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27 November 2014

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Daniel Craig at the Quantum Of Solace launch

Daniel Craig at Thursday's launch

Quantum of Solace

Bond is back. And he's filming right near you on the Berkshire/ Buckinghamshire border at Pinewood Studios, near Slough. Find out about the new film Quantum Of Solace from Pinewood expert Gareth Owen.

Pinewood Studios on the Berkshire/ Buckinghamshire border was a hive of activity on Thursday 25 January 2008 as the title of the new Bond movie was announced -  Quantum Of Solace.

"It was actually built for The Spy Who Loved Me and housed three nuclear submarines, which gives you an idea of the size of the stage."

Gareth Owen on the 007 stage at Pinewood

Filming began at Pinewood in November with Casino Royale star Daniel Craig reprising his role as the famous spy.

Alongside him this time will be British newcomer Gemma Arterton, who will play the role of MI6 Agent Fields, and Ukrainian actress Olga Kurilenko as the "dangerously alluring" Camille.

Gareth Owen works at Pinewood, is the author of the Pinewood Story and PA to Roger Moore no less.

Listen to the chat with BBC Radio Berkshire's Phil Kennedy and Gareth here, or read extracts below:

Olga Kurylenko, Daneil Craig and Gemma Arterton

Olga Kurylenko, Daneil Craig and Gemma Arterton

The new Bond movie, there's a bit of a question mark over the title - Quantum Of Solace.

"Quantum Of Solace is actually an Ian Fleming title. He released several series of short stories. Around about 1960 Quantum of Solace was one of them.

"So it remains one of the few Fleming titles that was never adapted into a film."

Tell me about what happened at the launch at Pinewood.

"They had the big press call. They've actually been shooting now for the past two to three weeks, but as always with Bond they like to launch it in style.

"I think B Stage, which houses one of the big sets, was given over today to the press

"The world's press gathered and Daniel Craig was introduced as well as the producer, director and the leading ladies - Olga Kurylenko, who was playing the Bond girl and Gemma Arterton - an MI6 agent.

Gateway to Pinewood Studios

Gateway to Pinewood Studios

"And Dame Judi Dench of course, who said her role this time would be bigger than in previous films and she's looking forward to getting a bit 'prickly' with Bond, she says."

Tell us about Pinewood and Bond, because obviously you know a bit about Pinewood.

"I'm based at Pinewood and I wrote a book about Pinewood too.

"Bond has pretty much been based at Pinewood throughout his film life. One or two films have gone elsewhere. The last film Casino Royale was actually filmed quite a lot in Prague and came back to Pinewood for some work on the 007 stage.

"But this one comes back to Pinewood in its entirety. I think it will be filming on location in Italy, South America and I think Austria. But I think they come back to Pinewood to finish off around about the end of June for a November release."

Why was Pinewood chosen to film Bond?

"I think it was because one of the producers, Cubby Broccoli, had made a few films
at Pinewood. He found it a very happy experience and he said 'right we're making
Bond at Pinewood'.

Dame Judi Dench at Quantum Of Solace launch

Dame Judi Dench at Quantum Of Solace launch

"I think it was more by luck than choosing in a way."

Tell us about the size of it and the scale.

"Pinewood itself is just under 100 acres so it's a sprawling film factory centred around a country home.

"Imagine an 18th century estate with very pretty gardens with a pond, a nice waterfall and an ornamental bridge.

"Behind it you've got this brand new state-of-the-art film factory with about 18 film stages and the 007 stage which is the largest in this country, it's huge.

"It was actually built for The Spy Who Loved Me and housed three nuclear submarines, which gives you an idea of the size of the stage."

The Bond stage itself - how many people would you say worked on a Bond movie at any one time?

"I would imagine up to maybe a 1000 people could be working on a Bond movie at any
one time."

The mansion at Pinewood

The mansion at Pinewood

What are your thoughts on Quantum Of Solace, how do you think it's going to pan out
in the scheme of the Bond movies?

"They say it's going to directly follow on from the last film Casino Royale, so it's a
continuation of the story.

"I think they're keen to keep the tougher edge of Bond, they want to get away from the slightly tongue-in-cheek humour and keep him as a cool, calm killing machine, which is how he's written in the books."

Daniel Craig - is he a big guy?

"He's just under six foot, I think he's about five foot 11, it depends on whether
he's wearing shoes or not.

"He certainly carries himself very well and I wouldn't want to get into an argument with him.

"He looks pretty mean and moody and I'm sure he can throw a punch or two!"

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You are in: Berkshire > Features > Events > Quantum of Solace

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