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24 September 2014

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Heart of Slough

It's been ten years in the making, but finally details of the £400 million project to revamp Slough have been revealed. See one of the designs below and have your say.

"The exciting architecture and the increase in civic pride, which we believe the project will engender, make these plans a real triumph."

David Ashworth, Area Director for English Partnerships

It's become an iconic image as part of hit comedy series The Office. But after ten years of planning the Brunel Bus Station is set to see its last days with a £400 million regeneration project to revamp Slough.

See artists' impressions here:

Other plans include 1,500 new homes to be built in the town centre, a new hotel with restaurant quarter, and 34,000 square metres of new office space.

New library by St Ethelbert's Church

New library by St Ethelbert's Church

And here is the architect's impression of the new library we could possibly see next to St Ethelbert's Church - planned to become an iconic landmark and one that will replace the old library:

The public will get a chance to see the plans in detail at a public exhibition in the Queensmere Centre, Slough from Thursday 24 January to Saturday 26 January.

The new plans, headed up by Slough Borough Council and English Partnerships, also feature the removal of the existing roundabout on the A4 in order to free up land on which to build residential and commercial properties.

Cllr Dexter Smith with model of Heart Of Slough

Cllr Dexter Smith with model of Heart Of Slough

English Partnerships are investing £13.5 million in the project. The partnership's area director David Ashworth says that the project "will bring real benefits to the community and make Slough a city ready for growth in the 21st Century".

He adds: "The provision of affordable homes, the regeneration of the town centre and the re-use of brownfield land are key elements of the project. 

"The exciting architecture and the increase in civic pride, which we believe the project will engender, make these plans a real triumph."

Residents are invited to comment on the plans during and after the exhibition.

If planning consent is granted by the late summer then construction is planned begin in the spring of 2009. If approved the scheme is set to be completed by 2018.

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Have Your Say

What do you think of the regeneration plans?

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look at the roof on church... and they haven't even dug the foundations yet

Most of the Labour and Tories did voted for the project to happen.

james thomas flower
discrasefull. knocking down a listed building!!! sounds like someone paid someone off again !!Labour are bent in slough and dodgy as!!! they talk about making slough better then they should start by not allowing foreign people to claim benefits and being housed. then make more jobs available to slough's own citezens and crime should be stopped.

Di Davies
Oh dear. Slough planning gremlins strike again! Can't they ever plan anything tasteful in Slough?

Unkal Abdul Zalil
"The provision of affordable homes"? This is a complete lie, I tell you! There will be no affordability for homes the prices will go up! Only the major international fatcats of Slough such as Tan Ikram, Slough's answer to Perry Mason will ever be able to afford them at this rate.

letsbe avenue
napalm. and start again!

Mahboob Sabar, Manor Park
This is a crucial development and will no doubt help boost tourism to our lovely town. I have served the local community as a grocer for many years, watching the winds of change shape Slough into an international hub of commerce. We are fortunate to be living so close to Windsor and London, we too can take pride in our architecture ! As an immingrant in the 1970's working on the shopfloor at the Mars factory, I ate my first Mar's bar taking satisfaction this was a home grown product. Slough will always be close to my heart ! To promote communal cohesiveness, it is my earnest wish to commemorate the opening with a tickertape parade and the distribution of Asian sweet delicacies !

Brigadier Cuthbert Mountbatten
As a former Army Officer stationed in Gibraltar, I am particularly concerned this redevelopment is nothing more than preposterous eye candy and a gross exploitation of taxpayers' money. What purpose will these modern monolithic structures serve ? Forget the MP's expenses scandal- we have our own fair share of cud to chew on the home turf ! I hang my head in shame, as we are stuck at a cross roads between no-mans land and financial oblivion ! No doubt this scheme was concocted from the minds of over zealous and bureaucrat who are rubbing their grubby little hands with glee and standing akimbo. In the immortal words of George W Bush, 'Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me'. In my day, such ashamed tomfoolery would have provoked outrage !

Ramandeep Gag
Personally I'm ashamed to be living in Slough in its current state of disrepair. As the wife of a well respected and decorated engineer, it is really intimidating, especially when you have councillors who are spouting their filthy innuendo to locals at town hall meetings like the one we had last week in my catchment, in which there were a significant degree of zoo noises. I am inclined to think that in these volatile and shameful conditions, councillors are just trying to take glory for plans which are doomed for failure. Not impressed, and very worried indeed for our futures. Lascelles Road, Slough SL3 7PR

Commodore Guilbert Hunterton
As a Slough man,born and raised, it is hearteningfor one to see such a wonderful plan to regenerate our dear plan.I wish people would get onboard this ship, or else one feels that the town will be sailing intoa disaster zone which we shall not be able to salvage. It is all fair and well for people to voice their objections to the details, but to object to the very notion of regenerating Sloughis sheer poppycock of the first order.As we would say, 'to wit, dear Slough, fair town of mine' when we would return from long trips away. Cmmdr G Hunterton, Langley, Slough

Uniique DanniBaybie
Weres Ghetts?

New library looks out of place

"Nothing to do..."?Are you joking? There's plenty of clubs and activities (including boxing clubs). You should actually get off your backside and check some of them out, rather than complaining that there's nothing to do.If there's nothing to do "in your area", why not get a group of friends together and organise something to do, rather than complaining about it.It gets so tiresome hearing the repetative, negative commentary that some non-residents spew."Polish a turd...", what an idiot, if you're not from Slough, why are you even commenting? Have you got nothing better to do? If you are from Slough, I'm sure that there's plenty of other towns that would appreciate your "wit", or lack there of...

Its a waste of time! I would put the money to more useful things for the people.Vandals will reck it ........definetly. Have you got no common sense

Slough is becoming unpopulor with the residents and the serounding communitys it needs to change the town itself is not that bad but places like chalvey and manor park need sorting out thers nuffig to do ther and the youth centers are over crouded the partks have just got loads of grass that no1 gos on . i think you should have a think about a boxing club and music studeos thers loads of teens and younger kids making music and rapping spraying bars but thers only two places were thay can go haymill and sypc but too meny people go ther and ther needs to be more places because thers allways fights when thers a load of people . Need to fix up and talk to people in slough ( teenagers ) about what thay want if thay get summing to do then ther wont be so much crime .

big up da slough massive

R Dean McNash
You can, and will not be able, to polish a turd.

jason -+****9

I agree with the comment below . . definately the one regarding Chalvey. The place is so rundown and something needs doing with the traffic flow, it is a well known bottleneck in the mornings and evenings . . . 1 hour to go 50 yards!? not good!!

I think the town centre needs updating and like the plans, but I think other places in Slough are in need of regeneration, in particular Chalvey, especially the high street area it is really run down. You really feel like you're in the ghetto of a rough London estate when you go through there!

Finally!Slough as it stands is tired, depressing and dirty.Regeneration is sorely needed and plans look great so far!Time to replace the horribly grey Library & Thames valley buildings that are dripping in grime.Please also look into improving the high street, which is fast becoming like an inner-city ghetto.

Sort out the tesco traffic problems, the poor quality of the roads and fight drugs!

This is good, to see that improvements are going to be made to Slough, as it is a horribly unsightly place. But i don't think that the library is the main concern! There are places that are much more of an eyesore that could be revamped!!

I think that the poet was right drop a bomb on slough then redevelope it cant get any worse but what a waste of money and the council are bankrupt any way so whats a few more million quid to the local tax payer

Absolute waste of time. The building is not even practical. They are going for design rather than what slough really needs. Waste of money i reckon.

Keith Cullum
Im sorry to say that I dont consider this so-called exciting architecture exciting in the least. Looks like a Mechano Set assembly of colourd, anodized aluminium sheets. This kind of architecture should be reserved for the Tate Modern, but next to a beautiful, old church is a slap in the face to anyone with a modicum of taste. Shame on you Slough Council!

Joe Barnes
What about the rest of Slough? After 10 years of talk, they've decided on what they are going to do for the TOWN CENTRE. What about the rest of Slough? The infrastructure of the entire town needs an overhaul.

Yew Tree Road Park was totally out of commission on my visit on Saturday - and looks like staying that way from all the stuff dumped in it. The eastern end of the High Street looks in danger of becoming a ghetto in the day - and a no go area at night with dodgy clubs and dodgy food shops galore (green potatoes anyone?). Don't see much in the plans to regenerate this very nasty stretch. My aged parents say they (and their friends) feel fearful here and very ashamed of the neglect and poverty

I like the design of the new Library and the master plan.

Born and bread in slough 70 years ago,give me back the old era as loving memories are still the fore front in my mind

Phil Napolitano
Finally, after nearly 10 years of political hot air , expensive wasted designs and empty promises, we may just get what the town needs... hopefully.

Chris Frenzel
An artist’s impression I noted, who was it? Picasso or Dali?Slough needs hard work not glossing over with tat, OK this is a fantastic project and if you are a ontractor – quid’s in for you and a nightmare for us.

Peter Ingle
Brilliant!! This is fantastic news ... I live right on the edge of the town centre and can't wait! I think the contrast of the old and new with the library by the church is fantastic! Bring it on!!

If you're going to build new things next to older buildings, such as the church then the design should be in the keeping of the surroundings. The new library looks riduculous next the the old church. The traffic throught the center of Slough is already extremely congested and all the construction will certainly make it a total nightmare.

Mark T
The sooner the better , Slough needs all the help it can get , it has lagged behind everyone else for far too long.

Dan Porter
That picture of the library looks stupid.. Really wont fit in if it looks like that and is built next to the church!

Yet another waste of Slough's money.Perhaps more green areas and safer places to walk would be more appropriate.

Andrew Watto
what a waste of money, why don't they sort the traffic out that is caused by tesco every weekend?

I think that the new plans for Slough are great as we havent seen change in years! But I dont think that it should be too much as it doesnt match the image of Slough - and I love slough's image! Also I think that there should be more facilities for youths in the area as Slough is known for its youth crime - mainly because of the lack of things for them to do.

Great news! better sooner than later.

Jonanthan in Reading
Is that really possible???? looks like something for a channel 4 show with the initials G.D.

Raj B
Talks of this development has been going on for so long, I thought it was got forgotten.This is obviously huge for Slough and am looking forward to it as it is well overdue.This combined with cross rail could really put Slough on the map but this time for the right reasons

This is great news for both Slough and its residents. As a residnet myself for seven years, I feel many people give the town a hard time, but never really look at it as a whole. It is one of the biggest trading estates in Europe, but still maintains a community feel and has many large parks. The regen will help bring the town into the future and such comments, L Clegg, as giving it a new name, is an insult to all those who live in Slough. Strange how people now love Reading, but gave it complete grief before it was regenerated, also Battersea in London for that matter. It was a hole apparently before it suddenly became the place to be. I wonder how many of these people who have commented have either lived or been in Slough. Back off the borough and be more creative by picking on somewhere that's not such an easy target. Without Slough you would find it hard to have many of the luxuries you all like in the country, such as elecrical goods, cars and food. It provides ample work for thousands of people in and out of Slough and you'd be hard pushed to find a family house here for less than £250k and is bascially the gateway to the south east. And safe - well, I've never witnessed anything unsafe in Slough, but open your eyes - bad things happen all over the country, and if you read the local papers, Slough is hardly ever mentioned about violence or killings, unlike Newbury, Reading etc...

Morris Hedge
A great waste of money and will cause unacceptable congestion, during rebuilding!!

L Clegg
It needs to be made a safer place too!

L Clegg
Excellent, it certainly needs it! Can we have a new name for it too?

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