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24 September 2014

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You are in: Berkshire > Entertainment > Local bands > Bulletin Board > Interview: The Hoosiers

The Hoosiers

The Hoosiers: driving ambition

Interview: The Hoosiers

The band may cite London as their home on their MySpace page, but in fact singer Irwin hails from Woodley and Alphonso is a Bracknell lad. BBC Radio Berkshire's Andrew Peach finds out more.

Goodbye Mr A, the punchy power pop single from The Hoosiers, can't have escaped your notice.

Listen to songs by The Hoosiers via their MySpace page here:

The band have come far since the days when the singer's mum used to approach people in a Woodley carpark to listen to her son's music...

And if you've seen the video to Goodbye Mr A, those eagle-eyed among you may also have spotted that the football team featured in the video game bear the Reading FC blue and white hoops.

BBC Radio Berkshire's Andrew Peach finds out more about the band's local credentials.

Listen to the full interview here or read extracts below:

About singer Irwin's mum being very enthusiastic about the band:

Irwin: "I think there's a string of offences and she's actually not allowed to go up to anyone she's not directly related to!

"I think she was also guilty of causing a fracas at a local Woodley car park by turning on the radio and asking everyone queuing up for tickets to come and listen to her son's band. Very sweet but slightly embarrassing!"

Are you borne of the Reading music scene? Bands are doing so well in these parts.

Irwin: "I did come from Woodley and I hail from the Waingels Copse school myself and it was Alphonso (bassist) who was actually living in Bracknell and we just met in a covers band.

"At the time there was only Cooper Temple Clause. We've since moved to London and got a bit cosmopolitan on you I'm afraid with a Swedish bassist.

"So at the time, because the Internet hadn't made the world that much smaller, going to London did help. The music scene in Reading is by all accounts a much healthier place now."

It's been a special year for you guys, you've very much made it onto mainstream radio playlists.

Alphonso: "Indeed it's been remarkable, I can't believe it, it takes that connection on the radio to really make you as a band I'm afraid to say. We've been praying to get played and we have been."

"It sounds arrogant but I think it was because we were slightly different - we came round at the end of that Coldplay wannabe bands and Libertines bands."

We've been playing Goodbye Mr A, it's got a real vibe of ELO about it.

Alphonso: "ELO were fantastic and certainly with that song there's a big nod out there."

What are your plans for 2008, because your 2007 is presumably quite hard to beat.

Martin: "Yeah but we can always aim higher and be stronger. The main thing for us to next year is to go abroad."

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created: 18/12/2007


You are in: Berkshire > Entertainment > Local bands > Bulletin Board > Interview: The Hoosiers

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