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28 October 2014

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The Beatles

The Beatles

A Day in the Life of the Fab Four

After a lengthy absence The Beatles are back in Berkshire...well in print form at least. A Wokingham art gallery is one of a handful of lucky venues selected to display and sell some exclusive prints of the iconic pop band.

TG Art Gallery in Wokingham are currently exhibiting and selling a set of limited edition photographic reprints of The Beatles.

Click on the link below to view some of the collection currently on display:

"At the moment these prints are only available in England"

Tom Murray, famous photographer.

The original pictures were taken by the highly acclaimed photographer, Tom Murray who was assisting on the infamous ' Mad Day Out' shoot back in the sixties.

The images show the pop stars in an array of poses and settings across London. These include the Thames Docks and a house on Swain's Lane outside Old Street station.

In total, 23 images have been released over three volumes. Each signed print measures 20 by 24 inches and costs £195.

"The reprints are very near photographic quality, but a more realistic price for Beatles fans to pay, " says Tom.

The Beatles

The Beatles

The giclees (prints) are a great alternative to the chromogenic ones which sell for several thousand pounds each.

Tom adds, "the images are absolutely amazing, they are on archival paper and fabulously mounted.

"At the moment, this edition is only available in England".

Tom wasn't told who he'd be photographing way back in 1968. He only discovered it was The Beatles after turning up to the shoot, hearing their track 'Lady Madonna' playing in the background and seeing Paul McCartney at the piano.

For three decades the original slides laid undiscovered in Tom's studio.

It wasn't until his friends, Jack Nicholson and Angelica Houston asked him to donate a photograph to a charity auction that their true worth was realised. 

The original slides were valued at $2.3 million by Christies.

Tom Murray

Tom Murray

"They then went very quickly from being in an envelope in a draw into a bank for safe keeping," says the photographer.

Tom has photographed many celebrities from past and present including Dirk Bogarde, Ralph Lauren, James Woods and the Royal Family. He even photographed Dustin Hoffman's wedding.

He currently uses the original Beatles photographs to raise money for charities throughout the world.

Click on the link below to read about The Beatles in Liverpool:

The prints are being exhibited and sold on a first come, first served basis at TG Art Gallery | 47b Peach Street | Wokingham | RG40 1XJ

For more information you can call the gallery directly on 01889 792 707 or visit the following website:

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You are in: Berkshire > Places > Places features > A Day in the Life of the Fab Four

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