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28 October 2014

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You are in: Berkshire > Local radio > Sport > Reading relegation: have your say!

Graeme Murty and John Madejski

Graeme Murty and John Madejski

Reading relegation: have your say!

Reading FC captain Graeme Murty and chairman John Madejski join Andrew Peach on his breakfast programme on Monday 12 May 2008 from 7am to 10am. Send in your questions and comments to them here.

Here is your chance to let team captain Graeme Murty and chairman John Madejski know your thoughts.

They join Andrew Peach on his breakfast programme on Monday 12 May 2008 between 7am and 10am.

Reading fan

Not anymore...

You can already send us your questions to both of them now via the Have Your Say box below, but you can also send in your messages during the live interviews.

The BBC Berkshire online team will be updating your comments sent on this page minute-by-minute so you can join in the debate and immediately react to what is being said live on air.

We'll also feed your messages to the breakfast team for possible inclusion on the Andrew Peach programme.

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Have Your Say

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Sue from Newbury
Steve Coppell MUST Stay. he is the best thing ever to happen to Reading and we need that consistency if we are to go back up. The band wagonners who jumped on two/three years ago are the only ones who don't want Coppell so jump off if you like, 'fans'like you won't be missed. C'mon URZ

Everyone get down to the Madejski Stadium tonight (Tues May 13th, 7pm) and wear your hoops. It's going to be a great atmosphere and we're showing pride in the greatest manager Readin has ever seen! URZ

I know all the guys are disappointed but they now need to be saying we did it once we can do it again. I think Coppell should stay he is the best manager Reading have had in along time.I feel the only problem with Reading is not the players it is the teams they are playing against.They have enough players to give everyone a well earned rest and Reading players are having to play week in week out. When you are playing top flight football it starts to take its toll. It doesn't matter what players you have if you can't rest them. Reading needs more money invested for more players to make a larger squad and untill that happens Reading will never stay in the premiership. It is no fault of the players. Good luck next season, I know you can be top of the championship and win your rightful place back in the premiership.

bring on the championship and keep coppell

As an eleven year old losing at Wembley and being relegated at Forest, I never thought that the Premiership dream would come true. The feeling of success was just the same in the championship as it was being promoted at Brentford, relegation is horrible but the elation Reading fans feel is the same in any league. We will have success again, we will have heartache again, Thanks for the memories from the prem, here's to better away games, weekends away, no more Riley, Bennett or Clattenburg. Steve believe us, the worst thing about being relegated is not being in the Champ, it is the prospect of losing the heart and soul of RFC- YOU (And Big John)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxGood luck in all you do, whatever you decide will be the right thing, you're that type of person, respect from a true football fan

Jack rw - Loyal Royal
I will always be proud to be a reading fan. We are down but we will bounce back, and Coppell is the best and if anyone doubts that they must be crazy! Come on reading!

Colin Cox
Be loud be proud we will be back, come on u rrr's.Its a sad time, but we are proud of all the lads why are we talking about steve going he belongs at Reading. Maybe get rid of some of the pen pushers and listen and support steve coppell all the way.PLEASE DON'T GO there is no one good enough to replace you.(North Stand Row A)I will along with 1,000's of other fans be renewing my season ticket back the boys!!!

Official Site says he will take a few days to think it over. Mr Hammond, Madejski and the fans want him here. Let's voice it to the club. We have to show Steve we value him by telling him.

Gareth Hughes
As a Tottenham fan that lives in Reading may I just say what a credit Greame Murty is to your club. I tuned in to BBC Berkshire to hear your club captain talk open & honestly on the radio. For footballers in this modern day he shows great integrity, he is a credit to your team. Reading did not lose there PL status at Derby yesterday it was over the other 37 games that they suffered. Your club do not desreve to go the way of Sheffield Wednesday, Nottingham Forest, Leeds United of the past. The way to prevent that would be to keep the foundations of which the club is built on. Coppell, Madejski & Murty. There needs to be changes in the summer on the playing staff, some forced,others ruthless but don't forget the traditon that Reading has been bought up on. You are a liked, respected valued team in the eyes of other football supporters because you do things the right way.... don't change all that because of a little hitch. You'll be back! UUUUURRRRSSS!!!!

B. Sirius
5,000 feared dead in China100,000 + dead in BurmaWar in Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of people dying daily of disease & famine.Oh. . . and Reading got relegated. Get some perspective people !!!

Hmmm...on reflection i think we got no luck over the season be it in open play with loose balls never going our way or refereeing decisions always going against us. I dont have a problem with the 90% of players who put everything into matches, but some (not mentioning any names), looked uninterested and not proud to represent our town. A major issue is the total lack of funding from the Chairman..i dont mean 40million plus but 10million or so, enough to get 2/3 'decent' players in. Common sense says you cant do the premiership on the cheap and Mr Mad got found out. May not renew season ticket next year a) i cant afford the jump up to adult from 16-21 and b) i doubt my money would go into bettering the squad either.Well done all royals who went up to derby yesterday, im gutted!

Pat Letch
We must keep Steve Coppell at all costs - he is the manager to get us out of the Championship again!!If we want compete at the highest level, we have to spend money on the right players! Mr Madejski take note!

Was at the game yesterday and want to say what a credit the fans were to the club! More importanly i hope Coppell does what he feels is right, but i really hope that means he stays on!

David Markwell
Steve Coppell should stay and he and John Madejski will continue to enjoy the support of true Reading fans. The manager and chairman who delivered Premiership football to Reading for two years AND avoided spending so much that relegation would bankrupt the club. Yesterday was sad but it would be a sadder if either of them were to leave. The few short-sighted fans who would like either or both of them to leave would replace the real growth of Reading should hope they do not get what they are wishing for - the madness of Leeds.

david venner
this a learning curve and i have every confidence in regaining our rightful place in the premiership

What do you expect from Reading, last time lost to bolton, spend a couple of year until they came up to the Premier ship, thought they were the bad boys and look what happens, Class is permanent, reading is rubbish. Coppell the man just thinks losing is o.k, 'well we gave it our best' what rubbish.

Nigel from Wokingham
Cardiff for the FA Cup!

Mark Appleton
I really want Steve Coppell to stay on. Despite relegation he and the club go so well together. I know he will feel responsibility today but please Steve let it go. We are all feeling down today but with Steve in charge we can look forward to an even brighter future. I also wish to apologise to Steve for my email to BBC Berkshire 4 years ago moaning about signing Dave Kitson !! I'm sorry. Full respect to the Murtys for coming on live this morning.Steve, please stay.Mark AppletonSeason ticket holder since 1980.

Phil Stone
Over the last three years we supporters have had a fantastic time. The club has spent less than any other club and that proves that Steve Coppell is an excellent manager. John Madejski who without him we wouldn’t be anywhere has tried to run the club as a business, but we should have spent more this season after the success we had last season. The chairman must ensure that the manager and backroom staff stays because this will provide us with stability and the best chance of having a great season next year. The players who have given us 100% must also stay, but players like Fae, Oster and Shorey must go.

I'm proud of the Royals this season. It was always going to be difficult, and inevitably, changes will be made for us to improve, and that would have been in either division. Can you ask Graeme where he sees his future personally, and will he look for a move into the Premiership?

Karen in Slough
Reading would not have won promotion and stayed up for a season without Coppell. All the 'fans' who are now asking him to go should remember that, and think where the club was before he arrived. If he leaves , they stand no chance of getting back into the premiership. It is typical of him that he offers to go and take all the blame himself.

Having spent the majority of our existence in the lower 2 tiers of the football league, the last 4/5 years have been amazing under Steve Coppell (Thank you Steve).He may feel that he's let the fans and the chairman down but that couldn't be further than the truth.He's built a fantastic team that can play great football with a great spirit that are a joy to watch (most of the time :-) and as a supporter for the last 35 years I've never been more proud to be a Reading Fan.I'd just swap one one of those goals yesterday for it to have been scored in the Blackburn/Wigan/Spurs games!I sincerely hope the Steve stays and gets us back up to the top flight at the first attempt.As for the players, against Middlesborough in out 1st top flight game don't forget that not one of the starting 11 had ever played in the top level and over the last 2 years (albeit with a few exceptions) every game they have been exceptional and in my mind you're all premier quality!Thank You

Dean from Woodley
The combination of Steve Coppell and JM is the best that we have ever had. I want to tell Steve that there is still work to do at the Mad Stad and I want him to take us back up. The Premiership was only a dream until JM came along. Let's all keep the faith.Coppell is KING long live The King.

Esther from Sandhurst
Desperately sad news about our relegation, but Steve Coppell should not go. I can completely understand why he made the decisions he did, and I'd probably have done the same. It's not his fault they didn't always pay off. We only went down by a few goals - it was that close. So he shouldn't blame himself. I can't think of anyone better to get us back up to the premiership. Personally, I blame myself as Reading's unluckiest fan, but I'm resilient and I want to come back.

Julie Palmer
You are a great team, just re-group and come out fighting next season! I don't critisize the management - John Madjeski has been brillant - he doesn't have a bottomless pit. I think Reading have had problems enticing players to come to Reading. His best investment was Steve Coppell - a truly fantastic manager who has achieved so much with Reading. We can do it again! It has happened, I am gutted but we must focus on the positive and bounce back! We can do it! You have a great fan base and we are all behind you.Up the Royals!!!

For several years Madejski as Chairman, Coppell as Manager and Murty as Captain have been magnificent role models and an example to every club in England outside the big four. They have alll made mistakes this season but they have earned the right to make those mistakes. I'm sure they'd all admit to them. No one goes through a career making the right moves 100% of the time, it is wrong to criricise them now, they've earned the right to put right what's gone wrong this time around and I would love all three to still be hear next season.

Colin from Newbury
Steve Coppell has done a fantastic job for Reading - the football club and the town. Of course, he'll want time to reflect but hopefully he'll realise that he should take no blame form the situation and will come back re-invograted for next season's promotion push. Stick with us, Steve. You're by far the most successful manager we've ever had. We want you to stay.

Russ Vince
As a supporter of some 50 years plus. I like most, am gutted by relegation, but why oh why are people blaming J.M. and S.C. John Mad.has made Reading F.C.a club almost debt free and almost self financing with a brilliant new stadium etc: etc; S.C. has bought the playing side into the 21st century.Please Please do stay both, we need you.

We all learn by mistakes, yes we should have spent to accumulate and in business you need to invest for growth, but there are no guarantees. But we also need to learn from others, the likes of Leeds, Leicester, Southampton etc, changing Managers, particulary good ones is not the answer. Reading must keep Coppell, learn their lessons and they will come back much stronger.

Barry in New Zealand
Sure, it's easy to say the club should have spent more, and prehaps thats right, however, we mustn't forget how well they have done, and they will be back, maybe not next year, but they will. The supporters must stay with the club, and the Chairman and Manager, and not forgeting the players, hope too many are not enticed away. Well done READING, I will still be behind you, after 44 years supporting you it's too late to change now, and why would I want to.READING FAN for life, that's me

Kevin & Diane
People have got short memories - think how far Reading FC have come since the days of Elm Park. Please don't go Steve - get ride of some of those players who have had their minds on other things ie other clubs. Please stay Steve.

Sean from Henley
Results have not told the real story as there has been loads of heart and some very close results just not going our way. Missing that bit of quality. Oh for a jimmy bullard! strong backing for Steve Coppell is needed - he is part of the fabric of this club. He needs proper investment to support a 5 yr plan and if John Madejski is not up for it then Steve should be the main asset that is sold on.

Melanie Bishop
It is imperative that Steve Coppell stays at Reading, I cannot think of anyone else I would rather have at the managerial helm.He has honesty and integrity, he has acknowledged the mistakes and in true Coppell fashion has shouldered the responsibility. That is the measure of the man. How many managers facing possible relegation would have attended a Fans Forum a few days before a make or break game, I can think of many that might have cried off, instead he turned up, I think he was touched by the reception he received. He has a deep affection for Reading and said he felt that it was home to him.Of course there has to be a review of the season and some will inevitably leave but he must not be one of them

Lizzie from Sandhurst
Steve Coppell must stay - he is the only manager that suits the Reading way. Madjeski must do anything he can to keep him here, he got us to the premier league and I believe he is the man to get is there again even if he has to spend a couple of years building a team but he needs the investment from the chairman.I was at Derby yesterday and it was great to see the team scoring goals and doing what they neeeded to do but it was heart breaking when I heard the news about Fulham. I thing the players got wind of this and was dissappointed to see that the players did not celebrate with Leroy Lita when he scored his goal. I know they probably knew that it didn't make a difference but surely they could have at least congratulated him.

Chris Tees
I really hope We keep Steve Coppell because he is are key man. he is the best manager we have had. I think we've lost key players over last season. IE on the right wing. I dont know why we let Seol go at the begining of the season and I think had the club tried harder to keep Steve Sidwell it may have been different However If the club had of spent more and we had still gone down it would be harder to bounce back. I think we may still find it harder in the championship to start with but I think because we havent over spent it will be easier to build the club and bounce back.

We should be proud of our local football team and to have been in the Premiership - the boys worked really hard yesterday. Don't kick them when they are feeling down - we need to support them in their new challenge. Go the Royals,

Hi The fickle fans are driving me mad. Reading have the greatest manager & chairman in the history of the club but the johnny come lately fans are clueless. If SIr Steve resigns i will not be following Reading anymore. Cheers Jason

Bev from Newbury
I agree 100% with Tim Dellor we must keep hold of Steve Coppell he is the best manager we have ever had. He took alot of stick that he did not invest but we don't know the whole story perhaps he didn't think it was worth spending money on players that were no better than the ones we already have. It must be very duifficult to get players to Reading when you have got the big 4 and other teams Villa Everton who will pay the big bucks. If we have any chance of getting back to the promised land we must keep Sir Steve. Bev Newbury

thomas churchward
i hope we do well in the championship and i hope john madejski keeps steve coppell and reading because he is the best reading manger we have ever had come urzs for next season

N Smith
John Madejski let Steve Coppell down as all he was interested in was selling the club & making it look good on paper & the expense of of new players RFC need to make Steve Coppell stay at the club as that would be a bigger lose than going down

Clive Phelps
Coppell must stay, but the board must realise that 25K a week wages ( The wage cap)is just not enough to attract and retain quality players for the premiership. If Coppell goes it will be a double whammy. Coppell - STAY. Please. .. and the board ... get real !! Build a championship wage structure and thats where you'll be - until! .. you get a super manager (ie. Coppell ) who comes a long once a generation!! From Season ticket holder 30 years.

Paul Green
I think the writing was on the wall months ago, obviously Glen Little was sorely missed, but one player is not the difference, the players brought in do not the sparkle, and knowledge of our game? Fulham seem to have just that in the past month or so, and credit to them. I think a couple of refs decisions did not help, but all clubs will say that, but what ref is going to give the likes of Reading a pen in extra time at the cop end (liverpool), that away point would have kept us up! Other similar situations do come to mind against the top four!? Reading will re-group, and this prem. experience can only be a good thing, roll on next season.

Cris the Royal
I hope that people enjoy spending all the money Reading made in the premiership, it should have been spent on players. I certainly won't be renewing my season ticket to fill the managements pockets again.

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