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28 October 2014

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John Madesjki

An audience with John Madejski

John Madejski, chairman of Reading FC, speaks frankly to BBC Radio Berkshire about the Royals, staying in the Premiership and errr, the many mispronounciations of his name. Listen here!

Listen to the full interview here or read extracts below:

What about the news that Premier League teams could be playing games overseas?

"This is a proposal that's not going to be implemented until the year 2011 at the earliest, and whether it ever becomes a policy remains to be seen.

"Quite frankly we have to appreciate that the British Premiership is a global brand, and being a global brand - and having more foreign players in the English Premiership than English players - it's good to air that brand globally."

Steve Coppell (left) and John Madejski

Steve Coppell (left) and John Madejski

Will work commence on increasing the stadium capacity irrespective of which division we're in next season or only if we retain premiership status?

"It's straightforward - if people realise the cost of building the extra capacity at Reading stadium is £35 million, I think that speaks for itself that we wouldn't be engaging upon that if we didn't have the opportunity of filling it.

"It's an incredible amount of money and we've got to be assured that if we do go ahead with it that we're not only going to fill it, but that we're going to make a return sometime on it."

What are your thoughts on Reading's position in the Premiership?

"I'm looking forward to staying the Premiership and hoping that our fortunes change over the next few games. But we've got 13 more cup finals to win and we're out there doing our best to maintain Premiership status."

Do you get annoyed about the mispronunciation of your surname?

"I don't think anyone likes their name being mispronounced and I know my name's a difficult one. I find it strange - the number of people who call me Mad-jes-ki - there's just legions, especially in Reading!"

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You are in: Berkshire > Features > Sport > An audience with John Madejski

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