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13 November 2014

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The Session demo panel

Welcome to The Session Introducing's demo panel page. Here you can listen to three demos a week and voice your opinions - perhaps they're the same thoughts as those of the three judges, who'll decide on their favourite on the show.

The demo panel

Listen to this week's demos here:

Listen to previous demos at the bottom of this page.

The Session Introducing's demo panel is where local bands have the chance to be played on BBC Radio Berkshire.

Iif you feel strongly about a particular song then scroll down to the bottom of this page and leave us a message, they may even be read out on air.

If you visit this page every week you'll hear three new local band tracks that will be up for discussion on The Session Introducing - the unsigned and new music show on BBC Radio Berkshire (Sundays, 7pm - 8pm).

Three judges, including presenter Linda Serck, will review the demos and give marks out of ten. They'll have heard the demos in full beforehand, while listeners will hear 20-30 second clips of each song on the show.

The demo with the highest marks will be played out in full on The Session Introducing.

If you're a local artist or in a local band and you'd like to have one of your tracks reviewed, head to the BBC Introducing Uploader:

Listen to previous demos submitted here:

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Have Your Say

When commenting on a track, please include the band and the title and a mark out of ten. Please note that obscene messages will not be published.

The BBC reserves the right to edit comments submitted.

The Prospect - There's A Way, sure to be next Pop Punk heroes, absolutely amazing, good luck guys. 10/10 from me.

DJ Regular
Lex Jones track is amazing. Brilliant lyrics, Inteligent and current. One to look out for in the future

Lex Jones - T-shirt on. 10 out of 10!!!! i loved it has great lyrical content.great music !

Lex Jones -t-shirt. 10 out of 10 !!!! . i loved it has a great beat and a good lyrical content.great music !

Lovin the Skadilly song, saw them a while back and they were laivvee.

Emeli Sande - Maybe - has to be a winner! such a beautiful track

Kwei Eden
jacquoda turn me on 10 out of 10 !!!!!!

Whoop!! Thanks for the great comments...Leo & Ant

Darragh H

I'm really like the Lectrolips track "Superstar (What is Your Name)". 10/10 Way good!

Timothy J. San Paolo
Lectrolips SUPERSTAR is just awesome. Please continue to play Lectrolips in your lineups. GREAT music. Thanks.

Superstar (What's Your Name) by Lectrolips - now that's what you call TALENT! Great - go hear it....

JACQUODA - Turn Me On really does it for me. Such a great fresh sound!

Absolutely loved JACQUODA's " Turn Me On". Very well executed, great tune, sophisticated, technically complex song. Saw their gig couple of months ago which was fantastic. Would love to hear more of them.

Nicholas Pearkes
Absolutely love 'Superstar (What's your name)' by Lectrolips. Very funky and fresh. GO LECTROLIPS!

Sam - Windsor
I LOVE Lectrolips...when are we going to hear them on th airwaves :-)

I loved Ok Carrol by September Gun, really beautiful 10/10!

Hey Linda...Thanks for putting us on the panel :) Cool tracks from to Demontre & Jacquoda - Best of luck sexy people!!

Hello Linda. Thanks for the positive comments. Come and see FAKE THE ATTACK live.

Karen Davies
Wow, loving Blue Junk 'Secret Lie'. 10/10. It is sexy!

Secret Lie by Blue Junk is a great song! Really original. It's very emotive and poignant. I'd like to hear more from this band. Please continue to play it!

Rose B
VIENNADITTO: It's a long way down.10 : great song, awesome voice.Lots more please.

The man
Have people here gone deaf, I thought the BBC were supposed to help talented people and not whats just in for 5 minutes! As usual the BBC never promote talented bands. Drives me nuts

Saw an acustic set at Deja Vu recently - Johnny Arrow and Cheap Day returns I think they were called. You have to get them on your prog - Best local up an coming band for me.

We want more Johnny Arrow and the Cheap day Returns - saw their gig at the Red Lion on Friday - awesome. If you haven't seen them you MUST!. Check out their new CD too. Well done lads.........

Leigh Allerton
Jets Against Giants - Toys and Sharks! One of the best song's I have heard in a long long time, Original, Good Tune and deserves to win! These guys are awesome live you gotta see them!

Kerry Johnstone
OMG! I have been away in spain for a couple of weeks, so I missed a few shows (sorry!). Anyway, I always browse through this section to check out new bands and I came across Burnt Tomorrow playing Medicine. Wow. Great song. The page didn't say who won that week, but I really hope it was them. I give them 9/10 for the song (recording needs some work though). Do they have more stuff, and where can I hear it?Kelz

need more bands like jets against giants

Love Jets againsts Giants: 10/10! They are amazing live. Great instrumentals and song writing.

Al - Secret Weapon
When Memories Fade are a brilliant band, great songs, great live show etc sound guys too!

Peter Thomas
Sammy Beanix great sound need more of this

John Edge
Sammy Beatnix are refreshingly different. 10/10

E. Falcon
I thought Sammy Beaniks was fantastic - 9/10 - I would give an extra mark to hear more though. Refreshing was the best word that came to mind. E. Falcon

Scott Watson
Sammy Beatnix if you please!! really puts one in the mood for laid back morning or winding down in the evening after all the daily mess..Thanks

Loved Sammy Beatnix song Say Goodbye. Great melody and voice. 10/10

SAMMY BEATNIX - get them signed up....NOW. they are qual-it-aaaaaay

Sammy Beatnix... WOW! Smooth, quality. Muisc for the ears. Meldoy is the master here and is beautifully delivered by the lead vocal.

David D
Sammy Beatnix. She has a beautiful voice which incorporates tone such as Eva Cassidy, Norah Jones and even a bit of Ella! Tune is great and fits with the voice perfectly. 10/10

Sammy Beatnix gets my vote - lead vocalist has a beautiful voice, and of the three sample tracks this week, it's the only one where the instrumentals and vocals are equally matched.

Hannah Bedson
Sammy Beatnix, say goodbye10/10

Jack Buchanan
Sammy Beatnix - Say Goodbye!!!More like Say Hello - to a great band! What an original sound, great lyrics, great vocals, Top quality in musicality.Surely a 10!

Mateus' song sounds great!! Definitely the best of the three!! :)

Jack Robert Hardman is my life

Wish I could listen to the Johnny Arrow track again but for some reason the links are not working. I hear they are about to launch their CD at the Wilde Theatre Bracknell on 15th March. I;ll be there will you?

Edit/Select are the dogs. Great live, top lads, catch them if you can. Well worth the

damp squib
sorry to be one - but scattered few isnt all that - the voice lacks poewr or emotion and its all abit dull - if friends and familly stopped just pointlessly bigging their mates up - maybe we could actully get something constructive - ooh look a pig just went past my window!

Jemma Willard, Underground
She has a very mature voice and fantastic lyrics. Extremely interesting song. Really enjoyed listening to it.

Edit/Select should have won

I dont get it - if you dont dance fine - dont dance - but its an extremely dull thing to sing about ! - is it meant to be funny? it is not!

I don't dance - I can't really vote here, because I mixed the track for Jack, but I did feel it was a catchy little song with a very individual feel - which is more than you can say about 99% of the bands around today.

As one who has worked in commercial radio on the other side of the Atlantic, talent takes a back seat to popularity and buzz all the time, which is why commercial radio over here is total crap and rubbish. Hopefully those that heard the contest will realise that the true talent lies with Scattered Few, and hopefully this band will be heard from again - and soon.

what happened there!?! scattered few has real talent there!!!im afraid to say that the choices the panel made there was a lot more to do with whats "trendy" right now, rather than what is actually good and real talent!! its a shame that talent once again looses out to popularity!

Scattered Few are well worth the time and trouble of catching live.... I saw them a few weeks ago. Refreshing to hear a talented guitarist & a vocalist with such a clear, beautiful tone. Catch them if you can! Highly recommended.

Completely disagree with the marks given out tonight, "I Don't Dance" and "Stona Ramona" were beyond appalling. Scattered Few should've won, I don't understand how people can actually even think of getting into the other two. "Clouds" was awesome.

oh dear lord jack robert hardman makes my ears bleed! could we not have listened to the 'wet' music! just because it was no sea shanty doesnt make it rubbish!

I can't believe this tripe won over Scattered Few.... the haunting melody and evocative vocals were like a breath of fresh air!

Scattered Few - 10/10! The vocals are beautiful, and the track build-up is very intricate and natural, and so soulful. A song and a group that is truly worthy.

Scattered Few - 10/10! The vocals are beautiful, and the track build up is so intricate yet is both powerful and soulful!

Jack Robert Hardman!! He makes some nice sounds. Good simple lyrics aswell. 10/10

jack hardman 10/10soso good i want to be just like you! i want to meet you!!!!

Johnny Arrow - 10/10 for me. You should listen to their other stuff. So good - See them at agig soon. Great fun, original

Regarding the Kestells who won the demo panel on 30/11/08. Listen to more tracks on

I just listened to the show and couldn't disagree more with the panel! I much prefered the track by Johnny Arrow and the cheap day Returns - Jennifer. Should have been 10/10 across the board!! Brilliant!

I can't believe that boring Flying Muckers song won! The Johnny Arrow song was much better!

Really good input this week, like the flying muckers, however i think the best track is johnny arrow jennifer, ill give it a 10

Jemma Willard (Underground)is a truly new and unique talent. Great song writer and superb voice.

I've heard Jemma Willard sing before and heard her songs online and think she is a great singer/songwriter and she definitely deserves some airtime so others can experience this talented artist for themselves!

Cecily Carroll
Jemma Willard- 10/10!!!

Loving Underground by Jemma Willard! 10/10!

Jemma Willards' underground gets my vote for demo of the week. Good sound. This girl will go places. 8/10

Tim Heath
Underground by local Berkshire artist Jemma Willard rocks! She is one of the most talented singers I've ever come across!!! More! More! More!

Theodora Heath
Jemma Willard's "Underground" is dynamic, thought-provoking and 'dark'. Great lyrics, great music!

KINISFEAR-WHISPER - 10/10!!I love this song. Beautiful singing with lyrics I can really relate to. Well worth a listen!!

Oh my Gosh, Kinisfear are AWESOME. Definitely 12/10. I've never heard a band where I've wanted to sleep with the bassist JUST BY HEARING HIM PLAY before. Wow. Oh, is that an obscene message? Oops.Kinisfear. Love it.

danny k
Sweet Resolution-10/10 great vibe - love it!

Julian Tulk's song "Strong Level Road" is not only the best performance of those three songs but clearly the best song. Catchy, Heartfelt, great rhythm and good lyrics. Great live band too.

Pete Thomas
THE JULIAN TULK BAND - One name, four men playing a tune who's beauty is paralleled only by the chiselled good looks of it's performers. I'd love a piece of their Strong Level Road.x

S Tulk
The Julian Tulk BandStrong Level RoadFantastic ! 10/10

Julian Tulk Band all the way!!That KHAMSINA tune was WELL flat. unprofessional stuff right there.

andy h
roulette-great track and have seen them do it live which was also awesome!!! 10/10

Khamsina's the money!

Three great songs this week, but my favorite is easily Khamsina. Fresh sound and great lyrics! 10/10

10/10 to Roulette for a great funky song.Nice to hear something a bit different on the show

len 247
sweet resolution by roulette has great soul for a dance to hear more from them

roulette-one fantastic vocalist -she sounds like one cool diva!

THE JULIAN TULK BAND - Strong Level Road - 10/10!!!!Julian Tulk take a beautiful melody and gives it a graceful and ragged edge. The staccato licks and driving drums giving the song the right amount of power and might, whilst Tulk’s glorious vocals deliver the melody at ease and with emotion. Fantastic stuf and quality !!!!!!

Oli Bradshaw
THE JULIAN TULK BAND!! those guys are wicked!yeah mate!

All fine tunes, but The Julian Tulk Band stands head & shoulders above the rest:)

Enjoyed all three tracks this week.Can't quite decide between Roulette and Khamsina as my fav however!

Julian Tulk Band gets my vote!

Todd Whitely
Strong Level Road is a brilliant song, really like the up beat rythym and harmonies, its like you going on a little journey, Great stuff

Breezer Boy
Love the Roulette track sounds like dance music with actual intelligence

Watchtower by Khamsina is amazing; 10/10. An especially impressive voice for someone who's only 15 years old.

Tom Daden
Hi! Khamsine - 10/10I have heard Khamsina before and i think she is a brilliant new artist who should be recognised for her amazing pieces! Good luck!

Get Set Radio - 10/10. A deserved win, with the song This Kind Of Destruction. I'd love to hear more of this band.

Listened to The Session this week and thought that Get Set Radio deserved to win. Perhaps you could invite them into the studio to play live, because I'd like to hear more songs from this band.

Electricity Bill
Just thought I'd put the record (so to speak) straight in view of the comments on Hold Me Closely by the demo panel tonight; there are no synths on the track - the accordion 'sound' is a real accordion - and a very fine sound it is...

counterpoint should have won!

House of Jazz is unbelievable why arnt these guys famous 10/10

Listened to the show on sunday and I have to say that william guy from south hill park was really harsh on the hero of my soul song, I've listened to it a number of times now and I thinks its a sweet song and pretty catchy, Hero of My Soul, 8/10

that track by the rushing is awesome! sounds like it could be a big hit already

Step Inside?! The Rushing?! Wow who are these guys.. 11 out of 10 lol

old man is a wicked song, love it

Kasia - Girl in the mirror. Love the lyrics, I think all people feel this way sometimes. Very relevant song:)

hmmm, this week's tracks are all very good, (Kasia/Spires/R Harding)..ive had to listen to them twice each, love the Spire's lyrics, love Kasia's melody and singing, love the overall vibe of R Harding..shame there can be only one..i can't decide..

Simon Cowell
Talk In Code sound fantastic! I'm sure they'll be signed to a major label sometime soon.

Such a shame the only people leaving comments are friends of the bands,, never mind..Anon...

Lauren Coley
Relik - Face in the Crowd I have had this song in my head all day and i love it! Great, catchy sound and lyrics. Can't wait to be a face in their crowd! 10 out 10 because this song is super!!

Neeta Sarl for sure this week, defo most interesting tune. like the trumpets

Relik - Face in the crowd, gets my vote! 10/10

I think The Veygers track is brilliant! Ten out of ten!

Bobby V
From what I hear the Veygers are probably the best thing since people started realising that sliced bread wasn't that amazing. 5/10

OMG! Small town girl by textbook jackets = tune and a half xxxxxxx

I like Stealing Surrender really cool rocky track. Like to hear more of their stuff!

Captain Bolivio
YOU'RE STEALING! YOU'RE STEALING! YOU'RE STEALING MY SURRENDER!!!What do you mean it wasn't full of cream? Of course The Veygers should win. They wear lovely clothes.

I certaily liked Where You Go by Gravity Circus. i give it a 10 in my book!

gravity circus - where you go 10/10good rythm,a bit of nostalgia and a touch of optimism in the end!!i like :)

Harry Mavromichalis
Gravity circus rocks. It's so fresh. It's been a long time since I heard something so great.I hope you pick this one.

Wow what a track. Nice one Gravity Circus. Keep it coming. 10/10 xxx

Gravity Circus' Where you go is by far the best demo this week. Superbly hypnotising.

AJ - Check it out!!!!!

Christa Koutsakou
Gravity Circus with the song "Where you go". Loved the song!! 10 out of 10!The band has great potential

Jessey H
Just listened to the three songs for this week; absolutely loving Gravity Circus, there's a lot of mood to the piece. Certainly the best of the three. :D Love it when I find something here to get into... *goes to find their Myspace*

Steve K
Great stuff from Gravity Circus with "where you go"... 10/10!

Girl with taste
10/10 the best track Gravity Circus its got such a powerful beat!

AJ and Shaun
If you like The Way They Shine, check out for more of our songs!

Shotgun all the way!!!!They are performing act Viva La Funk @ Cellar Bar, South Hill Park, 7pm 13th Sept THIS SATURDAY

Thelonios Fisher
Gravity Circus...what a talent! Love that track!

Matheus Raging Storms 10/10 - long live the violin!

Last week Hurricane, this week's best is Raging storms for sure!

LINDSAY M WEST - Mary this week for sure, got a bjork vibe going for it

Ali + San
We say: raging storms by Matheus!!!9/10

dany s
my vote this week goes tomatheus - raging storms because it brought peace to my heart. 5 sept,2008

Raging Storms by Matheus, is a very creative and moving track! Loved it. Does he have an album??8/10

PR 10/10
Portland Rise-Hurricane is the best track on here. Awesome track, completely different from what's out there at the moment.

Hurricane by Portland Rise is amazing! stands out 10/10

i cant believe portland rise aren't profesh! in all seriousness tho absolutely lovin hurricane n very excited to hear more...10/10

Yateley John
I'm pleasantly pleased with having found this site. Reviewed many of the tracks. Amazing what talent may be living next door to us?

reuben have you seen the storm explosion?obviously not or else you would have commented on there sonic assault on the good people of reading and the fact that they are all very handsome reading types.....sorry your band didnt win better luck next timexxx

Phillip (Philly C) Ashwood
Jen-I the breeze is an awesome track, Great vocals and good horn line. Nicley done.X10/10

Ann Flanagan
Jen-i - you done it again. Well done guys!! 10/10

That Playing Favourites song is poor.The vocals have nothing to them. sounds pathetic. (1/10)

Portland Rise this week is the one I can really imagine singing along to in my car, Powerful, and I can't help but tap my feet to that intro. Would make a worthy winner.

"there are rivals" by playing favourites is awesome! really catchy music!!10/10!!

PLAYING FAVOURITESSSS!!!!!!! guys are proper legends.

Ryan Wide Eye
Jeni - the breeze - 10/10 wicked intelligent tune, like this one a lot. should win hands down

10/10: Playing Favourites we are rivels. best mix of indie pop punk there is so far.

I'd have to say this week the song "there are rivals" is my favourite. I love the verses, they're just so different to all too many bands. And some sick harmonies too! :D great work guys!

wood def go for playing favs this week, great, well done guys!

Playing favourites are awesome, they're unique but totally accesiblePlaying Favourites - there are rivals - 9/10

Playing Favourites (10/10) are brilliant. I love the harmonies and the nice solo at the end of 'There Are Rivals'! They should win this week!

Portland Rise are awesome, I love this track!

10/10: The best track this week surely has to be 'Little Metal People' by Infrasonic. Maybe we'll see them at Reading Festival one day too!! #:o)

Frodo Freud Rock in a fantastic relaxing way, and even better live ! wicked web site too!!!

Have you seen Storm Explosion? They are not the best band in Tilehurst, no way. Tilehurst is pretty small as well...

what no comments about the storm explosion?come on people you know there good!best band in tilehurst..........

relik 10/10 drining games is amazin best song ive listen to in a long time

Relik are great! I've seen them quite a few times now! They get better and better each time!! Drinking Games, what a tune!!

find other tracks from relik and downloads at drinking games 10/10 great song

10/10 relik are amazing such a good song. they are even better live. they have got to win. keep on writing the great songs. nick u have great voice

RELIK = AMAZING Drinking games and face in the crowd ROCk .. love em keep up the great music

what a great song from relik! love the chorus. does anyone know where i can download the track??

Matt Taylor
Relik - Drinking games cant get it out of my head, great song.

Relik - Drinking games, ace summer tune, lively, fun and catchy, everything a great song should be! Great work guys, love it! 10/10 marks!

Quite Frankey
Greymatter (6.32) have some great talent. Superb harmonies, makes you want to sing along. Wishing them all the success they deserve. 10/10 marks

06:32 by Greymatter is a fantastic song!!! The only winner for sure!!

ian jones
greymatter sounds great - gets my vote - band member Kav is a babe ....

Greymatter 06:32 is AMAZING! i've been following the band since they started out... they gotta win!!

Lou :)
GREYMATTER......6.3210/10They deserve to WIN. Talented, comedical, and a Band of the present and definately the future. Their words sum up life!

You Burn First are amazing!I've heard them live 3 times!

James Dolton
YOUBURNFIRST. oh my god i love them soo much, me and my band gig with these guys all the time! love you guys xx

you burn first - beneath the ruin10/10 :)its pretty awesome stuff tbh

You Burn First - Beneath The RuinBEST EVER BAND.10/10.

You Burn First - Beneath The RuinBEST EVER BAND.

YOU BURN FIRST AMAZING 10/10 Easily Love Them At Wokingham :)

play Beneath The Ruin by YouBurnFirst!bunch of top lads, who deserve for the world to hear their music :)please please play!it's got to be at 10/10 :)

I love YouBurnFirst, one of the best bands to come out of Bracknell.They should DEFFINATLY win.I look forward to hearing more music from them!

King Oliver's 'Marching Time' is fantastic, I really liked the the lead singers voice, the tune is brilliant and catchy. The lyrics are WOW!

Marching Time by King Oliver is immense! Sounds like a classic show tune. Awesome

Andy and Dionne
Nuj has produced a superb piece of music with lost and shot away. He is a talented guy and derserves all the credit he gets. Can't wait for the EP.

seen these guys live at face, fantastic guys playing fantastic music...cargo cault for the win!

How old are people on here - or they just plain stupid - every song ever gets a resounding 10/10 - sometimes more!! get real - just so obviously written by the band mates themselves (or maybe their mum) - Its a shame because occasionally- but just occasionally - someone actually bothers to write something intelligent and thoughtful - but you have to wade through endless rubbish and nonsense to get there - grow up kiddies!!

James OBoyle
Where can I buy this track.

Matt Roikonen
up the pirates!

Love the BRASSNECK song8 out of 10 from me

Ben S
Jon Oakeley - great voice, great man. I love this song.

Mr Castle
got to be jonathan oakeley, saw him gig a few months back and he was amazing, proably the most powerful voice since meatloaf!

marky mark
hotdamn that jonathan oakley song is catchy. sunny pop for sunny weather!

brassneck - set my alarm for 77/10catchier than a disease

Life As Is 'Ben's Brigade' was reviewed on Sunday 8th June. Best rock tune I have heard for ages. Where can I get more info on the band?

I am well glad JenI - Sunny Days won last week. That girl has talent!!10/10

Andy Mcleod
jen-i sunny days was a breath of fresh air and an inspirational peice i would rate it 10 out of 10

Craig Armstrong
Sunny Days by Jen-I gets my vote!! Lovely vocals, nice dubby drum and bass and aptly named as it is very sunny indeed! 8/10.

Lovin sunny days - Jen-i, yes yes yes, we really don't hear enough proper music like this over the airways. Brass sounding sweeeeeet.Peace n suuny days x 9/10

Jen-i is the one ! sorry for the others !Peace!

love sunny days, it's easy listening and mellow with a nice horn section... wish the weather would follow. go JYS and jen-i!

Serious Lego Dancing Band
Fantastic - miles above the rest!10/10

I love Chaos by AfterParty. 10/10. You should get more ska bands on!x

Loved the Jen-i song & also the Serious lego dancing band...the first (Jen-i) was relaxing, the second (Serious lego dancing band) made me want to dance....which i think is a good sign of a party song

Alice J
I listened to Serious Lego Dancing Band's track....i like it's catchiness, without it becoming sounds like a pretty finished product which i wasn't expecting from a demo! I think it sounds like something that could be released straight away...i think it's more commercial sounding than the other 2 tracks (obviously people have different views on whether commercial is good/not....but it's still pretty impressive to be at that type of sound-stage)All tracks up will appeal to a totally different group of people they're not comparable....I guess people will love or hate different tracks depending on their music preference....

love the serious legodancing band track and love the name even more!!! 10 out of 10

Interesting... i think i'd have to say that the Party in my pants by serious lego dancing band is the best of this lot... it gets 8/10I like the Jen-I one too... not to sure about the last one!

Nick dawes
Brilliant track by the sldb!10/10 for me!

Serious Lego Dancing Band! SLDB are the sound of the future. Ahead of their time, timeless and unique. 10/10

man, that serious lega dancing band track really kick arse!!! Big cheerz from the southern states.... ;-) keep up the good work!!!! 10/10... what else!!!

SLDB - Awesome!!!!! 10/10

George Harvey
SLDB are awsome. Cant wait to hear them again. Saw them in london, seriously one of the best gigs I ever went to. They have a really cool look about them all and there beatz are insane. Definately worth tuning on guys! Take it Ez. G x

Wow! I want to Party in My Pants lol SLDB all the way!Serious Lego Dancing Band 9/10

I've been to dennylloyd.comthis guy writes some greatsongs

Listened to the show on Sunday night - first time for a while - and I was surprised to hear some of the comments. It seemed that the two tracks that had been more 'professionally' produced were rated above the Lee Davids track, which I thought was a great song. The difference was in comparing two tracks scored for full bands against one totally acoustic, with just a guitar and vocal. Surely production finesse hasn't superceded musical ability in the eyes and ears of the panel? My view is that all three songs were good, but to achieve the result with so sparse an arrangement should have at least saved Lee from the slating he got from the chap from South Park - does he just not like 'folk' music, or was he still in a bad mood after his bike was stolen? Either way, his comments were unjustified, and should have shown more respect for the efforts of the artist.Lee Davids: Farewell Kiss - 9/10

denny lloyd is awesome.pure talent

Adam Parker
Lee Davids - Farewell Kiss10/10 amazing guitar, good voice. Just brilliant

Farewell Kiss, Luv it!!

CB - Lee Davids
All 3 tracks are great, I really like Lee Davids, Farewell kiss is not his strongest song by far. A great a artist and lyricist.

WWW.MYSPACE.COM/PAULHODGSONMUSIC"Paul Hodgson is a fired up solo artist from Reading that is determined to broadcast his stories and views to everyone that comes in his path.With big punk/ska influences, cheeky lyrics, and his guitar playing described as some form of ‘50’s Skiffle’.This sound of music will be involved in your life sooner than you know it."

Nick the Stripper
Alturo are a fantastic young band. I've seen them live and they are just getting better all the time. I'd give them 7/10, but I expect them to get even better.

jack holderness
tots and bull area great young band with lots of energy and great song writing, play their demo!

Michael Hull
The secret weapon for new original music is Different reasons, look at this 'Lights out'.....foooki wow 10/10 ace, plain ace man

side effects sound top notch i like that great stuff!!!

Darik Reynolds
side effects sound pretty good 9/10

Jo Hill
Different reasons are usually pretty folksie, but this sure rocks! Good luck to them.

side effects definitely own all.11/10fo sho.

d simpson
A cool track by the band 'SECRET WEAPON' called 'one second.Apprentley they are live in reading FRIDAY 9TH MAY in face bar. I cant wait to see the battle of the bands!!

secret weapons one second rocks!!! 9/10 i saw them in face bar and the turtle. pretty hot. one of the better berkshire bands out there on the circuit.

secret weapon rock!!! saw them in face bar, pretty hot. one of the better berkshire bands out there on the circuit.

Love the Secret Wepon track & they're great live too. 10/10

Chris D
I normally come on this page to listen to the demos from local bands but never comment, but i hear a lot of talent from round here. This week i just had to comment on Secret Weapon - One Second as i was astounded! Brilliant track! 10/10! This could easily be one of those heavy songs that hits the mainstream running and blows up everywhere. Could hit number 1 with the right marketing, everythings right with it. Secret Weapon, i am a fan!

Secret weapon r the best by miles ive traveled all across the UK with them and 100% love there music. THE WEAPON

Saw Secret Weapon in London, 'one second' is great in fact band is great 10/10 for live performance

Secret Weapon are going to be the next big thing out of Reading. A top quality song, from an incredibly good band. 11/10

Daniel Hobley
Secret weapon for the win!

clair k
Secret Weapon one second 10/10 i hope u guys go far with ur music good luck guys xxxxx

clair kidby
love secret weapon 10/10 i hope u guys go far with ur music good luck guys

becky patterson
Everybody make sure u listen 2 secret weapon they r wicked! very catchy songs! they r at facebar fri 9th make sure u go they r great!!!!

Cheryl King
secret weapon - one second.What an amazing track this band is amazing

Secret Weapon's - "one second" is pretty catchy !! 9/10. Saw them at the face bar, there decent live too.

Omg I love the University one. The effects in it at the beginning are great!Would like to hear more from you guys?

University 4Hours a great track. 10/10The other on is too repetitive and the Shh Please is heavy Moshin, this went out ages ago.

You should see 4Hours live they are brilliant. University is listenable is that a word!!!9/10

University grows on you the more you listen to it. For san unsigned band there good. I would buy this if oit was available for download.4Hours is an unusual name though. 8/10 for the track and 6/10 for the name.

Bendy Boy
Ubiversity 4Hours is great.8/10Bendy Boy

4 Hours are the Phunky Phat band that they claim they are. You should hear them live. Phunk Rock, they really are cool.A. 10/10

Phunky Phat n Phit, 4Hours10/10

Jamie C
4Hours and University Top Dog.jamie C 10/10

Stevie P
University = Banging tune. Love it!Seen you guys live in Camden, mates with a band you played with!Best of luck!

4 Hours University. better than the other two tracks but their best track is University or Cuter(when the sun goes down). The lyrics are really funny, but they are definite chart type tracks.Bev.

Cool band 4Hours, seen them in Camden a few times. Iniversity, cool.Cheers

4Hours, gorgeous boys. Whooo oooh 4hours 4hours, whoooo ooooh 4hours 4hours.We love you.Chelsea xxxx

Hello BBC Berkshire. Adam Duff the lead singer in 4Hours is an excellent singer, he played the lead role in We Will Rock You, the first time it was done as an Am Dram. He can seriously sing, and act.4Hours are great and so is University.

Oy Linda Serck, you are so fit.Get 4Hours on your station Live and I will carry there gear if I can meet you. 4hours are really good, but your better.Love you and them loads.XXXX;-)Jonseeee

4Hours University is brill.Nikki

We Love Tommy Bass
Is that his real name? when he jumped down onto the dance floor at Underworld I nearly jumped on his back. I love him, will he marry me when hes famous.Go Tommy Bass.Sally XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Randy Andy
4Hours yes, cool. Why did u pick University? you should have chosen Love Bus or Cuter when the Sun does down. They are great songs and really funny to.Randy

University is such a good track, and its like real, this happens to all my mates.Are 4 Hours at Reading Festival? A..

We saw 4Hours when we travelled upto Underworld with Absent Elk. There four bands on, Absent were the headline, 4hours were on second and they really got everyone rockin. The lead singer opened with that whooo oooh aah and the crowd sang back. Brave, but it got us all going we werent even drunk at that stage. University is excellent. Love to see them play down in Brighton.Alex.

Billy Bob
I listened to all of the tracks, Phantom theory is a bit Mosh if you know what I mean, Human Robotics is sooo repetitive. 4Hours is good, the more you play it the more it grows on yer.Keep it hanging.Bill Bob Stanten

University is excellent for an unsigned band. Do you know when there next gig is on? Hi have heard them playing at Tommy Flynns in London, Love Bus is brilliant but they havent recorded.CheersPaul

4 Hours are SICK 12/10

A big 10/10 for Shh Please; Phantom Theory are completely awesome! Can't wait to hear more from them!!

Phantom Theory's Shh Please is awesome...10/10!

4Hours track university is sweet, really like the intro effect very catchy.8/10

recovery's track three little piggies is so original and just shows off their sheer brilliance! my band has had the pleasure of playing with them too! 10/10

Recovery are such an awesome band! Three Little Piggies is a great song, great lyrics and great music, definatly 10/10, goodluck guys!

Ed Howles
I would give 10/10 for Three Little Piggies. Fresh, alternative...just what we need.

recovery are awesome!! three little piggies definitely is the best out of the three there! 10/10

eva luna
Recovery are an amazing band, the boys are very talented and this song shows off their talent perfectly.give them a 10/10 :)

The toniks seem to have got it right! there sound is great. nice melody's, huge chorus...nice happy song.Keep going The ToniKs would love to see you guys live 10/10

I saw Recovery when they supported Evile last year. Very original, very tight musically. A great set.

Jack Brown
I'm hoping 'Different reasons' will be playing on your programme soon; their new stuff is wicked!10/10 I think

That Recovery track is awesome. Who are these guys?

Sophie Balchin
Recovery's Three Little Piggies is such a great song and Recovery themselves are FAB. three great guys there writing and playing great music! i give them 11 out of 10!

Rebecca Maynard
3 little piggies is the most awesome song and i LOVE IT!!! Its got an amazing story line to it and i love the many interpretations that people have had on it!!GO RECOVERY!!!!!!

Daniel Foulkes
im loving recovery - three little piggies is some proper song writing, reminds me of radiohead quite a bit, really good 10/10

3 Little Izzies
GO RECOVERY. woopwoop

Recovery are incredibly good. Heard em live in Dry Bar the other day. Only band there with ENERGY!!!

Harry Vance-Law
Gotta love Recovery.They're not afraid to try different styles like many artists out there today.Three Little Piggies = Good vocals, good song, good band.

I saw Recovery play in London last week, they did a really tight, loud set. I was extremely impressed.

Mark Bracken
Have seen Sophie Hill live in Newbury and she really captures the crowd. Love the track. 9/10Am going to see her again May 3rd

Sarah Giddy
Sophie Hill is awesome, gunna be huge someday soon!! Keep the good tracks coming x x x x

Gary Attico
'So in love' by the Kosmos has such an authentic classic 60s vibe, and their other songs are equally as good. Excellent band! 10/10

Michael Fraser
The Kosmos 'So in love' was by far the best song. Classic sixties Beatle-esque pop. I've been singing it ever since...10/10

Ed Howard
Stoltz is brill! 10/10

Ok, so good efforts from the other two artist, but Stoltz MUST win this one! listening to their music on myspace too. - I think im too late for the voting. but i'll get a comment in anyway! - Stoltz - Warder 10 out of a bloomin 10!

The Kosmos get my vote for So in love ....such a feel good track and would be a sure fire song of the summer ...heard a lot about this band recently through myspace and they have a good body of tracks that are as good if not better than this one .Definate one for the watching this year !

im my opinion stoltz are the most exciting band in the south, remember there completley live electronica and anyone who knows anything about this knows how cool they are- good luck guys x

Nat Nat
Forgot to mark! 10/10 for Stoltz! Very different to what's around atm, the music scene needs this kind of great risk taking! Music with balls :o)Love Nat x

Tex & Friends...(AMSTERDAM)
'So In Love With You'..THE KOSMOS.!...everytime we listen to this track..we feel that 'summer' is not tofar away!?!!..definetly one for 'chillin' in the sun.!!.we'll be tuning in onSunday for sure.!!!..have anice day everyday.!..Peace.!(We found them on MYSPACE.!)

Nat Nat
Stoltz WarderThis track is awsome! I can't get it out of my head. I'd go nuts if this came on while out at a club!Ps - Hi mum

STOLTZ - WARDER.Awesome. Absolutely amazing. I defy anyone to listen to this and not immediately want to get up and start dancing! Pure energy! Good Job. 10/10

Leigh Martin
Stotlz - Warder 10/10 Omg there the new prodigy!!! been needing something new like this for ages, and its finaly come..... !!!

Daniel M
Stoltz - Warderi give this 10 out of 10I love this track, it has a prodigy feel, i love it, love the effects and sounds used to create this. Awsome work will have to search for these guys on myspace now

hey harry landymores answers is really brilliant - where can i hear more from this guy? 10 / 10

30Midi3Markie x
303DTTM are casio, good stuff, must be betamax liVE!8/10loveMMM

The Defeat - An entire day in pastel colours.Just beautiful!

I saw the defeat play at the oakford just before christmas, they killed it. Also there song sounds alot more 'grown up' then the others, they have my vote.

Second Storey Ruin are awsome! They get my vote! Shut the door is one of there old tracks they have some really good ones!

Nikki Mehta
I saw PACE play in the Prince of Wales In Caversham and think that you can't judge this band until you see them play live. I love 'Its not enough' and look forward to new material.

Lost in a lie definitely gets my vote, great guitar player!!

Tony V
Lost in a lie - oh so very well put together. Excellent job!

T Mankoo
Amelia and Sim - Lost in a lie, this track has it all..! 10/10

Amelie and Sim (Lost ina lie) should come to Dubai to play

Super Music can we have them to come to Dubai to play?

First Among Equals
Vote second story ruin! Great band.

jimi car
amelia and sim- lost in a lie....10/10 for me... great guitar playing cus sim ROCKS!!!!

Steven Valenzuela
Amelia & Sim's song 10/10 - great melody, performances, everything!

Liza Radley
I thought Rochelle's use of the Vocoder was inspired. She was spot-on tune every time. I'd give her 10/10 for that and her producer's pretty switched on too. Well done!

My vote is for Rochelle Parker's "A Better Life"

Melody Schneider
Rochelle Parker's "A Better Life" great song. Need to hear more of her. 10 out of 10.

I love the intro on the darin Robinson song - very catchy. I defy anyone to not whistle along to it!

None of them are really my style, but Rochelle Parker stands out from the others. Good luck to her!

Mark Watkins
Rochelle Parker .A smash hit sound. 10/10

Mark Watkins
A smash hit sound. 10/10

Peter B
Hmmm love the opportunity to pass opinion, so here goesDarin RobinsonClever lyrics, original,(loved the whistled intro) a cute song that i listened to all of. Hate giving a mark but as i should lets go for 8/10 (shame he is signed)Rochelle Parker, poor production, awful mix,Bland song, bland bland bland, clearly a voice that is limited and on its limit. The drumming was awful but having just visited her site, a pretty girl with a large hairdressing bill. A mark, for a song were it on the radio i would switch channels 2/10The last song by Vigilante, surely someone mucking around in their bedroom. I listened to it 2 times, not because i enjoyed it, but because i could not believe how cliched it was, never a serious song or act. (but then what do i know) however they get 3/10 for time spent at a mixing deskI enjoyed this so i will do it again next week. Always on the hunt for talent!!

Way to go Rochelle I love it.

Scott Blackledge
'A Better Life' is just a great track. Got her album off iTunes and its great, plus she is HOT!

connie chapman
refreshing to hear understandable words. such a true sound of her voice

b parker
a better life is really good why dont we hear more of this artist

Rochelle Parker's "A Better Life" is in a different league to the others! 10 out of 10

Brent Thompson
Rochelle Parker- A better life 10/10. this girl is meant to be a star she is so talented, her voice is amazing, and she has an album that is really good!to all those who havent listend to her you are missing out!

I think Rochelle Parker- A Better Life is so good!10/10anyone who hasn't heard her; you really need to hear this this girls album she is way GOOD!her voice is one of a kind! Good luck Girl you are awsome!

I think Rochelle Parker- A Better Life is so good!anyone who hasn't heard her; you really need to hear this this girls album she is way GOOD!her voice is one of a kind! Good luck Girl you are awsome!

Rochelle Parker's Better Life has my vote. 10/10 for lyrics and vocals.Well done that girl!

Rob Bell
Its got to be Loki for me, that is a great tune, good work LOKI boys!

Big Rich
Moment of silence is the one for me 10/10 for those loki boys, lets hear some more!!

El Spongo
Loki - this a great track from these guys, and i'm not usually a huge fan of songs that hit the 5 minute mark unless they can keep you interested and more importantly rocking out throughout.. but this track - recorded and even more so performed live - never fails to keep me rocking out,... be it in my chair.. on my feet or most likely, in your face! anywhere goes with this. Great work fella's 8.917/10

I have seen Loki in a lot of local gigs and they have never ceased to amaze. Great energy and kick-ass sound - they're going far with this.

Gags (South Korea)
Loki, MomentsWell lads, what can I say. You have tightened your rockin butts and now nothing can get up there. Am gonna be head buttin my Cds into axshon knowing the domino effect has just started. I will rate you a top banana/10.

Carry on the Name!!!! listen to the struming of the guitar. its mega! the lyrics really pull you in 9/10

Chris Peacock
Loki - very good tune, i like them and they get a credible 7/10, not sure about Sound of Godwin, not my cup of tea 5/10, Vivacity stands out for me, good tune with good lyrics and a feelgood factor about it 9/10

Lokis moment of silence is awsome!!! they are so going somewhere. i give em a fat 10. xxx

Dave Sollory
I would like to vote for Moments of Silence by Loki.I think that this is a great example of modern progresive rock. 10 out of 10.I've seen these guys live & they are awesome.

Loki aren't bad, decent tune and a 6/10 from Chateaux Tredder, the tune from Sound of Walter Godwin is weak, in my opinion and gets a 3/10 but top marks go to the Vivacity number, great feel to it and very catchy, a match winning 8/10 from the Chateaux Tredder Collective.

stand out song here has to be loki's moments of silence, quality performance start to finish nice to see a band that can bring something fresh and exciting to the table. this is even better live where loki are at there most captivating, nice job boys...

Do you not know good music even after it jumps up right into your face and then bites your groin?!! Was disappointed with the result this Sunday.

boydidgood 10/10 i loved that song 'you me and the other three' i really liked the lyrics had alot of feeling in it, hope these guys get somewhere, sounds like they've got potential!

BOYDIDGOOD 3/10, Blind Ego 6.5/10, Shadow Army 9/10. Wake Up is the best song by far the other 2 are to slow and boring for my taste.

John Humphreys
Boydidgood are quite good, perhaps not as good as earth wind and fire but good. I also like Hot Chocolate, my favourite song being you sexy thing. Thank You

consuela (Buenos Aires)
'you me and the other three' is awesome, i really love this song, especially the ending, boydidgood sound awesome i'm defnitely gona try and make it to one of their gigs! sounds like they could go far!

M Hunt
2 really good songs didn't like Moon and Sun but the shadow army is 7/10 and the boydidgood 8/10.

Will Adams
Boydidgood - You,me and the other three. all the way. 9/10.

heard about boydidgood through a friend.. reckon they deserve some air play, they're awesome! hopefully if they blow up we'll get to hear them in south africa sometime soon!!!

Nick Watkin
I am so excited I forgot to mark. Has to be 9/10

Shadow Army - Wake up.I love this version of their song. Even know I'm nowhere near Berkshire, I will still continue to support shadow army all the way from america

Johnny Doyne
Boydidgood - you me and the other 3. this song is ace, everything involved in the song; from the lyrics, the guitar, the bass and the awesome drum beat. quality song! more from Boydidgood please!!!

Dan T
Great songs stand out song You me and the other three is the stand out one 9/10. Wake up 4/10Moon and sun 6/10You me and the other three 9/10

eleanor, reading
I particularly like the Boydidgood track - it's a really original sound, and I thought the lyrics were brilliant! The others tracks are ok, but this one really stands out.

Mark Bibby
Refreshingly i know no-one here unlike aome people. Boydidgood is the my fav of the three. Great show look forward to it on a Sunday.

Mrs Beasley
BOYDIDGOOD are just the best and an inspiration to lots of young bands. I have seen them at loads of different venues in Reading, its a really good night.

Nick Watkin
Boydidgood lyrics and music are the most haunting I have heard from a new band in a long time. Are they the next sensation?

Chris Hales
Boydidgood are a quality band! Lyrics that relate to any rowdy night on the town and a really catchy tune! band to watch for 2008 definately. Maybe even a Reading festival appearance could be on the cards in a perfect world! BOYDIDGOOD BOYDIDGOOD BOYDIDGOOD

Female Sam
boydidgood is excellent, 10/10 I have seen then live and they sound fab on their 1st studio track!

Libby Morse
Boydidgood 10/10I have been a fan of boydidgood for a while now and I think they are the most exciting band in Reading. The fantastic thing about Boydidgood is that they sound even better live! If you see them playing in Reading, you have to go and see them. Libby Morse

Subtle Warrior
boy did good is definitely the best one there but the other r quite good 2 but the end is just awesome.boydidgood - 10/10blind ego - 6/10wake up - 7/10

Liz A
Just love Wake Up by Shadowarmy - play it over and over and it gets betta 'n' betta

Smiley Dave
Whispering Knees, just checked out your myspace, awesome tunes guys, keep it up ! !

Gav (from Junkyard Scientists)
In response to Paula's comment below, no-one in the band knows any of the judges! Dunno where you got that idea from...glad you liked it tho :)

Wow Whispering Knees that is a wonderful track and do listen it.

Going to comment on allFace The Guilt 2/10 - Very weak song.The Mistress 7/10 - Very Funky.You've Got To Love Her 3/10 - Weak song.

JYS is good, although inviting one of the band members girlfriend to judge? C'mon!!! Note to BBC, VET your judges.

Clair Sinclair
Steph Willis - great voice Not trying to be mockney or middle class street. Very refreshing. 8/10

Zara Amani
Like the Junkyard Scientists. Great rythmns, fabulous voice. 8/10

Chris Owens
The Demo Panel were right - the Junkyard Scientist track, Mistress, was by far the best track.

Debi Egelin
Within Our Rights - Stumbled across them on and I CANNOT stop listening to them. Great tunes!When I can listen to the same band everyday and not get tired of them it is a 10 out of 10.

Jabba The Hut
JYS ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuule!!!! 1000/10!!!!

Please please please play Face the Guilt by Within Our Rights 10/10 for me. This is a really nice track

10/10 for within our rights, i love them, and the bass guitarist is sexy too.

just listen to "aspen leaves" by joe holtaway, i like it very much - i heard it back on the Phil Jupitus show on BBC6 earlier this year, - nice to hear it again.

I Like 2 bands Within Our Rights and Junkyard Scientists however my vote is for Within Our Rights. 9out of 10. Very good tune

James Hatter
Within Our Rights "Face The Guilt" awesome song. Really want to see this band soon.

Big up to the Junkyard Scientists, gotta love that funky music!

Well hello Within Our Rights.Just seen your Myspace page, where have you guys been hiding? Face the guilt is a lovely tune. 8/10 from me.

Love JYS bin to a few gigs and everyone feels like walking on to the set on a 1970's US TV Cop show LOVE IT!10/10 for vibes =)

Rachel Wells
I really like Face The Guilt, great song !! Been to see this band before and their whole set is amazing.

9 out of 10! Sorry guys, just 'a noise only boys can hear' is my favourite! Monday was wkd!keep it casioNic xxx

brian 'XY' ellis
eat it! 8-bit LIVES!!just wanted to show my support, ever since MidiMidis added me i've been hooked! Good to see the demo up! looking forward to the Rough Cuts gig! Will try and get down to Rising Sun this friday!B-XY-Ellis

Note-to-Self is gonna be brilliant! Nemesis is probably the best track here, so random its on the demo panel good luck Midis!!

Nemesis is absolutely space-age! Who are these guys?!? This is really refreshing! Love it!Johnny B

Yay the midimidis track nemesis is awesome :) more than 9 of ten!so random i love it! my favourite track by far, im lookin forward to their gig friday at risin sun yay, im intrigued to see what its gunna be like!

L.M. Cohen
Wow! The Lightyears are great! I'd definitely give them a 10/10. "This House Will Burn" is so refreshing-especially after all the songs that are played on the radio these days.Good luck guys!

Helen Cleeve
The Light Years are fantastic, wish I could here more. These guys are seriously talented musicians and a pleasure to listen to.

Alexis Confer
The Lightyear's This House will Burn gets a 9.5. It's fresh and poetic with intricate instrumentals and smooth vocals. They are an awesome band.

red tanja
The lightyears have got a bit bland these days since they got rid of their radical old bassist. i think their track gets 3/10 tops.

The Lightyears "This house will burn" without a doubt! Amazingly talented band with beautiful lyrics and vocals. Leaves you wanting to hear more

Wow, Tankus the henge are awesome, please give us details of when their single is out. And tour dates if possible

Smiling Makes the Day Go Quicker!!! 10/10, Woop woop!!

This House will Burn 10/10. This band is amazing! THE LIGHTYEARS!! Actually, they get a 20/10.way to go!!!

Ian Spencer
Has to be The Lightyears by a country mile....11/10!

steve andrews
10/10! Tankus The Henge 'Smiling makes the day go quicker' simply a great tune and a wicked band! always makes me wanna boogie!

The House will burn is another amazing song by The Lightyears. Fantastic!

Smiling makes the day go quicker ! What a tune ! 10/10 for definate =]

Lloyd the floyd
Well ain't it about time we had something new! This band ASONO might just be the one! Great track gets my vote. 11/10

Abi Schofield
Tankus the Henge....brilliant live and brilliant band 10/10Smiling...right now

Di Schofield
I am an aged Hippy who finds this band refreshing, good fun and with a zest for life!!!!!10/10 for Tankus the Henge. They appeal to all age groups.

Eva Pärnits
I think that Tankus is absolutely brilliant! It was an honor meeting the lead singer more than three years ago and I have to tell you, so is he! A person who can put a smile on your face even when your cat has just died... The kind of person who should be doing music to mend all the broken peoples' minds in this world, He has a lot to say and "Smiling makes the day go quicker" in my opinion is the perfect example of that! Since I live in Estonia I have the perfect chance to spread the word over here and I have done that, so there's a few fans of Tankus in this small little country already! I bet there'll be loads more all over the world if the radios start playing this sensational music which the amazing guys from Tankus the Henge perform! 10/10 most defenately

Asono , LOVE IT!!!!!!

Sean Campbell
Smiling Makes The Day Go Quicker is a brilliant, and one of my favourite songs, I heard it on the bands' myspace and visit the site at least once a week to listen to it, it's a fabulous track. Tankus' sound is totally original, and there's something ever so slightly Chaz & Dave about them, I love it. I love all of the songs on their myspace and NEED MORE! So you can take that as a 10/10 from me.

I am loving asono,will listen to the show on sunday to find out more about them! 10/10

I am loving asono,will listen to the show on sunday to find out more about them! 10/10

Liz B
i just thought i would inform you of how wonderful Tankus the Henge are. I have been following the band for about a year now, and not once at one of their gigs have they failed to entertain and impress me, the musical talents of jaz, chris, mason and george are exceptional and in addition to this they are more than pleasing to the eye! A very handsome bunch!"smiling makes the day go better" is a fabulous song 10/10!..... and if you think this is a fab song, you should listen to the rest of their line-up, pure music genius!!

smiling makes the day go quicker by tankus the henge is the best!10/10

Tankus are fun! Play Tankus go oooon!! 10/10.

Cesci Peschier
After hearing this by chance i think it is only manner of time before tankus enslave the pink floyd crossed with poppy indie! love it!

Emily Walker
Tankus The Henge 'Smiling makes the day go quicker'. 10/10!

Christopher Soton
Tankus The Henge - Smiling Makes The Day Go Quicker. This song has all the elements a good song should contain. Very catchy and a generally happy song which lives up to its title.

Tankus the Henge - 10/10! Beautiful stuff :)

Jennifer Green
TANKUS THE HENGE - Smiling Makes The Day Go Quicker 10/10. This is an amazing track - Great Vocals that are really catchy and the song just really does make you want to Smile! Loved it!

Katy Braithwaite
Tankus the Henge - fantastic, 10/10

Absolutely love smiling makes the day go quicker by tankus the henge! deffinate 10/10!!

Chris P
Tankus the Henge - Smiling Makes The Day Go Quicker - 13.7231/10 - It's immense!

Henry Bevan
Tankus The Henge are an amazing band who have so far in their relatively young but astoundingly talented life, learned to play music together that not only sounds fantastic, but put on a show to rival any State Circus. The difference is, the music makes you want to dance and sing and shout and cry all at the same time! It's unbelievable when you hear them live, and doubly unbelievable when you meet the band. Genuine, interesting, funny, and they all know how to form that cohesive sound which is only the beginning of the legend that will be Tankus The Henge in many, many years to come. 10/10

Lizzie Crick
Tankus the henge are a bundle of fun! This song is a real whistler of a tune, it will have you smiling whether you like it or not.

Phat Beat Phat Drum
TANKUS TH HENGE- SMILING MAKES THE DAY GOE QUICKER; These guys are like the yellow fly paper in your greenhouse... Once you see it, your stuck, and there is something so attractive about it, becoming a fan is inevitable.This kind of inteligent music, is exactly what the world needs.And their live show, know you are never meant to reach the rainbow? well,, this is the closest thing, and it's just as colourful up close as it looks in the sky.

Jon Pain
Tankus the Henge are amazing, 10/10 all the way!

Tomas Herrera
If they wanna get to the top of the charts then release a good song that people will buy!?! Brazen!?!

tankus the henge - smiling makes the day go quickersuch a tune- 10/10

Scott Rowell
Tankus the henge smiling mekes the day go quicker are ase best upand comer ive heard in ages 10/10

Jo Mountford
'Smiling Makes the Day Go Quicker' by Tankus the Henge is an awesome song! It really made me smile and listening to it has made my day happier :). I will always remember to keep smiling! Definitely 10/10!

Chris Donnelly
Tankus the henge - smiling makes the day go quicker. anthem to live your life by AND a wicked tune!! Love it!

Tankus the Henge - awesome band awesome song! 10/10!!

Scott Rowell
Tankus are ase best upand comer ive heard in ages 10/10

Helen Vincent
I listened to the song by Tankus the Henge - 'Smiling makes the day go quicker'- and it made me smile! It would be great to hear this on sunday. 10/10

Tankus the henge and smiling makes the day go quicker always gets my day off 2 a good start!10/10

Lisa Kingdon
Tankus the Henge are just AMAZING!!!! Definitly 10/10!It really did make me smile :-)

aniela zaba
tankus the henge - smiling is brilliant. Uplifting, motivating, beautiful, and life changing!

Tankus - Great song 10/10

Tankus' Smiling - 10/10. indubitably.

Jo Liddell
TANKUS THE HENGE-SMILING MAKES THE DAY GO QUICKER....billiant song, wicked lyrics and one amazing voice!!! 10/10 xx

Rachel McPhail
"Smiling Makes The Day Go Quicker" by Tankus the Henge is a definite 10/10-- it's upbeat, positive without being saccharine, and has one of the catchiest hooks of any new song

Smiling makes the day go quicker is an awesome song that's really catchy yet never gets old! 10/10

smiling makes the day go quicker is undoubtably one of the best songs ever! it always cheers me up when im feeling down :) 10/10

Definitely Smiling Makes the Day Go Quicker by Tankus the Henge- such a feel good song! 10/10

Tankus the Henge are the best band since sliced bread.

H Smith
Smiling makes the day go quicker is beautiful. Tankus the henge are undoubtedly the best. 10/10

Kathy Bragg
Smiling does indeed make the day go quicker. Yay Tankus!

Brenda Owen
Tankus the Henge - Smiling Makes the Day Go Quicker - 10/10. I love hearing this song, it really does make me feel happy.

Tankus's song is the dose of medicinal happiness that this world requires.

Sean Bui
Tankus The Henge and their phenomenal song, Smiling Makes The Day Go Quicker.10/10Its made me smile for the rest of the day.

Tankus the Henge - Smiling makes the day go quicker. Is insanely good!i L-O-V-E it. 10/10!

woahhh. tankus the henges "smileing makes the day go quicker" is well good! blates 10/10. amazeing voice! such a cheerryyy song :D

Tankus the henge get my vote every time.Beautiful song, unique band.

Smiling makes the day go quicker... deffo 10/10!

Catherine Rout
Asono Chasing after the sun - Really like this band, great track 10/10.

Hey, Love Asono and chasing after the sun. great song, so catchy - can't stop singing it!

Lyndsay Foster
Asono - Chasing after the Sun. This band is fantastic, great song, great voice just the sort of music I want to be listening to! I would love to hear more from this band. How can we hear more?? Where can we see them? Definitely 10/10!

Smiling makes the day go quicker by Tankus the Henge is an awesome track!! 10/10 without a doubt! if you havn't checked it already do it! Its the next BIG thing for sure!!

Donna d
The Lightyears - this house will burn, gets full marks from me! A great bunch of guys with an amazing degree of talent, Good luck LY's! x

broken down country girl
Tankus the Henge 10/10 Smiling FTW!

Jerry Owens
The Lightyears are a great live band - with Hugh Padgham working with them they are now producing similarly great recorded tracks - this is one of them! This House Wwill Burn - 10/10

Jerry Owens
The Lightyears are a great live band - with Hugh Padgham working with them they are now producing similarly great recorded tracks - this is one of them!

Ive seen Myles Finch live there amaazing! seriously a league of there own

THE LIGHTYEARS - This House Will Burn Fantastic song. Very catchy with great lyrics.

The Lightyears - This House will Burn 10/10 - beautiful, melodic and catchy!

Lightyears 'This House will Burn' - absolutely brilliant track, fantastic lyrics. Go see them live, they're amazing! 10/10

Kate Addy
THE LIGHTYEARS - This House Will Burn - 10/10What a track - what a band! The hottest stuff around...

Robbie Mcdade
Asono, should win it. 7/10 Good solid song :) x

I think Seeds of Doubt are fantastic. Definitely a 10/10

Seeds of Doubt - They're fantastic and I really love the guy's voice 10/10

Seeds of Doubt - They're fantastic and I really love the guy's voice

Seeds of Doubt - They're fantastic and I really love the guy's voice

MylesFinch 10/10, their only 16 and 17, i think they really have got something! Love it

Flashpoint by Seeds of Doubt has the COOLEST sounding groove I've heard for ages. 10/10.

Seeds of DoubtImaganitive and original9/10

this is the most exciting new band i've heard in a while. Love the synth action 10 out of 10!

Seeds of doubt, Flashpoint - Love it 10/10

Simon G
Have to agree with the previous comments, Flashpoint by Seeds of Doubt is my pick of the bunch. Love those gurgling synths! Very electronic (which is fine by me) but has quite a ‘live’ feel too.9/10

Myles Finch Streetlights 10/10 heard them on stage at slough yesterday supporting shayne ward they were absolutely amazing. I loved their sound and energy on stage. Thought it sounded even better live. It was freezing but they were electric!! Loved it.

Chris Bailey
Seeds of doubt 10 out of 10Brillant band!!!!!!!!!!!

Marie Bailey
Really Great band will go far10 out of 10!!!!!!!!!!!Seed of doubt

Steve Wilmott
all good this month but really like the song flashpoint by the Seeds of Doubt. Good vocal line

seeds of doubt- flashpoint is dark! 10\10!

Definately Flashpoint by seeds of doubt. great lyrics and music.10/10...well done!!

Steve Shears
Seeds of Dout - Flashpoint - great song 10/10!

Mylesfinch - this song an 8/10 but some of their others (esp. Gone Too Far) 10/10

I've been listening to MylesFinch now for about 5 months. I've been to a few of their gigs and think they really have what it takes to go all the way. Although they are a catchy band, their lyrics are good and their performances are full of energy; basically they're not just another run of the mill average bunch of amateurs.

MylesFinch are amazing!!! They put on a great live performance aswell! xx

Myles Finch - 10/10Definately.x

sophie henderson
bloomin marvalous stephena wills!!!! ha ha knew you'd's to world domination x

Stephen Long
Steph's one of the finest unsigned talents around. A well deserved win.

Rachel Little
Under my skin - Fantastic song! 10/10

Rob A
Steph Wills, I just keep playing it. Fantastic.

Penny Jayne
Steph Willis is a skilled craftsman, 'Under My Skin' highlights her unique style and the passionate edge in her vocals adds icing to the cake 10/10

John N
Wow, 3 great tracks, but am finding myself repeatedly listening to Under My Skin! Go Steph!

Karlene Turner
'Steph Willis- under my skin'I really love the track!!Can't pick any faults with it.10 out of 10 (10/10)

Stef #2
Steph Willis - under my skin, 10/10

eric bana
Steph Willis - under my skin, play it or ill get wouldnt like me when im angry....

Good to see so many positive comments about Steph. Did some recording with her a while ago and she really has such a distinctive voice and stands out as being an exceptional talent, not to mention a lovely person :) Keep it up Steph!

steph willis 10/10 catchy and well sung! bravo a refreshing talent in a world where EVERYONE is doing the same boring thing - steph stands out!

Steph Willis - 11/10, what an awsome track!! This girl is going all the way!

Steph Willis: Great voice. Great talent!

jaosn brown
Under my Skin for sure.come on steph 'the go cart' queen!!!!

Balpreet Dhanda
First heard 'Under My Skin' years ago!! So glad it's finally getting the recognition it deserves. 10/10 :)

Steph Willis - Under My Skin - I don't think 10 is enough to mark this song out of!It's dark and edgy, it's poignant, it's catchy and it's beautifully sung. When is the album being released?

Lillian Nolan
Great song, great voices you will go far...Good luck

Mark H
Steph WIllis has a rather interesting voice!! I rather like it

Steph has the most amazing voice... Under my Skin is a well written and brilliantly recorded demo. I'd vote for her every time!

Ian T
STEPH WILLIS - Under My Skin. This girl has got serious talent & a brilliant song. She'll go right to the top 10/10

karen bold
steph willis is fab. 10 out of 10 for under my skin

Sarah Brush
Steph Willis, Under My Skin 10/10 I really love the passion that runs through this track. The words and tune are really powerful.

sam g
lovely stuff! steph willis rox my sox!

steph willis' song is truely great and does indeed get under your sking in a fantabulous way! it is worthy o a play as you will be missing out on a song which may change your life for the better and you wouldn't want that now would you!?!?!?

Steph Willis 10/10 Refreshing!!

Mark Alder's 'Stars' is the most beautiful song i've heard in a long time. Lovely vocals, lovely melody: The faintest of brushes. truly excellent.

Paul Allen
Poor old Different reasons, too eclectic for their own good; but really mega.

Rachel W
Why only one song each? Would love to hear of mark alder and the B's stars. I'll give it 10/10! xx

I'm all about the Baudelaires song. 11/10!!

Pete j
lovin the mark alder song. the band sound tight and are destined for great things. 10/10

Mark and the Baudelaire's stars is brilliant, can't get it out of my head!

Andy Allen
Mark Alder and the Baudelaires. I got the full EP on iTunes and really like all of the tracks. It's the first new music I've heard for a while that gives me the same feelings as when I heard Jeff Buckley for the first time.

I think Mark Alder and the Baudelaires 'stars' is such a warm and hummably beautiful song! I love it! 10/10

tommi 55
crazy fool the best yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

simon d
crazy fool love it love it love it god work guys

simon d
crazy fool love it love it love it god work guys

Mark & the Baudelaires track is good, lets hear more of them. 10/10

Stars by Mark and the Baudelaires rocks! I haven't stopped singing it from the first time I heard it. These guys are going places. 10/10 - real STARS!

Milla H
Mark Alder's Stars is the most beautiful song i've heard in so long. Lovely vocals, lovely melody: it's brightened this dull and grey morning! 10/10

Dave smithson
Great to see Different reasons here, and enjoyed their new track; they look brilliant on Youtube with their other vocalist Emma. Good luck guys!

Robbie H
Kamikazi Test Pilots great sound from a young up and coming band 10/10 for dinosuar mix, would like you to play more of their gigs

Robbie H
great sound from a young up and coming band 10/10

Amy G
If you haven't heard of Daniel Hammersley - listen to this song on here. His voice is AMAZING! I've followed his music for a while and its only a matter of time now before things get really big.

Russ D
SE16 is classic Cantoons: sparse and punchy. 10/10

The Cantoons sound great!! Really impressed with the lyrics 9/10

Mike H
I really like Jack Robert Hardman, ITs nice to hear something so original, would definately like to hear more of him

Kate Neck
I LOVE TONIGHT its soo unique and amazing!well done jack and johnnyxxxx

Roshan KK
Jack Rober Hardman is an inspiration to modern popular music. "Tonight" shows originality with his unique voice/singing style and an upbeat overall pleasant pop song. Not only good music but also a great show! hilarious stage prescence. some one please sign him! 9/10 for song but 10/10 for artist! check out his other stuff!

Lights out.I hope we make this out alive.10./.10Rather spiffing Ladzzz!

Adam Marshall (BK)
Artist: Lights Out!Song: I Hope we make this out alive10/10

man tuna
i like eggs, lights out need bigger man tunas

Josh, (Red Bomb Productions)
Light's Out 10/10

Lights out yeahaa 8/10

Sunjit Patel
Lights out are amazing i love them and cant wit to some them live they are great up and coming band so watch out for the m in the future

Adam Marshall (BK)
Lights r wikid yer so kl10/10 blad

Tom Miller
lights out are great 10/10

Hannah Mcfadden!!!!!
LIGHTS OUT!!!!!! =]=] 10/10

Andy L
10/10 Lights Out!Song - I Hope we make this out AliveLewis we love u maannn

Lights out!. amazing. play it.

lights out were my favourite! 10/10

Lights out! all the way :)they're wicked, 10000/10

fred schepers
Predatür - Great Boogie Rock Band

Great ``old style boogie rock,, When my girl from Predatur.10/10

Predatur: 10/10 Great sound, Great music.

Tom Miller
lights out rock 7/10

Paul Morgan
Predatur - When My Girl 9.5 / 10This track is I.M.O the perfect rock song! A great guitar sound with catchy riffs and hooks throughout, 'storyboard' rock 'n' roll lyrics. It has great drive and a 'bright' sound. This song is worthy of more airplay and support. Top track.Predatur rock!!!

sian t
lights out rock!! i love them they get 10/10 they are awsome

phil nyson
lights out song sounds great! cachy new song and a great sound, well done 8/10

phil nyson
lights out song sounds great! cachy new song and a great sound, well done

Kamikaze Test Pilots all the way 10/10

Jenny Hughes :)
Lights out blatantly get a million out of 10 :)They're the best everrr. I love them all :)xxxxxxx

lucy knight
i reallyreally like lights out 10/10x

You just need to see the KAMIKAZE TEST PILOTS live and thoughts of all other bands will fade. Awsome 10/10

Hairy people
Lights out tune sounds wicked7/10

Lee white
Lights out! There song, what a tune.8/10!x

K.T.P are one of the best & most original unsigned band I've ever had the joy to see. They deserve to romp it.

Ali ramsell
I really think Lewis Bollands song is catchy.9/10!Good stuff

[damnit ] liv
kamikaze test pilots are amazing! really fun exciting sound the kind of band you know would be fun live.

Kim S
lights out - i hope we make this out alive. AMAZING

Mark Cantellow
Gotta be the mighty Preds...Top boogie Rock band,just like the Frantic Four.10 outta 10.

Tom F
Lights Out (lewis bolland) rule!

Ozzie Hall-Osman
Predatur - When My Girl. 10/10. A really great band, first saw them at 'The Jolly Fenman' in Blackfen, SE London. They're also a great tribute band to Status Quo.

Dave Reed
I like Lewis Bolland's " I hope we make this out alive"7 /10.cheersdave

Ben johnson
Lewis Bolland and his band - I hope we make this out alive.its brilliant. Its real pop punk, with orginality .8 out of 10!brillaint

Janet Richards
Totally disagree with Panels verdict on Rhapsodaisical Choose Me. The tune stayed with me after listening which surely says something about a good song. But the clip on the show is so short you couldn't get a feel for the way the song progresses. They're an up and coming local band with an enthusiastic following who are very versatile and give a great live performance every time. Sorry you didn't like it!

Joy Needham
I've seen Rhapsodaisical 3 times now and am hooked! Can't wait to see them again on 10th Nov.''Choose me '' is a brilliant mix of soul, jazzy tones with a funky edge. Just can't see them remaining unsigned for much longer with such a FAB, unique sound.

Mo Percival
Rhapsodaisical - Choose MeI choose this one! Gorgeous vocals and just a lovely track.

RHAPSODAISICAL all the way, no doubt about it! The best Act in Berkshire !

Colm Daly
RHAPSODAISICAL - Choose Me is smooth, original and interesting. I saw the combo play live recently and was well impressed, as was the audience, at how funky a three-piece can be acoustically. Surperb singing and mucicianship, please give us more guys.

TOMMY ANDREWS RULEZ!!!!well done ingenlove it x

Choose me all the way, wkd band!

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