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23 September 2014
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You are in: Berkshire > Features > People > Up close and personal with Hahnemann

Marcus Hahnemann

Up close and personal with Hahnemann

Reading FC goalkeeper Marcus Hahnemann has just published his diary. But as BBC Berkshire finds out, it's as much about the man as the Premiership footballer. Read and listen to the frank interview below.

The broken hand X-Ray in the book, how many screws?


Does it give you any trouble still?

"Not so much any more, I feel it every once in a while. Last night was sore cos I was doing weights.

"If you look at the X-Ray there's a piece of bone that they couldn't get to because it was on the underside, and they went in through the top.

"So to get to that they would have to cut through the underside and the doctor goes ' I don't think you'll have any chance of making the beginning of the season'.

"I broke it May 13th and ended up getting surgery May 17.

"I flew into Colorado cos my buddy works at a clinic over there and the hand surgeon could get me in.

"He was looking at my hand and asks 'so when are you back?', and I said pre-season starts June 26th and he goes (in tenuous tone) 'okayyyy'".

But he did it, you were back for the start of the season weren't you?

"Yeah. Pre-season was a bit slow, a lot of throwing the balls at me instead of kicking."

Do you have to wear extra padding?

"I just tape my hand, and playing with different tape jobs throughout pre-season I finally got one that seems to work pretty well and doesn't give me too much pain."

Were there moments when you knew you had to stick your hand out and it's going to take the full force of a strike? It's an instinct to protect an injured part.

"Yeah and you don't really want to do it. Everything was pretty progressive in our goalkeeper training, you don't give it too much second thought because it's just built up every day and it's a little bit harder and my hand could take it.

"The first day I went into a full training I think it was Simon Cox, one of the young kids, doing some shooting and he smashed one and I dived to my right and I stuck my hand up there.

"At the last second I go 'what am I doing?' and I tried to pull my hand away. And so then I didn't have any of my muscles protecting my hand and so it felt like it broke my wrist.

"It was really sore, so I got home and and I said 'I need some ice' and Amanda goes 'oh is it your hand?', and I go 'no it's my wrist, I felt like I broke it today', and she goes 'oh no', and I go 'no it's good, my hand's okay!'".

You've got two lads, they must love football, do they have you out in the garden when you've had a tough training session?

"Yeah boys are boys and some days when you have training and then weights, you might be home at 3.30 but you're done. You just want to be on the sofa and you can't move. But they drag you out and you have to go 'okay let's go!'".

Would you want them to become footballers?

"I don't see why not, it's been pretty good to me but Austin wants to ride a motorcycle and Hunter wants to race cars!"

Do you ever miss home or is Berkshire now your home?

"We'll probably go home where all the family is eventually but this is home for the boys.

"It kind of hits home when me and Amanda are getting really excited about going home for the summer and they (the kids) look at us and go: we 'are' home."

last updated: 31/10/07

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You are in: Berkshire > Features > People > Up close and personal with Hahnemann

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