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24 September 2014

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Colin Evans

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A gardener digging

A gardener digging

Colin Evans

Got a problem eliminating Lilly beetles from your garden? Fancy planting a tree, but you're a bit short on space? Never fear because Colin's here to solve all your gardening dilemmas.

Into mid May and so much in the garden is flourishing especially all the flowering shrubs and vegetables.This month sees lots of insect and disease damage on emerging young shoots.

Look out for the signs and deal with them as soon as possible. Bugs, beasties and fungal spores dealt with early will help during the summer months and ensure good cropping, especially on salad crops.

Make sure fresh rows of beetroot, radish and lettuce are sown when there is spare ground.



Perennial flowers such as Lupins, Delphiniums and Foxgloves can be bought at garden centres. These are available as sturdy pot plants.

However, if you fancy growing your own, then this is the perfect time to get the seeds planted. Either sow in shallow drills in the open ground or into pots.

Trees make a great statement in the garden and I like to use them where I can. Some of us tend to think that trees take up too much space but you can always keep them in check by pruning.

Laburnum Watereri Vossii is an example of a tree that gives good value for money. This easy to look after specimen will never outgrow its position.

Don't be put off by their bad publicity. A child or pet would have to eat a high quantity of seed pods to feel even slightly sick.

This variety called 'vossii' will grow well in either a border or a container. It can be left to look after itself.

Laburnum Watereri Vossii

Laburnum Watereri Vossii

If it’s potted, then a little feed and water during the summer months is essential to keep the tree healthy. I’ve one in my garden and the golden yellow flowers it produces throughout the summer is a real joy.

By now, Lilly Beetles will be on the rampage in your garden so look out for them on your prize lilly bulbs. They’ll be laying their eggs around the plants.

The adults like to have a good feed once they’ve finished laying their eggs. These beetles can kill off new leaves in a short space of time.

Even worse, the hatching grubs will eat the roots and stems leaving very few surviving leaves. Arm yourself with one of the insecticides from the garden centre and declare war on these pests.

Take your indoor plants outside and give them some fresh air. You'll be surprised how much better they’ll look after a few days.

Let the rain refresh them. Remove old leaves and flowers. Give the plants a liquid feed. Wherever possible, rubber plants or anything similar should be taken outside and sprayed with a hosepipe.



If you want Roses for a garden or for growing in pots then you should buy the Patio variation. These are ideal for growing in restricted areas and have a very long flowering time.

They are also more disease resistant than the larger flowering varieties. If you’re planting them into pots, make sure you use good quality multi purpose compost and don't let it dry out.

Regular trimming and feeding with Rose fertilizer is all that’s required to have wonderful roses growing in your garden. 

Happy Gardening.

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created: 28/05/2008

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