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28 October 2014

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David Harris with a horse

David Harris: 'no hoodwinking' a horse

'Horse whispering for executives'

It's an unlikely marriage: the ancient art of 'horse whispering' meets corporate management. But Maidenhead man David Harris insists everyone can learn something from the way horses communicate.

David calls it 'Equine Guided Leadership Training'.

To the rest of us, it's horse whispering for managers, and David insists working with horses has real benefits for the way humans interact with each other.

"Horses are amazing animals," says David. "They live in the moment, are intuitive and heavily reliant on their highly tuned instincts to survive.

David Harris

David has just returned from Arizona

"The remarkable thing is they can teach us these skills in an easy, enjoyable yet profound way."

No hoodwinking a horse

Though the involvement of horses hasn't quite killed off management-speak on David's website, the man himself says the idea is simple.

"Horses communicate completely in non-verbal ways so there are no cultural issues to consider, and they teach us so much of value and benefit.

"They don't understand words, so you can't smooth-talk or hoodwink them. They are big and powerful, so intimidation is not an option.

"The rewards for commercial teams and individual executives are staggering."

Americans 'more familiar'

Many people may feel sorry for the horses, having to spend such extended periods of time in the company of management, but it seems the routine is gaining favour in the USA.

David has just returned from Tucson, Arizona, where he and Sharon Harris demonstrated their idea to American executives.

"Americans are more familiar working with horses for personal development than people in the UK," says David. "But my approach, which integrates neuron linguistic programming, coaching and horse whispering, seemed to really intrigue the participants."

Though it's hard to find an independent assessment which can prove beyond doubt that whispering to horses will make you a better leader, David invites interested parties to visit him at Foxley Green Farm, Maidenhead, for a workshop.

Visit David's website for more details:

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You are in: Berkshire > People > Your stories > 'Horse whispering for executives'

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