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28 October 2014

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Berkshire Floods 2007

You are in: Berkshire > Features > Berkshire Floods 2007 > "Lots of people were hysterical"

Faye Fleetwood

Faye Fleetwood

"Lots of people were hysterical"

Faye Fleetwood is a 15-year-old pupil at Kennet School in Thatcham who was caught up in the flash floods on the last day of term. Read her account and watch the video that her friend posted on YouTube below.

Watch the video here:

It rained all night and all through the morning.

"'It couldn't be happening, it was bad, I have to get hold of mum' was all I could think about."

Faye Fleetwood

It was the last day of term so the rain barely dampened our spirits.

Walking to our last lesson of the term and we were all joking about the overflowing gutters and the small rivers that had formed, flowing around the road through our school, Kennet.

Avoiding the large puddles we made it to our lesson. It rained all through that lesson and it came to no surprise when the wet weather bell sounded at lunch and we all traipsed to the wet weather base, soaked, even though we had umbrellas.

I looked out of the window on arriving to see the carpark to the school and leisure centre flooded and the drain bubbling water out but this didn't scare me as the car park often floods. I decided to go and help in the library.

I saw people looking out of the window and coming away looking very grim and white. I started to worry.

Once the crowd had cleared slightly I went to one of the windows and looked out in horror, for I saw, gushing down the road that runs outside the school (Stoney Lane off Station Road) was about a foot of brown, muddy water.

Outside Kennet School

Outside Kennet School pn 20.07.07

I couldn't believe what I was seeing and I could actually feel my face go prickly was the blood drained from it.

'It couldn't be happening, it was bad, I have to get hold of mum' was all I could think about as I told the librarian.

She also came away from the window looking pale.

I had forgotten my phone and frantically tried to phone my mum on a friend's mobile.

The only problem was, no one could get a signal and even the school phones didn't work.

The bell went early and we were all ushered to our tutor bases. Mine being in the science block which is situated right by the road which was flooded.

Lots of people were hysterical and trying to contact parents whilst we watched some cars swept away by the current.

The floodwater rose to knee height then, finally, the rain stopped, but still the river flowed down the road. It was about 1.30pm.

We were finally allowed to leave at 2.30pm but only if parents came.

At about 3pm my friend's parents came and offered to take me, and in her 4x4 we left.

Driving through water an inch or so below knee height through scenes of despair.

Fortunately the flood waters did not reach our house, the rain had stopped in time for us, but not for others.


Tell us your Berkshire flood stories here:

Watch other Berkshire flood videos on YouTube here:

last updated: 24/07/07

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You are in: Berkshire > Features > Berkshire Floods 2007 > "Lots of people were hysterical"

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