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24 September 2014

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Shayne Ward

"I feel like Father Christmas!"

Slough had the X-Factor on Thursday 15 November when the show's 2005 winner Shayne Ward visited to switch on the town's Christmas lights. The popstar chatted to BBC Radio Berkshire's Andrew Peach about his new life and feeling like Santa!

X-Factor 2005 winner Shayne Ward may have had a hit with That's My Goal, but in Slough on Thursday 15 November it was his goal to switch on the town's Christmas lights.

The Mancunian heart-throb wowed the crowds in the town square from 4.30pm until 7pm. He switched on the lights at 6pm and performed his new single Breathless.

BBC Radio Berkshire's Andrew Peach caught up with Shayne, who says he feels like Santa this year!

Listen to the interview here or read a transcript below:

Do you have to do a lot of this stuff as a big pop stars these days?

"You know what I feel quite lucky this Christmas I feel like Father Christmas I keep on switching on everybody's lights."

You've got a new album and song out at the moment so obviously it's part of that...

"Oh of course yeah. I will be performing my new single Breathless which I'm very excited about."

Which we all saw you do on the television (X-Factor) last weekend for which you got a standing ovation from Simon Cowell - which can't be bad.

"Aye it was nice to go back and the memories came back as well, it was great fun."

Shayne Ward

"'Ello Peachy! How's it going?"

Is it scary coming back on that programme because they make you sing live rather than mime it?

"Going back on the show was just brilliant, for me it wasn't scary because I've done the show in 2005, and then to go back and get back on that stage is a massive thing."

On the one hand you're much more accomplished now as a performer but you've got a lot to lose haven't you if you mess up live on the television.

"Of course, at the end of the day they've asked me back now to appreciate how much I've done and achieved in two years so if you stand on the stage and don't do a great performance then I think you're about to be judged so you've got to do the best you can."

In terms of your music that you're making now rather than That's My Goal, you're more R 'n' B these days aren't you?

"Well the great thing about the second album it's got a lot more R 'n' B pop so it was about doing a lot more funkier stuff which for myself I knew I had to do and that's exactly what the fans wanted as well."

How has your life changed in the last couple of years, the story of you on X Factor was that you were from a pretty poor background.

"Exactly but it does make me laugh the way everybody plays on it, I mean I come from the same background as everybody else at the end of the day and I'm now living the dream basically because I'm doing what I want to do for a living which is sing, which is amazing."

We had Kylie in the papers saying that being a pop star is all a bit of a nightmare cos you get loads of hassle, but it must be fun though!

"Of course! At the end of the day it's amazing fun but she is right at the same time: it is a hard industry, and if you want longevity you've got to work at it and that's what I'm doing."

last updated: 15/11/07

You are in: Berkshire > Local radio > Features > "I feel like Father Christmas!"

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