and I went to another charity event on Wednesday, Princess Anne attended that one and on Thursday it was up north to Grantham for a show at the Guildhall.

I've also been busy covering for Henry Kelly at the end of the week on BBC Radio Berkshire.

So I'm back to my normal show on Sunday... this weekend it's the Newbury 10K run, so I want to hear from you if you're in the race.

Call me or email me with your good luck messages to the runners. I'll be chatting to chef Gino D'Acampo about coming to the Oracle in Reading and what we should be cooking on the BBQ this weekend.

And I'll be learning how to bellydance and Flamenco live in the studio.

Hope you can join me from 9am!

D x



An action packed week... I started on Monday with a photoshoot for the musical I'm going to be doing in July called "Frank's Closet".

Then it was off to Ibiza... Paul and I have been performing a show in a different hotel every night.

I've been practising my Spanish and it's been really sunny here, on Wednesday we had a lovely lunch on the beach.

So it's back to the UK on Saturday and then my show on Sunday.

This week I'll be looking at the 32nd Reading Community Carnival, which takes place on Bank Holiday Monday.

I'll be getting into the carnival spirit and talking to a couple of people involved in the event.

And telly Queen Tina Baker will be giving us all the top soap gossip… hope you join me on BBC Radio Berkshire from 9am.



Boy have I had a busy week.

On Thursday Paul and I spent all day filming for This Morning on ITV.

We're given the script and have to learn it and film it. It's quite intense but actually I really enjoy learning scripts.

There was quite a lot to film as we had to learn different parts for different days. Fortunately there weren't many retakes.

Although Paul and I do make each other laugh a lot so it does take a while!

This week I also had a meeting about a play. I've been offered a very small part in the play called Frank's Closet which is being staged at Hoxton Hall, a fringe theatre in East London in July.

On Friday I had an early start. I was at Heathrow Airport for 6am to drop off Paul who's going to New York. He's attending a salute to 100 years in magic in Manhattan.

I could have gone too but we're both off to Ibiza next week and we thought it was enough for just one of us to be jet lagged.

Paul comes back on Monday and on Tuesday night we're off to Ibiza for some shows in hotels.

I'm there until I fly back on Saturday…just in time for my show at BBC Radio Berkshire next Sunday. Phew!


I've been taken for a ride this week! I went to an awards show in Derby for a bus company.

I'm also excited because I've just become the President of "Walk for a Reason", a charity for prostate cancer... They have two walks coming up in Berkshire over the summer.

And on Friday, I went shopping in London whoopee!

So, the show on Sunday...I'll be following the Bracknell Half Marathon as 1000 runners set off at 9am. We've got a reporter at the course to catch the reactions of the runners as they cross the line.

Would you have Botox? And how much would you pay for it?

Some of the questions I'll be asking on the show after it was revealed in the news this week that you can now get DIY Botox kits delivered to your door.

Have you ever had Botox?

I'd love to hear your experiences. Call 0845 900 1041. Text 07786 202 303 or email via the address link above.

Also I'll be meeting a local stuntman who has worked with actors such as Russell Crowe on the movie Gladiator and Ewan McGregor on Star Wars.

He's now going into schools and teaching children about the careers available in TV and Film.

I hope you can join me on Sunday.

Good luck to the Royals against Burnley on Saturday!!
D x


Hi, I've had a week off!

But its been exciting... a swan has been building a nest in our creek and has laid four eggs.

On Tuesday we had a fantastic lunch at the Vanilla Pod in Marlow to celebrate a friends birthday. Amazing food!

Wednesday was dinner in London with the an ex-President of The Magic Circle, his wife and another friend.

And on Friday yet another lunch date with the family.

So on Sunday it's back to work and a great show lined up...

With a very important weekend for Reading FC I'll be speaking to a WAG and find out how she prepares for big matches and what it's really like to be married to a footballer.

Did you see the pictures in the paper this week of James Nesbitt? He was at the BAFTA television awards with a full head of hair.

That's after he was snapped years ago with a receding hairline! So what has happened to his locks? I'm going to ask a trichologist what options there are for men who are balding.

And telly queen Tina Baker will be here to give us all the top telly viewing for the week and of course all the vital soap gossip.

See you Sunday!



Another busy week for me.

Paul and I did a show in Harlow on Thursday. Then it was to The Ritz for dinner on Friday and Saturday Paul and I did a show in Basingstoke at the Central Studio, Queens College.

This week on the programme, the London Marathon... We have a BBC Radio Berkshire listener on the route to be our eyes and ears!

After a couple of days to reflect on the budget and how it will affect you, money expert Tom Beckett will be joining me in the studio and taking your questions. Email me if you'd like to ask Tom a money-related question

And Yoga. Did you see the pictures in the paper this week of the 83 year-old Gran who's still very active and does lots of yoga poses! A Crowthorne yoga teacher will join me and tell me the benefits and maybe even teach me a few moves.

Call or text me with your experiences of yoga 0845 900 1041 . 07786 202 303.

See you Sunday!


Hello! I've had a week off...whoopee!

On Tuesday, I went bowling with my nephews. It was our 21st Wedding Anniversary on Thursday. And we're entertaining tonight (Friday) ... our friends are coming over for dinner.

So for the show on Sunday, I'll be talking about buying local after a campaign was launched in Maidenhead.

Do you buy local? Call me on 0845 900 1041, text 07786 202 303 or email

I'll also be finding out if exercising makes you look older!

And you may have heard that I had a song dedicated to me by Radio 1's Chris Moyles last week, so keep listening on Sunday... I may be getting my own back!


Hello, me again

Another really busy week in the Daniels/McGee household.

On Monday I was in Basingstoke for the launch of the Place To Be Proud Of awards.

Paul and I have also been to Wales where we did a show at an old miners' institute.

We had a really exciting evening when we had dinner at the House of Lords. And today

(Friday 6 March) Paul and I are off to Hertfordshire to do another show.

So after a short rest, I'm back on BBC Radio Berkshire on Sunday and this week I'll be hearing some amazing stories from survivors of prostate cancer.

I'll also be talking to a lady who can tell me how wives and girlfriends can help their man look for symptoms of prostate cancer.

I'll be celebrating Barbie. Like me and Madonna she's turned 50 this year.  But has she changed a lot or reinvented her look over the years?

How far would you go or have you gone to look great at 50?

Tell me your story: Call 0845 900 1041. Text 07786 202 303

Every week, I'm looking to speak to you if you're learning a new skill.

It could be that the kids are now off your hands so you've decided to start dancing, you're learning to play a musical instrument or even learning how to fly.

I've started learning a new language, so a Spanish radio station phoned me up this week and asked me about. If you've got a new skill email and tell me about it.

And finally I'm looking for your online shopping stories. Have you ordered your food but ended up with items that were substituted? Tell me your funny stories on Sunday from 9am.



Another busy week for me, I've been on tour with Paul in Yorkshire...  We tried out a new trick!

Then I attended a tribute dinner to Cannon and Ball, a fundraising event organised by the children's charity Variety Club at The Bolton Wanderers Reebok Stadium.

Tonight (Friday 27 March) I'm going to a play at the Emmer Green School.

For the show on Sunday, I'll be talking Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT...

Have you been put on HRT? Did it work for you? What were your experiences? Call me with your stories 0845  900 1041 or email

Telly Queen Tina Baker will be giving me all the TV and soap gossip for the week.

And my challenge to you this week…

How do I clean the mildew off the grouting in the shower?! Call me or email me with your suggestions... 0845 900 1041.


Hello everybody,

Well I must say I have enjoyed being back on Radio Berkshire these past two Sundays.

Don't forget if you have anything to ask me do call in:

0845  900 1041

This week has been rather crazy media-wise due to the photos of Paul and me in Closer magazine.

We were both dressed, or should I say undressed, as we were in underwear emulating the Posh and Becks Armani advert. It was a hoot!

We couldn't believe the stir it caused, Channel Five news covered it in every bulletin that night.

Wednesday night we hosted our annual Quiz Night for the MS Centre in Reading.

Thursday afternoon Paul and I were guests on the Alan Titchmarsh show. He is such a lovely man; couldn't get him to come and do our garden though.

I am going to take the day off on Friday and go to the hairdressers and then visit my parents.

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