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28 October 2014

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What Katie did next...

BBC Radio Berkshire's Andrew Peach and Maggie Philbin were invited to The Apprentice aftershow party and nabbed a chat with Katie Hopkins, who's the centre of intense media scrutiny over her private life. Is she really a pantomime villain?

Katie Hopkins
Andrew Peach's favourite: Katie Hopkins

BBC Radio Berkshire's Andrew Peach had better watch out. Or rather Mrs Peach. Andrew approached Katie Hopkins, currently tabloid fodder for her numerous affairs with married men, at The Apprentice after-show party to see if she really is the poison-tongued pantomime villain the media have exposed her as.

Thankfully BBC Radio Berkshire's Maggie Philbin was there to ward off any advances!

Listen to the full interview here or read excerpts below.

audio Listen: Katie Hopkins (5:20) >
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We've been cheering you on in our little corner of Berkshire. You are kind of a Berkshire girl aren't you?

"Indeed, I went to Sandhurst and I still maintain that the South is the place to be, the South East particularly, so I say go Berkshire."

How do you feel about the image that you've created or has been created around you, that you're on the front of the papers and people are either loving you or hating you at the moment?

"What I happened to say is that I wanted to kill a couple of people so that might have been a little bit unfortunate."
Katie Hopkins

"I can only think that love and hate are quite close together on a spectrum, and some people love my kind of ascerbic wit and  one-liners and some people hate me, and some people hate me with a passion which makes them boo and hiss when I come out on stage and I think that maybe makes them feel better, so good for them."

Did you think it would be like that when you were making the show. Did you have any idea that would be the reaction?

"No it's crazy we had 16 poeple going into that house, that;s a lot of people, I just thought I'd be one of the 16 if I'm really honest with you.

"Also just venting to the camera every now and then that was just my little video diary. At home I probably go for a run or go for a drink with a mate. You can't do that in that house.

"So the video camera thing was just my way of going 'raarrrrghh!'

"And that's what I did, but what I happened to say is that I wanted to kill a couple of people so that might have been a little bit unfortunate."

But what now? We learnt that you lost your real job.

"Yeah, the MET office have taken the decision that because of the extensive media and publicity thing that's going on, it's just not something they can deal with.

"I have to appeal against that because it's just fundamentally wrong and I think you should always fight the fight. If that fails I'll just carry on and be Katie Hopkins and probably launch my own business in terms of trying to help people be more presentable, be a bit more forceful be more direct in the way that they work in business."

Have you had a gameplan along the way? Sir Alan seemed to think you had a gameplan and it wasn't about getting his job.

"Indeed I've heard this. All I can refer people to when I say that there wasn't one was the pained poor girl tha I saw in the boardroom on week whenever that was, that made my mother cry, it made my friends cry and when I watch it I see this small person going 'what am I going to do?'. I can honestly say that was the real Katie Hopkins and there was no acting there."

I noticed you were having a quiet word with Sir Alan in the corner. What were you saying?

"Sir Alan really feels quite deeply saddened that I have become the pantomime villain.

"He was just saying that he genuinely feels he wanted me in his final."

last updated: 13/06/07
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i think katie is good as a 'independance women' because she is a full time mum she looks after all her children MUST BE be continued

Frank Ferris
My view is that, this may well have been an extremly well rehearsed semi final with Sir Alan(who had not an 'unlustful eye'for scrumptious Katie) employing her, for a somewhat more 'personal assistant role' at a later stage when the dust has died down! Still, I do know that the 'present' Mrs. Ferris might quickly become the 'Past' Mrs. Ferris if this lady hovered around my little patch in Berkshire.Actually that is not at all true!BUT! She is 'Very easy on the eyes!

Give it a rest now! if she was a man she would have gotten away with it....the world cannot cope with strong women...tough get used to it!

Roisin Doyle
Sir Alan Sugar is very well know for being a straight talker. On the preview show before the final, he said that he would have fired Katie if she had declined the "elegant" exit he offered her. On the show after the final, he told her that her behaviour was rendering her unemployable everywhere, not just with him, and that she ought to take some time to sort herself out. Which makes her last two statements look like another of her fantasies. Oh dear Katie !

Mark LV
Little to say, as she said everything herself! She dug her own hole and fell right into it. She deserved everything she got.

Alex Soares
I loved Katie and the show would have been the most boring one without her. I'm sure she'll get the better of it.

lisa benson
I feel katie didnt need to do the show,Maybe it was the challenge for her. The media have gone OTT in trying to make her the villian,by bringing in her personal life.All i can say is stuff the media this girl is a strong intelligent girl who scares the hell out of men.Katie we have all done it, put the femail bitch aside and become the powerful woman that we need.I support her.Go Girl power...

She is brilliant. My kind of woman. Poeple especially women who hate her are jealous of her. I say "Go Katie you have the whole world under your feet"

krystan honour
She got what she deserved. A she calls christina a snake in the grass which is quite laughable compared to what she has said. Karma is a word I'd use to describe her situation. Shes not a nice person and for once that type of person lost.

Margaret W.
Personally, I think Katie Hopkins is a great person. Who cares about her private life! She is certainly a strong, witty woman. I could easily say she is the twenty first century business woman with her soft spot for the family values. Well done Katie, all the best in your life. Certainly, you are not a "pantomime villain".

I think Katie is very pretentious, and just wants her 10 mins of fame. I' glade she wasnt in the final.

Richard Kent
I think she's a witch with a capital B, but for some strange reason I find her kind of attractive... I'm a bit concerned now about my mental health!!

David Tilehurst
She should have won! - A stereotypical manager. Got no practical skills, all up front bravado and presentation. She countered and went on the defensive with Alan Sugar on many occasions throughtout the series.Loves herself, she should really ask herself why do people dislike her so much, ( while she's counting her money )As I said earlier a stereotypical manager, she'll go far and following all the media hype some company will hire her. Just don't put her in charge of People or Money. ( Aah that brings me back to my main point. ) And by the way if the media are to be believed her previous £90K salary with the MetOffice is obscene. A waste of space but I'm the victim because I've just filled this space up with my comments.

Devon Male
Lets hope im next !!

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